New Year's Game Night III

BY : Lennox
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"So, have you got Jessica's punishment ready?" Bart asked his sister as they walked Santa's Little Helper through the snow-covered streets of Springfield, holding the leash and a duffle bag of his dog's things in one hand.

"I do, but I'm not sure if I'll be doing it. I mean, she did sound pretty sincere when she promised she wouldn't look at the cards."

"Lis, this is Jessica Lovejoy we're talking about," Bart almost scoffed. "She probably said that just so you would punish her. You know what she's like. I bet she's spent every night since Halloween fingering herself, just thinking up all of the different things you could make her do." "Trust me Bart, she hasn't thought of this."

"You're not going to tell me what it is?" Bart asked, as the three of them turned off the main street. Once they were out of view from prying eyes, Lisa took her brother's gloved hand in her own.

"Nope." She smiled. "You'll just have to wait and see."


Since receiving Jessica's text message on Christmas Day, Lisa was feeling a little uneasy about their upcoming celebrations. She had always been a little nervous when it came to Truth or Dare with the reverend's daughter. On one hand, what she could go through could be either pleasurable or painful. But on the other hand, the resulting punishment of turning down her challenge could be a humiliating experience. But it wasn't just that, it was the location. Their first game night was in Maggie's bedroom, with Homer and Marge's party going on downstairs. And that was a little nerve-racking as, looking back, Lisa realised that anyone could have walked in on them during their game. The next year, Jessica managed to get into Mayor Quimby's office. The most unlikely place Lisa could imagine herself playing such a debaucherous game with the town celebrating in the square below. But this... this was almost too much, and they haven't even started yet.


Bart and Lisa made their way up the snowy path towards the First Church of Springfield. Bart pulled his cell phone out of his pocket as he dialled Jessica's number.

"Yo, Loverjoy." Bart spoke into the receiver. "We're here, open up."

"Loverjoy?" Lisa asked. Bart just shrugged his shoulders as he slipped his phone back into his pocket. The church doors swung open, and Allison was on the other side to greet them.

"Hey there." The brunette grinned as she welcomed her friends out of the cold. The two siblings walked inside, and Allison greeted them both with a hug. A small bundle of discarded winter clothes lay on the final pew, and Bart and Lisa added their coats, gloves and hats to the pile. While Lisa stayed to talk with Allison, Bart made his way up the isle.

Jessica smiled and waved Bart over to her as she was setting up by the altar of the church. On the stage above, a few plates and bowls of snack foods had been laid out, plus a cooler full of drinks buried in snow from outside.

"Hey Jess. A little overdressed aren't you?" Bart smirked.

"Well, it's just what I normally wear." Jessica said as she looked down over her dress.

"You're one to talk. Showing up here in a suit and tie. Did you think I was conducting Mass here tonight or something?" Bart looked down over his clothes. He wore the outfit he normally wore to church. His blue blazer, his tie, and a well pressed shirt.

"Lisa and I decided that seeing as we're here, we might as well wear our church clothes. So you can thank your choice of venue for my spiffy duds." Jessica playfully tugged on Bart's tie and pulled him close.

"I'm more excited on the fun ways I can get you and Lisa out of your 'spiffy duds' than seeing you in them. But I don't want to start the party too early." She winked at him and pulled her box of cards from her bag, along with the two brand new (and still unopened) decks that she had promised.

"So you didn't open them? I'm impressed." Bart picked up the sealed deck of cards that Jessica spoke of during their camp out. He looked it over in his hands. One side was marked Dare in big red letters. On the other side, a plain black card that revealed nothing of its contents. He held the deck above his head as he shouted across the hall.

"Hey Lis, your punishment's going to waste! She didn't open them." Even from the other side of the church, both Bart and Jessica could see the slight disappointment on her face.

"She actually came up with something?" Jessica asked.

"Yeah, but she wouldn't tell me what it was. Only that it was something that you wouldn't expect."

"Well, I didn't expect to see him here, that's for sure." Jessica said, kneeling down to pet Santa's Little Helper. Bart still held his leash tightly in his hand and the dog's head was darting in all directions as he happily took in his new surroundings.

"Bringing Santa's Little Helper was Lisa's idea." Bart said. "He gets spooked by the fireworks. Mom and Dad are out at the town square again this year and Lisa didn't think it'd be a good idea to leave him at home with Maggie and the sitter. I was thinking of putting him in your Dad's office, or a back room out of the way."

"We've got a storage basement downstairs." Jessica said as she pointed to the door on the side of the alter.

"Come on, boy." Bart said as he pulled on the leash. "Let's get you set up."


In the basement, Bart laid out his dog's bed, slightly squished from being stuffed into the small bag. He poured two bottles of water plus a can of dog food into separate bowls and placed them on the floor. As a final touch, he placed Santa's Little Helper's favourite blanket on his bed. The greyhound had been trained to use it to cover himself if it was too cold and it always seemed to be enough for him despite its thin appearance. By the time Bart returned upstairs, both Milhouse and Nelson had arrived, and Colin was just walking in through the main doors.

"Colin!" Lisa smiled as she hugged her old friend. "I didn't expect to see you here."

"What, and miss out after last year?" The boy smiled, his accent almost causing Lisa's heart to melt.

"You just want me to jerk you off again, don't you?" Bart joked as he approached. Colin's gaze was quickly diverted to the floor in a nervous chuckle and he hoped that neither of them saw the slight blushing in his cheeks.

"Well... it's not like I did much last year..." he muttered to himself as he walked past Lisa. She offered him a warm smile.

"Cheer up Colin. I'm sure there'll be plenty of chances for you to do something this year." "Is that why you're here?" he asked her. "Just to 'do' something?"

"Colin, Bart and I are here because we started with this. If it wasn't for Jessica's game, I don't think we would have ever have gotten together despite the desires we hid."

"Well, I'm still feeling a bit nervous. I mean, who knows what I'll have to do or say in there."

"Just remember Colin," Lisa said, "you're among friends here. If you're told do or say something embarrassing, you can always get them back later. It's all in good fun." Colin smiled as Lisa's words made him feel more at ease.

"We're just waiting on one more." Jessica said.

"Laura?" Bart and Nelson both said in unison, before they looked at each other. Jessica shook her head.

"Nope, she's not coming. I invited her, but she said no. We've got someone new joining us this year."

"New?" Lisa asked, feeling a little nervous. "Jessica, I'm not sure that we should..." The sound of Jessica's ringtone interrupted her and the reverend's daughter didn't seem too worried about Lisa's concerns.

"And there she is now." Jessica said as she made her way down the hall.

"She?" Milhouse asked. Jessica spun around as she kept walking, striding backwards as she faced her friends.

"Guys, don't worry. She's cool. Lisa, I promise you, it'll be fine. She is your friend after all." Lisa froze in a sudden moment of panic. A thousand thoughts popped into her mind all at once. She felt her heart leap up into her throat as Jessica opened the door. A lone figure walked into the church, her face obscured by the thick hood attached to her jacket. The door was closed as the latest guest brushed her boots free of snow on the rugged mat by the entrance.

"It's about time you turned up." Jessica joked as she slid her friend's coat from her shoulders.

"After I saw you guys sneaking into the mayor's office last year," Janey said as her hood was pulled from her face, "I wasn't going to miss out on this party."

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