TD Futa Shot

BY : Floresfire
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  After their victory over the Toxic Rats, Jo deiced to hit the showers because she kinda smelt a bit off. But also, she wanted to shower in private so that no one can know she's a shemale. "Ahhh nothing is better than taking a shower after a good victory." Jo enter the showers but quickly notice that someone was in the showers. "Great who's in here?" Jo said to herself until she saw the person's clothes. A red tank top, olive colored pants, and a pink flower. "Of course...Red!" Jo said but in her head "That's...pretty hot hehe." Jo felt her bugle growing a bit as she thought of she plowing Zoey's tight ass.

  Zoey was in her thoughts, thinking if Mike even does like her. "As if! I mean who would like a girl like me? A lonely, shy, weird girl like me?" Zoey sighed in depressed until she heard

  "I like you." Zoey widen her eyes and popped her head off to see her fellow teammate...Jo. "Hey Red." Jo said to Zoey as she looked surprised

  "Jo?" Zoey quickly turned off the showers and quickly wrapped herself with a towel as she exit the shower. As she exited the showers, Jo quickly looked at Zoey, even with the towel on her...she looked very hot. "Wait did you said you like me?" Jo only just nodded

  "Yup, I mean come on you're cute." Zoey blushed a bit

  "I didn't know you're a lesbian?"

  "I'm not, I'm bi-sexual. I like girls and guys." Jo grinned a bit until Zoey soon notice something with Jo's towel

  "Um there something you're keeping a secret?" Jo looked concerned until Zoey pointed at her bugle that was growing a bit. Jo sighed as she removed her towel and said

  "Alright yes...I'm a shemale." Jo crossed her arms as Zoey looked at Jo's fully naked body. Her B-Cupped sized breast, her 6 packed abs but her almost 10 inched erection, Zoey was blushing a bit. "Plus...there something I been wanted to do for a while." Jo soon walked up to Zoey making her more worried yet excited.

  "W-What's that?" Zoey said as Jo slowly pulled down on Zoey's towel. Zoey quickly learned what it was

  "...I do it...with you Red." Jo grinned at Zoey, making Zoey looked nervous but more excited "What you say Red?"

  Zoey quickly thought for a bit and said "Well...if Mike thinks it's funny to make out with Anne Maria...then I guess he wouldn't even mind!" Zoey soon grabbed Jo's head and kissed her very badly. Jo widen her eyes but soon returned the kiss. The two walked into the showers as Zoey turned it on, making the water hit their bodies. The two moaned against each other's mouths as their tongue fought for control, in which Zoey lost. Soon, Jo lowered her head and started sucking on Zoey's B-Cupped breast, making the redhair moaned a bit. "Ohhh Jo...that's my soft spot."

  Jo grinned as she then bit Zoey's right nipple, making Zoey scream softly while she soon rubbed her fingers against her flower hole. Jo switched to the left one as she showed the same pleasure she did to the right one while she rubbed her hand on the right breast. Zoey's little hole was getting very wet as she then slowly, grabbed Jo's breast, making the Jockette moan a bit "What the heck Red!"

  "Oh liked it." Zoey started to please Jo's breast as she sucked on the right one fully while rubbing the left one with her fingers. Jo groaned very badly as she rubbed her erection a bit, making it grow more and more. Zoey then switched to the left one as she rolled her tongue on it's nipple and soon sucked it fully, making Jo hissed against her teeth. "God damn it R-Zoey." Jo said Zoey's real name as Zoey grinned at her as she kept sucking on Jo's breast. Soon, Jo forced Zoey down on her knees as Zoey faced Jo's now 10 inched massive monster. Zoey was blushing like a tomato.

  "D-dear god!" Zoey bit her lip softly as she grabbed Jo's shaft and started moving it in a slow pace. Jo hissed in pleasure as Zoey kept moving Jo's bugle. "It's so big and so...vein...I wonder?" Zoey soon opened her mouth and took Jo's bugle into her mouth as she started sucking on it slowly. Jo groaned very loudly as she said

  "D-Damn it Zoey!" Jo groaned more as Zoey kept sucking on Jo's monster even more. Zoey moaned in pleasure loving the taste of Jo's meat inside of her mouth, until Jo grabbed Zoey's head pushed her more into her mouth. "Take it! Take all of it you red haired slut!" Zoey kept moving in and out as she deep throated Jo's bugle.

  "Mmmmmmmmmmmm!" Zoey gagged but moaned in pleasure as she kept sucking on Jo's massive monster. However, Jo soon felt a buildup and in a matter of seconds...Jo came all over Zoey's mouth. Zoey took all of it and swallowed it fully, leaving some in her mouth. "Well that was...kinda fun." Zoey said until Jo pushed her on the floor, on all four legs "Huh? Jo what are you-"

  "I think it's time I returned the favor Red!" Jo grabbed Zoey's waist and plunged into Zoey's tight ass, making Zoey scream in pain yet in pleasure. Jo groaned in pleasure as well. "Damn it, I never know you're this tight!" Jo soon started to move in a slow yet rough pace for Zoey. Zoey moaned very badly that her eyes watered a bit.

  "F-Fucking god! I don't know if I should cry or not...but this is so amazing!" Jo grinned as she said into her ear

  "Then brace for this Red..." Jo grabbed Zoey's waist tightly and started to plow Zoey's ass in a very fast pace. Zoey screamed in so much pleasure yet in pain as well. "Ohhh yeah! That's right, take it all in like it don't you?" Jo whispered it into Zoey's ear as she continued fucking Zoey's ass very badly. Zoey just screamed

  "Yes! My god yes I fucking do love it...please keep fucking me Jo...I want it all in me." Jo grinned as she pulled Zoey's to her chest and fucked her tight ass in the fastest pace she ever went. Zoey moaned very loudly as Jo kept plowing her like a train going into high speed. "Dear god...ohhhhh yes!" Zoey bit her lips while Jo kept fucking her more and more...until

  "S-Shit..I'm going to..." Jo used all her might she had left as she fucked Zoey with all she got. Zoey and Jo groaned and with one final thrust..."SHIT I'M CUMMING!" Jo and Zoey screamed so loudly that it echoed throughout the camp as Jo came inside Zoey's ass. Jo pulled out of Zoey, as they both was tired from that hard sex they just had.

  They both exit the showers in their regular clothing. "We don't tell anyone got it?"

  "Got it." Zoey said as they walked away until Zoey said to herself "I swear to god, they was so fucking good!"

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