Bratz are Slutz

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Disclaimer: The Bratz characters and dolls are not owned by this author who therefore makes no profit from this story.

AN: I don't know what it is about these dolls with their grotesquely oversized lips, lack of noses, huge feet, and tiny bodies, but envisioning them in their high school setting continually shimming out of their tight, tiny outfits for demoralizing sex gets me hot. Maybe it's because these dolls were made with no message of empowerment or self-esteem. They're just weirdly proportioned, attractive teenagers who only care about clothes and dating. Seriously, watch their first movie, Starrin' and Stylin', these girls are self-absorbed to the max. At least they're good for something - see below.


It was the week before prom at Style High, and Cloe, Sasha, Yasmin, and Jade were so excited. Sasha was even head of the prom committee to make sure that everything would be up to standard. There was still so much to do, including buying their gowns. But then awful Mr. Del Rio had unfairly ignored the social event and given a huge assignment for the whole junior class. Express yourself, show him what the real you is all about through any art medium, and it counted for one quarter of their class grade!

The girls had freaked, but Mr. Del Rio had given them the okay to work in groups as long as each person was equally represented. And then Yasmin had come up with the brilliant idea that wouldn’t sacrifice the time spent prepping for prom - make a video and just record each other being themselves.

Cameron and Dylan in the hall had overheard their plan and suggested that they get a video camera from Kobe. So Jade, Sasha, Yasmin, and Cloe were on their way to the AV room right now, hoping that such a sweater vest nerd like Kobe would already be in there.

They weren’t disappointed and found Kobe seated at a computer, in the process of editing an upcoming school video about recycling. Kobe was a nerd, but he was handsome too with sandy brown hair and big blue eyes. It was pretty much his shy personality and reclusive hobbies that kept him in perpetual geek status.

Sleek-haired Jade took the lead. “Hey, Kobe!”

He took off his headphones and looked up from the screen. His blue eyes widened in surprise to see all four of the school hotties giving him their attention. The girls gathered around his chair and he was enveloped in their clashing scent clouds. Sasha leaned over his shoulder, her arms positioned to deepen her cleavage. “Whacha working on?” she said with fake interest.

Kobe started to stammer through explaining his video, but Cloe cut him off. “We need your help with a video of our own actually. We’re shooting a movie about ourselves for Mr. Del Rio’s ‘Express Yourself’ assignment. Isn’t that so fab?”

“It was my idea,” Yasmin preened.

“Yeah,” Jade chimed in, “only problem is we don’t have the equipment to film. Would you lend us one of the AV club’s camcorders?”

Kobe knew there had to be a self-serving reason the girls were speaking to him. Their sense of entitlement was irritating and he had half a mind to tell them to buzz off. But they were popular and could make his life at school pretty hard if they felt disrespected.

“It has to be one of the old cameras,” he said. “I can’t be loaning out the newest stuff.”

Cloe nodded, her platinum blonde ponytail swishing along. “Sure, we understand,” she smiled.

Sasha was skeptical, “Wait. What do you mean by ‘old?’”

Kobe really was concerned that the girls would lose or abuse the equipment he gave them, but since they hadn’t even said please for this favor he decided to be vindictive and give them not only an old model, but an outdated one too. “I mean not digital. Old school video tape – with an actual cassette.”

“WHAT!?” all the girls shrieked.

“How would we even use something like that?” Jade whined.

“Or be able to edit the footage we shoot?” Yasmin brought up.

“Take it or leave it,” Kobe said.

Sasha rolled her hazel eyes, but didn’t want to waste any more time arguing. She had prom planning to oversee. “Fine then. Just give us the camera and we’ll be out of here.”

Kobe took a deep breath before citing actual AV club policy to them. “You’ll also need to leave a deposit.”

Cloe stamped her platform heel. “Oh come on, Kobe! You’re just being ridiculous.”

“Yeah, no one cares about stealing your little worthless camcorder,” Jade sneered.

“We’ll bring it back,” Yasmin wheedled. She batted her eyelashes. “We promise.”

Kobe shrugged. They still hadn’t said please. “It’s policy. Sorry,” he said, though not really sorry. Surely the little spoiled daddy’s girls could afford to put some money down.

The girls looked at each other in their group, consulting without words before trying to cajole the nerd. “But,” Cloe said, “We need all the money we have now to spend on prom stuff.”

The AV club president just stared at them, remaining silent on the matter. He gave a little headshake as if to say “not my problem.”

The Bratz always had a contingency plan for negotiating with males, and it seemed now was the time to use it. They weren’t the most popular girls in school because of their self-proclaimed “passion for fashion” and trend-setting ways. No. They were academic stars because they blew the nerds with the test answers or fucked the teachers; they got invited to parties because the football team could count on the Bratz to forgo panties and give out lap dances; everyone followed their style blogs for the occasional swimsuit photo of their gorgeous bodies, and sometimes there were the rare slumber party pics with clothed but totally hot girl-on-girl group poses of every boy’s fantasy.

At the same moment they all realized that’s what it would take. After a collective sigh, Sasha took the lead. “We’ll give you head for it,” she said.

Kobe blinked in confusion. “Head? Head of what? Cattle?”

Yasmin went with the sweet approach. She leaned forward, hands on her knees, aligning her eyes with the seated boy. “No, silly. Head,” she said with a wink. “Ya know, bring that hooded bishop out for a game?”

Understanding hit Kobe all at once. He was surprised, but knowing the girls’ reputations he couldn’t say he was shocked about the offer. He just never thought that they’d need something from him like that. But the most important aspect needed clarifying. “ALL of you?” he exclaimed.

Yasmin drew back. “Oh no! No!” she said, flustered.

“You’re not THAT lucky,” Jade added.

Sasha cleared it up. “Yeah, you just choose one of us.”

Despite the disappointment of no five-way with the Bratz, Kobe saw an opportunity here to finally get some of their legendary action. A plan was forming in his mind about how to get a turn with all four of them. It wouldn’t all be today, but if he played his cards right he could systematically get into all their panties. Not that it was hard to do if you asked most people about the Bratz, but Kobe wanted to practice sex for when he really wanted to impress a girl in the future – someone he actually cared about.

He looked up at the girls, making eye contact with each one before he proposed his terms. “Whomever I choose for this has to get naked.” The four of them shrugged, not a big deal. Kobe continued, “I don’t want a blowjob, I want a hand job.” The girls were elated – that was even easier and they wouldn’t have to redo their lipstick. “I want to be able to touch you anywhere I like and have you in any pose for me to look at. And I want to make YOU cum before you make me cum,” Kobe finished.

Cloe, Sasha, Jade, and Yasmin were all looking rather pleased, sharing little glances between themselves. Few guys were so easy-going. Doing this favor for Kobe was going to be a piece of cake.

“Sure,” Cloe shrugged. “But we can’t get naked here.”

Kobe kept a cool demeanor, but was thrilled that they’d agreed to his requests. And Cloe had just proposed the next phase of the plan all by herself. He stood up from the chair at last. He would’ve been much taller than the girls if they didn’t all wear those ridiculous chunky platform heels. How they even lifted their feet to walk was a mystery to him.

“Let me just clean up some clutter in the supply closet,” he said, nodding to a door within the classroom. “We should have plenty of room and privacy in there.”

The Bratz nodded and Kobe went into the closet. He reappeared in the classroom with rolled up shirt sleeves and some wrinkles in his clothes. He’d also slipped on his special glasses to get the full visual experience. The girls turned towards him at the closet door. He saw that they’d refreshed their makeup. The time for a decision was here; which girl would he choose?

As Kobe gazed at them, the Bratz each gave a subtle pose, highlighting their feminine forms. Sasha had the softest looking skin and its rich, brown color looked so warm. Her ass was curvaceous and those full lips so kissable. Cloe was classic supermodel beautiful with her blonde hair, milky skin, and sparkling blue eyes. Her tits were the tiniest, but perky, and her nipples were jutting against her clingy tank top. Kobe wondered if those nipples were as bright pink as her lipstick. Jade could’ve been an anime character. Her green eyes were huge, but had a sexy almond shape, and her style choices were so avant-garde. Her sleek, black hair was the shiniest of the group. He could see fetish potential there. Then there was Yasmin. Those brown eyes of hers were so sweet and she had a beauty mark on her left cheek. It must feel so naughty to strip that girl-next-door naked and make her moan with his fingers inside of her. Kobe’s cock was hard just thinking about it.

“Jade,” he finally said.

The chosen girl preened and sashayed over to him. Kobe saw the other girls a little put out – probably disappointed to miss out on someone willing to give as good as he got. Don’t worry girls, Kobe thought, I’ll satisfy you all eventually.

Cloe said, “Jade, since this is your job now, the rest of us are taking off.”

Yasmin and Sasha were already at the exit, but they gave a little wave. “Meet us with the video camera in the cafeteria, okay?”

“Ya know,” Cloe said turning to leave, “once you have it, that is.” She winked and left.

Kobe and Jade entered the closet and shut the door. He guided her to a spot with plenty of room between the shelves. Jade looked a little bored, but he’d soon change that. “So naked, right?” Jade asked, and began to unbutton her skinny jeans. Kobe stopped her – he wanted this to look sexy.

“That’s my job,” he said. He knelt in front of her and slipped off her shoes. Jade lost several inches of height once her feet were bare. Kobe then reached up, trailing his hands along her legs, up her thighs, and around to her butt. He squeezed her ass and found it was firm – this girl worked out. Jade gazed down at him, looking unimpressed so far. He moved his hands and undid the front of her pants, hooking his fingers into her waistband and slowly peeling the material down. The fabric slid past her hipbones and Kobe could see that Jade wasn’t wearing panties. Her mound was completely smooth and hairless. Fuck! As he lowered the jeans even more, he leaned forward and nuzzled his nose on her naked clit. Jade’s body shivered with his ministrations.

When the jeans were off, Kobe put Jade’s foot up on low shelf, spreading her open and giving him a full view of her glistening, bare pussy. “Let me see those tits of yours, too, kitten,” he asked.

Jade slipped off her shirt revealing a wildly patterned bra before she whipped that off too. Looking up at her from his knees, Kobe’s mouth watered at the sight of her fully bared body towering over him. Her tits jutted out above her smooth stomach and above it all her beautiful face looked down at him with parted lips. Money shot, he thought to himself. He trailed his hands over her inner thighs, his fingers arriving at her pussy lips. He stroked her pink folds briefly before opening her center and pushing one finger deep inside her. Jade moaned wanting to feel more of him. Kobe added more fingers, keeping his gazed fixed on the way they plunged in and out of her cunt, coming out slicker each time as he worked Jade towards her climax.

“Mmm, Kobe,” Jade said, sighing with pleasure, “you’re being so generous today. I bet you have another part of you that’s generous, right?”

The AV boy withdrew his fingers from inside her, rubbing the juice on her throbbing clit. “Oh!” Jade exclaimed, the sensation jolting through her after Kobe hadn’t let her finish with his fingers in her.

Kobe stood up and rubbed more of the slickness from his fingers across her very hard nipples. Jade put her foot back on the floor and reached for Kobe’s fly while he teased her breasts. She brought out his throbbing cock and began running one hand up and down the shaft. Kobe moaned and rocked into her touch but kept his eyes on her tits and the way he was squeezing her flesh and pinching her nubs.

He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Spin around and let me see that ass.” He stepped back and watched her comply. Jade turned around and slowly bent over, keeping her legs straight. Her ass jutted out as her palms reached the floor. Kobe ran his hands over her tight cheeks before giving them several spanks. Jade gasped with each smack.

Kobe brought the tip of his erect cock to Jade’s pussy. He wasn’t going to push in – that wasn’t the agreement – but he reveled in the sensation of sliding his tip up and down through the moisture on her pussy lips. Jade teased him with her words as he did so. “You want to be inside of me, don’t you? I’m so wet and ready for your generous cock and you can’t wait to plunge it deep in my tight snatch. Because you want me, like everyone wants me.”

Knowing the deal would be over if came now, Kobe pulled away to give himself more time with Jade. His dick was painfully hard; he thought of a few unsexy things trying to relieve the arousal. Outwardly, he spanked Jade’s ass again and said, “Get on the floor. Lie on your back and look as fuckable as possible.”

Jade lowered herself to the cold cement floor, feeling goosebumps rise on her body as she flipped to her back. She bent her knees then let them fall open, her feet still together as she bared herself to Kobe’s inspecting gaze.

She ran her hands over her tits, cupping the flesh and squeezing. She trailed one hand lower, gliding over her flat stomach and lower still to her hairless mound. Jade flicked her fingertips over her clit and dipped into her dripping cunt, her hips rocking against her hand as she pleasured herself for Kobe’s full viewing pleasure. She was so worked up from this whole thing already; Kobe was so patient and willing let a girl have time to get there. She wanted her release now, and when she finally felt herself about to cum she pinched her nipple hard while curling her fingers inside of her pussy. “Ung! Oh! Aaahh!” she moaned while writhing on the floor, pushing her hips up to the hand between her legs.

Kobe dove down to the ground and ripped her hand away. Jade gave an indignant squeal at her curtailed pleasure. Kobe’s blue eyes behind those big, black frames burned into her as he continually held her hand. “I said I’m the one that gets to make you cum in this deal,” he said angrily.

“You left me hanging,” Jade answered. “I couldn’t wait anymore.” She propped herself on her elbows as they glared at one another.

Releasing his grip on her Kobe made himself comfortable between her legs. “Well then I guess you’ll have to get off a second time,” he said, smirking. “Tell me why you couldn’t wait.”

Jade knew what he was looking for and talked to him while he slowly worked her back up with his fingers pushing into her slickness. “Because I was so hot for you,” she said. “I was imagining my fingers were your big, thick cock pounding into me. Filling me up so completely while my cunt squeezed you hard. I know you want me. You want to fuck me so much. Pumping your peen into my pussy, our hips slamming together while my titties bounce back and forth from how fucking hard you’re ramming into me. And I’d scream your name when you made me cum. And that big dick of yours would made me cum so hard.”

Just saying all of this was making her imagine it with spectacularly arousing results and she felt her inner walls clenching again. Kobe felt her pussy spasm around his fingers, coating the digits in fresh juices. He pulled them out and held them up to Jade’s face. Her full, red lips were slightly parted as she panted from her second orgasm, and she opened those lips further to take his fingers into her mouth and suck him clean.

Kobe touched his rock hard dick as she sucked his fingers, imagining her mouth was around his member. His tip was dripping with precum and swollen red with how much he needed to get off. He pulled his fingers from the girl’s lips and said, “Now I can’t wait anymore.”

Jade sat up and pushed Kobe down. His dick stood straight up as he lay on his back. Jade crawled over him, her titties swaying as she prowled up his body. Then she flipped herself around, facing his cock with her ass on his chest. Kobe felt her grab his cock with enthusiasm and he fucking groaned in relief. It felt so good he almost forgot to keep his eyes on the naked girl above him. He brought his hands to her ass and pushed, urging her to rise up and bare herself to him again. When she complied he saw just how much he’d satisfied her from all of the slickness coating her skin, not just on her pussy but dripping down her inner thighs and blotted onto his shirt from where she’d sat down. Fuck yeah. He squeezed and massaged her ass cheeks as she worked him to release.

Jade moved her hand up and down Kobe’s hot shaft, using her thumb to spread moisture from the tip when she reached the top each time. She used her other hand to gently comb through his pubic hairs, creating a pleasant tickle. Kobe gritted his teeth, trying to hang on and enjoy her touch longer, but he’d already waited enough and knew he was ready to explode. When Jade moved her spare hand to his balls and stroked over his sac with an expert touch, Kobe felt them tighten and he came in the next second. He spurted thick jets of jizz over Jade’s waiting hands, his cock twitching with the release and his muscles relaxing as the tension of arousal melted away.

He kept his eyes fixed on Jade though as she stood up, her slick pussy passing directly over his face as she balanced herself to stand. And then she was towering over him in all of her naked glory, but her expression was all business. She spotted a box of tissues and wiped her hands clean. It took Kobe longer to recover from the experience and he just lay there for a bit while Jade gathered her clothes and began to dress. He tucked his cock back into his pants and stood up, too, walking to a shelf with the outdated camcorder.

Jade took it from him without comment, opening the tape deck to see if it was ready to use before she turned and strode out of the closet to meet her friends in the cafeteria. Even remaining in the closet, Kobe heard her big shoes clomping all of the way out of the classroom.

Kobe felt her departure was a little cold, but what did he expect when she’d only agreed to do this for the camera? He smiled to himself at his accidental joke. Oh yeah, she’d done it for the camera, all right.

He hadn’t needed to tidy up the closet before he took Jade inside. There was nothing cluttered about the place – he kept the many shelf units containing AV equipment organized and clean. But he had needed time to set up the first stage of his plan. Kobe had flitted from shelf to shelf powering up and angling discreet recording devices that could capture any corner of the room no matter where he and his chosen girl ended up. The best device though was the special glasses. The frames had a tiny camera and a wireless transmitter that sent all the footage recorded to his computer. He expected to have amazing close-ups of Jade’s cunt, with and without his fingers deep inside of it. The cameras on the shelves would have great full body shots from all angles.

Of course he’d make Jade aware of the footage eventually and demand that she persuade one of her slut friends to fuck him in return for keeping the little video secret. But that would be for the original copy. He’d chosen Jade because she was one of the only two Bratz were who 18 in the junior class, and well, with a little editing for blurring the faces he could set up a paid subscription webpage and make a little money off of the sight of Jade’s supple teenage body naked and posed for anyone to imagine themselves with her. Those dirty talk monologues of hers that begged him to fuck her were gold, too. His movie would go into the spank bank for himself and a lot of online subscribers very shortly. He slid the special glasses off and smiled. One slut down, three to go.

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