The Problems with Evolution

BY : NightCreeper
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Alienators: Evolution

The Problems with Evolution

By: Night Creeper


Disclaimer: All of the characters are created by other people. This story is loosely based on the cartoon series Alienators, which appears on Fox. They are owned by their creators. And even though I have tampered with some of the storylines and backgrounds established by them, they are still owned by them. Any resemblance to actual people are coincidental and unintentional. And remember, this story is used for entertainment and not profit. If it is illegal for you to read something that only ADULTS should read, then go away!

Notes from the author: A few weeks ago, I received an e-mail asking me to continue to writing tentacle based stories. I did one and have yet to finish it, so I guess this story is like practice to get back in the game. However, since Orb_Blast asked for a story based on the characters of a Saturday morning cartoon and was nice enough to direct me to the proper TV channel and time, I thought I would write this as a separate title then link it to the other story. Now, unlike my other stories, there was no editor. I did a quick read through but since I already know the story, my brain may have added words that didn't appear; I have no idea. Anyway, I am hoping that this story makes sense.

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Lieutenant Lucy Mai couldn't believe it. The last week had been a total blur. Actually, she knew what had been happening in the last week, but she was unable to recount the daily events. In fact, she didn't even remember writing a report after the mission. She normally would slave away on her laptop, writing a report. It was a normal routine for her since the Lieutenant was always by the book and she always followed orders, met all her objectives, and never deviated from her mission. She was almost the exact polar opposite of Doctor Ira Kane, who she simply classified as a man who was easily distracted, and that was the nicest way she could put it. The doctor was her only teammate that she didn't get along with. She liked Wayne Green, the young fireman in training. She didn't mind the company of Harry Block, the community college's athletic teacher either. Nor did she mind Gassie, a walking stink bomb, but she never imaged that she would ever develop feelings for the doctor. She always thought that she would retire from the military, meet a Chinese in the service, and get married. At least that's what her uncle in Hong Kong wanted, but she never imagined that she would lust after Doctor Ira Kane.

It all started a week ago when the team encountered the Genus in a famous scientist's castle. Scopes, the evil leader of the Genus, had managed to control Ira's mind, but in the end, Ira was able to break the control and destroy Scopes. The team then enjoyed a delicious dinner at the castle, where General Woodman even took the time to join them. The General had such a great time and enjoyed his meal so much that he gave the team an entire two-week vacation. However, Lucy had trouble remembering what happened after the vacation was announced. All she remembered was returning home where her feelings for Ira manifested and then spent the rest of the entire week in a total daze as she acted out on her feelings.

"Have to get up," she groaned to herself as she lifted her naked, drenched body off her bed. Her wobbly feet touched the floor and she took one step before felt a warm tongue sliding up and down her exposed neck while two strong hands gripped her breasts and pulled her close.

"Where are you going?" a male voice inquired as he gave her breasts a squeeze making her nipples instantly hard.

The voice made her knees weak and her body trembled as her sex began to moisten again. She whipped her head to the side, draping her long hair on her left shoulder, giving the man even more area to kiss with his tongue. Lucy's right hand caressed the man's face while her left one reached back and grabbed his left buttock. "Nowhere Ira, I'm going back to bed with you," she moaned as she felt his member poke her cheeks.

"Now Lieutenant, we have to do things by the book," Ira whispered huskily into her ear.

"By the book," Lucy repeated absentmindedly as she reluctantly pulled away from Ira. When her body was no longer touching his, she felt cold and alone, but that feeling quickly dissipated when she gripped his growing member with her hands. The woman felt a lot better as she lowered her head between his legs while she parted hers. Her body was perpendicular to his as she licked the head of his member with her slobbering tongue. Once the head was nice and wet from her tongue, she licked the entire length of his shaft like a popsicle, over and over again before her lips locked down and began to take it into her mouth.

"You like sucking my cock?" Ira asked as he gripped her hair with both his hands. "And don't forget to look at me. I want to see both your eyes telling me how much you like sucking my dick."

A few days ago, she would have bitten off his penis, but then again, a few days ago, she would have never thought about taking the doctor's member into her mouth. However, it just seemed right that he would ask her such a question in that kind of tone at the moment. Then again, she had done it numerous times in the past week, so she quickly complied and locked eyes with Ira. His eyes were so powerful. They looked like the eyes of a conquering hero returning from a successful campaign. Lieutenant Lucy felt her own juices sliding down the sides of her thighs as she looked at his eyes lovingly with her own. "Hhhhhppppphhhhtttt," she moaned in acknowledgment.

Ira's back stiffened and his head flung backwards as he shot a huge load down the lovely Asian woman's throat. The scientist gripped Lucy's hair as he slammed his member into the back of her throat as the woman tried to milk the last drops of his sperm from his tool. Finally, Ira was content and he pulled out of her mouth. "Get on the bed slut," he grunted as he made his way back to the bed.

"Are we going to make love again?" the woman inquired.

"No slut! We had intercourse back at the castle because it was our first time. After that we made love on the way back since you were the type of woman that I wanted to settle down with. Once we returned home, we started having sex to further our new relationship. Then I started banging you because you're insatiable. Now, we just fuck because you're just a dirty slut!" he snarled as he beckoned her to join him.

The Lieutenant couldn't believe the words coming out of Ira's mouth. She knew deep down that a week ago, she would have gutted him with her bare hands if he talked to her in that kind of language, but now she couldn't help but feel incredibly turned on by it. In fact, the love making use to be tender and sweet when they first engaged in sex, but it quickly deteriorated into rough mindless sex. Lucy prided herself on her physical conditioning and pliable body, which was a good thing since Ira was a monster in bed. In fact, if it wasn't for her conditioning, she would not be able keep up with him. That's why the Asian woman quickly forgave Ira for the rough treatment and harsh words. All she wanted was his cock and that is what she dreamed of when she was asleep and that is what she gets when she is awake. Thus, she cupped her sperm-covered breasts and knelt on the bed. "How do you want me, Ira?" she asked.

"Get on the bed, lie down on your side with your back facing me, slut! And don't call me Ira unless we're in public, Lieutenant. Instead, you will refer to me as Master or Master Ira," the scientist commanded.

"Yes Master Ira," the Lieutenant shouted as she obediently obeyed his command. The moment the words escaped her lips, she found herself even more aroused then before. That's when her mind made the connection that by obeying Ira's orders, she would become more aroused. Thus, she decided that she would obey all of Ira's commands without fail, for she was a soldier, and she knew how to follow orders after all.

Ira lifted Lucy's right leg and thrust his member into her slick hairless vagina. The scientist kissed her neck while her right hand went between her legs where it began to push his member deeper and deeper inside her. "Horny little bitch, aren't you?" Ira growled into her ear.

"Please Ira! Oh! Please fuck me! Fuck me fuck me like the slut that I really am! I am so wet! I am nothing but a cheap little whore! OH YES! Stick it in me! Further! Further! Harder! Harder! OH YES!! Fuck me like a bitch in heat! Slide your cock further! Deeper! So good! So good! Deeper! Harder! OH YES!" Lucy chanted in a daze as pleasure shot through her body once Ira began to pump his meat into her. The Asian couldn't explain it but every time he rammed his tool into her sex, it always seemed to have a snug fit. She knew that he had already stretched her, but she didn't know why it always fit snug inside her. In fact, she always felt that Ira's member continued to expand inside her, filling her even more, adding to her pleasure, and making her a slave to it.

"Master Ira!" the scientist corrected her as he pulled out of her, leaving her empty.

The Lieutenant out of desperation shot both of her hands between her legs. She knew that masturbation was not an option since she had tried it during a few brief moments of reprieve when Ira wasn't fucking her, but it never did anything for her. Thus, her hands gripped the head of Ira's penis, trying to guide it back into her while her eyes pleaded with his. Since her eyes were locked with his, she hadn't noticed the length of Ira's member, which is something that she rarely ever did unless she was pleasuring it orally, but if she did see it, she would have known that it was now longer than the one that she sucked earlier. "Please Master Ira! Please! I am sorry for forgetting your proper name! Don't leave me empty!" she pleaded.

"I don't know . . ."

"Please Master Ira! I need your cock inside me! I love how it fills me! I love the pleasure! I love you!" Lucy cried as tears ran down her face while her body trembled. She hated the harsh language, but she knew he liked it, because she could see his reaction on his face. Lucy knew that she wanted his member inside her, but she found that her own degrading words were turning her on immensely, and since they added to her pleasure, she was going to make sure that she used them more.

"How sweet. My little slut loves me. But what does that mean?" Ira said playfully as his right hand rubbed Lucy's right leg, which was still stretched into the air.

"I love you, Master Ira! I'll give you everything I own, including me! You will own my mouth, my cunt, my ass! You will even own my tits, legs, arms! I'll give you whatever you want! You can have my love, my life, my soul! Just start fucking me!" she groaned.

"Are you offering yourself to me? Are you offering to be my wife, my plaything?"

"Oh God Yes! Anything you want! Just stick it in me!"

"So weak and pathetic!" Ira laughed as he rammed his huge member into Lucy's sex. The woman's pulled her pussy lips apart to make it easier for him, but she still screamed when he rammed himself into her.

"Oh God Yes! Oh yes! I love you, Master Ira! I love you!" Lucy groaned as her body began to instantly react to Ira's thrusts, sending her to a state of euphoria. The Asian woman was lost in a cloud of lust as she began to squirm and writhe on the bed. Before too long, she found herself riding Ira's penis, slamming herself onto his thighs over and over again while he gripped her hips. The entire time, her own hands gripped her buttocks, separating her two globes, hoping to get even more of his member into her. She wasn't aware how much of his tool she had inside her, but it still felt like there was much more that she could feed into her hungry sex.

"Are you a bitch in heat?" Ira asked.

"Yes Master! I am a bitch in heat!" Lucy screamed with her eyes closed.

"Then get on all fours!"

Lucy reluctantly stopped bouncing on Ira's chest and got on all fours. In a matter of seconds, Ira crawled up and mounted her like an animal. She felt his fat penis probe at her sex before he brutally thrust it deep inside her, making her scream from the entry. The Asian woman started to buck her hips, taking his cock deeper inside her, yet it never felt like she had it all even though she was stuffed. She felt his hands grip her hips as he slammed into her, causing her breasts to jiggle about. "Oh yes! Fuck me, Master Ira! Fuck me!" she screamed as she prayed that she and Ira would be stuck in this position for all eternity, a few seconds before she exploded into a huge orgasm, followed quickly by another one as pleasure swept through her body and left her limp.

Ira pulled out of Lucy's twitching body as she fell onto the bed in a heap, gasping for air. He watched her body as it continued to tremble before he too laid down on the bed. The scientist stroked the woman's damp hair and wiped some of the perspiration off of her back and wiped it onto the soaked bed sheets, which were hard and crusty, not mention wet from all the activity that had occurred on it during the course of the week. "Rest some pet, you have a long day ahead of you," Ira grunted as he closed his eyes while the Lieutenant continued to have after shocks after her initial two orgasms.

"Must get cleaned up," Lucy groaned to herself as she made it to the bathroom. This was the furthest that she had gotten in a week. In fact, she hardly noticed that during the week she hadn't really ate and done anything else except for fucking on the bed. The Lieutenant planted her palms onto the marble counter. She then turned on the water and splashed some water onto her face. "Oh god," she squirmed as she saw her reflection in the mirror. "My body is covered in Ira's sperm. Some of it has to have been on my body for at least a week."

"Two weeks to be exact," Ira's voice came from behind her. Before she could react, his hands gripped her buttocks and spread them, giving him access to either one of her holes. Then without warning, he rammed his member into her dripping sex yet again, causing the woman to yelp while her body quivered with pleasure. He was pleased to see that his voice and touch were enough to make the woman horny and wet. A small chuckle escaped his lips as his hands gripped her hips and he slammed into her again and again.

"Two weeks?" she mouthed as she spread her legs and gripped Ira's buttocks with her hands.

"Yes Lieutenant Lucy, two weeks is correct. You have been my little plaything for two weeks now."

"But General Woodman only gave us a week off," she panted as she closed her eyes and pictured Ira's cock deep inside her, stretching her, filling her. "We only had a week off. Doctor Reed can't fight the Genus by herself. We have to help her."

"Do you want to help Doctor Reed or would you rather be here with me?" Ira asked.

"I rather be here with you, Master," Lucy quickly cooed as she felt Ira pull her body back so his hands could roam all over her pert breasts. The Asian woman reached behind herself and wrapped her hands around his neck, pulling herself closer to him while her thighs were pressed forcefully against the counter as Ira thrust hard and deep inside her. "But we can't let the Genus threaten the world."

"The Genus isn't threatening the world, my little toy. The Genus evolves and incorporates the environment. Thus the Genus is helping the world, making it stronger and easier to rule, for the Genus is strong."

"The Genus is strong," Lucy replied almost in a trance like voice.

"The Genus will rule."

"The Genus will rule."

"Pathetic human! So easy to control! So easy to defeat!" Ira snarled in a voice, four octaves lower than his usual voice, as well as sinister.

The new voice snapped the Lieutenant from her trance. "I recognize that voice. I know that voice," she panted as life returned in her eyes. The Asian woman quickly glanced at the mirror above the sink and saw that person screwing her wasn't a person at all. She could see huge, red and smooth red of her assailant as well as the sharp claws connected to the huge hands squeezing her breasts. The woman instantly recognized the pointy and jagged head of her assailant. "Scopes!" she yelped as her hands unhooked themselves from his neck and joined her body in trying to struggle free.

"Pathetic human! It is too late for you! You're body already reacts to me!" the leader of the Genus snarled as he tightened his hold on the woman and began to slam his hips into her struggling body.

"No! Must fight!" Lucy groaned as she felt her strength become totally sapped. Her limbs were totally useless as her hands fell to her side and her legs lost all their strength. The woman would have fallen to the ground like an anvil falling from the sky if it wasn't for the fact that she was sandwiched between Scopes and the counter.

"Pathetic human!" Scopes growled as he stopped pumping and allowed the member in Lucy's sex to expand and grow, stretching and filling her even more. Lucy released a low moan as Scopes thrust once into her, then giving her a few seconds to rest before expanding and stretching her even more. He continued to expand and thrust until drool leaked out of the sides of Lucy's mouth while her head leaned against his shoulder. Her eyes were glazed over as she rested in Scopes arms like a toy doll. Scopes sensing that the game was coming to a close, stopped his actions and allowed the woman to recover. "Hurry up," he snarled angrily as he glanced down at her belly which was jutting out.

After a few long minutes, Lieutenant Lucy's eyes regained some life as she raised her head off of Scope's shoulders. She could feel her sex being stretched to the limit as she was completely filled. "H . . . how can this be?" she stammered.

"Simple. You humans are so easy to manipulate. Thanks to what I learned from the other human how the human mind works, it was easy to control the situation," Scopes boasted.

"Mind control?"

"Yes. I enslaved Ira when you and pathetic teammates searched the castle. By the time you all found me, it was too late. I easily captured everyone and enslaved all of your minds. I told you that you all defeated me and got a week off as a vacation. Of course, I also told your mind other things as well, but you only remember the weeks vacation. The last two weeks should be a total blur except that you came back with Ira and made passionate love over and over again for a week. The coupling part is correct but it's been two weeks. You've spent two weeks in bed being primed for your true fate."


"Yes. We, the Genus, adapt to our surroundings! We are strong because of this! Our Genus pods can be destroyed by your blue goo, but when we invaded the human cells, the goo didn't work, because you humans were too scared to use it on your own kind. That is your weakness. Thus, I will exploit your weaknesses and use those to destroy you all. For the Genus will rule!"


"Yes! The Genus will rule! You see, in the last two weeks, your mind much like your body has been altered to suit my needs. You now react instantly to my touch, preparing yourself to breed."

"No! This can't be happening," Lucy sobbed.

"It is happening, pathetic human," Scopes laughed as he gave five rapid thrusts into Lucy before pulling out and thrusting her onto the counter top. Once she was on the counter top, he allowed her body to react to the air and the emptiness inside her. Within seconds, he could see her body quiver like a junkie going through all the stages of withdraw. "Pathetic," he grumbled.

"But how?" she mouthed.

"We, the Genus, are the perfect biological weapon. At least that's what General Granger said about us. He thinks that we can adapt to any situation. The only problem is that we have a certain heat signature and movement that your computers can map and track us. Thus, General Granger is able to keep tabs on us. However, his confidence in his computer will be his downfall as the Genus finds a new heat signature and new characteristics that his computer will never be able to track," Scopes boasted as he slid his finger around the edges of Lucy's sex before dabbing against her thighs.

The Lieutenant instantly felt better when Scopes touched her. She wasn't sure why, but she could feel her body react. Her pulse quickened and her chest heaved to match her breath. "How are you going to do that?" she gasped as she moved her body so that Scopes's finger would touch her vaginal lips instead of just her thighs.

"Pathetic human! With you of course! We have learned that the female gender of the human species is the one that is able to bring new life. Thus, with your help, the Genus will be born again! We will continue to build and grow the original strand to keep the General happy, while you will supply a constant stream of new Genus strands. Finally, when you have created enough, the world will be overrun by the Genus, and we will rule!" Scopes proclaimed proudly as he pulled his finger away from Lucy's body, but kept the point of his claw on her skin, ever so lightly.

Lucy felt empty again as the ray of hope that flushed her mind and body when Scopes touched her faded. She still wasn't quite sure what had happened to her, but she knew that she wanted him. In fact, she wanted him to touch more of her. She wanted him inside her. The Asian woman couldn't believe that she was addicted to such a vile thing as Scopes. "I can't," she reluctantly mouthed.

"You will agree. You will beg me soon enough. You see, in the last two weeks, I have trained your body. Your body craves my touch," Scopes declared proudly as he pulled his claw away and Lucy's body began to shudder yet again. The young woman twitched like she was having a seizure, but her body calmed down when Scopes placed his claw lightly against her skin yet again. "See how dependant you are of me now? Without me, you will surely die. And if you don't, you'll definitely become catatonic when your mind collapses. Even then, I will still be able to use your body for my purposes. The choice is yours," Scopes laughed as he placed his claw a few inches over the young woman's mouth.

"Ahhhh," Lucy groaned as her head leapt forward off the counter and her lips wrapped themselves around the claw. She then found herself licking the sides of the claw with her tongue as if she were trying to lather it up with her saliva. Then in a matter of seconds, she began to suck on the claw like a baby on a pacifier.

"Become my pet and live out the rest of your life in bliss or reject my offer or suffer," Scopes laughed as he violently pulled his claw from Lucy's lips.

A loud moan escaped Lucy's lips as her body shot off the counter before falling back down on the cold counter. Then with a huge sigh, the Asian woman looked at Scopes with tears in her eyes as she slowly sat up. She then moved herself to the edge where she began to spread her legs as far as they would go. Her hands trembled as they cupped her breasts while her chest rose and fell quickly, matching her breathing. "Please Scopes," she begged, her voice shaking with fear.

"You are a proud woman. Prove to me that you will submit and accept your destiny!"

Lucy gulped as she stared down at the floor before raising her head and looking directly into the creature's eyes. "You are my master, Scopes. I need you so badly, so desperately!" she whined as even more tears, escaped her eyes. The Lieutenant could hear the creature's words from the previous two weeks reverberating in her head, calling her vile names and describing her fate over and over again, and she knew she would have to repeat those same exact words. Summoning all her strength and trying hard to keep the tears back, her lips trembled while she sobbed, "I am your slave! I will be your toy! I will do as you command!"

"Not so proud are you? Pathetic human! Accept your fate!" demanded the creature.

"I want to be impregnated by you, master! I am your sex slave! Breed me! It is my destiny! I need to be your broodmare. I want to mate with you! I need you! I want to bear children for you!" Lucy declared in a voice full of wanton lust and unfulfilled need.

"You want to breed with the instrument of humanity's destruction? Are you really that weak and pathetic?"

"Yes," she gasped as she fondled her breasts. "I am weak and pathetic. The Genus is strong and the Genus will rule. It already rules me. I need you inside me. I need you to impregnate me. Only then will I be whole. Oh God, Scopes! I need you to fuck me! I am nothing more than a mere plaything for you! Add me to your breeding stock!" Lucy begged.

"I don't have many breeders . . . yet. All I have is an Asian minx, who wouldn't mind selling out everything that she holds dear, including humanity, just so she can be fucked and enjoy internal bliss. She's quite the insatiable little slut. I covered her in spunk for two weeks and she has never even tried to get it off of her. I don't know but I think she wants to spend the rest of her existence covered in it."

"Whatever you want, Scopes!" Lucy shouted as she placed her hands on the back of her neck, presenting her breasts. Scopes wrapped his claws around her breasts and squeezed, causing the woman to release a loud, low moan. Feeling his touch was almost enough to send her over the edge, but she knew she had to be strong so she could make her submission complete. She knew that would please him and she wanted so desperately to please him. "Squeeze my tits, master. They are empty now, but they will be filled with milk soon. Milk that will feed your offspring and make them stronger, just like its father. My pussy is so empty without you. I am empty without you. My pussy aches to be filled by you, just like my womb. Please honor me by impregnating me!"

"Is that what you truly desire, human?"

"YES! Oh God, YES! It is what I want! It's what I need now! I want to be covered in your spunk for the rest of my existence! I will be the broodmare for the new Genus spawn, which will wipe out humanity! I will breed with you as much as you want! Anything! Anytime! Anywhere! Just fill my pussy!" she screamed.

"So be it," Scopes laughed as he placed his hands on her hips and pulled her onto his massive member, filling her in one violent thrust. His hips began to thrust into her with force as the room was flooded with smacking noises as Lucy's body made contact with his in a wild staccato tempo. It was during this time that his member was spreading and coating her entire womb with a protective coating, one final modification.

Lucy could feel the warmth deep inside her and knew that her life would be forever changed, but she didn't care much about her own life or humanity's existence. All she cared about was her own pleasure and that is what engulfed her mind, body, and soul. Her addiction and lust were now being met. Thus, the woman wrapped her hands around the creature's neck while her legs wrapped themselves around his body, pulling him even closer to her. "Master, you'll have to get General Granger to sign new orders so I can spend the rest of my life with you," she moaned.

"Don't worry about that. The papers were signed weeks ago and your old friends have been quarantined by the General for their own protection in an undisclosed location. And even if they do find them, they'll have to destroy a pod to get to them, which would ultimately destroy them as well. Nothing will ruin my plans!" Scopes laughed.

Usually the Lieutenant would come back with a quick retort and blast Scopes back the primordial ooze that spawned him, but things had drastically changed since the Asian woman was now madly in love with the pleasure, which had engulfed her, and ultimately meant that she was in love with Scopes. Thus, all she did was hump him harder and faster, trying to get even more of him inside her even though she could hear the sloshing inside her as his spunk was slowly filling her. "Then I am yours forever, master! I am your breeding slave!" Lucy shouted happily.

"Lock and load," Scopes snickered as he prepared to fill her womb.

The words hit Lucy like a ton of bricks. For months, Ira always refused to say that phrase correctly, even after numerous attempts from the military woman to correct him. However, on his first try, Scopes got it correctly, and as she felt his hot spunk fill her womb before oozing out her sex, cementing her fate, her mind, body, and soul latched onto Scopes as she repeated the words, "I love you, master," over and over again. She gave herself totally to him and held nothing back as she climaxed over and over again, giving little thought for the horrors that would engulf the world in about two-thirds of a year's time.


The End


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