Stowaway part 2

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Disclaimer: I do not own The Legend of Korra, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Authors note: A little continuation. I am not really sure about the quality of it though.

The trip to Republic City from the North Pole was a good two weeks. For Korra, it was her first time being so long without constant supervision from the grumpy master of the Blue Lotus and she enjoyed every second of freedom to her fullest. The crew had taken very well to her, in large part due to her constant enthusiast and willingness to help with any task on board and also a little because of her tendency to train on the deck, her chest only covered by white bandages as she worked up a sweat. She might have by pure accident arched her back a little too much during certain movement and enjoyed stretching when some of the crew looked on, but nobody complained.

On the second week, when one of the crew-member responsible for the engine fell ill, she jumped at the occasion to help. It was how she ended up shoveling coal into a furnace with another girl all day long. Isolated into the bowel of the ship, this room was half full of coal and half burning furnace. The merchant vessel was small enough, but even so the shoveling was nearly constant with both girls sending coal into the hungry fire at interval all day long. The heat blazing from the furnace did not hurt the two firebenders, but it still meant that they were both sweating profusely in no time. As night came around, both girls took a well-deserved break on the side of the room.

The women beside Korra, Yuna, must have been in her twenties, with black hair kept together by a white strip of tissue and a muscular physique barely covered by her open overalls and sweat drenched camisole.

“Now that’s one hell of an exercise.” Said the panting Avatar.

“Sure is. Not a job for weaklings.” Answered the sailor.

“I don’t know how you can bear the heat though.”

“Tss, you spent too much time freezing your ass on the snow. That’s barely a summer day in the Fire Nation.” The firebender said.

“Well that day is due for a bit of rain.” Korra said with a smile. Moving her arm she bended the water over them and let it drop down as a nicely cool rain, drenching the two women.

“Hey!” Cried Yuna in surprise.

“Bah, relax.” Calmly said Korra as she removed her shirt and breasts cover. “We’re between girls here. Right?” She accompanied her last word with a devious grin aimed directly at Yuna, making her turn her head away.

“S… sure.”

Still grinning Korra brought her arm behind her head, letting herself completely open.

“I get why Wan as so much muscles now, working here. Perks of the job for you really?”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh come on. I mean, he’s built like a bull. All these muscles, those arms like trunks, these abs like chocolate and those tight pants, all shining with sweat as he digs into the coal and turn to throw it powerfully into the furnace with a manly Humpf. It must be like a free show all day long.”

Carefully avoiding the avatar gaze, Yuna looked away.

“Maybe, I mean I try not to lo… I mean I don’t think about it at all. Nope.”

“Really? You mean you and him never…?”

Now incapable to hide her blushing, Yuna vigorously shook her head.

“No, nope, never, ever, never.”

“Damn. I don’t think I could more than a couple of days working with that hunk before jumping him. Just rip his clothes off and have him take me into the coal. Ploughing with all his strength right into me.”

Yuna’s blush only grew more and more redder with each of Korra’s word.

“You never imagined that?”

The sailor shook her head, curling up against the wall.

“Why? You prefer girls maybe?”

There was no judgment in Korra’s voice, only curiosity. Still, Yuna kept shaking her head left and right.

“What then?”

The sudden mouse squeal surprised Korra, until she realized it was Yuna’s attempt at an answer.

“Can’t really understand that.”

“I’m scared.”

“You’re what?”

“I’m scared okay!” Shouted Yuna at the Avatar.

“Waow, okay, okay. Sorry.” Gently, Korra crawled closer to the other girl. “Okay, you’re afraid. Of what?”

Bitting her lips, Yuna spilled the beans. “Listen, I’m not a virgin, but he’s so… what if I’m not good or if he wants something I don’t know or if he’s too big or if he’s…”

“Yuna, Yuna stop!” Korra said, grabbing the other girl by the shoulder. “Calm down will you. You’re way too worried about meaninglessitude.”

Ignoring the invented word, the sailor looked on the smiling Avatar.

“But what if…”

“Tu, tu, tu…” Interupted Korra, placing a finger against Yuna’s lips. “Listen, I’m in charge of balance and right now you are totally unbalanced. It’s my job to fix that. You’re worried you’re not good enough, just practice.”


With a smile, Korra got on her feet. Looking down at the kneeling Yuna, she bended the water left in their mugs around her waist and over her crotch into a nice 6 inches cock.

“Yep, practice. Come on now, grab it.”

Stunned by the sudden appendage dangling right in front of her, she unconsciously followed the dominant girl order, finding herself grabbing the ice member before realizing it. It was cold, but not too much and slightly wet, allowing her hand to easily slide over it.

“W… wait, I…”

“Come on, you wanted to be ready or not? Get on with it.”

Jerked into action by the suddenly very commanding Avatar, she started to move her hand along the shaft, rubbing it back and forward.

“Good. Now give it a little kiss.”

Blushing at her own actions, Yuna closed her lips together and kissed the tip of the ice cock. It was a little wet and hard, a little like a popsicle, a dick shaped popsicle.

“Perfect. Don’t be shy, play with it.”

Grabbing her courage and shutting up the feeling of shame that she could feel inside her, she started giving small kiss to the member, licking it under and around like one would with a frozen stick. Looking up, she saw Korra smiling at her.

“You’re a natural Yuna. Now try this. Start from the base, go up all the way to the tip and finish with a kiss.”

Feeling her face grow even hotter, she followed the Avatar’s instruction, moving under the ice dick and slowly moving upward. As she wrapped her lips around the tip, she heard a moan from Korra.

“If I was a guy I would have come right then.”


“Oh yes, trust me.” She said with a smile that said it all. “Now’s time for the next level. Ready to blow?”

“W… what?” Looking at the length in front of her, she couldn’t help having a movement of recoil. “But it’s so big, I can’t put that in my mouth.”

Chuckling lightly, Korra got down on her knee. “Well thanks for the compliment.”


“Nothing, boy joke. But really, it’s not that big if you train. Here, I’ll show you.”

Detaching the ice cock from her crotch, she brought it to her mouth.

“The trick is to find your own limits before going to the real thing and be sure the guy’s not a grabber until you’re ready for that.”

Yuna cocked her head to the side. “Grabber?”

“A guy who grabs your hair. Can be a lot of fun, but you got to be ready. In any case, if you don’t like it you just bite down. Best way to say no with your mouth full.”

Yuna could not help a small giggle at the image.

“See, fun. That’s what important with sex. Now, look at me.”

Grabbing the faux-cock by the base Korra slowly slid it between her lips and into her mouth. First, only a little before pulling back, then just a bit more, and more and more until half of it was into her mouth. She did not stop there, keeping a steady rhythm and forcing more and of the member into her until all the 6 inches were down into her throat and she could close her mouth. Yuna watched with fascination as this seemingly so big object disappeared into her without a trace of strain from Korra. In fact, she kept looking her right into the eyes all the way through the graphic example, sending a wave of heat through her body that she didn’t quite know how to feel about.

Spitting back the cock, Korra resumed her lesson. “Now that’s the basic. Don’t worry about taking it all in, you can always use your hands and mix it up. A little like that.”

Grabbing the shaft firmly, Korra gulped down the pole in one go, slobbering all over it as she furiously pumped the cock in and out of her throat until she was almost gagging on it, licking the spit and spreading it over the false dick, drooling so much that it began to drip down her fingers then down her chin and breasts. The spectacle was as obscene as Yuna could imagine and yet she couldn’t detach her eyes from it. With one final gag, Korra removed the dildo from her mouth and handed it to her, still glistening with spit.

“Your turn.”

Hand shaking, Yuna grabbed the slick pole of ice. The feel of the warm drool on her fingers sent shivers down her spine as the feeling of doing something extremely naughty filled her brain.

“Y… you’re sure?”

“Yeah, go at your own rhythm.”

Under the encouraging smile and nod of the Avatar, Yuna tried her mouth at the act of fellatio, slowly sliding the shaft in and out. The feeling of something hard rubbing against her tongue, Korra’s saliva mixing with hers, the slight ping of panic when the false cock hit the back of her throat and prevented her from breathing, the slurps she made as the drool built up inside her mouth. It all made her feel so hot, almost more than when she was standing in front of the flames except that now it was coming from inside her, pushing her to go even farther in her actions. Contrary to Korra though, she only managed half of the member at her most deep before starting to gag violently and Korra grabbed her thrashing arms.

“That’s alright, don’t force yourself. It takes a lot of fun time to do that.”

Slightly panting, Yuna nodded.

“Okay. I’m okay.” Actually she felt like she was melting, every nerves in her brain shouting lightning and her breath ragged as if she had run a marathon.

“Good. Now’s time for the next part.”

The moment she heard that, Yuna froze. “Next part?”

The grin on Korra’s face was not at all reassuring and yet she was completely taken by surprise when the younger girl pounced at her, pushing her against the ground and sliding a hand down her overalls.

“You know, the main part.” Yuna let out a little involuntarily shriek as Korra’s unashamed hands made its way pass her waistband and into her panties. “The one where you moan and squeal as your entire body is drowned in pleasure.”

The older women faintly tried to protest as the Avatar’s fingers began to trace circle around her crotch, slowly getting closer and closer to her most precious of place, but a deep kiss left the words stuck in her throat and her mind blank.

“You were going to say something?” Asked Korra, smiling at the babbling Yuna.

“I… hu… ah… I, wait I…”

She couldn’t think straight, not with a finger slowly rubbing up and down her slit. The situation got even worse when Korra used her free hand to yank up her camisole and get rid of her bra, exposing her own breasts, before diving down on them. Before she could understand what was happening, her tits were being assaulted by a voracious mouth sucking and kissing every centimeter of skin available, playfully biting down on her erect nipples. If that was not enough, one of Korra’s finger sneakily made its way pass her pussy lips and into her, making her heart stop for a second as the intruding index sent a bolt of lightning through her brain. It wriggled against her inside walls, pushing and stretching her as it looked for something inside her. And when it found it, she gasped and arched her back under the onrush of sensation, struggling to catch her breath as the finger relentlessly toyed with her g-spot, plunging knuckles deep inside her. She was shaking on the ground, completely defenseless against Korra’s assault as all her nerves felt like they were on fire and pleasure was rapidly mounting up inside her, pulsing from her pussy. Then, as she felt herself come closer and closer to the breaking point, Korra suddenly removed her finger.

“No, d… don’t…”

“Don’t what?” Korra said lasciviously as she gently kissed her neck. “I can’t do it if you don’t tell me what is it.”

Korra’s palm was gently cupping Yuna’s crotch, using her thumb to uncover her clit and keep the other girl right on the edge. This did no good to Yuna pleasure drunk brain and her capacity to form coherent sentence. How had all this started already?

“I want… I want y… Fuck!”

“As you wish.”

Grabbing the sailor by the hip, Korra raised her into the air and pushed her back against the wall, ripping off what was left of her clothes in the process. Pressed against the metal wall, Yuna was completely at the mercy of Korra and she didn’t plan on having any. With a grin on her face, Korra watched the trembling body between her hands, enjoying every twitch of muscle as she let her hands roam over her flesh. Pinching and groping at will, she traced the contour of the other girl’s pleasure points, smiling as she trembled and cooed. Each moan from Yuna stroke a fire inside the Avatar as she enjoyed every second of her little domination act.  Pinching the girl’s left nipple to gain her attention, delighted by her little cry mixing pleasure, surprise and pain.

“So Yuna, ready for the big boy?” She said as she brought up the ice dildo up to her face, right against the girl’s lips. “Give it a kiss for good luck.”

Caught in the heat of the moment, Yuna did not even consider the idea before doing it. Closing her eyes, she kissed the icy member, the coldness sending shivers through her body. Then, suddenly, warmth as Korra’s lips touched hers, fighting through the thick shaft to connect. As fast as it had appeared the cold sensation disappeared, replaced by a warm dripping finger. Opening her eyes, Yuna could see Korra’s finger going into her mouth.

“Think you’re wet enough?”

Her eyes bulged out as she realized she was suckling on her own juice.

“Yeah, you’re ready to get fuck.”

Pulling her finger out of the girl’s mouth to get a better grip on her hips, Korra aligned herself with the other girl’s pussy and then, biting her lips at the sight, slowly pushed it in. Yuna moaned, the sensation of being slowly filled shaking her to her very depth. At first the Avatar went slowly, moving only a centimeters or two before pulling back then putting it back in. As Yuna relaxed and her breathing got heavier, she accelerated her rhythm, pleased as the sailor expression got slowly more and more ecstatic and her gaze glassy. For Yuna, the storm of different sensation coming from her pussy was mind melting, the cold pole ramming inside her and pushing against her walls in just the right place, the heat coming from the same place and reacting with the ice to create a fireworks inside her belly, the smack of Korra’s bucking hips against hers, all of this combined with her previous edge mean she was moments from coming.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck.”

“Come on Yuna!” Shouted Korra as she accelerated her thrusting. “I want to hear you scream!”


Korra’s thrust became more rought, smacking Yuna’s back against the wall each time she buried herself into the older girl’s pussy. Her hands were not idle either, rubbing at her now exposed clit, playing with the other girl bouncing breasts, massaging them and occasionally slapping them when Yuna’s moans got a little too low for Korra’s taste.

“So Yuna, ready for the rough stuff.”

The sailor answered only with a loud moan.


Grabbing Yuna’s legs, Korra raised them up and brough them against one another, tightening the girl’s vagina as she switched to long and deep strokes, pushing as deep as she could for a time before suddenly switching to a fast thrusting, wracking her fresh pussy. Yuna for her part was feeling as if her whole world was reduced to the false dick pounding into her at depth she did not think were possible. Each powerful strike was another shot of pleasure right into her brain that made her felt like in heaven. In this new position, she was hanging on with all of her strength to Korra, her nails digging deep into the skin of the Avatar’s back.

And in a final explosion of pleasure Yuna felt her entire being losing itself into ecstasy, her limbs thrashing erratically under the wave of sensations, her hands helplessly grabbing at the plain wall in search of support and her feet wildly kicking the air as Korra kept pounding at her cunt.

“I’m coming, I’m coming! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me!”

Hitting the high of her climax, Yuna’s mind blanked. Like a doll whose wire had been cut she fell forward into Korra’s arms, eyes rolling back and mouth hanging open. Her whole body was irresponsive, shaking under the violence of her orgasm.

“Wow girl. Easy, there.”

“S… so good.” Yuna barely managed to say through her very ragged breath.

“Damn, how long was it since your last one?”

“S… six…”

“Six days?”

“Month.” Faintly said Yuna.

“Six months! Crap, okay, we have a lot to catch up to with you.”

“Wait wha… ahhh!”

Yuna exclamation turned into a deep moan as she felt the ice cock still inside her grow in size.

“You’re in serious need of heavy sex girl. Ready?”

“I…” Her entire body was screaming yes, but a tiny part of her brain was pointing how she was actually not attracted to women per say. The rest of her brain pointed out that she could very well play the part and to shut up. Before she could answer though, someone knocked at the door.

“Hey, Korra, Yuna, your shift’s over.”

Looking back at the Avatar, Yuna saw something in her eyes. Something that scared and made her blush from excitement at the same time.

“Come on, answer him.” Korra said with a grin.

“I…” One part of her wanted to protest and stop this clearly out of control situation, the other was vocally saying fuck it. “It’s alrigh…ah!”

The moment she had begun to answer, Korra had resumed her fucking, moving her hips in long deep strokes.

“Hello? Yuna are you alright?” Said the sailor on the other side of the door as he began turning open the door.

“Yes, yes!” Exclaimed the girl, terrified at the idea of another member of the crew seeing her in this position. But then, why did she felt so much more exited. “We’re just picking up our things. Everything’s alright.”

“Yep, you’re just getting fucked like a slut.” Murmured Korra, the crude word sending a series of shivers down Yuna’s spine.

“Are you sure?” Asked the other sailor.

“Yes, yes, I’m sure.” She wasn’t exactly who she was answering.

“Damn right you’re sure.” Korra whispered into her ears as she picked up the rhythm, forcing Yuna to force her mouth shut with her hands to not loudly moan.

“Okay then. See you at super.” Said the other before walking away.

“Wouldn’t count on that Yuna, you’re going to have to train a lot.”

As Korra threw her down on the floor and lifted her ass into the air, Yuna had never been more enthusiastic about training.

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