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The ship’s captain looked down at the girl sitting on the edge of his bunk. She seemed perfectly calm, looking with curiosity at the décor of his cabin, leaning back and playing with his blanket. For a man used to be in control of a ship, her attitude was infuriating.

“Do you realize what you’ve done? By the law of the sea I could throw you overboard.”

She turned her sight back on him. There was no fear in her eyes, only mere amusement.

“You would throw a poor girl out to the sea?”

She arch her back, pushing out her rather well developed chest forward. As the fabric tense against her skin, the captain can’t stop his eyes from staring at the two orbs, how the blue tissue expose the

“I, hm, no.” Shaking his head, he forced himself to look back at her smirking visage. “No, I wouldn’t throw a girl to the sea. What is your name by the way?”

“I’m Korra, the Avatar.”

For a moment the captain was stun speechless, then turned around and began walking toward the door.

“Hey! Where are you going?” Korra asked?

“To the bridge to turn the ship around. We need to get you back to the Blue Lotus.”

“What? Wait a second.” She jumped from the bunk and grabbed him by the back of the belt, pulling him away from the door and against her with surprising strength. “Come on, I played the stowaway for a good reason. I want to go to Republic City, not back to this boring enclave.”

In her mouth it sounded less like a plea and more like an order.

“Well I don’t want to have the Blue Lotus against me because I sneaked you away. So we are going back and dropping you off at the port.”

“No you are not. What do you want?”

The captain huffed. “You don’t even have money to pay a ticket.”

Korra groaned loudly as the captain persisted in his stubbornness. Shrugging, he resumed his walk only for her to pull him back again. This time though, he tensed as she pressed her breasts against his back.

“Maybe I don’t have money, but I have something else.”

He had a nervous laugh. “Girl, you don’t know what you are saying.”

“Really now?” He could almost feel the smugness in her voice, dripping with sensuality, right behind his ear. “Do you know where I have spent my time these last years. In an enclave, completely isolated from the world, filled to the brim with young men at their physical peak, completely isolated from any women that could guide me as I discovered my body.”

Her free hand slid over his waist, pushing him even more into her and playing with his belt.

“I was left alone, confused and constantly surrounded by young men training, sweating, taking public baths.”

The captain’s breath had quickened as the young beauty’s hand slowly crept along the edge of his pants, sliding a fingers down them and against his skin. It had been several weeks since he had known the touch of a woman and he could feel his body responding quite eagerly to hers.

“Now what is a girl supposed to do with so many long, hard, muscular cocks all pent up from the lack of women. Those poor guys, what were they supposed to do as I trained with them, sweating in my white tops, stretching in my tights pants, sometime even forgetting to close the door to my shower and sleeping in the nude.”

There was now a tent around the captain’s crotch as his member slowly hardened with each word she slowly murmured into his ear. One of her hand dived into his pants, firmly grabbing the base of his junk while the other released the lock on his belt, letting his clothe fall on the ground.

“Are you sure now that I don’t know what I’m saying, because your sweet cock sure seem to want something?”

“It’s not right.” He managed to say through his ragged breath.

Holding him by the balls, Korra flipped him around and dragged him toward the bed.

“You know what’s not right?” Releasing him, she turned and leaned on the bed, pushing her ass up into the air. “This morning I wake up with a fat cock in my ass. Yep. I was sleeping completely naked like usual when one of the trainer walked into my room, removed his trousers and rammed his fat prick right into my tight ring. I screamed and moaned like a slut as he pummeled my ass into my bed.”

With one hand, she grabbed her pants and pulled them down over her chocolate buttocks before spreading her ass cheeks open, exposing her young flower.

“So, wanna see if I lied?” She taunted him while lasciviously rolling her ass.

With a primal grunt, the captain grabbed her by the waist, aligned the tip of his cock then pushed it in in one powerful thrust. Korra moaned as she felt herself getting filled, his cock plunging into her like a piston, then pulling back and leaving her with a feeling of emptiness before filling her again. Pain and pleasure shot through her as her body was rocked back and forward by his powerful thrusts, his member stretching her and grinding against the inside of her ass. The captain him was groaning loudly as his member was wrapped into her tight hole. The walls of her rectum pressed against his rod each time he forced it in, a tight sheath that felt like heaven. He was altering between deep and slow thrust and quick jabs, delighting in her breathless moan each time he slid in.

“You like that bitch!”

“Fuck yeah, harder!”

“Beg for it slut!”

She bit her lower lips, caught in the middle of a moan but refusing to speak. The captain only smiled before raising a hand and smacking her jingling butt, leaving a red mark against the ebony skin. Korra whimpered with pleasure but still did not beg.

“Is that so? Well, get ready for it whore.”

Again he raised his hand and smacked her lovely ass as hard as possible, then again, and again, and again and again until both of her cheeks were bright red. The Avatar was drooling under the rough treatment of her ass, wailing with each strike until she was panting.

“I said beg!”

“Yes! Please fuck my ass, destroy my anus, please, please, please fuck me hard like a slut.”

The captain accelerated his rhythm under the happy moans of Korra, stretching her even deeper than before with his balls smashing against her dripping cunt with each stroke. Then, reaching forward her grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled back, forcing her back to arch while his other hand reached around under her shirt and roughly grabbed her boob.

“Yes! Fuck me more.”

Korra’s hand shot to her dripping pussy and started playing with it, rubbing her clitoris like a mad woman while her ass was getting hammered.

“Damn you’re a slut.”

With a pop and a disappointed shiver from Korra his cock left her pucker. He wasn’t over though as he threw her off the bunk and on the ground before grabbing her legs and lifting her that way.

“Time to piledrive you into the floor.”

Korra’s face was a cocky grin and shining eyes.

“Go ahead captain.”

He did just that, thrusting his cock into her ass to the balls in one powerful strike that made her mouth go O shaped. He raised her body up and down while he himself thrusted madly into her little pucker, smashing her against the wooden floor repeatedly as he violated her ass into submission. Korra was reduced to a moaning and whimpering drooling mess under his constant assault, her whole body shaking as she felt an orgasm slowly build up inside her. It only encouraged her to start fingering her pussy with even more passion, rolling her hips and pushing her fingers knuckles deep into her slit.

The captain too could feel himself getting close to climax, his throbbing cock becoming even more rock solid as he continued to expand her warm walls. Twitching, he could feel his balls tighten as the load rose inside him. Without warning, he grunted and exploded into Korra’s ass, raising her off the ground as several weeks’ worth of cum were released inside her. Under him, Korra too came  as she felt her inside being repainted white by the throbbing member lodged deep inside her. Her toes curled and her body devolved into a spasming and twitching mess as her trained ass tightened around his cock, massaging his rod and trying to extract every millimetre jizz from it. The pressure was so much though, that bubble of cum appeared on the edge of her stretched anus and began dripping down on her face where Korra hungrily lapped them. As the captain pulled out with a grunt, his cock was dripping with cum while a heavy torrent began flowing from her gaping ass and down her chest, staining her clothes before reaching her visage and giving her a cum mask. When he finally released her trembling legs, she feel down on the ground, still riding the wave of her orgasm as she felt the massive load of spludge slosh inside her.

Panting hard, she turned her sight to him. “So, can I stay?”

Breathing heavily, the captain forced himself to calm down and affect a pondering expression.

“I’m not sure.”

With a sly smile under the layer of cum, Korra raised herself up and starting licking his softening prick, cleaning it.


“Hm, okay. But there’s gonna be a daily toll.”

She grinned, letting his cock rest over her face while she licked his balls. “Awesome.”

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