How I Learned to Love the Wild Horse

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How I Learned to Love the Wild Horse
Chapter 2: Secrets Between Friends and A Helping Hand.


"I don't believe it."


"He laughed!?"

It was Saturday following Clover's date with Ranma, and she'd called up her partners-cum-besties to the mall for a clandestine sitrep. Sitting at a table in the food court, the blonde nodded understandingly while Samantha and Alex stared at her, completely thunderstruck. "Like that snob told him a funny joke or something. All he did was look at her and say 'At least it wasn't a spiked baton' before asking the waiters if he could clean up in back."

Sam shook her head, her expression turning serious at the reminder of the far more important and unusual part of the story. "Speaking of that, you sure he wasn't kidding you about this Konachi girl? It sounds too unbelievable to be true."

"Trust me, Sammy. I know the difference between a guy who says an old girlfriend was crazy, and a guy who means it. Ranma wasn't lying about her."

"But…Konachi isn't a girls name." Alex mused aloud, "It's not even a word in Japanese."

Sam narrowed her eyes at the bilingual Latina while Clover looked taken aback. "A-are you sure?"

"Positive." Alex nodded emphatically. "The closest word I can think of is Kodachi, which is a kind of shortsword…" The Latina's brow furrowed thoughtfully as she added, "Huh. It's also the name of a flower, so it could be a girl's name…"

"It's probably not either of those, Alex." Sam declared, clasping her hands in front of her as if in prayer, though the redhead's thoughts were far and away from asking for divine intervention. "It'd be pretty dumb to just swap out a letter if he was trying to keep her name a secret. And if he's as bad as Britney said, he's probably using a red herring to make sure Clover couldn't dig up anything on him…" Looking off into the middle distance with a studious expression, the redhead muttered, "He's better than I thought."

While Alex mulled over the real identity of Ranma's mystery stalker, Clover glared at the 'leader' of the trio. Recalling how dense her date had been and how he had slipped up several times and used 'd' in his unwanted love interest's name, she said defensively, "I'm pretty sure Alex is right, 'cause as sweet as he is, Ranma's really thick-headed and I heard him hesitate a couple of times when he said her name."

Alex pursed her lips, feeling bad for Ranma if he really had been dealing with someone as crazy as that back home. In the name of the investigation and possibly keeping him safe, because even a villain didn't deserve to have a psycho like that chasing after them, she offered, "So, we need to keep a lookout for a highschool girl from Nerima named Kodachi, whose from a rich family and into gymnastics—"

"And is even more into Ranma than you are." Sam finished Alex's musing with a meaningful look at Clover. "Speaking of which—"

"Gawd, for the last time, Sammy; I didn't sleep with Ranma!" Clover groaned. "He took me home, kissed me goodnight, and that was it!"

Good as Clover was at lying, Sam had been reading up on people's tells and speech patterns to make herself more effective at catching liars, and her eyes narrowed as she caught a ping on her radar labeled 'half-truth' at Clover's commentary on the events of the evening. While only enough to make her think the blonde had probably had made out with their target a fair bit, especially since it wouldn't be the first time someone made the distinction between 'slept with' and 'had sex', it was Clover rapidly changing the subject with a gleeful "But if you think Kodachi is crazy, wait until you hear about his dad!" That sent up a mental warning flare and Sam's eyes narrowed.

"Just kissed?"


Clover's surprised tone with just the faintest hint of nervousness all but confirmed Sam's hypothesis and a low growl came to the redhead as she repeated, "Ranma just kissed you? Nothing else?"

"N-no." Clover laughed lightly, the stress-induced giggle even bringing a curious look from Alex as she said, "We got home, he kissed me and then left…well, he did kiss me on the lips but—"


That was what Sam was looking for, and her eyebrows shot up into her hairline as she caught the tangled knot of Clover's deception. Before the blond could change the subject again, Sam growled, "Which ones?"

Noting the eye twitch and throbbing vein in Sam's forehead, Clover gulped and returned nervously, "Which one what?"

"Which lips did he kiss, Clover?"

Alex blinked and tried to decipher the redhead's strange query as she said, "Umm, Clover only has one 'lips' Sammy. Well, technically she has two lips but only one pair of…"

It took a bit, but eventually the innocent Latina's mind curved down some unladylike roads and she caught the subtext and double entendre to Sam's question. Her cheeks flushed crimson immediately and she let out an embarrassed, "Sam!" While looking around to make sure there weren't any eavesdroppers. "Why would you ask that!? Clover said she wouldn't…you know! So there's no way she'd—"

Sam's response to Alex's comment was to turn almost as red-faced as her friend, though her flushed cheeks were obviously for a far different reason since she was still glaring angrily at Clover. Realizing that the blond hadn't answered Sam's question, Alex turned to see the blonde sweating nervously, her face a mask of dread that lit a neon sign over her head which read [Totally Busted]. At the sight, Alex's jaw dropped and she gasped, "Clover, you promised—"

Clover immediately sagged and moaned piteously, "I couldn't help it!" Before reaching across the table. Grabbing one of Samantha's hands between hers, the blonde's lip quivered as she pleaded with her friend, who had been shocked out of her outrage at Clover's lack of propriety. "Sammy, please understand! He was such a sweetheart that it took everything I had just to stop at giving him my 'Manson Vacuum'! He can't be a bad guy! Please tell Jerry that Britney made a mistake and Ranma's not a criminal!"

"Clover!" The anger returned with a vengeance, making Sam yank her hand out of the blonde's grasp and leaving her to whimper teary-eyed as the redhead barely managed to keep her voice down. "I'm not doing that! Especially with what I found last night in the evidence that Britney sent us!"

"What evidence?" Clover mewled, her cheeks still wet from pleading with the leader of the trio.

"Security camera footage, police reports on property damage and a slew of paperwork showing that wherever Ranma goes, destruction follows behind him!" Sam replied energetically, trying to burn off some of the angry energy she was feeling towards her boy-crazy friend as she not-quite ranted, "I haven't gone through everything yet, but as far back as a year ago, Ranma or that redheaded girl will walk into diners or restaurants or schools and within 5 minutes, the doors were torn off the hinges, burns and craters are everywhere, and there'll be holes through the walls like the place got hit by a wrecking ball!"

"Did Ranma do it?"

Sam grimaced at Clovers almost desperate plea and admitted, "No…the tapes Britney was able to send are kinda patchwork, and she says it's because she's had to try and restore security footage that was taped over, but the police reports and insurance claims on a bunch of teenagers smashing everything is sight makes things pretty clear he's responsible."

"I could just be that Kodachi chick chasing him!" Clover said desperately. "If she's crazy enough to use hidden weapons in a gymnastics match and rich enough to get away with it-'

"Fixing a sporting match is a hell of a lot different than blowing up a building, Clover! And what makes you so damn sure Ranma isn't a villain!?"

"He's a virgin, Sammy!"

Samantha and Alex froze at that. The Latina beauty was staring at her mournful friend with a subtly twitching eye while the dumbstruck redhead asked, "He's a what?"

"A virgin!" Clover moaned broken heartedly, not noticing that Alex's twitching eye worsened as she went on. "Sammy, he passed my Cunning Linguist test so good that he made me squirt! And I know that should be proof he was lying, because how could somebody do that well the first time they have sex—"

Sam and Alex flushed crimson at that, but for different reasons as the redhead looked around to make sure none of the passersby heard Clover's lewd statement, while Alex gritted her teeth, the muscles in her jaw bulging slightly from holding back several harsh retorts to her friend's statement.

"-but then he turned me down when I said I wanted to kiss him again! It was like pulling teeth getting him to let me vaccuum his hose the first time, 'cause when I told him spaghetti makes cum taste bad, he didn't want me to swallow!"

Dropped jaws followed Clover's moan of sorrowful disbelief, and Alex whispered in shock, "He…didn't want you to…kiss him?!"

"He didn't want you to swallow!?" Sam's eye twitched as she tried to recalibrate her mental gears for what amounted to a Bigfoot sighting, or rather, watching Bigfoot tango on the back of the Loch Ness monster with an alien and Elvis. "He-he's insane! There isn't a man alive who would do that, bad taste or not!"

"He did!" Clover sniffled while her eyes shone with unshed tears. "Sammy, Ranma is the biggest cinnamon roll I've ever met besides Alex—"

The Latina in question blushed at the praise.

"—and him being a virgin is a crime against sex!"

Alex's feeling of gratitude evaporated in a wave of outrage as she gaped at the blonde who was still pleading with their mutual friend. "Sammy please, I told Ranma that the next time we went out, I'd ride his wild horse for all he's worth, and I can't just let him waste away like this!"

Sam sat back, running over the possibilities of Clover's information. While not averse to the idea that a mistake had been made somewhere and Ranma was innocent of any wrongdoing, the redhead was also considering the possibility that her friend had been brainwashed by an evil genius. Before she could put the second theory under a microscope, Sam heard Alex whisper, "Waste away?" in a low voice.

Looking away from Clover, Sam's eyes widened in surprise at the furious expression on Alex's face as she muttered darkly, "Is that what you think, Clover?"


Clover's helpless sorrow at the unfairness of the universe was replaced by utter confusion as she likewise noticed Alex glaring at her like she'd slapped her friend across the face. When Alex spat, "You think being a virgin means Ranma is wasting away!?" the blonde grimaced as she realized that's exactly what she inadvertently did by decrying Ranma's chastity when her friend was similarly inexperienced.

Sam winced and looked at Clover disapprovingly, thinking that the boy-crazy blonde should've realized that bad-mouthing someone's virginity in front of a maiden wasn't the smartest move. Granted, the shock of what she'd heard also made her forget that Alex hadn't had sex yet, but the point stood as Clover sat up and said apologetically, "Alex, sweetie, I didn't mean it like that—"

"Then how did you mean it?" Alex demanded while the glare she'd been giving Clover increased in intensity to the point of withering. "Cause it sounds to me that you feel sorry for Ranma and want to sleep with him as an act of mercy! Is that what I should do?! Spread my legs for some guy who feels sorry for me because 'I can't be any good if I'm a virgin'!"

"Whoa, Alex, Clover wasn't saying—"

"I didn't mean it like that! I—"

"Just because I haven't found the right guy yet doesn't mean I'm committing 'a crime against sex' by not screwing any boy I see!" Alex spat as she stood up, grabbing her purse off of the seat next to her before muttering, "I'm going home." And stomping off into the crowd.

Sam and Clover took a few moments to register the shock of their friend's departure, then grabbed their belongings and sprinted off after the Alex before she disappeared.


Ranma-chan grumbled, having been walking along when a freak puddle and a careless bus driver had come from out of nowhere to douse her while she'd been heading to the local mall. Never having had the chance to go shopping like back home, Ranma had been looking forward to the experience of being in a crowd and not expecting an attack from any quarter.

(Maybe it's better that I'm a girl for this) she thought to herself, even as she wrung out her silk shirt with a grumble. (Shopping at the mall is supposed to be a girly thing to do, isn't it?)

As she approached the main doors, a pretty girl with brown skin and dark hair stormed out, scowling darkly. Maybe it was the short haircut or the furious expression, but something about her triggered a familiar impulse in Ranma-chan's mind and put her instincts on high alert. As she debated whether or not she could be the cause of the girl's anger, a very familiar voice call out, "Alex, wait!"

When Clover came into view, Ranma-chan's carefully honed Neriman survival skills kicked in, as any woman in a 6 block radius who he knew, or was known by a woman he knew and was that angry was probably pissed at him for some reason. With a half-second to glance around, the redhead dove into one of the decorative bushes lining the sidewalk before the blonde he'd gotten biblical with the night before noticed her. It wasn't until Clover and a pretty redhead with long hair caught up to 'Alex' that Ranma-chan blinked and groaned in disgust, realizing that nobody in America knew about his curse and thus there was no reason for her to hide herself. Well, maybe she could nonchalantly step out of the bush and not draw too much attention…

"Alex, I'm sorry, okay? I wasn't trying to insult you!"

"Well, you did! How would Ranma feel if he knew what you said, Clover?!"

Ranma-chan froze solid as her lover from last night replied, "Alex, everything I said just now, I told Ranma last night! I wasn't insulting him—"

"Really? He didn't mind having 'fingercuffs' cry cause he didn't want to sleep with you?!"

The unnamed redhead chastised the brunette with a harsh cry of, "Alex! That's too far!" and Ranma-chan held position, though she narrowed her eyes at the sight of Clover looking absolutely heartbroken at the darker-skinned girl's cruel words and had to restrain the urge to leap out of concealment and defend his/her girlfriend.


Seeing the pain on Clover's face, Alex looked away ashamedly and said apologetically, "Sorry, Clover…It just hurt, you know?"

"Alex," Clover stepped up to her friend and laid a hand on Alex's shoulder. "I didn't mean to say being a virgin is a bad thing. It's just, totally unbelievable, you know?"

"You got that right." Sam offered dryly "Cause there's no way in hell a guy can make a girl squirt the first time he dines at the Y."

A rustle from a nearby bush went unnoticed by the trio as Alex blushed a deep crimson and Clover frowned and nodded to Sam. "That we can agree on, and it's the big reason why I think Ranma needs to know how a real woman should've been treating him instead of getting blue-balled by some crazy, selfish bitch."


Ranma-chan pulled herself up from her facefault as she realized her new girlfriend was apparently a huge gossip. Briefly questioning whether or not that was worse than a number of more familiar and far more threatening faults, the other redhead and Alex stared at Clover as the former asked, "What are you talking about, Clover?"

"I figured it out last night," the blonde stated confidently. "When I was showing Ranma my math homework."

The pigtailed girl's eye twitched, an expression matched by the other redhead less than 10 feet away while the brunette who'd been in a towering temper a moment ago blinked quizzically. "Your homework?"

"Boy plus girl equals 69, Alex."

While innocent enough to not catch the first reference right off the bat, the girl named Alex understood what that meant and her cheeks took on a tomato like pallor. Ranma-chan felt a twinge of something at the cute girl's reaction, but trained her ears on her girlfriend as Clover continued.

"He was terrified that Kodachi girl would find out about us," Ranma-chan took a half-second to wonder how Clover knew Kodachi's real name, until she recalled the numerous pauses and hesitations the night before and cursed herself for not coming up with a better fake name for the psychotic gymnast. "And the poor guy had no confidence in what he was doing even while he was making me soak my sheets. He told me that he never dated Kodachi, but with all the details he gave me and how he made me squeal, I'll bet the psycho is an ex-girlfriend who made him dive in her briar-patch and said he sucked so she could take advantage of him and not return the favor!"

Ranma-chan shuddered, unwilling to consider the implication of her and Kodachi doing…what she and Clover had done last night. The sudden image of Kodachi letting out her signature laugh at the moment of release simultaneously sent shards of raw fear lancing through Ranma-chan's body and the urge to giggle wildly. Suppressing the latter, while indulging in another full-body quake over the former, she heard the other redhead say, "If you're right, that makes it more likely he was making those stories up."

Clover narrowed her eyes at her friend and denied the allegation with a curt, "Sammy, no man is clever enough to make up something like that, and there's no way a guy like Ranma gets that paranoid without having a Grade-A crazy bitch coming after him."

While running through a brief mental checklist of the women she knew who fit that description, Ranma-chan blinked at the unexpected ping of recognition. (Sammy? Why do I know that name?)

An image leapt to her mind, of Clover lying across her sheets and coated in a light sheen of sweat, grinning lustfully in post-orgasmic bliss. Ranma-changed flushed crimson and felt her nethers grow warm as she remembered Clover's comment about being helped out with 'dry spells'(Masaka! That's who Clover-chan was talking about!?) Giving the redhead a critical look while trying to banish the images of the same girl tonguing Clover to orgasm from her mind, Ranma-chan mused with a frown, (Huh…If she keeps calling me a liar, I don't know if I'll like her that much…)



Samantha's exasperated tone earned her a glare as Clover declared, "You'll see, Sammy! Ranma's not a bad guy, and the moment you realize that," The blonde pumped her fist and assumed a determined pose. "I am putting him through a fuck-a-thon that will go down in legend!"

The redhead rolled her eyes and groaned in frustration while Alex looked around and prayed nobody she knew would hear her friend talking so openly about sex. Getting over her sudden case of Sailor-Moon-itis, Clover grinned at her friends' and said, "So, until then, let's keep an eye out for any transfer students from Japan coming in on a gymnastics scholarship."

"It would be a little on-the-nose if she did that, Clover." Sam replied dryly. "And I'm not going to stop keeping an eye on Ranma, if for no other reason than to make sure you don't get in over your head!"

Clover looked like she was going to say something, but thought better of it and simply sighed. "Fine, but I promise, Ranma is a sweetheart and wouldn't hurt a fly."

"I hope so, for your sake."

"Please be careful, Clover."

The blonde gave her besties a grateful smile for their concern. "I'll be fine, you two. Oh, speaking of careful!" Clover turned to Alex and gave her a meaningful wink. "You need me to run interference for you tomorrow, like usual?"

Alex's cheeks went from mocha to stoplight in an instant and she whirled around in a panic. "Clover, not so loud!"

"You're being louder than she is, Alex." Sam told the brunette with an understanding and sympathetic grin. "And you shouldn't be embarrassed. Lots of girls do it—"

"Sammy!" Alex covered her burning cheeks with her hands as she moaned, "Please don't say anymore! And besides, I haven't done that in weeks!"

Clover and Sam shared incredulous looks before the leader of the trio covered her disbelief by offering an impressed, "Really? Weeks?" while Clover made no secret that she wasn't taking the brunette at her word with an eye roll and a shake of her head.

"Well…the last 2 weeks, anyway…"


Ranma-chan wondered what the hell the three girls could be talking about as Alex covered her face with both hands and moaned in embarrassment while Clover laughed loudly and Sam gave the rosy-cheeked Latina a reassuring one-armed hug. "Well, it's a start isn't it?".

"Don't worry, Alex." Clover threw in as she recovered from her giggles. "If you need some help, just call us and we'll be there cover for you. You going to the soccer field at school?"


"Alright then!" Clover chirped happily "Now, let's get back to shopping! I saw the 'cutest' little nightie at Victoria's Secret."

As Clover walked away, whistling the same jaunty tune she'd hummed when his/her member had been getting up close and personal with the blonde's vocal chords, Ranma-chan waited until the three girls were out of sight before stepping out of her hiding place. Some people gave her off looks, with several staring for a half-second longer at whatever choice pieces of anatomy caught their eye, but most lost interest as she swept stray bits of twigs and leaves out of her hair. Equal parts uncaring and unmindful of the attention she was receiving, Ranma-chan crossed her arms and thought on what she had heard.

(That Sammy girl is worried about Clover-chan? Because of me? I didn't do anything to her! Why would she think that I'd-) the image of Clover's outraged expression last night and her disgusted tone while laying out the very incorrect theory flashed across the frowning redhead's mind. (The way Clover acted…has she been with guys who were dangerous, or treated her the way she thinks Kodachi treated me? Is that why Sammy is worried about her?)

Opening her eyes, the boy-girl's finely honed desire to defend the helpless coupled with her new affection for the friendly blonde and she nodded once before saying quietly, "Don't worry, Clover-chan. I show her how wrong she is."


Ranma had been waiting for this moment all day, biding his time and ready to strike out at an obstacle to his new life, determined to see that the future was nothing like his past.

It'd been frustrating, nail-biting, and above all else; completely against his finely-honed Neriman survival instincts. But he had to take the risk…or else he'd lose everything he had.


The blood pounded in her ears as she ran.

Her sweat-soaked body being chilled by the air while her muscles burned.

Only the near silent taps of rapid footfalls on grass could be heard.

Then came the lunge, a hard strike, and a cry of triumph.

Alex cheered, "YES!" as the soccer ball sailed into the goal, the curve of the ball's flight was almost picturesque as it was framed dead center between the goal posts before hitting the net. Panting happily, the Latina ruffled her soccer shirt a few times and went to get another ball, deciding to try that kick again to make sure she got it right.

The soccer field next to Beverly Hills high school was deserted on Sunday afternoon, much like the school itself, because what escaped convict would willingly return to their jail cell? But there are those who see something of value in a place willingly left behind by so many others, which is why Alexandra Vasquez was happily practicing on campus. Though, that was far from the only reason for her after-school attendance…

(You know, I think today will be fine.) Alex sighed contentedly as she enjoyed the cool breeze across her skin. (I mean, it hasn't really been two weeks since last time, but 5 days isn't that much less, so why shouldn't I indulge a little?)

Dropping the ball she'd been carrying onto the ground, the brunette smiled in a rather feral way as she backed up and got ready to brutalize the innocent piece of sporting equipment as she reassured herself. (I mean, it's not like there's anyone around to see me, is there?)


Alex stopped sharply, eyes wide at the sudden voice from behind her. She slowly turned on her heel and found the source of the voice; a Japanese girl with bright red hair and wearing loose, chinese-styled outfit standing behind her and smiling brightly. Alex had only a moment to recognize this as one of the Nerima Wrecking Crew she was supposed to be keeping away from Ranma Saotome when the redhead chirped in a friendly tone, "Whatcha doing?"

Taking everything into consideration, with her previous reassurances of privacy being dashed and by no less than a possibly dangerous supervillain, Alex's brain summarized the current situation in two simple words.



Ranma-chan felt like cackling maniacally, though she simply allowed himself a small half-smile while the girl she'd spied on yesterday blinked quizzically at him/her.

(God, I'm so smart sometimes, I scare myself!) the redhead's internal ego-stroking completely distracted her from the slight twitch and very brief flash of white across the dark-skinned girl's face. (Introducing 'Rachel Sato' to that Sammy chick wouldn't get me anywhere, but this Alex should be fine with having 'girl-talk' with 'Ron's' kawaii sister! All I gotta do is get her on my side and that redhead will stop bad-mouthing me!)


Alex's hesitant greeting brought Ranma-chan brought out of her ego trip to see that the sporty girl looked uncomfortable as she replied hesitantly, "I'm…playing soccer?"

A familiar pang came to Ranma, simultaneously warming her chest and making her heart clench painfully as she regarded the cute Latina. Brushing the feeling away quickly, she giggled, "I can see you're playing soccer! I was just curious why you were out here on a Sunday?"

Alex broke out into a cold sweat and had to fight back the urge to panic at the redhead's question. Blushing bright crimson, she prayed that this girl hadn't asked her one of those questions where you already knew the answer and carefully answered, "I…like to play…by myself sometimes and it's quiet here?"

To anyone else, the 'Why the fuck you lyin'?' signal would be visible from space, but Ranma-chan saw the obvious embarrassment on the Latina's face and offered a cheerful, "Hey, don't worry, I won't tell anyone what you're doin' out here!"

(Shit! She does know!) Alex stared wide-eyed at the dangerous criminal who'd confronted her, and wondered what the diabolical fiend could be planning as she asked, "Y-you won't?"

"Course not! It's a little weird—"

The Latina flinched.

"-but there's nothin' wrong with it!"

Alex looked at the chipper girl and felt a spark of hope as she said hesitantly, "You…you think so?"

"Sure! Back home, I had this nice spot right on the roof of my house—"

Alex's jaw dropped and she blurted, "The roof!?" her mind twisting down several rarely tread passageways that made her cheeks burn brighter.

"Yeah." Ranma-chan eye'd Alex curiously, wondering where the new wave of embarrassment had come from. "Why's that surprisin'?"

"But…aren't you afraid of…" Alex pressed the tips of her fingers together and squeaked "you know…being seen?"

"Ugh, you have no idea!" Ranma-chan rolled her eyes, genuine frustration coming through as she declared "But back home things were a lot different than they are here! Otherwise I'd have had a million places I could go to when I needed some me time!"

"I…I uh…" Alex wrestled with the idea of asking what was apparently a pro for some tips on secret places to relieve stress, when the redhead's strange phrasing caught her attention and she repeated curiously, "Some me time?"

"Yeah…" Ranma-chan sighed wistfully. "Not like here, where I can get some peace and quiet anywhere I feel like-Hey!" the redhead looked startled as Alex suddenly collapsed "What happened? Did you trip?"

"S-something like that…" Alex murmured as she picked herself up from her facefault, the red in her cheeks fading slowly as she realized that the possible villainess had been talking about something far different than Alex had assumed. Straightening out her shirt (and trying not to think about what she'd accidentally been discussing with a perfect stranger and possibly a bad guy…girl), Alex returned her attention to the worried redhead and asked, "But…who are you?"

"Oh!" Ranma-chan shook herself out of her accidental distraction and slipped her acting shoes back on as she smiled and reached out to take Alex's hand. "My name's Rachel Sato! Nice to meet'cha!"

"Ah, nice to meet you too?" Alex replied hesitantly as she returned the girl's enthusiastic handshake. Then the name sunk in and Alex blinked as she said, "Wait, Sato?" While focusing more attention on the redhead. (Why would she pick the same fake name as Ranma!? Does she know him?)

"Yeah?" Ranma cocked her head curiously. "What, there something wrong with my name?"

"No no, there's nothing wrong!" Alex chuckled nervously and scratched the back of her head, praying she hadn't irritated someone responsible for millions of dollars (or yen) in property damage as she replied, "I just think I've heard the name before, so I was kinda confused!"

"Oh, you must be thinking about my brother!"

Alex stopped and blinked for a moment. "What?"

"My brother, Ron." Ranko replied chipperly with a wide smile. "He goes to this school, while I go to a different one nearby. Are you in a class with him?"

"Uh…yeah." Alex affirmed hesitantly while taking a harder look at the redhead and noticing she shared a couple of physical features with Ranma. As she wondered why would Britney say they were like brother and sister and not that Ranma and this girl were related, she offered, "Actually, Ron is dating a friend of mine."

"I know, Ron's done nothing but gush about his date since yesterday." Ranma-chan rolled her eyes, and not noticing the crimson hue or the twitch in Alex's eye at the word gush. "It's gotten so annoying, I had to get away from him for awhile."

Being rather familiar with wanting to put some distance between lovestruck friends, Alex giggled agreeably, "I know how you feel, Clover's been the same way."

Ranma-chan blinked, feeling her cheeks redden at the girl's adorable laugh and thought, (Damn, why is she so cute? And she's athletic too-) Another shake of her head banished those thoughts and the redhead chastised herself. (Come on, Saotome, remember why you're here! You're with Clover and you had enough problems dealing with a harem you never wanted! Remember the plan and stick to it!)

"That's good to hear." Ranma-chan gave an overly theatrical relieved sigh. "I was kinda worried that Nii-chan's new girlfriend might cause him a bit of trouble."

Alex started at that and narrowed her eyes, feeling her heat rise in a completely different way than when she was practicing as she asked, "What's that supposed to mean?"

A wave of ice rolled down Ranma-chan's spine, catching the unmistakable tone of an angry female and waved her hands placatingly while attempting damage control. "Ah-I mean, I'm not saying she's bad for him or anything! It's just the things Ron told me she said about having a few boyfriends—"

"And what's wrong with having a few boyfriends?" Alex shot back, well aware of her hypocrisy for having insulted Clover similarly yesterday, but there's a big difference between a spat between friends and some stranger coming along and bad-mouthing a bestie.

(Crap, I thought that would work!) Ranma-chan gave a panicked gulp and went into tongue-wagging free-fire mode. "I didn't mean it like that! It's just that she's Ranma's first real girlfriend and she's so much more experienced—"

Alex's eye twitched.

"—and she's got that nickname—"

A low growl escaped the Latina's lips.

"—so I want to make sure he's not in danger!"

While Alex was ready to tear into the redhead, since her blood pressure was already spiking from her workout, she managed to rein back the impulse to vehemently decry Rachel's words and instead asked, "What do you mean, 'danger'?" in a low voice while she thought darkly, (If I hear the words V.D. I'm going to jam my foot so far up her-)

"You know, from Clover's boyfriends!"

Alex blinked, her temperature lowering slightly as that registered. "Boyfriends?"

"Y-yeah." Ranma-chan visibly relaxed as the dark-skinned girl backed off from a temper tantrum that brought an unwelcome sense of familiarity to the Neriman refugee. "If…she's had a few boyfriends, then there might be some who…aren't very nice, you know? I don't want Ron being hurt by some jealous jerk, you know?"

(That's…actually legit) Alex thought to herself, recalling the secondhand account of 'Ron's' supposed experiences with jealous love interests. Pulling away from her outrage with a little difficulty, Alex straightened up and said "Well, I can tell you that Clover's rep isn't as bad as it seems. And she doesn't date anyone who won't take no for an answer."

(Wow, what is food like on this planet?) Ranma-chan thought with a not insignificant amount of bitter envy. (But if that's true, then why was that Sammy girl so worried about Ro-I mean, me?)

"Are you sure?" Ranma-chan bit her lip nervously for dramatic effect as she pleaded, "I'm really worried about him, you know?"

"Positive." Alex said with a note of finality, though a part of her had to admit there might be one or two troublemakers, but would have to double-check with Clover first. All that should have been a moot point though, as she pointed out, "But isn't your brother a martial artist? Can't he defend himself?"

"Anata wa odoroka reru koto to omoimasu…"

Alex's ears quirked up as Rachel muttered under her breath, her interest piqued by redhead's sarcastic comment. "What would surprise me?"

Ranma-chan jerked and stared at the Latina. "What'd you say?"

"You just said 'you'd be surprised'." Alex explained, crossing her arms and eyeing the redhead suspiciously. "What would surprise me? Can Ron defend himself or not?"

Ranma-chan's jaw dropped, only to internally thunk herself as she realized her slip up. (Dammit! Clover-chan said one of her friends spoke Japanese! Chikusho, I need to think of something before she stops trusting me…)

"He can." the redhead said hesitantly. "It's just…things are different here, you know? He doesn't want to cause any trouble."

"Little late for that." Alex remarked with a small grin. "Cause after calling Mandy fish-lips, he's gonna be in plenty of trouble, just not from a jealous ex-boyfriend."

"Ah, he can handle her." Ranma-chan waved dismissively. "Just as long as she doesn't start wearing a leotard everywhere and laughing like a lunatic."

Alex snorted and giggled again, and Ranma-chan soon joined in, the two girls laughter echoing a little as their shared disdain for deluded snobs. Soon enough, their merriment died down and the two smiled at one another, each feeling something akin to kindred spirits before Alex looked back at the ball and was reminded of her reason for being here. With a slight blush and an apologetic grimace, she said, "It was nice meeting you Rachel, but, ahh…"

"Oh." Ranma-chan followed the girl's gaze, feeling more disappointed than she expected as she replied, "Oh, yeah…I'll…let you get back to practicing…"

The forlorn tone in the redhead's voice struck something in Alex, and despite the insistent prodding to take care of business sooner rather than later, she turned back to Rachel and said, "Actually, do you want to play too?"

Ranma-chan's eyes widened in surprise, and a slow smile grew on her face. "Really? You don't mind?"

"Sure." Alex smiled widely, thinking that delayed gratification would be worth making nice with someone who seemed like an honestly good person. "We're friends now, right? So why not?"

Ranma-chan's grin halted and she stared at Alex uncomprehendingly as she repeated, "Friends?" In a soft voice.

Surprised and a little uncomfortable from the sudden attention, Alex scratched the back of her head nervously and said "Umm, yeah? I mean, if you want to be…"

While Alex was wondering if she'd sprouted a second head when no one was looking, Ranma's brain was making connections at a pace he never had before, outside of martial arts. The cute mannerisms, short hair, athleticism and slight temper coupled with her question to bring a wave of memories from the depths of Ranma's mind.

"…do you wanna be friends?"

"…who'd want to marry a pervert like you?!"

"I didn't ask for your help!"

"You're such a jerk!"

"Idiot! Jerk! Pervert!"

"I hate you!"

(She's like…Akane…) Ranma-chan blinked as the wires aligned and she found herself regarding the Latina in a different way. (She's not a martial artist and she gave me a chance to explain myself, but she's a lot like Akane…before everything went to hell…) The memories of the nearly long forgotten good moments early on in he and Akane's relationship were washed away by the far more recent and consistent arguments, assumptions and violence. Looking at Alex, Ranma felt a surge of something that made her throat tight and her vision blur as she quickly took a detour off of memory lane and back into the real world.

Alex was starting to feel worried at the unexpected staring contest and wondered if the redhead was having some kind of fit when a glimmer in Rachel's eyes caught her attention. The pigtailed girl winced and wiped her eyes on her sleeve, too late for the super-spy not to notice that her companion had almost started crying as Rachel choked out, "I…I'd like that…" Turning back, Alex's heart ached in sympathy as the redhead gave her a soft, hopeful smile and said, "I'd like to be your friend…Alex."

(Oh…I didn't even think about that…) Alex thought to herself, thinking on her knowledge of Japan and familial martial arts schools. (Ranma was dragged all over hell and back by his father for training, and it only makes sense that Rachel got dragged along too. She probably never had the chance to make a friend before now…poor girl.)

"I'd like that too, Rachel." Alex returned the redheads warm smile, then thumbed over her shoulder and chirped, "Shall we?"

Ranma-chan immediately hit the Latina point-blank with a million-watt smile as she replied, "Let's!" and walked towards the piece of sporting equipment whose stay of execution had just been revoked.

As the two got ready to play, spy and target shared the same thought, promising to themselves this new friendship would be cherished and protected, no matter what.


Dominique grimaced in disgust, grumbling to herself as she made her way to Beverly Hills High School with a camcorder in hand, mood fouled for the same reason she was walking towards the hated institution and the subject of her mutterings.

"Stupid Mandy, ordering me out here on a Sunday…who does she think she is?" The girl with short cut, dark hair grumbled as the main building came in sight, recalling how bitchy her friend had been when she'd called yesterday, telling her to track down the usual target of her wrath, Alex. Apparently the girl had been seen on campus every now and then after school, and Mandy was sure the goodie-goodie was up to no good and wanted evidence.

Normally, Dominique would've blown off the attempt to dig up some dirt on the sickening sweetheart/bane of Mandy's existence, but the teen queen had been all but howling for heads to roll yesterday, saying she wanted to get back at 'Fingercuffs' for getting her banned from one of her favorite restaurants. That alone made Dominique more enthused at the idea of ditching the job, but when she'd gotten a phone call an hour ago and had to endure Mandy's nasally screech of why she wasn't going out to spy on Alex, Dominique decided to indulge the spoiled brat and save her eardrums some misery.

When a flash of movement caught her eye, Dominique turned and smiled as she caught sight of her quarry, running across a soccer field with a redheaded girl. Making her way slowly towards a surefire hiding spot, the sneaky girl couldn't help but whistle approvingly as the stranger popped the ball into the air, and performed some kind of twisting gymnastic backflip kick that fired the soccer ball more than half-way across the field and into the goal.

(Damn, that's impressive.) she thought while listening to Alex's amazed shouting and the girls proud laughter. As she made her way to her hidey-hole, Dominique smirked meanly. (I wonder…does this mean Alex is a rug-muncher? Well, even if it's not that, there's probably something going on here…)


Ranma-chan leaned back against the bleachers, breathing heavily while Alex sat on the row behind her, bent over with a wet towel on the back of her neck. The redhead wasn't nearly to her limit, having played a friendly game of soccer rather than engaged in a life or death struggle, while the brunette was wondering if her new friend was really human. "Wow…you're really good…"

"Hehheh, thanks." Ranma-chan replied happily to Alex's amazed, breathless compliment. "You're good too."

"I can't believe some of the tricks you pulled off out there." Alex panted jealously. "Is that from your training?"

"My what?"

"You know, training with your dad and brother?"

Ranma-chan's eyes popped and she turned to stare at Alex. "H-how did you know?!"

"I figured it out." Alex smiled at her friend as she got her racing heart back under control and tried to ignore the fact that the 'subtle prodding' for her to take care of business was flagrantly pushing her to get away from the redhead as soon as possible. "Ron said he spent most of his life living off the land with his dad, learning martial arts, so I figured you were brought along with. Plus, you weren't kicking like a soccer player."


Ranma-chan's blush made Alex laugh lightly. "Hey, it's alright! With moves like yours, any team would love to have you!" Smiling to herself, Alex added thoughtfully, "I'm almost tempted to look up your dad and ask if I can learn from him—"

Rachel's face immediately paled and she shouted, "NO!" catching Alex by surprise as she scrambled next to the Latina and grabbed her hands before begging with fearful eyes, "Please Alex, never go looking for my dad! I'll teach you anything you want, just don't go to my pops!"


(Jackpot.) Dominique smiled smugly, having waited under the very same bleachers Alex and Rachel were sitting on and cheering her intelligence for picking the precise spot the two girls were resting on after their practice. Now, listening to her primary target gasp, "Rachel?! What's wrong!?" their unseen observer double-checked the battery on her camcorder and made sure it was recording before settling in to grab some juicy material.

"Alex, I'm begging you as a friend, don't go looking for my old man! Me and Ron came here to get away from him and all the crap he's piled on us since the day I-we were born! If he found out where I am, we'd have to leave!"

The panic and naked fear in the redhead's voice brought a wicked smile to Dominique's lips as Alex said in a quiet, shocked voice, "Rachel…what happened to you?" Then Alex's tone changed to something darker and angrier. "Wait, was your brother telling the truth about those sadistic training methods your dad put you two through!? Like, 'throwing beehives at you to make you better at dodging ranged attacks' thing!?"

Dominique's jaw dropped and she had only a moment to wonder if she'd heard correctly when the redhead proclaimed, "Alex, that was tame compared to dad's real training! Ron didn't tell Clover about the really bad stuff cause it'd be too unbelievable! But that's not why you can't tell pops where I am!"

"If that's not enough reason to keep him away from you, then what is!?"

Mandy's lackey mirrored the Latina's question in her mind, simultaneously drooling and horrified in anticipation of the answer.

Only to almost drop her camera as she facefaulted from the redhead's panicked response, "Because he's a lazy, cowardly, selfish, idiot!"


Alex picked herself up and looked up into Rachel's worried expression, trying not to look as annoyed as she felt while asking, "Rachel, I think your priorities are a little skewed…"

"They're not!" The redhead shook her head vehemently, then turned to look over each shoulder before swallowing and asking nervously, "Alex, if I tell you a secret, will you swear on our friendship that you will never tell a soul?"

Eyes widening, Alex sat up as she remembered that her companion for the last hour was the sibling of a supposed ne'er do well, and more importantly how her job was to find out as much as possible about the leader of a possible terrorist group. Without any hesitation, Alex nodded. "Absolutely!"

"Even Clover?!"

Alex frowned, struggling to come up with a reason to wiggle around that stipulation without outright lying to the redhead's face. Thankfully, a solution wasn't too difficult to figure out as she said, "Rachel, if Clover's dating your brother, she needs to know this too. Is Ron going to tell her at some point?"

Ranma-chan was taken aback by this, not even considering the effects of Clover looking up more on her new beau and inadvertently bringing the 4 fiancé's of the apocalypse down on their heads. With a pained grimace, she nodded and answered hesitantly, "Then…you can tell her. But no one else! Promise me!"

"I promise!" Alex agreed again, then leaned forward and asked eagerly, "What is it?"


It was a moment before the redhead responded hesitantly, with a soft "My name isn't Rachel…"

Dominique triple-checked her battery, too excited and unwilling to risk losing out on such an opportunity while Alex said quizzically, "It's not?"

"No…my name is Ranko, and my brothers name is Ranma. He told Clover it was a nickname on their date Friday before that kappa-onna Mandy threw her spaghetti on him."

Dominique's eye twitched, recalling the ranting of her spoiled friend and how she'd been thrown out the restaurant for 'no damn reason' while Alex replied jovially, "Alright then, nice to meet you, Ranko."

A dry chuckle came to the redhead. "Nice to meet you too, Alex. The thing is, pops is the laziest, good-for-nothing, self-centered moron you'll ever meet, and me and Ranma couldn't take being forced to do what he said anymore…so we came here…"

Silence followed for a moment, before Alex quietly whispered "Ranko…are you and Ranma ronin!?" and Dominique cocked her eyebrow quizzically at the unfamiliar term.

"I don't know. We might be, depending on whether he's figured out we aren't coming back, but being disowned is better than staying in the mess he made of our life and being associated with our 'family school'." Dominique could almost taste the disgust in the redhead's voice "Pop's always told us to be responsible and bring honor to the school, but it's a little hard to do that when it was founded by him, and all the secret techniques he created are based on dirty tactics, running away and sucker-punches!"

The snobby spy blinked several times at that, her own limited understanding of whatever a 'secret technique' was making her think, (that…doesn't sound right) while Alex gasped, "You're kidding me!"


"I can't make up something like this." Ranma-chan unwittingly called back to her girlfriend's statement on the legitimacy of Ranma's stories about Kodachi. Her mouth twisted in a grimace like she tasted something bitter, the redhead spat, "One technique is called 'Grasping Hawks Talons', and it goes like this." Alex blushed brightly as the girl reached up and grabbed her own ample bosom, giving her breasts a squeeze for emphasis. "Cause if you get into a fight with a girl and grab her tits, she'll freeze up and it'll give you time to figure out your next move."


Ranma-chan nodded as the hispanic girl's face purpled in outrage "Yeah, at least that one doesn't involve pointing over an enemy's shoulder and saying 'What's that?' then smacking them when they turn around. Or getting on hands and knees and groveling for mercy."

"How the heck could he think that's martial arts!?" Alex yelled, completely flabbergasted by the most immature and pathetic fighting style she'd ever heard of. "Any kid on a playground would think of something like that, and only another kid would fall for it!"

"Which is why pop's put it in, cause real martial artists won't expect a grown man to pull something so childish in a real fight." the redhead rolled her eyes "Well, that and he's a lazy idiot who went with what he knows, rather than do the work in coming up with something unique and original, even though he's good enough that he actually could do that if he tried!" Ranko muttered disgustedly "But no. His whole purpose is to train Ranma and me to be the best martial artists ever, so he can retire and sponge off of us for the rest of his life."

"And how does he expect you to do that?" Alex asked incredulously "If you try those moves in a tournament, you'll be disqualified immediately."

"He doesn't want us to compete in tournaments. He wants us to get married."


Dominique turned faintly green, her stomach churning down some decidedly nasty passageways when Alex's question of, "M-married!? To who?!" brought the teen queen up short and she fought the urge to groan at her assumption that any parent, no matter how stupid, would try to make his children wed each other.

The redhead hesitated for a few moments, making the unseen snitch narrow her eyes and stare at where she could see the two unknowing subjects of the film she was shooting through the thin slats of the seats. When Ranko spoke again, it was in a soft, sad voice. "Pops trained under a 'master martial artist'," The camcorder caught a flicker of movement from the redhead making fingerquotes. "With a guy who had three daughters. They were friends and they made a deal one day, that Ranma would marry one of the girls and 'unite their schools'."


"Ranma's engaged?!"

Ranma-chan caught the appall in Alex's voice and her eyes narrowed. "Hey, it's not like that, okay?! Pops didn't tell me-us about it until a year ago, minutes before we even met his old buddy Soun and his family!"

Alex blanched. "A year ago?! That just makes it worse!"

"How does that make it worse?!" Ranma-chan asked defensively, "He and Akane never met until then and never agreed to the engagement! Where do you get off?!"

Alex blinked at the sudden vehemence in the redhead and swore she could feel a warm wind blow up from somewhere nearby. Getting the sense that they were having two separate conversations, Alex brushed aside her sudden urge to snap back at the girl and asked, "Ranko, what are you talking about?"

Ranma-chan blinked quizzically at the question and Alex's confused expression "Uh…weren't you listening? I was talking about Ranma's engagement—"

Alex bit back a retort at the accidental dig on her attention span. "Yeah, and I think it's awful that your dad put Ranma in an arranged marriage when he's still in highschool. What did you think I was talking about?"

Ranma-chan blinked, blushed, and lowered her head. Pressing the tips of her fingers together, she murmured, "I thought…you were gonna call Ranma a womanizer…for being with Clover when he has a fiancé…"

Understanding clicked and Alex pursed her lips disapprovingly "Ranko, you shouldn't assume something and blow up like that. I mean, unless he's still engaged to her—"

The redhead flinched visibly, bringing Alex up short and making her stare at the bustier girl with wide-eyes. "Ranko…"

"It doesn't matter." Ranka-chan said quietly as memories of Akane, both good and bad, stripped away a few layers of emotional control "She hates him, and if the engagement hasn't been broken off by now, it's only because pops and her dad are being stubborn; just like they did when they pushed her and Ranma to get married and 'Give them an heir' as soon as possible.

"Give them an heir?" Alex blinked a few times at that, though it didn't take long for her to make the connection and she blurted "Th-they wanted Ranma to get her pregnant!?"


"Yeah. Or at least, pops did. Her dad wanted them married first…maybe, but pops wouldn't have cared which happened first, because then he could force Ranma into 'making an honest woman out of her' because honor demanded it."

Dominique felt a brief but potent flash of gratitude for living in America, where arranged marriages weren't a thing, and an even stronger desire to call up her father and say 'thank you for not having some guy make me the newest star of 16 and pregnant'. Listening to the redheads story, the rich girl felt a brief twinge of sympathy, but it was soon buried under the relief that she hadn't had to go through such an experience while Alex said incredulously, "Honor demanded it? I don't think a guy who makes a martial art based on cheap shots has any room to talk about honor."

"Well, he did talk about it, all the time." Ranko muttered angrily "Except it was always how Ranma needed to 'take responsibility' for something that was the old man's fault in the first place, like when the other fiancé's started showing up."

"Other fiancé's!?"

"Yeah, cause when we were too little to remember, pops would end up starving out in the wilderness until he stumbled across some guy who was also raising his child to be a martial artist, except this guy would be smart enough to pack a decent amount of supplies instead of being cheap and relying on his 'awesome survival skills' to live off the land." A dry, humorless chuckle echoed through the metal slats of the bleachers. "Stupid panda would trade the only thing he had with him that was worth anything; Ranma's hand in marriage, and the dowry would be whatever food the guy could spare."

Silence met that statement, and Dominique shared Alex's utterly mindblown mental state as the Latina whispered, "He sold your brother…for food?"

"Yeah. For all of 5 minutes, cause when he was done eating the dowry, pops grabbed me and-US and ran like hell."

The sound of the snooping elitist's fall was covered up by the sound of Alex hitting the bleachers with a clang and shouting, "He did WHAT?!"


"Yeah." Ranma-chan nodded as her friend picked herself up from her facefault. "And you'd think that would've negated pops promise to his buddy, except he said he never intended to fulfill those contracts and they were 'necessary to survive'." The redhead grumbled, "Stupid old man…only reason he wanted to keep the promise with Soun is 'cause the reward was more than 'some fried fish, a bowl of rice and two pickles'."

Shaking her head as she sat up, Alex thought, (I don't want to know…but I have to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.) before looking at Ranko and asking, "What was the dowry with that engagement?"

"It wasn't a dowry, it was the dojo. If Ranma and Akane got married, he'd inherit her family's dojo." Ranma-chan scowled as she remembered all the times pops had pushed her/him to 'protect the dojo', when the fat bastard couldn't be asked to fight for his nest egg. "Once Ranma became a teacher with some students, the lazy panda could retire and spend the rest of his life sponging off of us."

"Now I understand why you left…" Alex murmured understandingly. While the brunette thought there was a chance the girl who was suspected of being some kind of terrorist was making it all up, the disgust, resignation, frustration, and above all else; the fear when she thought Alex was going to go looking for her father was all real. Now firmly in Clover's camp regarding the semi-famous villains' undeserved reputation, Alex nodded and said determinedly, "Ranko, I promise, I won't go looking for your father, or do anything that could lead him here."

Seeing the Hispanic girls sincerity, Ranma-chan choked up a little and smiled gratefully. "A-arigatou, Alex." before quickly wiping away a tear. "I'm glad I told you."

"Hey," Alex reached out and gave her friend's shoulder a reassuring squeeze. "What are friends for?"

Ranma-chan twitched at that, and stared at the Latina for a moment before she lowered her head and started sniffling. Alex watched the redhead's shoulders shake with concern and a little pity when she heard a soft whisper of, "A-Akane said that…"


"Akane…that's my-Ranma's fiancé…when we first met, she asked if we could be friends…but then…she walked in on me-Ranma while he was taking a bath, and they saw each other naked…" The redhead raised her head again, and Alex's heart ached in sympathy for the poor girl with tears streaming down her cheeks as she croaked, "She called him a pervert, and all we ever did after that was fight, cause we wanted the two idiots to back off and realize pushing me and-her and Ranma together was a stupid idea. But they never did, and…"

Ranko shook her head, her eyes screwed shut as she started to bawl, "I-I thought she might've been so mean for the same reason I was! That she just wanted a chance to know me without those bastards pushing us! But there's only so long you can hear someone scream 'I hate you' until you realize they really mean ii-hii-hii-hiiit!"

Alex's reaction was immediate as she swept the sobbing redhead into a tight hug, ignoring her internal clock saying she'd wasted enough time as she comforted her friend.


Dominique scrambled for a good angle to capture what could be, with the sound off, construed as an intimate moment between two girls. While a part of her felt like she should feel bad for taking a moment of consolation and turning it into a reputation-destroying piece of footage, her main thought was, (As long as I come back with something, Mandy will get off my ass). The one bit that did make her seriously consider turning the camera off and telling Mandy that there was nothing going on was the thought of the redheaded runaway and her studly brother being forced to go back home and marry an unholy shrew. (I'll tell Mandy it might not be the best idea to put the video on online…but if she does, c'est la vie.)

"Arigatou, Alex-chan." Ranko sniffled as she finished crying.

The brunette returned the girls moonspeak with a soft, "Iie iie. Do you feel better now?"

"Much," Dominique, having found a good angle to catch both girls faces, watched as they broke apart and Ranko smiled happily at the Latina. "I hope we can be really good friends."

"I think we will." Alex's sappy affirmation made the snoop resist the urge to retch as she added, "I'll see you later than, okay? I gotta clean up here."

"Alright then." Ranko replied as she stepped down to the ground, only pausing to give the brunette a worried look. "Do…you think Clover will understand?"

Dominique snorted and thought to herself, (Sheesh, you'd almost think she was dating fingercuffs instead of her brother.) While Alex replied, "Ranko, trust me, Clover is crazy about Ranma and she'll keep everything a secret."

"Alright then. Ja ne!"

And with that last happy call, the redhead ran out of sight. Just when Dominique was about to turn the camera off, she heard Alex mutter, "Finally." to herself, which caught the self-centered snob's attention. A brief glance confirmed that the brunette was sighing with relief struck Dominique as odd, though her eyes bugged as the Latina mused aloud, "How am I gonna tell Sammy about this?" and Mandy's lackey sneered wickedly to see that miss 'goodie-two-shoes' was already planning to gossip about the new transfer student and her brother to someone who was not on the need-to-know list.

Then came the cherry on top as Alex closed her eyes and gave an almost indecent moan of, "Oh, I'll figure it out later…I gotta go hit the showers!" Before standing up and walking towards school.

Dominique followed behind, wondering why her target was heading for school when it was closed on Sunday's, as Alex approached the outside door to the girls lockerroom. Ducking back for a moment when the brunette looked around, Dominique noticed the door was propped open. This brought the ding of a cash register to her mind as Alex stepped inside, leaving the little stone she'd been using for a doorstop in place while Dominique thought (jackpot!) as she followed behind.


Ranma sighed with relief as the hot water streamed through his unbound hair, the feeling of the dried sweat and dirt from his workout with Alex being washed away was almost sinful as he enjoyed the shower.

He hadn't expected his encounter with Alex to go the way it had, and felt a little embarrassed for crying like he did, but he was in girl form at the time so it's not like it was him crying, because real men don't cry.

That thought gave him pause as he recalled the crux of his conversation with Alex, and how his old man's teachings had emphasized the Art and manliness above all else to the detriment of anything that didn't involve beating the crap out of someone. More to the point, how Ranma's manliness was for no other reason than to save the stupid panda's fat ass, and all of it was to bring honor to the Anything Goes School of martial arts.

(Funny thing, that.) the currently-not pigtailed boy mused darkly, (When I'm the one to bring the school honor, he didn't have any problem making sure there was a lot of honor that I had to make up for…kinda like making a pig of yourself when someone else is footing the bill.)

Shaking his head, Ranma ducked back under the shower head and sighed contentedly. (Ah well, not like he can do anything about it here. My lucks never been better since I came to Beverly Hills.) With a wide smile, he added, (Hell, some dumb janitor even left the door propped open to the boys locker room so I didn't have to run all the way home in sweaty clothes! Things are definitely looking up!)


Alex approached the locker room showers, shivering as she padded barefoot to the stalls. While slightly chilled from being naked save for a towel slung over her shoulders, the heat within her more than made up for the dip in external temperature and Alex moaned softly in expectation of what was to come, her nipples hardening and her womanhood warming as she neared her ultimate goal.

It had been a hell of a thing, puberty. While full of the normal trials and issues young women dealt with, Alex had gone through the change to adulthood with an unusually great enjoyment for sports and physical activity. While not so strange, the depth of the girls love for athleticism extended much deeper than most people realized, as a switch had been flipped in Alex's brain sometime after she'd realized that one of the 3 holes between her legs could be used for more than just pushing out baby's.

Not to put too fine a point on it; to Alexandra Vasquez, exercise was a huge turn-on.

She'd gone over the reasoning many times, wondering why the pounding heart, straining muscles and heavy breathing that came from athletic activity made her so damn horny that there were days she couldn't make it home in time to flick her bean in privacy. The idea of being caught while secretly diddling herself in the locker room showers or the girls bathrooms around school terrified her much more than it could have aroused her, but even the fear of being caught couldn't stop her once the urges hit. It hadn't even stopped her when she finally was discovered one day, and by Clover no less, who was understandably surprised to see the 'sweet and naive' Alex pumping two fingers in and out of her sex while moaning wantonly.

It'd been embarrassing to explain why she'd been doing what she had, but Clover had been very understanding and even solidified her position as someone Alex could trust with her life when she'd come up with a solution to her problem. With a little help from Samantha to borrow some spy equipment, (W.O.O.H.P. command only trusting the redhead to use any sort of sensitive tech when not on mission) a copy of Beverly Hills High School's master key was made, and Alex had free-run to wander onto campus at all hours of the day or night and engage in judgement free self-love whenever she needed.

Of course, Clover and Sam helped out in other ways too, such as providing alibis for their friend when she needed private time after long soccer matches or track meets. But it was nice to know she could really let loose with no one around sometimes.

No sooner had that thought entered her mind than Alex heard the sound of running water, and realized she wasn't actually alone in school. The very brief flash of fear was insignificant compared to the outraged of denied lustful release as Alex snarled, (Are you kidding me!? No one's supposed to be here! I spent all that extra time talking to Ranko, and now I have to wait-)

The thought of Ranma's sister gave the Latina pause, and she wondered if the girl in question was her unknown locker room companion. Going over the massive amount of trust the redhead had put into her, Alex took a breath to steady herself and thought, (if it comes down to it, I'll trust her with my secret and ask her to give me some 'me time' for a while.) as she approached the in-use stall.


Dominique giggled wickedly, savoring the opportunity to see what miss sweet and innocent was really doing after school while keeping the camera focused on Alex's back and ass, and jealously considering how much more toned the hispanic girls backside was when compared to her own.

It'd felt a little weird, and she'd almost been caught a few times while trailing the athlete, but it was proving to be a rather bountiful harvest of blackmail material when Alex had stripped down and Dominique's little electronic eye recorded that the brown-skinned girl had been playing the whole time sans underwear. While by itself rather risqué, the Alex's indecent sigh of relief when she was finally naked and the slight rub of her fingers against her groin sent shivers of a decidedly darker and less than lustful delight through the observer, thinking about how easy it would be to take that soundbite and apply it to the earlier embrace between Alex and Rachel/Ranko.

Then they entered the showers proper, with Dominique halting a ways away from Alex who'd stopped suddenly. As though registering the presence of someone else for the first time, the zoom and sensitive microphone caught part of Alex's expression, which had twisted into a semi-feral snarl and a quiet curse of, "God fucking damnit, really!?" The spy grinned at that, hearing that the too-nice girl had a sewer mouth would come in very handy, along with everything else she was recording. After a few deep breaths, Alex calmed down, though was clearly upset as she moved onward.

Now, following behind her target, Dominique bit back a curse as Alex stopped again and prepared to jump to the side, fearing she'd been found out. When Alex didn't turn around however, the snob's curiosity gnawed at her and she maneuvered into a new position so she could see who the 3rd invitee to the private party was.

When the occupant of the stall came into view, Dominique gave a quiet gasp, flushed beet-red, and kept her camera focused while quickly checking to make sure she had a spare battery and enough memory to record what would be put in a private folder for herself once she got back home. Confirmation that she had everything she needed, the wicked teen drooled as she made sure she got a really good look at 'Ron Sato', who had his back turned to her and Alex and was obliviously washing his hair, with no idea his almost obscenely fit body was being ogled by two very appreciative ladies.

Making a note of how cut the transfer students biceps were, Dominique wondered for a moment if this was some kind of secret rendezvous, and her main subject had been waiting for the redhead to leave so she could shag her brother in the shower. The thought turned her on more than she cared to admit, and one hand idly squeezed her breast while she kept the camera steady and waited to see what Alex would do next.


(Clover…you lucky bitch…) Alex whimpered to herself, watching Ranma Saotome run his fingers through his unbound hair and resisting the urge to take over for him, as her follow-up to combing his dark locks would be to grab something thicker and not letting go until he gave her what she wanted. While Alex was a virgin, and wanted her first time to be with someone who loved her, she was still a woman with desires and needs. Coming off of a soccer game that had gotten her blood pumping more than she'd expected and had left her aching to get off, and now confronted by a very fine slab of beefcake caused a hormonal surge that jumped up and smacked her right between the eyes, and the romantically inclined spy's desire to wait for Mr. Right became a need for Mr Right-Here-Right-Goddamn-Now.

Thoughts of what the maybe-yes probably-no supervillain was doing in the girls locker room were far from her mind, as she was mostly concerned with the fact that Ranma was her new friend's brother and Clover's latest beau. She wasn't sure how long she stood there watching him, searing every piece of anatomy in sight to memory and feeling a slight dampness running down her inner thigh, when he looked over towards a small bar of soap sitting on a nearby bench. The poor design choice of the architect of Beverly Hills High School revealed the girl's presence as he caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of his eye, his head snapping towards her and his jaw dropping as he gaped at her almost nude body. Before Alex could cover herself, or even decide if she wanted to cover herself or not, Ranma reacted with all the grace and dignity one would expect from a master of the martial arts.


Dominique had to bite her fist to stifle the laughter threatening to burst out of her as 'Ron Sato'/AKA Ranma let out a yelp like startled dog, slipped on the wet floor of the shower and landed on his ass with a hard smack. The boy grunted in pain and hissed as he rubbed his posterior, but all the snob cared about was that the impressive slab of manhood also had an impressive manhood, and she bit her lip as her nethers grew damp at the sight of the Sato family jewels.

Too busy deciding whether she wanted her protein injection taken orally, vaginally or rectally, the snooping girl was caught off guard when Ranma remembered that he had a witness and looked up to confirm that Alex was still there. Confirmation achieved, he yelled, "Shimatta!" and covered his eyes with both hands. "Sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't see anything! I swear! I just saw the door was open and I thought I was the only one here!"

While that pretty much confirmed that this wasn't some kind of on-campus hanky-panky between the secretly exhibitionist sweetheart and her best friend's boytoy, Dominique smiled as Alex flagrantly stared at Ranma's package, with the camera's zoom picking up the Latina's deepening blush and very obvious swallow before saying softly, "Konnichiwa Ron Sato…nice to…meet you in person."

The snobby spy bit back a delighted giggle as Alex actually licked her lips while staring at Sato's meat and two veg, as the man they belonged to returned hesitantly, "Ano…Konnichiwa…Alex, right?"

"That's right. I'm a friend of Clover's and your sister." Alex swallowed again, her eyes glazing slightly as she did and Dominique could practically see the fantasy going through the 'naive' girl's mind of gargling Ranma's man milk. "And…it's okay, Ron. I left the door open, so it's more my fault than anything else….but you really shouldn't have…come in the girls locker room anyway."

Resisting the urge to snort at the slight hesitation Alex had put on 'come in', Dominique focused on Ranma and how he'd seemingly frozen solid. Before she could wonder why he wasn't trying to get away or make himself decent, the camera girl facepalmed as the boy whispered, "Girls locker room?!" in absolute horror.


"Yes. This is the girl's locker room." Alex's voice came out almost robotic, even to her own ears as she struggled with the urge to scream, 'SOUPS ON!' and inhale Ranma's salami. "Did you really not notice?"

"N-no!" Ranma shook his head, still covering his eyes while not attempting to maintain his own modesty. At this point however, he realized he was flashing his girlfriend's best friend and 'eep'ed in a decidedly unmanly fashion before taking half of his blindfold and using it to cover his shame as he added, "I don't go to gym very often and I didn't check which door was which before coming in!"

Alex flushed a little at his verbage, though a part of her mind pulled itself out of the tar pit of lust long enough to ask why he would skip out on gym class. This question brought more thoughts out of the primal quagmire and a moment of clarity gave Alex enough mental freedom to say, "Okay…I believe you."

"…..y-you do?"

The confusion in his voice would've made Alex laugh, were it not for the information she'd been given earlier on his past and she repeated, "I do. I talked to your sister, Rachel…or rather, Ranko. You don't go to gym because you don't want people to see how athletic you are, don't you?"

There was silence for a moment, then Ranma slowly stood up, being very careful to keep his eyes and privates covered (the latter of those two actions made Alex suppress moan in disappointment) before saying "Hai, so desu." Almost as an afterthought, the dark-haired boy whispered fearfully, "You're…not going to tell anyone I was here, are you?"

Seeing that Clover hadn't been exaggerating about the definition of Ranma's pecs and abs, Alex wrapped her arms across her stomach and hunched slightly at a sudden spasm that sent a spark of tingling fire running through her body. Her toes curling as she mewled low in her throat, Alex gasped out, "No! No, I won't tell anyone." until the quakes got under control and she added, "I promise…I won't tell anyone, Ranma."

Ranma felt a brief flash of curiosity among the fading terror and welcome relief that his reputation wouldn't be sunk as much as it had back in Nerima, and he asked "Ah…Alex? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine…I'm completely fine."

Her voice now much steadier, Ranma believed her and decided it was time for discretion to become the better part of valor as he took a half-step out of the stall, saying "Well, I'm all clean, so I should probably get going—"


Ranma froze, panic returning at the girls vehement denial and he nervously asked "Uh…what?"


Dominique focused the camera on Alex, the desperation on the Latina's face as obvious as her arousal as she stuttered, "You-you aren't clean yet!" clearly grasping for whatever straws were in reach as she went on, "You were going to get that soap over there, right? So you haven't used it yet, and you're not clean! And if you stay, I'll get it for you—"

The camera girl's face split into a wide, delighted grin while Alex and Ranma's faces mirrored each other in mutual shock at her slip of the tongue. Dominique bit back a laugh at Ranma's high-pitched, "Nani!?" while Alex looked between boy and soap a few times, bit her lip and said tremulously, "I…want you to stay."

Ranma digested that for a moment, before hesitantly asking, "W-why?"

(Yes, do tell!) Dominique smirked maliciously, waiting for the Latina to say something nice and juicy.

"I…I thought I would be the only person here too, but I didn't really think about what would happen if somebody else came in." Alex gulped and Dominique bit back a groan at the lustful girls pathetic attempt at acting afraid as she whispered, "I'm…kinda scared what would've happened if you…if another guy was in here besides you and I was all alone. If I get your soap for you, can you stay, please?"

(Oh, please.) The voyeur thought disgustedly (Does she think he's an idiot or something? There's no way he doesn't know she wants to fuck the hell out of him.)

Then she caught a subtle bit of movement, and Dominique noticed that Ranma's posture had changed. More straight backed, with what she could see of his face giving an impression of determination as he said, "Alright, Alex. If it makes you feel better, I'll stay."

(The new boy is some kinda white-knight?) Dominique thought that over for a minute, then shook her head. (No way. He's probably just waiting for his moment to sneak a peek or something)

"Thank you, Ranma." the nude girl sighed with relief, though the reason for it was obviously not because of any feeling of security as she looked at the boy's cleaning product and slowly walked over. Dominique crowed her choice of angle, as she got a full frontal view of Alex approaching the bench, with only a towel over her shoulders covering her breasts while her shaved mons was on full display. Already thinking about what kind of nasty websites she could upload these pics too, Dominique listened to the light slap of bare feet on tiled floor and cocked her eyebrow in disbelief as Ranma's head turned only slightly at the sound, but his hand remained firmly affixed over his eyes so his new assistant could retain her modesty.

Then Alex reached the bench and leaned forward, only to stop and her face glowed like a traffic light before sending a look over her shoulder, having only now realized that she was about to bend over in front of a boy and had his eyes not been covered, given him a look at her full moon. Dominique's jaw dropped and a corner of her mouth twisted upwards in wicked delight as Alex slowly withdrew her towel from her shoulders, exposing her bare breasts to the camera while dropping the towel to the floor, before she slowly slid her legs apart and bent over. The snobby gossip wanted to cackle wildly as the 'sweet and innocent' Alex bent over farther than necessary and assumed a pose straight out of a porno flick, but all she could do was massage her breast and pray she kept the camera steady as the raunchiness of the scene turned her on more than she could've anticipated. When the hispanic girl looked over her shoulder again, Dominique waited for the call to mount up with bated breath, but her expectations were dashed by what Alex did next.

Seeing Ranma set the girl off, her eyes screwing shut and hands flashing out to grip the bench she was leaning over with white knuckles, her toes curling against the tile floor and body shaking as Alex fought to remain standing. Even as Dominique wondered, (No way…is she cumming!?) with wide-eyed disbelief, Alex's gritted teeth and labored breathing answered the voyeur's question. When a faint glimmer prompted Dominique to zoom in out of curiosity, she bit back a moan at the almost imperceptible streams running down Alex's inner thighs, captured perfectly by the camera along with an otherwise inaudible whisper of, "Ohh…oh my Gaaawwwd!" as the Latina rolled through was was apparently a monster orgasm just from exposing herself to a guy who wasn't even looking at her.

When Ranma called, "Alex? Are you okay?", that seemed to shake her out of non-coital release and she breathed, "Yeah…yeah, Ranma, I'm okay." while panting for air.

(I'd say she's more than okay!) Dominique mused while running her hand down to unzip her pants as Alex looked at the bar of soap with half-lidded, post-orgasmic eyes and picked it up. The camera girl slid her hand across her mound as the Latina turned around and walked towards the oblivious boy on slightly wobbly legs and thought (Damn, this girl is such a perv!)


Ranma wondered what Alex had been doing as he heard her walk back to him, feeling himself grow red in embarrassment and arousal as he sensed her standing next to him, just outside the stall before she said softly "Here you go."

He gulped and said "Thanks." And reached for the bar, only to stop as he realized he was using the hand covering his manhood. Blushing furiously, he closed his eyes while quickly hiding his semi-hard member once more and held out his former blindfold for his soap. There was the barest contact against his fingers but before he could grasp it, the slick block was pulled away from him and his face twisted in confusion for a second. Before he could ask Alex what she was doing, he found himself slightly chilled as the stream of hot water from the showerhead mysteriously disappeared, and the sound of the spray changed significantly. It still sounded like water was spattering against skin, but he wasn't being hit by it, so…

His eyes popped open and immediately took in the sight of Alexandra Vasquez standing right in front of him, bar of soap in hand and looking at him the same half-lidded, lustful way Clover had last night. In a half-second, his eyes bounced from her feet to her face and confirmed that she was naked as the day she was born before he covered his eyes again and shouted, "Alex?! What are you doing!?"

Alex breathed heavily, a part of herself asking that same question, though the rest of her was more focused on watching the droplets of water clinging to the well-defined muscles of the boy she was sharing a very intimate setting with. The powerful orgasm she'd had moments earlier dimmed her fires and granted a bit of lucidity, though it wasn't enough for her as the presence of a man so close at hand had pushed Alex's needle into the red-zone, and she wasn't running out of gas anytime soon. "I needed to take a shower too." She spoke in a semi-calm tone that almost covered up the throaty moan of arousal as she saw his shaft swell, since his hand wasn't big enough to completely protect his modesty. "And…I wanted to ask you for a favor."

"Favor?" Ranma asked nervously while cursing himself to make his hard-on go away. "What kind of favor?"

The Saotome spear having reached full strength, Alex almost came again just watching it bob with Ranma's pulse, then looked towards his covered eyes. "I…I have a secret. Kind of like yours…your sister told me about it a little while ago, and…"

Alex's hand shook, her mind screaming to know what the hell she was thinking as she brought the bar of soap up and pressed it to Ranma's chest. He tensed up at her touch, making his body all the more desirable to her and setting off a barely suppressed moan before she whispered, "Just…listen to me, while I clean you off. When you're done, you can leave…but I'd like your help with something…"

Ranma fought the urge to groan at the sensation of Alex's fingers scraping across his skin while she slowly rubbed the bar along his pecs, trying not to think about how close she was to him and how she'd been looking at him before he'd shut his eyes again. "A-Alex…you don't have to do that—"

"Yes, I do, Ranma." Alex swallowed as she prepared to admit to something that her best friends had only discovered by accident. "Because…you made me cum."


Dominique bit her lip, slipping a finger between her sodden folds as she watched Alex teasingly rubdown Ranma's body. The fact that her mouth was somewhat occupied managed to keep her from being discovered, as she'd almost laughed when Ranma's reaction to Alex's frank admission of release was to freeze solid and then blurt, "I did what!?"

"You…well, not on purpose, but you made me cum just now." Alex went on, keeping her voice calm and level even though Dominique could seen the dark-haired girl's knees shaking as she explained in a low, throaty moan, "When I got your soap, I bent over and realized that you could have…you would have seen me if your eyes were open. So…I s-spread my legs a little, and bent way o-over-ah!"

Dominique zoomed in as Alex hunched forward, eyes closed, her hand shaking where it was pressing the bar of soap against the top of Ranma's 6-pack as the Latina gasped, "I..I came! J-just being in here, with you, it's making me so hot!"

"A-Alex!" Ranma's face was beet-red under his hand, while his dick looked hard enough to hammer in a tent-peg as he swallowed and said nervously, "I'm really flattered, but I can't do this-and-that with you! I'm with Clover-!"

"KNOW!" Alex's harsh shout made Dominique's jaw drop in shock as the Latina shrieked, "I'm not asking you to fuck me! I just want you to, cause I'm so fucking HOT and I-I c-c-can't…"

Alex's voice devolved into what sounded like almost pained whimpers as the soap was dropped to the floor with a dull thunk, her eyes closing and lips twisting in a grimace as she shuddered and whispered, "I'm cumming! Oh my God, I'm cumming! R-Ranma, hold me! Please, hold me!"

Ranma complied almost immediately, opening his eyes and reaching out to catch Alex as her legs gave way. Dominique wiped away a bit of drool as the orgasming Latina was pulled against Ranma's chest, her full-body tremors making her shake in his arms while gasping and moaning, and the snob wondered just how much she could get for this video on one of those voyeur porn sites.


Ranma took stock of his situation. He was buck-naked, hard as a rock, holding onto a girl who was apparently going through a mind-numbing orgasm and wondering how in the hell that Beverly Hills had managed to top Nerima for sticking him in outlandish situations. The bemused thought of, (Well, at least there's no one else around to see this) made him smile, even as he looked down into Alex's slightly parted lips and resisted the sudden urge to kiss them while she rested her cheek on his shoulder. Feeling the smooth skin of her back under his palm, Ranma made very very certain he wasn't holding anywhere that could be construed as hentai or ecchi, not that it seemed to matter for the girl trembling in his arms.

"Ah…ah…ah God…" Alex panted as her eyes slowly opened, seeing Ranma's warm, grey blue irises looking into hers. Feeling her body pressed against his gave her the sensation of a 'slow burn', as her imagination was all too eager to fill in the erotic puzzle pieces inside her head, while the reality let her savor the feeling of his skin. "Ranma…Gomen nasai." She said softly in a tone that was far too satisfied and happy to be regretful. "I just…I couldn't help it."

"Th,that's alright, Alex." Ranma smiled in an embarrassed fashion and tried keep his eyes firmly away from her breasts as he chuckled. "It's kinda flatterin', honestly. I didn't think I could turn a girl on so much that she'd…you know, just from looking at me."

Alex's cheek rubbed against his chest as she lazily shook her head. "It wasn't cause of that, Ranma. You're really hot, but if I wasn't so horny from playing soccer, there's no way I would have cum just from looking at you."

His ego having been rudely deflated, something about the absolute confidence in the girl's tone offended Ranma, but he was too distracted by the reason why she'd been able to accomplish what she'd implied to be an impossible task and he blinked at her quizzically. "Eh? You were horny from playing soccer?"

"Yeah. That's my secret, Ranma." Alex gave the confused boy a wide, lazy grin. "Exercising turns me on. Basketball, soccer, running track. I don't know why, but I get so wet playing sports that I need to find someplace quiet to take care of myself afterwards."

"Wow…Alex, that's—"

"I know," Alex looked away from him, her cute expression marred by an embarrassed frown. "It's weird, but I just can't stop it…"

A part of Ranma's mind clouded at her shame, a bubbling bit of anger that a sweet girl should be so embarrassed by something that barely registered as ecchi in his own experiences, which swelled when she met his eyes again and asked plaintively, "Please, don't tell Ranko? I don't want her to…think I'm hentai, you know?"

Alex was confused as Ranma scowled darkly at her request, and a part of her felt a little less comfortable being held in his arms, when he suddenly declared angrily, "Alex, you are not a hentai, and don't ever call yourself that again!"

She blinked at the unexpected mood switch and quizzically stammered, "W-what?"

"Hentai is a deranged lech who literally can't survive if he goes too long without grabbing a girl's chest or stealing someone's underwear." The pigtailed boy's statement made Alex's eyes widen as he spat, "Hentai is an egomaniacal jackass who attacks any guy he see's talking to a girl he claims is 'his' and then screams sorcery when he gets his butt kicked. A Hentai is an old man with a palm-tree on his head and a hair fetish who thinks every boy should be shaved bald and all girls should have bowl-cuts." Ranma looked into Alex's hazel eyes and declared solemnly "Alex…you are not hentai, and I will never call you that. I promise."

A warmth spread through Alex, separate from the hormonal rush which was building slowly again and she smiled gratefully at Ranma as she blushed and murmured, "Thank you…Ranma." wondering if his opinion would change when she asked for another favor from him.


(What the fuck is hentai?) Dominique thought to herself while taking a moment to focus on Alex and Ranma's bodies from the waist down, making it easier for later creative editing to splice in whatever filth she wanted. (Sounds to me like a bunch of pervs more than anything else.)

Hovering a few seconds on Ranma's wiry, thick arm wrapped around Alex's waist, the snob snorted. (But then again, he is from Japan and they're all perverts in some way or another…)

"Ranma?" The sound of Alex's voice brought Dominique out of her not-at-all ignorant stereotype as the Latina asked, "Who…were you just talking about?"

"Happy, martial arts master who my dad trained under; Tatchi, captain of my old school's Kendo club; and the Principal of my old school, named Kino."

"They…they're all really like that?"

"Alex-chan, I couldn't make up something that ridiculous if I tried, which is what I told Clover last night when I told her about Konachi—"

"Kodachi, Ranma." Dominique cocked an eyebrow with interest at Alex's slightly disapproving tone. "Konachi isn't even a word and I'd like to know why you didn't tell Clover that crazy gymnast's real name."

Ranma looked abashed he admitted, "I…didn't want Clover looking her up…and possibly bringing her here. It's the same reason I-Ranko asked you not to look for my dad."

"That's fair." Alex admitted after a moment of thought. "But you can't keep lying if things were really that bad." The Latina narrowed her eyes. "Were those the real names of those three perverts?"

"N…no…Happy is short for Happosai, Tatchi is Tatewaki, and I have no idea what the principal's first name is."

"Then what's his last name?" Dominique smirked as Alex gave Ranma a stern look that seemed rather out of place on a girl still reddened from afterglow and laying against a naked boy's chest. "Ranma…"

"It's…Kuno…which is Tatewaki's last name…and Kodachi's." Ranma nodded at Alex's shocked look "Yeah. Father, son, and daughter. Tells you something doesn't it?"

"Yeah, hope we never make a Kendo club or need a new Principal."

The two teens shared a laugh and Dominique rolled her eyes in consternation, resisting the urge to yell at them to get back to the juicy stuff. The snobs silent request was answered by Alex, who murmured softly "Ranma…are you still willing to help me, even though I didn't finish cleaning you?"

"Umm, yeah, Alex." Ranma's laugh turned nervous as he caught the edge of arousal in the brown-skinned girl's voice "I can help out with…what did you need, anyway?"

If there was a God, Dominique was ready to be sworn in as the new pope when Alex's quiet whisper of "Can you…masturbate with me?" Brought a surge of wicked delight to the twisted girl's loins.


Ranma's eyes widened as he took in the tableau of the beautiful girl resting against him, with his length sticking out just next to her smooth hip. "Masturbate…"

"N-not each other!" Alex shook her head quickly, trying to deny the allegation even though her rewarming body wholeheartedly approved of the idea and she stammered "I don't want to make you cheat on Clover, even though what you two did last night might not count as sex—"


"Long story." Alex admitted sheepishly. "But, I don't want to really…touch you." She looked down to where her chest was pressed against his and flushed brightly. "Umm…more than this…" Before returning her gaze to his "Because…I think it would be cheating if we did. But if I'm just touching myself, then it's definitely not cheating."

"I-I see…" Ranma looked at her chest and swallowed "But…why do you want me too…you know?"

"I…I was going to make myself feel good anyway, and if I see you…I think it will feel even better." Unconsciously, Alex slid a hand across her groin, making Ranma's eyes widen as he followed her trek and she whispered "And I want to thank you too. So, you can look at me…and I'll look at you. And we'll both feel good, okay?"


"Please, Ranma?" The brown-skinned girl whimpered as she rubbed her mons. "I'm so hot…I really want to feel good, and I need you-I want your help…"

Catching her slip of the tongue easily, Ranma met her eyes and felt that familiar twinge in his moral center, the same one that had landed him in some seriously hot water from time to time, where he couldn't simply leave a damsel in distress. Slowly, he brought a hand from around Alex's waist and reached down to grasp the shaft of his prick, his breathing growing heavier as he started to wank himself.

Alex immediately caught his acceptance and responded by slipping her fingers between the folds of her sex, moaning loudly as she finally worked to give herself some much needed relief with a soft cry of "T-thank you, Ranma!" While Ranma was able to focus on her face and body with minimal effort, Alex looked like she was watching a yo-yo competition as her head bounced back and forth between his lust-clouded eyes and his dick, until she eventually settled on staring at his member with undisguised want. Both teens unconsciously matched their movements, with Alex fingering herself in time with Ranma's strokes, feeling her heat rise as she whispered "Oh my God…" From the subtle pulse of his manhood throbbing in his grip "It's so hard."

"You…ever seen one before?" Ranma panted as she stared at his package.

Alex shook her head. "N-not in person…" She whispered while she watched the loose skin of his shaft rub the ridge of his crown. "Just a little, online…yours looks a lot like the ones I saw on there…"

Ranma's pride swelled a little at that, which ended up distracting him enough that he gasp loudly as his balls were suddenly cradled in the palm of Alex's non-frigging hand. "A-Alex!" He moaned as he froze his motions while the entranced Latina lightly squeezed his nuts.

"I just wanted to feel it…" She whispered as she registered the smoothness of the orbs contained within the wrinkled sack "For a second…it's—" Alex gave a him a squeeze as a bolt of pleasure made her hunch over and cry out "Ah! Oh fuck! Oh fucking God!" While her pistoning finger were soaked in release.

Ranma let go of his prick, more from the early warning alarm that if he didn't take his hand away from his sensitive bits, the sight and sound of the dark-haired girl orgasming while pressed up against his body would set him off. He grunted as he waited for the clenching in preparation for release to subside, chiding himself for being too quick again while Alex came down from her orgasm with soft moans. She finished, the Latina met his eyes and whispered "I came again…"

"I noticed."

Ranma's slightly frustrated panting brought a confused look from Alex "Ranma? What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Ranma grunted "I'm just really close and had to stop for a second."

"You're close?" Alex started looking towards his dick "But, why would you sto—" and she froze at the sight of snow sitting at the peak of mount Saotome. A tiny droplet of white fluid had appeared at the head of his dick, quivering slightly as his erection bobbed with his pulse and it took Alex a few seconds to realize she was looking at his pre-cum. The blood pounded in her ears as she finished her question in an awestruck whisper, "Why…would you stop?"

"Cause I didn't want to be too fast." Ranma grumbled "Last night with Clover, she said she didn't want me to hold back, but it was more like I couldn't." His breathing steadied as he got his hormones back under control "Kinda glad we didn't have sex or she'd have been disappointed…supposed to be a manly-man, not a minute-man."

An idea struck Alex.

One that only occurred due to the overriding desire to screw the living daylights out of the boy in front of her and gained any sort of headway for the exact same reason, as her more rational mind would have shouted down the idea immediately for numerous logical inconsistencies and moral fallacies.

All those arguments were locked in a car trunk and pushed off a cliff as she gave Ranma a wide-eyed awestruck smile and declared, "Ranma, I got an idea!"

He blinked at the change in expression from the Latina and replied hesitantly, "Ano…what's that?"

"Listen, you're a virgin and I'm a virgin too, right?" Ranma nodded and Alex went on eagerly, "You're worried about pleasing Clover and I'm kinda worried that I won't be good at sex either, but we can't cheat together, right?"


"Well, I think I know how we can get some experience, so we won't be as surprised the first time we do it and it won't be cheating!"

"Really?!" Caught up in the dark-haired girls excitement, Ranma found himself smiling and eager to hear her proposal. "What is it?"


"You need to put your dick in me!"

Dominique couldn't decide if she should groan in disgust, cackle madly, or moan in pleasure at Alex's sincere, giddy request. Ranma looked like he'd almost fallen in shock before saying incredulously, "Alex, that is cheating!"

"Not if you only do it once!"

The snobby voyeur's jaw dropped at that and she shook her head with a wicked grin while the apparent runaway from some bastardized cross between a school and a lunatic asylum stared at the girl he was sharing a shower with and blurted, "Nani?!"

"If you put your dick in me and then move, that would be cheating, because you're using me instead of your hand to make yourself cum! But if you put it in me once and hold still, then you're just finding out how it feels to be inside a girl! Then when you pull out, you'll know what to expect when you and Clover have sex and you didn't cheat by using me to make yourself cum! Everybody wins!"

Noting the wide-eye'd mania in Alex's eyes, Dominique was reminded of the stereotypical mad scientist screaming 'eureka' and thought to herself, (Jeez, who'd have known being horny could make someone freaking crazy? There's no way this guy will fall for that-)

The snob stopped as Ranma looked thoughtful for a moment, eyes narrowed as he was clearly running over the logic in his own mind. Which was clearly in a similar state of insanity as Alex as he said hesitantly, "Just one time?"

"Yes!" Alex cheered giddily. "Then you can pull out and use your hand to finish up while I do the same! It's win-win!" The brown-skinned girl shivered a little and gave him a smile that screamed 'I'm-so-fucking-turned-on' as she added, "And…it would really help me, cause then the next time I practice and need to 'help myself', I can just remember how you felt and be done quicker, so I won't be caught and people think I'm a pervert!"

(Too late for that.) Dominique snarked. Though the camera sees all and the Mandy's lacky couldn't believe her eyes as Ranma got a determined look on his face and nodded. "Alright, Alex. I'll help you."

"O.M.G." Dominique breathed as Alex hugged Ranma tightly and elatedly thanked him. "White knight dumbass for the win!"


Her thanks given, Alex gave Ranma a winning, grateful smile before pulling away from him and looking around, her mind spinning as she tried to figure out how they could experience a near-sexual act together. (On the floor would be gross, no matter who's on bottom.) the terminally horny Latina thought quickly. (And we can't do it out of the shower or there'll be a mess when we're done and finish ourselves off.)

After dismissing the more complex and unsatisfactory solutions to the problem of how to almost make the beast with two-backs, the simplest solution clicked in Alex's mind and she chirped, "I got it!" Before spinning around and bending forward, bracing her hands on the wall opposite of Ranma and spreading her legs. When she looked over her shoulder, Alex realized she was in almost the exact same situation she had been earlier, only this time Ranma wasn't attempting to let her keep her modesty and instead stared at her womanhood with wide-eye's and flushed cheeks. A tingling shock raced through the Latina's legs, making her toes curl against the tile and she wondered if she could really trust him to pull out, or if she cared if he didn't.

Ranma tried to live the honorable life.


Most of the time…give or take one or two instances of petty theft, dirty tricks, and other behaviors that come with the territory of being raised by a certain fat, lazy panda.

The bottom line is that Ranma's moral code could have a bit of flexibility to it, though certainly not enough to maliciously cheat on a significant other. Alex's idea for how they could diminish their mutual performance anxiety, without him betraying his girlfriend's trust, seemed to find every weak point in his moral fiber, which bent further and further until it had formed a perfect loophole that made Ranma agreed with the Latina's otherwise ludicrous plan.

Then she'd spun around and he'd watched the muscles in the brown girl's athletic backside move as she took a step away from him, thinking how he hated to see her go, but could watch her leave all day long before getting a view of her full moon that would stick with him forever. His jaw dropped as she bent lower and lower, until her hands were flat on the wall, with the still running shower spraying across her back as she assumed a pose that just begged for her to be mounted. Then Alex looked over her shoulder, met his eyes and then gave a soft cry he was becoming all too familiar with as her ass, thighs and sex tightened under his gaze, making Ranma wonder if it was possible for a guy to have an orgasm without touching himself, and if not, would he be the first.

Shaking slightly, Alex smiled weakly, blushing as she said "S-sorry." Then gave him a worried look and added "Umm…Just once, right? You promise?"

Ranma nodded once, saying "H-hai, Alex." as he stepped up behind her. The pigtailed teen found himself entranced by the water streaming off her body, down her smooth rounded cheeks and over her mouthwateringly moist peach which was making her legs even wetter. The sight of his manhood poised and level with her sex made him very glad he wasn't touching his dick at the moment or he would've inadvertently soaked her entrance with a different fluid. Then Alex's fingers came into view from underneath her groin and Ranma held his breath as they curled up and spread her nether lips, giving him one of the 2 most amazing visions of his life, easily tied with the memory of Clover's womanhood being opened before his eyes only a few days ago. Barely touching his cock as he maneuvered it into position, Ranma hesitated just before her open gate and whispered "How…*glup*…far?"

"A-all the way?" Alex answered with a voice choked on raw desire, "Please?"

Nodding once, Ranma braced himself and moved forward, bracing himself as he slowly prepared to experience heaven for the first time.

Alex held still, nervous energy making her fingers scratch against the linoleum as she prepared to be hypothetically deflowered. (It…I know it's going to feel good.) she thought as Ranma moved closer. (B-but, it can't feel that different from my fingers, can it? It'll be d-deeper, but I'll be able to handle it-)

Then his cap slid between her lips, the smooth skin rubbing against her entrance making her clench even as he filled her, stretching her walls and making Alex's eyes widen. The heat of his engorged cock robbed her lungs of air, making her breaths come shorter and more rapidly until she felt like she was on the last leg of a track meet. The iron-like, unyielding hardness of his spear forced more and more of his manhood into her virgin sex and a part of Alex's mind sardonically asked, (What was that about being able to 'handle it'?)

When Ranma finally bottomed out, the wiry hairs of his wrinkled sack touching Alex's sensitive nub, the almost terminally in heat Latina climaxed with a force she'd yet to experience so far in her life, giving a low wail that reverberated through the locker room while her pussy spasmed wildly around the first cock it'd had the extreme pleasure of making the acquaintance of.

Ranma found himself in a similar situation, as he'd been raised to be the manliest man who ever lived and figured that he could handle the untested waters of a woman's body pretty well, especially with the very memorable experience of Clover's talented tongue and lips in his rearview mirror. (As amazing as Clover-chan was, how can Alex's…there compare to that?)

But when his crown slipped into Alex's velvet vice, Ranma realized that there was no comparison between a good blowjob and a good pussy as his legs started to shake before he'd made it half-way into the brown-skinned girl's channel. The only thing that made the churning in his balls worse than Alex's breathless cries of pleasure, was that her already tight depths were pulling on his shaft harder and more insistently than he been doing to himself earlier, making his soldiers scream for their marching orders as his body prepped for war.

He grunted and pushed on, stubbornly declaring that he was in command of his body, not her and refused to pull out for a breather before at least making it all the way inside. His fingers digging into Alex's firm cheeks, it was an impressive effort by Ranma to keep himself from going off like a bottle rocket and it was almost as much of a fight to stop himself from cheering loudly when her ass finally pressed against his waist.

That cheer came out as an "Oh Sh-!" as Alex let out a very loud moan at the same time her walls started squeezing Ranma's cock in a way that sent quakes through his loins, breaking the chain of command long enough for a few renegades sailors to form a scouting party to land on the quivering Latina's beaches.

Awash in the sensations of an amazing orgasm, Alex had enough presence of mind to feel Ranma's cock give a powerful throb in her depths. The twitch sent a strong spasm through Alex, causing a jump in pitch to her orgasmic song, though the a warm fluid coating her walls couldn't get through the barriers thrown up by her conscious mind and she simply moaned, "Ooohhhh…you're getting haarrddeerr!" While her body reacted to his warning shot by spooling up the turbine on a hormonal nuclear reactor, making Alex's fingers and toes clench tightly as she hung on for dear life.

"Alex!" Ranma shouted, frustration and lust adding a irate growl to his voice. "I-I have to pull out!" His warning ended in a grunt as another spasm from her quivering sex brought another mutiny and more of his traitorous navy jumped ship and swam into the beautiful girl whose ass jiggled as her body jerked on his rod.

Her body too busy prepping for a mindblowing orgasm that would outstrip the one when he'd first penetrated her by far, once again Alex was too far gone trying to hang on for dear life than pay attention to more slick goo becoming primer along her inner walls. "Not yet!" She gasped. "I haven't-! I haven't gotten a good feel yet!" Her entrance no longer needing doormen, Alex started rubbing her clit with her fingers and called out, "Let me feel it! Please, Ranma! I need-!"

The sudden vibration transferring through her groin made Ranma gasp and shout "Alex! I'm gonna CUM!" as a coup d'etat started and his manhood launched the boats. Against all odds, the Neriman runaway was able to prevent an all-out war as he managed to pull free of the Latina's womanhood before she'd been invaded, though he did leave behind a platoon of skirmishers as his ridge had only barely crested her nether lips when he felt a ribbon of jism fly into her silken depths. While he couldn't see that first shot that had been loosed inside the quivering Latina's pink slit, he had a front row seat to the remainder of the war as he emptied his clip all across her ass, entrance, and inner thighs, groaning in pleasure as Alex's chocolate skin was coated in his off-white jism.

Alex gasped when she heard his warning, the heat from her sex finally clueing her into the fact that Ranma had been giving her warning shots before the main offensive. The thought of his seed inside her virgin depths strained Alex's hormones to the breaking point, which then snapped when he suddenly pulled free, but not before something warm splattered rd along her inner wall near the entrance to her sex. The Latina moaned loudly as she came again, feeling his sticky cream glaze her backside and labia while waves of pleasurable tremors shook her body. The feeling of being coated in cum seemed to strengthen her orgasm, despite the lack of a hard cock inside her tender depths.

But then there was a strike that made Alex's eyes bug, as a spurt of hot jizz impacted her clit like a bulls-eye, and she let out a scream like a cheerleader in a slasher-movie. Losing muscle control from the surge of fire across her skin, the Latina dropped to her knees and elbows with a wet smack, her skin burning hotter than she would have believed possible without the aid of gasoline and a match.

It took Ranma a second to regain enough control over his body or awareness to realize Alex had fallen, but when he did, the effect was immediate as he dropped down, calling her name worriedly. Seeing her shaking, eyes clenched shut and teeth bared, Ranma decided on a course of action and quickly swept her into a bridal carry before exiting the stall.


Dominique panted heavily, heart racing from fear and lust with her pants and panties tangled around her knees. She'd adjusted her position to catch the 'not-cheaters' and had been fingering herself when Sato had dove into Alex's snatch. While tempted to comment harshly on the supposed stud's endurance, the snob had been too distracted by pumping her fingers between her slit and biting the bottom hem of her shirt to muffle her own sounds of release as Ranma glazed Alex's mocha ass.

That's when she'd almost been caught, as Ranma suddenly picked the collapsed Latina up and headed right for where Dominique had been hiding behind a row of lockers, forcing the voyeur to jump back and breath as softly as possible to not alert them to her presence.

Listening around the corner for any sign of pursuit, the only thing she heard was Alex's labored breathing slow to a more manageable level and her soft whimpers fade away until Ranma asked worriedly, "You okay?"

"Y…yeah…" Alex replied wearily. "What happened?"

"You collapsed. I think you're fine, but I was worried you'd hurt something for a minute."

"Hurt…is totally the opposite of how I feel right now." The Latina moaned in response. Figuring the two were suitably distracted, Dominique finagled with the screen on her camera so she could still see what was being recorded without exposing too much of herself to discovery and looked to see that Ranma was sitting on the slim wooden bench running along the center of the isle of lockers with Alex in his lap. The image would have cut a rather romantic picture, save for the streaks of off-white clinging to Alex's ass, which Dominique made sure to zoom in on with a wicked grin as the brown-skinned girl murmured happily, "You made me cum so hard."

"Yeah…" Ranma chuckled a little nervously. "Sorry, I…tried to warn you. But I kept my promise."

"You did." Alex nodded, though a small smile formed as she said, "You didn't pull out quick enough though. I can feel a little of your stuff in me."

The pig-tailed boy blushed at that, then his eyes widened and he breathed, "Masaka" Before looking at the Latina fearfully. "Alex, are you safe today?!"

Alex's response was to look at him quizzically, and too Ranma's obvious horror, she tapped her cheek thoughtfully before saying, "I'm pretty sure."

"P-PRETTY sure!?"

"Yeah, I'm not the most regular, so I think I'm fine until Tuesday or Wednesday."

(Heheh) Dominique snickered at Ranma's pale, worried expression. (Shouldn't have done the time if you didn't want to do the crime, loverboy!) the snob purred to herself as she thought about how much fun it would be if miss sweet-and-innocent was not only outed as a homewrecking perv, but got knocked up too.

"Course, I'm on the pill too, so that helps keep things stable."

Dominiques shoulders sagged and she sighed with disgust while Ranma's head drooped and he groaned, "Alex, next time START with that! You almost gave me a heart attack!"


Recalling the story from his sister on how he'd been all but forced into knocking a girl up as far as a year ago, Alex looked chagrined even as she giggled, "Sorry, Ranma."

"That's alright, Alex." Ranma replied softly as he met her eyes again. "You just got to be more careful, okay?" Ranma's eyes clouded as he remembered the reason why the girl in his arms had his male essence inside her and amended, "Or…we need to be more careful." Before looking at Alex seriously and asking, "Alex…did we…you know, cheat?"

The fog of hormones had lifted and Alex blinked, remembering what had caused her epic 'gasm, and now clear-headed enough to realize that her reasoning for getting a ride on Ranma's sausage wasn't just flimsy, it was a rope made of play-doh. Looking down towards her groin and where she could feel Ranma's seed sticking to her, inside and out, as well as his still hard member poking her butt, Alex bit her lip nervously and said, "I…don't think we did…I mean, you didn't move did you?"

"No." Ranma affirmed with a shake of his head. "In and out, one time, like I promised."

"Okay…but you didn't finish off by yourself…" Alex met his eyes with a fearful look. "Which means, I am the reason you—"

"Alex, you're not." Ranma said quickly, hoping to stave off the girl taking a trip down Guilt Lane. "I was really close when you came up with your idea and if I had waited to calm down a bit more, everything would be fine. If this counts as cheating…then it's on me, not you."

Alex's heart warmed at that, seeing the 'hardened criminal' willing to take for responsibility for something that she'd come up with when if anything was true, they both had something to do with what happened. (It takes two to tango, after all.) the Latina mused, her breathing getting heavy as the details of the dance they'd done filled her mind and made her loins burn, albeit to a very manageable level. (At least that took care of most of my heat…wait…)

Ranma returned Alex's soft smile with one of his own, thinking, (This girl is amazing…just like Clover-chan. I can see why they'd be friends now, and I'm not going to come between them.) The pigtailed boy internally chastised himself as he made the connection that in a biblical sense, he'd already come between them and missed Alex suddenly looking away from him, eyes darting back and forth as she thought about something. Then her eyes widened and she looked at Ranma with the same red-cheeked arousal that had been the prelude to their 'not-romp' and called his name.

Refocusing his attention on her, Ranma blinked to see Alex looking at him with undisguised desire again and saying softly, "Ranma, since you didn't move, you didn't cheat, right?"

"Yeah, I suppose…"

"Then, you don't mind if I ask you for a favor? So we can help each other out a little more?"

The silken arousal in Alex's voice rose Ranma's libido and he swallowed a lump in his throat even as his hard-on swelled slightly. "What…what did you have in mind?"

"Well, we both know how it feels now when…you're inside me." Both teens faces reddened as she went on, "And then you pulled out instead of…moving more, which would have been cheating…but…"

The Saotome's are not known for their prognosticative abilities and in fact the opposite would be more true than not, but Ranma's eyes widened as he briefly channeled the spirit of Nostradamus and he realized what the horny girl sitting in his lap would say moments before she leaned in close and whispered, "I'd…kinda like to know what it's like…if you don't pull out."

"A-Alex…" Ranma's pulse picked up as he looked into her hazel eyes. "You…but that would be cheating—"

"Not if you don't move." Alex's smile seemed to hypnotize him as she breathed, "Otherwise, you'd be using me…my body to make yourself cum, and not doing it yourself."

"Then…" Ranma looked down towards Alex's thighs, were he could feel his iron-hard member rubbing against the underside of her legs. "You want me to play with myself until I'm close…and just…cum in you?"

Now Alex bit her lip, nervously wondering if she was about to cross a line regarding her (hopefully) lover's morality. "A-actually…I was thinking that since you're with…that you have someone and I don't…then it'd be fine if I moved…and you didn't."

Ranma's eyes widened and he stared at the flushed, nervous Latina, who went on with a slight stammer, "I mean, if you're using me to get off, then you're cheating, right? But if I wanted to know what it's like to actually have sex instead of just finding out what it feels like to have a guy's dick inside me once, and if you're not moving, you wouldn't be using me. If I did all the work, then you'd just be helping me, right?"

"But then you'd be using me to get off." Ranma replied, his eyes narrowed slightly even as his more primal brain screamed to let her to mount him. "And that would be—"

"No." Alex said quickly, shaking her head emphatically before looking into Ranma's eyes, stunning him again with her sincerity and blazing lust. "Cause…I wouldn't be doing it for myself…I'd be doing it for you." She looked down to her groin and gave a soft whine at the feeling of his erection rubbing her skin. "I wouldn't…be trying to cum…I mean, that'll probably happen; but I want to make you to cum a lot more…so I can feel you cum in me."

While he still hesitated, his hormones were still close enough to the steering wheel to assume control of his higher brain functions, with added assistance of his martial artist's code against leaving a damsel in distress. After a moment, Ranma gave Alex a soft smile. "Do you really want more help?"

Alex's eyes lit up joyfully and she pulled herself against him, whimpering breathlessly, "Yes! Yes, Ranma! Please help me!"

Shifting his grip so his arms were wrapped around her waist, Ranma nodded gently. "Okay, Alex. I'll help you again."

Alex immediately squealed, "Thank you!" and kissed him full on the lips with a happy moan.


Clover was shopping.

And in other news, the ocean was wet, now back to Tom with the 10-day forecast.

By the by, shopping was far from the most uncommon experience the blonde-haired blue-eyed spy could be found engaging in. However, this excursion into the wilds of capitalism stood out among others for a very good reason.

"Rrrrranma." Clover purred as she eye'd herself in the full length mirror of the changing room, clad in nothing but a pair of red-lace panties and a matching see-through nightie. Striking a pose with one hand behind her head and the other on her hip, she smiled seductively and blew a kiss at the imaginary pig-tailed man she was preparing for. "Come on over, baby. Clover-chan wants to have a few words with you." She grinned and softly moaned, "Most of those being 'yes' 'god yes' and 'fuck me'."

A snort of amusement came from a nearby stall, prompting the blond to glare at the wall separating her from an unknown critic and call out, "Hey, no comments from the peanut gallery!"

"Whatever you say, hun." Came a fairly sassy response that made Clover's eye twitch as the unknown woman asked, "What kinda name is 'Ranma' anyway?"

"It's Japanese, and it means 'Wild Horse'."

Another snort came with a side of sarcasm. "Well, I hope it's appropriate for your sake!"

Grinning wickedly, Clover pulled on the third part of the ensemble, sliding one of a pair of red hose up her leg as she said "Oh believe me, it is! 7 and ½!"

Silence met that remark, only to be followed by a slightly huffy "And what's the catch?"

"So far, absolutely nothing!" Clover replied chipperly while smoothing out the creases in the thin material. "Able to go multiple rounds, total sweetheart with abs you could grate cheese on, a genius clam-diver—"

"Okay wow." The mysterious voice chuckled sardonically. "Yeah, my imaginary boyfriend is awesome too."

Another glare was fired at the innocent divider between the two rooms, before Clover smirked wickedly and delivered her coup de grace. "I don't know about that…" she said breezily as she rolled on the 2nd legging. "Even my imagination isn't good enough to picture a guy who says 'no thanks' to getting guzzled."

Clover took an entirely inappropriate amount of smug satisfaction out of the silence that met her claim, then blinked as a head poked out over the top of the dividing wall, belonging to a pretty, 20-something black woman with long dreadlocks who gaped at Clover and asked, "You makin' this up?"

The blonde smiled widely and chirped, "Couldn't if I tried!" Before smoothing out the creases on the second hose as she went on. "We had Italian, and it turned out he had no idea what red meat and noodles do to a guys flavor."

"Not too unusual, 'cept most guys don't care."

Clover nodded in agreement. "True. Ranma, though…" The blonde gave a delighted giggle. "After I told him he'd taste bad, but was still willing to swallow, he said 'You don't have to do that', because he didn't want to make me do something I wouldn't like!"

The woman's dropped jaw spoke volumes and made Clover bite back a wicked cackle when both of them were surprised by a huskier voice on the other side of Clover's booth. "You still did, didn't you?" asked what sounded like a more 'mature' woman in an amused tone.

"You kidding?" Clover laughed cheerfully, "After he said that, it would have be criminal not to!"

"Good girl," The voice of experience said approvingly. "You keep him happy, he'll keep you happy."

"Oh believe me, he does!" Clover pressed her hands to her reddened cheeks, looking off into the middle distance as she purred, "God, he is so fiiiine."

"There's gotta be some kind of catch." The black girl muttered with a shake of her head. "No way a guy like that doesn't have some kind of baggage."

Clover frowned as she remembered that Ranma did in fact have baggage by way of a psychotic gymnast while the yet unseen other woman said, "She's got a point. If he's as perfect as you say, I'd brace for the other shoe to drop."

"Oh, that shoe freaking dropped, but it didn't land on me." Clover's angry growl brought a surprised look from the dreadlocked sorority girl. "It landed on him, which is why I had to settle for oral on Friday, and it was like pulling teeth to get him to do that much!"

"Say what?!"

"He's got this crazy stalker ex back in Japan who made him go down on her and told him he sucked so she could have an excuse to not return the favor." Clover straightened out the the straps for the nightie as she muttered, "Poor guy had no confidence even though he played me like a harp, while was the first girl to give him the royal treatment. And the run-up was pretty much me convincing him that the crazy bitch wouldn't hunt me down just because we'd walked on the same side of the street, let alone…" The blonde gave the now scowling dark-skinned girl a despairing look. "How could any girl do something like that to such a sweet guy?"

"That, is not a girl." Muttered the romantic veteran on the other side of the wall. "That is a cunt who shouldn't be allowed near any guy, especially one like that."

"Damn straight." The sistah nodded in agreement before saying to Clover, "But he's yours now, and from the sound of it, I'd buy a lottery ticket 'cause you are on a hot streak." And then ducked back out of sight.

"Or some mace in case the psycho shows up."

While the sistah 'mm-hmmed' the other woman's statement, Clover checked herself over once more and thought, (Actually, the next thing I'm buying is a saddle,) with a wicked grin. (Cause I'm taking that wild horse on a ride.)


"Ahhh!" Alex cried out as she thrust down, her leg muscles burning as Ranma's pole rose inside her once more, "R-Ranma! Oh my God! Ranma, you're-!" The dark-skinned girl's legs quivered as they gave out, locking her lover's dick balls-deep inside her spasming pussy as sparks shot through her core once more and she whimpered, "You're making me cum…oh God, I'm cumming agggaaiinn…"

Ranma groaned as Alex's walls clamped down on his shaft, massaging his manhood all the way to the root in an attempt to milk him dry while her pert brown breasts heaving in front of his eyes as she gasped for air. While she'd said she didn't want to have sex with him for her own pleasure, this would be the 3rd time the Latina had squealed and soaked his groin since mounting him. Considering the circumstances though, Ranma didn't mind at all.

As Alex's little loophole necessitated her being on top and she absolutely refused to have Ranma laying on the floor of the locker room, the pigtailed teen had turned to the side to straddle the wooden bench, while Alex had done the same to him. She'd only taken a moment to brace her feet on the floor, line him up and then squat down onto his shaft while he leaned back and gripped the bench with both hands, to help him keep from moving so as not to violate the 'stipulation' to his helping her and keep from crossing the line into 'cheating'. It was a struggle for him though, resisting the urge to return Alex's favor by bucking his hips as she rode him even though the Latina's movements were more than energetic enough for the both of them.

With that in mind, Ranma had actually taken advantage of the situation and was using the opportunity to practice his restraint, clenching every muscle he could and thinking of every unsexy thought possible despite the fact that he was supposed to be getting off. But he didn't think Alex would mind too much.

However, once again, his denseness with the female sex worked against him as Alex came down from her high and looked at him with a mixture of weariness and a little bit of sadness as she whimpered, "Ranma, what's wrong?"

"Nani?" Ranma asked, likewise breathing heavily though more from his efforts to hold himself back than exertion, as the horny Latina was doing most of the work. "Alex, nothing's wrong."

"Then why haven't you cum yet?" the Latina moaned plaintively as she began to thrust again. "I want you to cum in me! Am I doing something wrong? Doesn't my pussy feel good?"

"Alex, you feel amazing!" Ranma gasped. Then in a moment of clarity, opted for the anti-Nerima option which had served him well since coming to California and was honest with her. "I've just been holding back!"

Alex's eyes widened and she stared at him, mouth agape as she whispered, "Holding back?"

"Y-yeah." Ranma admitted sheepishly, while still distracted by the clenching muscles around his prick. "Gomen, Alex…I wanted to see how well I could restrain myself, 'cause I was embarrassed by how fast I was before." looking downwards, he grunted at the sight of his shaft disappearing in Alex's womanhood while his entire groin was soaked from her repeated orgasms. "I didn't think you would mind…"

While a part of Alex wanted to eagerly kiss Ranma for his selflessness, that more rationally-minded Alex was not in command of her mental faculties at the moment. The current Alex was burned with a combination of lust and a hint of outrage as she sat down again, giving a slight gasp as her clit brushed against the sparse pubes surrounding the base of his pole, but otherwise paid no heed to the lines of fire being traced across her stomach and chest as she grabbed Ranma's face between her hands and gave him a harsh, hormone-fueled glare.

"Ranma. There's a time to be sweet, and there's a time to be a nice guy, but right now is not that time." Leaning in so her hot breath bathed his face, Alex's voice took on a low growl. "This, is primal. I don't want to make love to you. I want to fuck you. I want your hot cum in me, and I want it now."

Having found himself mid-fuck with a girl who'd gone feral in the last few seconds, and in a way that was reminding him far too much of the little furry demons who haunted his nightmares, Ranma swallowed nervously and nodded. "Hai, Alex! I'll stop holding back!"

Immediately, naked relief washed away her angry, feral look and Ranma relaxed.

Then Alex pressed her chest against his, wrapped her arms around his neck and moaned, "Good! Now, give it to me!" before jerking her hips in short, shallow strokes that made her ass clap lightly against his thighs with every bounce.

Ranma gasped as she twerked on his dick, the new sensations tearing through the flimsy restraints he'd only recently erected, making it so that even if he hadn't intended to keep his promise and continued to restrain himself, Alex's rapid pace would have smashed his resistance anyway. "A-Alex!" Ranma growled through gritted teeth, the sudden pistoning of his shaft driving his needle into the redzone. "You're too fast!"

"No, no I'm not!" Alex moaned in his ear as she switched to a sudden grinding thrust that made his dick bounce between the front and back walls of her pussy like a spring doorjam. "You said you'd cum in me! I want your cum in me! Please, Ranma! Cum in—"

Alex's eyes closed and she gasped, her body quivering for a half-second as she felt his dick throb inside her, similarly to when they were in the shower, though she was too horny to realize what that meant at the time.

But now she knew damn good and well that twitch meant. Noting absently that it seemed timed to her lover's pulse, Alex's tempo sped up, making her voice rise in response to her faster movements and the sensation warm pre-cum coating her sensitive walls. Humping his shaft almost frantically while grinding her clit against his wiry hairs, Alex shrieked, "You're there! You're cumming, Ranma! Oh God, cum in me, Ranma! Cum in my pussy! CUM IN ME!"

The sudden jerks, her squeezing sex, and her energetic desire for his release made it impossible for Ranma to do anything except give in to her demands. He threw his head back with a shout as his hips bucked off the bench, instinctively driving his cock deeper into the squealing girl as the first ropes of jism raced through his shaft. Alex eyes bugged when he suddenly thrust into her, the sensation all the more potent from from how his member swelled in preparation for launch.

But then something even more intense happened that Alex couldn't have anticipated. Because as it turns out, the length of Ranma's cock in relation to the depth of her pussy put him in the sweetest of sweet-spots. Or to put it another way; the currently not-pigtailed boy's cannon was in perfect position to blast the gateway to the horny Latina's inner courtyard with thick gobs of off-white goo.

The sudden jet of cum striking her cervix made Alex let out a scream that almost deafened Ranma as his hot cream filled her sex. As more shots impacted the entrance to her womb at point blank range, which made her pussy writhe and clamp down on his pole to eagerly milk every drop of sticky seed out of his body, trace amounts of his jism managed to escape the vacuum seal of their coupling to run down her inner-thigh. With the urge to mate fulfilled, Alex's heat was finally satisfied and her voice blended with Ranma's in a song of mutual orgasmic bliss.


Dominique's eyes rolled back and she couldn't stop a small squeal from escaping her throat as the new transfer student busted a nut inside miss 'sweet-and-innocent' Alex, (like that would mean anything tomorrow) who screamed so loud that Dominique's own sign of orgasm was easily lost in the echoes of the Latina's opera performance. The spy made only a half-hearted attempt to keep the camera steady in one hand, as her other hand was preoccupied with driving two fingers between her sopping labia, though she did make sure she got a good zoomed-in shot of Ranma's dick while he was buried to the hilt in Alex's cunt as thin streams of cum slowly flowed out of her pussy, some of which ran down and dripped off the balls they'd swam out of.

Ranma's breathing steadied slowly as he came down from his orgasmic high, his eyes opening half-way and slowly focusing on Alex's face, which Dominique couldn't see, much to her chagrin. Though she could hear the Latina's quiet, almost pained whispers of, "It's hot…oh God, Ranma your cum is hot…it's making me cum…yyour cum is making me cum…"

Whatever Ranma had seen in Alex's face, he must have liked it as he straightened up, wrapped his arms across Alex's waist and back as he gave the brown-skinned girl a kiss that made their secret snob voyeur whimper with envious need The Latina's response was to moan at the contact and rock her hips slowly, which brought a dropped jaw from Dominique as she realized that the soon-to-be ex-boyfriend of the school bicycle was still inside the girl he'd thoroughly fucked.

(N-no way!) Dominique's breath quickened as she confirmed with another close-up that yes, Ranma's dick was still hard. While there had to be some kind of shrinkage, what with busting both his nuts in less than a half-hour, he was still stiff enough that he hadn't pulled free of Alex's snatch. While a part of the unseen voyeur's mind wondered whether Alex's athleticism had made her sex tight enough to keep someone as big as Ranma inside her, even with a fresh load of spunk acting as some kind of lubricant, a larger part of Dominique's mind was focused on Ranma himself and all it could say about his performance thus far was, (Oh, my God! This guy isn't human!)

"Mmm…mm, Rnnmm?" Alex's muffled voice brought Dominique's attention back to the pair's faces, where the Latina soon broke their sudden session of tongue twister to ask, "Ranma, did you—"

"Hai, Alex." Ranma nodded, looking ashamed as he admitted, "I moved, I'm sorry. I just couldn't help it—"

"Ranma…even if you didn't move…I…I don't think we can be honest…and say this isn't cheating anymore."

(Pfft, no shit?) Dominique snorted at the Latina's regretful tone. (Seriously, who did these two think they were going to fool with that line of bullshit? Only thing dumber than that would be saying that getting a blowjob is 'just kissing'.)


Seeing the apprehension and guilt in Alex's eyes, Ranma's conscience gave him a swift kick in the 'you sonuvabitch' gland and he said, "No…no we can't." while looking towards their groins, where he could feel his manhood being gripped by her silken mitt. Thinking on how he'd finally crossed the line that he'd been too often accused of gallivanting over back home, Ranma's eyes glinted in determination and he looked up again, his voice set as he said, "Alex."


Alex, who's normal state of mind had finally resumed direct control over her body, was shaken from her own musings on infidelity to see Ranma looking at her with a set jaw. She only had enough time to blink and wonder why he looked like a soldier preparing to march off into a minefield when he said, "Tomorrow, I'm going to tell Clover what happened here; and that it was all my idea." And she realized he was doing exactly that.

"Ranma, no!" Alex shook her head quickly. "You can't! Clover will be devastated!"

"I'm not going to lie to her about this, Alex!"

"N-no, that's not what I meant—"

"And I'm not going to get you involved either!" Ranma declared sternly, making Alex's eyes widen in shock as he went on in a harsher, but more solemn tone. "I'll just tell her I cheated on her with some…random girl and then you two can still be friends."


Not noticing or caring about Alex's wet eyes, Ranma shook his head and said softly, "You've known her longer than I have…and I'm just some ronin who couldn't keep it in his pants…I'm just sorry that you ended up having your first time with someone like me—"

There was a crack of skin-on-skin and Ranma blinked as his head snapped to one side and he felt the very familiar sensation of a handprint forming on his cheek. Turning slowly, he saw Alex glaring at him and shaking out her wrist. "Ranma, you are not the only one involved in this! Clover's my friend and I'm not gonna pretend everything is hunky-dory and let you take all the blame for something we BOTH did!"

The flashbacks were coming again, to times when Ranma had seen Akane glaring at him with tears in her eyes, and he was reminded more potently than ever of the differences between here and home as Alex sniffled and added, "And I'm happy my first time was with you, Ranma." while running her fingers gently through his hair. "I'm going to tell Clover what happened and that I'm sorry, but if she asks, I'll tell her I would do it again in a heartbeat."

"Alex…" Ranma felt something grow warm in his heart as he asked, "You'd do that…for me?"

Alex nodded gently and gave him a small smile. "Of course. You care about Clover, don't you?"


"Do you really want to break up with her?"


"Then I'll tell her what happened," Alex declared solemnly. "If she gets mad, it'll be at me first and not you, cause if she gets mad at you first, she might throw away a really good thing and regret it later."

Hearing her talk about restraining temper tantrums shook something loose in Ranma, and he looked at the girl willing to sacrifice something important to her for his sake, his eyes softening as he pulled her into a tight hug and whispered, "We'll both tell her…and I'm glad you were my first too, Alex."

The feeling of being held by Ranma seemed familiar to Alex and she easily returned his embrace with a gentle, "Iie iie." After a moment though, Alex recalled the elephant in the room, (or so it seemed to her), and hesitantly said, "Umm…Ranma?"

"Yes, Alex?"

"You're kinda still…umm…" Alex experimentally tightened her abs, wondering if she could squeeze his length as she giggled in a shy, aroused fashion. "In me."

"Oh!" Ranma blushed as felt her sex flex around him and likewise realized he was still technically mid-coitus. Reaching down, he grabbed Alex's hips and started lifting. "I'm sorry! I'll just—!"

"No!" Alex's legs came up and wrapped around his waist, holding her down and making the two of them grunt as his brief attempt at extraction was halted in it's tracks. He looked into Alex's eyes with confusion and saw a different kind of girl than the one he'd been coupled with for the last who-knows-how long. This girl was the sweet-natured Alex who he/his sister had been playing with earlier, blushing shyly as she admitted, "Ranma…I…I don't want you to pull out yet."

"Ano…why, Alex?"

"Cause…umm." She looked down towards their groins and then back up to his face, her blush deepening as she admitted "When you…finished in me before, it felt good…like, really really good and I was kinda hoping you could do it again?"

Ranma's eyes widened and his body flushed with heat as he gaped at the girl who was still impaled on his manhood. "You want to keep going?!"

Alex nodded once, biting her bottom lip as she admitted "The thing is, Ranma…I'm not as…'out of control' as I was before, and I don't want you to think I only did…that with you because I was too horny to think straight." Her legs tightened their grip around his waist, making them both moan softly as she whispered softly, "Since we both agreed to tell Clover what happened, does it matter if we…did it 2 times? Or 3?"

Ranma frowned at her rather manipulative statement. "I think it does matter, Alex, because now we know it would be cheating."

"I know…" Alex winced guiltily, making Ranma feel like he'd kicked a puppy as she explained, "It's just…I'm not so crazy now, you know? I don't feel like I have to have sex with you, I want to have sex with you…the way I would if I hadn't been so worked up…" Looking towards their connected groins, she added, "I just figured since you were still hard, you wouldn't mind if we kept going—"


Ranma's serious tone made Alex flinch, thinking she'd offended him and pushed him too far by asking him to continue their affair as he said, "Just because I'm hard doesn't mean I'm going to find someone to have sex with. I wouldn't do that to Clover-chan or you, because it'd be like I was using whoever was the most convenient, not who I cared about."

Alex blinked at an unexpected touch as Ranma kissed her brow. Looking up, she saw Ranma's soft smile and her heart fluttered as she matched his grin. "I wouldn't do that to her or you, because she's my girlfriend," the pig-tailed teen's eyes glimmered for a moment, and Alex wondered what was going through his head as he finished softly, "And I think you might be the best friend I've ever had."


"If you want keep going, then I will, Alex. Cause you drove me crazy too, and I don't want you to think I only had sex with you because I was horny and I was here," Ranma said affectionately. Then his mouth quirked up in a sly grin as he added, "Also, it felt really really good when I finished inside you too."

Alex flushed beet-red and smiled at Ranma. While her feral urges had been tamed, a hint of need was evident in her voice as she admitted coquettishly, "I think it felt better for me than it did for you." Rather than elucidate on why she was so certain of that, Alex shyly gave him a peck on the cheek and whispered sincerely, "Thank you." before looking over her shoulder.

Ranma was curiously amused by the mischievous twinkle in Alex's eye when she looked back at him, before her hands gripped his shoulders and she let herself fall backwards. The two of them moaned as his dick shifted within her sex, and he let himself be pulled forward until Alex gave a soft birdlike cry at the feeling of cold wood against the warm skin of her bare back.

Ranma drank in her prone form with wide eyes. Being underneath him like she was gave him a particularly bad Nerima flashback, to the occasions where he and Akane had been in similar positions, albeit most of those times they were fully clothed and it was by total accident. In those situations, Akane had been quick to reject the submissive nature of her position, usually with a hard slap, and a part of Ranma tensed up in preparation for a violent response.

Instead, Alex met his eyes and smiled widely before unwrapping her legs from around his waist. To Ranma's absolute shock, the brown-skinned girl unknowingly mimicked Clover's position from two nights ago by hooking her fingers under her knees and spreading her legs wider, leaving her completely at his mercy.

"There." Alex murmured softly, lifting her head up and smiling as she looked down to where she could feel his hard pole embedded in her body. "I'm ready when you are…but, Ranma?"

The sound of hesitation in her voice made Ranma freeze immediately and his eyes locked onto her face with a worried look. "Hai, Alex?"

"I know…since you're on top, it'll be easier for you control things and restrain yourself…" Hazel irises met stormy blue-grey orbs as she whispered, "But I'd rather you didn't…please?"

As adorable, erotic, innocent and desirable as Alex looked at that moment, Ranma would've tricked Happi into trying to panty-raid a gay bar if she'd asked. With a wide grin, he replied, "For you, Alex; I won't hold anything back!" as he reached out and grabbed her legs from underneath, pulling her tight against him with his fingers curled over the tops of her thighs.

Alex moaned happily at the slight physical shift, but her appreciative moan of, "Thank you, Ran—" Was cut off by a sharp gasp as a quick flex of his hips withdrew his length from her depths, and then plunged it back inside her again. More breathless cries followed as Ranma attempted to recreate the rapid pace Alex had done when she was riding him, though if you asked his lover what he was doing, she'd have sworn he was trying to break the bench they were fucking on and she was loving every second of it.

The sound of her gasping shouts timed with the wet slaps that came every time he slammed into her was maddening.

The sight of her breasts jerkily bouncing with each stroke and her face, flushed with pleasure while she smiled delightedly at him with those warm, honest eyes was heart melting.

The feeling of her sex pulling at him as he followed the call of the wild and drove himself towards release, his body trying to plant his seed into the willing female pinned under him as soon as possible was indescribable.

People tended to underestimate Ranma Saotome on a lot of things, many of those to their detriment, and one of the worst mistakes anyone could make about him was to short-sell his determination. Because when the Heir to Anything Goes had a goal in mind, he'd move heaven and earth to accomplish it and no one would be capable of stopping him. Right now, that goal happened to be giving the Latina writhing underneath him the balls-deep creampie she'd asked him for, despite the flagrant infidelity he was committing by doing so.

And like all the other times where he'd risen to the challenge, his goal quickly came into sight, and he called Alex's name in warning as he rounded the last lap and his groin muscles started to clench.

Rationally minded Alex may have seized control of her body following her post-workout deep-dicking, and should have felt awful about continuing to have sex with her bestie's boyfriend.

However, rational Alex was able to appreciate the feeling of getting jackhammered a lot better than her more hormonal side, which had an unfortunate issue regarding 'lust-fog'.

Thus, rational Alex didn't give a single fuck about anything except the one she was getting as Ranma's cock plunged into her sopping wet womanhood, the impact of his pubic bone against her clit making her body shake almost as much as the thought that she was getting another hot load of cum fucked deep into her already jism-soaked pussy. The anticipation of same made her voice rise in a joyful shout as the pigtailed boy's cock pistoned inside her, spreading her walls further apart as he throbbed and hardened even more, the warm goo of his pre-release a now familiar and very welcome sensation for her as she squealed, "I feel it! You're getting harder! You're so close, Ranma! Keep going!"

In a moment, Ranma looked down at the exact moment Alex looked up. They locked eyes, and Ranma registered lust, adoration, and her honest desire to please him along with the naked anticipation of his release. In that moment, her joyful smile and warm eyes pushed him over the edge and he gave one last thrust, burying himself to the root with his tightened ballsack pressed against the smooth expanse of skin between her pussy and her ass as he roared, "I'm CUMMING!" And let his aching member fire its salvo into her body.

Alex cried out as she was impaled. Her breath caught in her throat as her walls clamped down on Ranma's cock, ready to receive his release. Then his length pulsed, and a splash of heat and warmth burst deep inside her core, setting off a firestorm across her skin as rational Alex's neuron's clacked together and gave her a sexual epiphany.

She wasn't a virgin anymore.

Thanks to Ranma, Clover's boyfriend.

Who'd cheated on Clover with her.

By burying his hard cock inside her body.

And pumping thick wads of cum deep into her pussy.

This alone would have been enough to set Alex off, but the orgasmic shout had barely left her lips when a slight contraction of her walls was timed with a particularly forceful spurt from Ranma's prick. The welcoming squeeze and pressure caused another point-blank splatter against Alex's innergate, which made her voice rise in volume and pitch for a half-second before the second shot was fired.

Because before, Alex had been on top and in the throes of orgasm, which had thrown off Ranma's aim due to her body shuddering in ecstasy and kept his jism from hitting the true biological bulls-eye.

This time, when the Latina opened up in response to the hard knock on her door, her lover's seed eagerly accepted the invitation to her inner courtyard. Alex didn't realize Ranma had threaded the eye of the needle until her womb was invaded and her muscles seized in response. Being pinned down, helpless and unwilling to resist, Alex could only scream long and loud as her deepest point was flooded with warm goo and she came along with the boy who was draining his balls deep inside her body.


Bev High's janitor looked up as an unearthly moan swept past him. Crossing himself, he muttered a brief prayer against evil spirits before going back to his sweeping.


Dominique whimpered, her legs shaking with her fingers pistoning movements as she watched Ranma hips finish their involuntary twitching against Alex's nethers, making the Latina mewl, "Oh…oh God…you're filling me…so good…I love it…"

(Hope it was worth it, ya slut.) Dominique grinned maliciously as she watched Ranma bend over to kiss Alex once more, the snob's jealousy flaring at the passion he'd shown the deviant athlete. Paying absolutely no attention to her camcorder, which had been set off to the side just after Alex had pulled Ranma backwards so he could keep fucking her brains out, Dominique internally crowed (Cause after I show this video to Mandy; it's going on the net, and nobody's gonna see you as anything but a sock-puppet looking for any guy willing to fill your sleeve!)

It's almost a shame, really.

Or it would be for literally anyone else besides the selfish snob, as she was so distracted by diddling herself, she didn't notice a little red bug about half the size of a dime with pink heart-shaped spots on its shell land on her camcorder.

A moment later, the bug flew off, carrying the SD card for Dominique's electronic eye and leaving only her word as to the events of the evening.


Sam took several deep, steadying breaths as she brought her spy-bug back to her home, using the remote control and video feed display hidden in a somewhat cleverly disguised comb and hand held mirror to navigate its way across the city.

Sam was sitting on her bed, naked from the waist down as she realized her body was going to react instinctively to the show Alex and Ranma were putting on, even if she refused to go along with the demands of her hormones and stimulate herself physically. That lead to her stripping down, as she didn't want to explain a pair of soiled panties to her mother. Unfortunately, she underestimated just how arousing Alex and Ranma's little tryst would be and was now cursing the fact that she'd have clean her bedsheets ASAP and pray her mom didn't see the large wet spot on them. That would have to wait for a moment however, as Sam was busy debating whether or not she should swear like a sailor, diddle herself silly or simply scream in frustration regarding the wholly inconsistent and frankly baffling things she'd witnessed.

(I just can't freaking believe this.) Sam thought to herself as she tapped the controller, eyes narrowed while her mind was elsewhere. (He cheated on Clover, but only because Alex asked him to. He was in the girls locker room on a Sunday, the same day Alex happened to be there, then acts like he was terrified of her…)

Sam spared a glance for the pen and notepad she'd scribbled the names Ranma had given, with Kodachi being underlined while the other three had various letters scribbled out or added to make:

[Happy-osigh=RS dad's master. Groper?]

[Tachi-tewaki (check sp Alex): Kendo(?) thug?]

[Principal Ki^uno: Hair fetishist? (Bowlcut?! DEF Crim!) Koda/Tate = children?]

Recalling how Ranma's 'terrified' reaction had been to act like Alex had pulled a gun on him, Sam frowned at what she would have called an over-the-top acting display, if it wasn't for the fact that until Alex had all but begged him to stay, he made it as clear as possible that he wanted to get away from there as far and fast as humanly possible.

(He…was really scared of her…and Alex seemed to know why. Was that just her heat talking, or did something else happen before she finished practicing?) Sam amended as she recalled the bluntly honest moments from Ranma, including when Alex had been-

The redhead quickly shook her head clear of the memory of her friend humping the pig-tailed teen like her life depended on it and refocused on the job.

(And he just gives up the truth cause Alex called him out for lying? It's really that easy for a 'master criminal' to give up his 'dark past?) Sam frowned and focused her complete attention back to the TV screen as she came up with a plan of action. (First, get that bitch's card and hide it. Second, throw these sheets in the laundry and then get a shower and clear my head. After that, I'll go to Clover's with my tape-)

Sam thought about that for a moment. (Actually, I'll go with Dominique's tape, since she was spying on Alex longer and probably has more information on it that drive, but in either case; I'm going to break the news to Clover, and then we are going to have a very long talk with Alex.)

The redhead flushed as she recalled the wholly alien behavior from her friend, who'd been acting like an addict looking for a fix or, for lack of a more substantive term, like a bitch in heat. (She never gave us many details on her 'practice sessions', but I can't believe she'd get so horny that she'd jump the first guy she saw, especially when it's a possible bad guy! Nevermind somebody who Clover's dating!) Recalling Ranma's athletic form, Sam attempted with marginal success to not grow more aroused as she finished making her mental checklist.

(After our talk, we look up those names Ranma gave Alex and I look at what that nosy bitch recorded to see if she has anything on Ranma's 'sister'.) Her resolve set, Sam nodded to herself and said "One thing's for sure. Clover's going to hear about this, as soon as possible."


Finishing their passionate tonguing, Ranma pulled away from Alex with a smile and asked, "Did that help, Alex?"

"Ooohhh yeeeaahh…" The Latina replied with a very satisfied sigh. "You weren't as deep as when I was on top, but I still got what I wanted." She gave a soft giggle as she glanced down at her twice stuffed womanhood, noting that Ranma's cock was finally pulling away from her. "I can't believe how good that felt…I think I could get addicted to this."

"I know what you mean," Ranma groaned as he pulled back, letting his finally softened manhood slip free of Alex's slit. "But we can't do this again or—"

Ranma paused, looking downwards as his dick had apparently been acting like a cork in a dam, holding back a flood within the Latina's depths. The mixture of their fluids streamed out from between her nether lips, down over her ass and onto the bench she was laying on. "Wow…that's crazy."

"What is it?" Alex cocked her head quizzically at Ranma's statement, noticing him staring at her sex. She sat up and looked down, but couldn't crane her neck far enough to see what he was looking at. Though she could guess what it was, as the formerly virgin girl felt the liquid warmth of her lover's cum leaving her body. Or at least, some of it.

"I'm trying to remember something." Ranma's brow furrowed thoughtfully, "A couple of guys I knew back home were always showing me these dirty magazines and I never paid attention to them…but I remember one which had a word for when guys don't pull out." The neuron's clacked as he remembered the porno's Hiroshi and Daisuke had brought to school and blushed brightly as the word came to him. "In english…I think it was…creampie."

Alex blushed even deeper red than he did. "Oh…is that what it really looks like?"

"Kinda?" Ranma laughed loudly, "Except there's no way I want to eat that! Yuck!"

Alex gaped at Ranma, outraged at his insult on the attractiveness of her 'kitty'. Something awoke inside her and almost without warning, her hand tightened around a wooden handle as she shouted, "You JERK!" before swinging what looked like a comically oversized wooden hammer into Ranma's face. The boy was launched away from her and into the wall of the shower they'd shared minutes ago, which shattered when his body smashed into it.

As the sound of groaning arose from the pile of rubble, Alex's glare softened into one of abject confusion and she glanced at the weapon now held in her hand, wondering where it and the thoroughly unfamiliar violent reaction came from.

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