Extradimensional Besties are the Best!

BY : GrayNeko
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Marco sighed peacefully as he rolled onto his back, it was a wonderful Saturday morning with no plans and he was trying to take advantage of that lack of activity by sleeping in as much as possible before something came along to drag him from his bed. The door to his room eased open quietly as he began to snore and in a flash a blonde streak darted through the narrow opening before pivoting and leaping mightily onto his bed.

"Ah!" Marco cried at the sudden impact on his bed, limbs thrashing briefly before becoming futilely trapped in his blanket.

"Marco! Get up! Let's go do something!" Star yelled excitedly as she hopped up and down on his bed.

As Marco struggled to untangle himself without being trampled by Star his glaze flicked up, hoping to still her with a disapproving scowl only to find his anger trampled by shock. Star, in her exuberance, was bouncing wildly on his bed, reaching heights that not only threatened a collision with his ceiling but caused the shift she wore as a night gown to fill with air on her descent, revealing sky blue panties emblazoned with a star on the front. Being the good guy that he was Marco's eyes quickly averted themselves to the far wall as he struggled internally and externally.

"Uh Star, aren't princesses supposed to be reserved or show restraint or something?" Marco asked as he tried to figure out a way to bring up the matter as delicately as possible.

"Yeah, if they've been locked in a tower for most of their life! One of my best friends is a flying pony head that had her own pair of dimensional scissors since she could hover. My parents never had a chance at keeping me restrained."

Marco sighed in exasperation before finally managing to free an arm, "No, I mean shouldn't a princess be more aware of when she's doing something that might be considered inappropriate?"

"What's inappropriate about this?" Star asked as she continued to bounce, even going so far as to add a spin to her routine. Marco's willpower cracked just a little as he stole another glance, this time catching a glimpse of her cute, pert butt which, after quick consideration, put all of the cheerleaders at school to shame, especially Chantelle's. He slapped his free hand over his face and groaned softly.

"You don't think there's anything wrong with you, jumping up and down, on my bed, with me underneath you, and you wearing your night gown?" Marco said with the slightest hint of irritation that she was making him go this far.

Star looked down at her gown in confusion and watched it billow out with air as she fell. It took several more bounces before the pieces clicked into place and when they did she fell on top of Marco with enough force to drive the air from his lungs. As he gasped for air he suddenly found Star's face inches from his, a hard glare fixing him in place.

"Marco, are you trying to say that you peeked at my rrrrroyal undergarments?" she said, rolling the 'r' in royal, which made it hard for Marco to tell if she was joking or being deadly serious, but left him flustered all the same.

"Not on purpose, I swear! Look Star, I'm sorry, okay? Can we just forget this happened?" Marco pleaded, hoping his parents weren't upstairs where they might overhear any of this.

"Oh no no no no no, Marco. Not a chance. You see if we were back on Mewnie and you were found peeking on me there would be serious repercussions."

Marco swallowed nervously, "Yeah? What kind?"

Star sat up a little, tapping her chin idly as she thought, "Well if it were up to my father, you'd spend the rest of your life in the dungeons but if it were my mother, she'd probably have you executed."

"What?!" Marco exclaimed as panic suddenly seized him.

"Oh yeah, heck, she'd most likely do the job herself, she is one tough customer."

"Please don't tell anyone Star, it was an accident," Marco begged, even going so far as freeing his other arm so he could hold his hands out pleadingly.

"Hmm, well since you are my bestie I guess I can let it slide this one time," she said with a reassuring smile before pushing herself backwards towards the foot of his bed. As she slid down his chest she ran into an obstruction that made her sit up straight and filled Marco with utter dread.

"What the heck is that? Marco, did you steal my wand? Man you are just full of naughtiness this morning. Has your tentacle arm started to come back?"

Her hand darted behind her back to grasp the obstruction and Marco's warning died on his lips as her hand squeezed his morning wood. She gave it a few experimental tugs when it refused to move, forcing soft cries of terror and arousal from the depths of Marco's soul as he reached the verge of passing out from sheer awkwardness. As Star gripped his shaft more firmly she began to get a clearer image of what it was in her head, her face flushing with embarrassment and realization as she wiggled it back and forth.

"Ew! Marco, you gross jerk! Why didn't you say anything?!" she screamed as her hand sprang away before grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and shaking him violently.

"Because I was afraid you might rip it off," Marco managed to whisper hoarsely as he stared vacantly at the ceiling.

 "I still might," she hissed, though the blush in her cheeks seemed to belie her anger, especially as her butt continued to rub against his erection.

"I'm so sorry Star, it's not what you think. You see there's this thing called 'morning-"

His explanation was cut short as Star grabbed his face, covering his mouth with her hand.

"Are you saying that there's some other explanation that you are aroused and that it's not my hot, young body?"

"Wha- huh- what?" he managed to get out as she straightened up, taking her hand from his mouth.

"Because if you are saying that, if you are saying that after seeing my most intimate parts that something else is to blame for your erection, well that would be pretty much insulting me and then you can forget about whatever my parents might do to you because I will make you regret ever being born."

Fear should have caused his pole to whither like an oven baked flower but Star had been incessantly grinding her ass against him as she spoke and he was harder than he had ever been in his life.

"Uh, um, uh, it's not that, if you'll just let me explain," Marco said tentatively, his whole body on the verge of flinching.

Star's eyes narrowed as she crossed her arms, all the while still pressing her rear against his pitched tent.

"I'm listening," she said quietly.

Marco swallowed nervously as he tried to gather his thoughts and resist a moan as his hard on became nestled between her ass cheeks. Somehow he knew this was going to end in disaster, no matter what.

"You're incredibly hot Star but I can't be turned on by you."

Star's face twisted in confusion verging on heartbreak and he founds the words spilling out of him before she began crying rainbows or something, "You're a princess Star, about as far out of my league as it gets. Heck, Jackie Lynn Thomas is out of my league but at least I feel like there's a chance. You're the coolest person I've ever met and I've had the most fun in my life thanks to you and I'm really happy with the way things are. So in summation, yes, seeing your panties excited me, and yes, you being so close like this causes a certain response in my body but you're my best friend and I don't want to ruin that."

"So you're saying… that you won't allow yourself to be attracted to me?" Star asked, quizzically raising an eyebrow.

"Uhm, kinda, I guess," Marco said, hoping that if he avoided making eye contact things would become magically less awkward. For a second he thought his plan had worked as Star eased off his erection and took his hands in her own.

"What if I do this?" she asked as she pressed his hands against her chest, letting him get a good feel of her budding breasts.

"Ah, Star, what are you doing?" Marco asked, trying not to scream before realizing that even if his parents did hear him, he had shouted that at least once a day since her arrival.

"What? Does this turn you on?" Star asked teasingly, tilting her head so her long blond hair cascaded down one side. "Oh wait, I'm sorry, I forgot you aren't letting yourself do that. How's that working out for you? Hey, I know, let's check for ourselves."

With that she slid her ass back into his aching member to confirm that it was as rigid as ever, possibly even more so as his hands instinctively groped her chest.

"Star, this is crazy. Stop this," Marco said as he struggled to pull his hands away only to be thwarted by the insanely strong magical princess perched atop him.

"Still not feeling it, huh Marco? Well what if I do this?"

The next thing he knew Star's lips were pressed to his. It was his first kiss from a girl that wasn't a peck on the cheek and he hated the fact that all he could think about was how conflicted it made him feel. Actually, that wasn't quite true; he couldn’t stop thinking about how amazingly soft Star's lips were. He kind of assumed that despite all her primping her tomboyish style often meant she went without chapstick or whatever the equivalent was on Mewnie. As their lips parted he felt conflict stirring in him again, but this time rather than being about Jackie Lynn Thomas it was whether or not he should keep kissing her.

"Star, what are we doing?" Marco asked softly, his voice a husky rasp as he choked with fought back desire.

"Just having some fun," she whispered back as she trailed a finger along his jaw.

"What about Oskar?"

"What about Jackie Lynn Thomas?" Star countered without missing a beat. "Besides, I'm serious Marco, we're just two best friends having some fun. Close, intimate, and certainly naughty fun, but just fun all the same. Plus think about all the sweet moves you'll have experience with once we set you and Jackie up."

Marco tried to tell her that he didn't think things could work like that but then she kissed him again, this time shoving her tongue into his mouth. Marco wasn't sure if she knew what she was doing but there was such a sense of enthusiasm about her that he soon found his tongue wrestling with hers. His hands were still on her chest and as their make out session continued he could feel her nipples growing stiff against his hands. He froze with temptation, desire and decency once more warring against each other.

Star sensed his paralyzation and pulled back, "Marco, if you want to do something then do it. Stop being the Safe Kid."

Her words struck a chord at the very center of Marco's being and for a moment he was deadly still. Star leaned in close out of concern and was caught completely off guard when Marco bolted up, their lips meeting in a collision that left her momentarily stunned and breathless. He didn't give her a chance to catch up either as he performed what she could only imagine was some sort martial arts takedown maneuver that left her pinned beneath him.

"What are you going to do now Marco?" she asked with bated breathed, her body quivering with the desire to be touched after this sudden turn of events.

Slowly, and with a confidence she had only seen him possess in the midst of battle, Marco pressed his lips to hers with a smoldering passion, almost as if he could sense her craving for contact and was granting only the barest amount. It made her moan with lustful need and she might have crumbled to whatever he demanded right then and there but for the fact that she could feel his throbbing erection pressed against her abdomen and knew that he hungered for her just as much as she did for him. She reached between them to caress his member through his pajama bottoms and was rewarded with an unabashed moan of pleasure from Marco. He moaned into her neck in between kisses, his hands working their way to a breast and her ass respectively. Star couldn't contain a squeal of excitement as one hand cupped her ass and the other began to fondle her budding breast.

He squeezed and massaged experimentally, trying to gauge her responses to see what left her starry eyed and quivering. Star did her best to let him know what worked, rewarding him with passionate kisses every time he discovered just the right way of touching and caressing her body. Very quickly she found that stroking and caressing as they were wasn't enough and she pushed Marco up to get some room. He looked at her in confusion before his eyes followed her hands down to the hem of her shift.

"Are you going to make me take it off all by myself?" Star asked teasingly as she began to inch the fabric up her thighs. Marko swallowed heavily but didn't betray any nervousness as his hands met hers and then slid under her night gown. Star's skin was like silk, again surprising him because of all the wild stuff he knew she got up to, he at least expected a scar or two. Instead every inch of her that was revealed was flawless and as the dress finally came off she sank back down onto his bed with her hair pooling out around her; the sight made Marco's dick even harder, if that were possible.

Marco made to lay down with her again but she stopped him with a foot against his chest, "How's about a little quid pro cum? After all, I've shown you mine."

"I think you mean quid pro quo, Star," Marco couldn't help but correct her.

"I like mine better," Star said as she rested her hands behind her head nonchalantly, clearly lacking any sense of bashfulness despite being almost entirely naked.

Marco shook his head slightly before grabbing his shirt in both hands and shucking it in one fluid motion. As he tossed it aside with one hand the other brushed his tussled hair out of his eyes and once he could see again he found Star staring at him with her mouth slightly agape.

"What? What's wrong? Do I have a gross pimple somewhere?" Marco asked fearfully, quickly searching his torso for any sign of a blemish.

"Marco… you're hot," Star said amazedly, clearly still trying to process what she was seeing.

"What? You really think so?" Marco asked, a blush creeping across his face at the unexpected compliment. He jumped a little as Star pulled herself up onto her knees and pressed her face against his stomach.

"You've got a six pack! And muscles, so many sweet, yummy muscles," she said, trailing off a little as she became lost in a daydream that may or may not have involved just his torso.

"Well I guess I do work out a lot and there's the karate, plus us fighting monsters all the time really helps. Uh, Star, this is getting a little awkward," Marco said, a hint of nervousness creeping into his voice as Star rubbed her cheek against his well developed core.

"I have to know if you're the total package," Star said suddenly, almost too softly for Marco to hear. He was left scratching his head in confusion before she slipped her fingers under the waistband of his pajama bottoms and underwear and yanked down.

"Hey!" Marco yelled, nearly falling off the foot of his bed as he pulled back in shock. He fell onto his back and before he could pick himself up Star was atop him once more.

"Marco, I've got to ask, is there something wrong with your brain?"

"Huh wha?" was all Marco was able to manage, he was too preoccupied with Star's supple form pressing against him. He wouldn't have thought that a few thin layers of clothing made that much difference but as her body rubbed along his he felt an electricity coursing through him that threatened to send him over the edge.

"You're a nice guy, you've got a totally hot bod, and well this, this is nothing to laugh at," Star said as she gripped the base of his shaft, causing Marco to stiffen as he fought back an imminent climax. "So why do you have such a hard time with Jackie?"

The question was like having a train derailing in his head, all thoughts of coming suddenly gone as he struggled for an answer.

"I don't know, I see her and all of a sudden I'm tripping over myself and my tongue stops taking orders from my brain."

"Yeah, I've noticed. It's actually kind of cute."

Marco begged to differ but didn't give voice to his fears, instead he focused his gaze on the ceiling before asking, "Do you really mean that stuff you just said about me?"

"Marco, you are literally too smart to lack this much confidence but luckily for you I know just how to build that sort of thing up," she said with a playful flick of his nose before sliding down his body until her face was level with his dick. Marco watched with rapt attention as a few gentle strokes brought his flagging erection back to full mast before she gripped it firmly in both hands and began a slow and steady pump. Just that was enough to make Marco want to roll his eyes back from sheer pleasure but Star, it seemed, had only just begun. Despite having both hands wrapped around his shaft his cockhead still peeked out of her grip and she began to kiss and lick the sensitive tip.

"Aah, guh, whoa St-Star, tha-a-a-at's amazing, " Marco stammered, his whole body tensing as he fought the rising tide of euphoria within him.

"And to think we're just getting started," Star said with a smirk as she pumped his shaft with one hand and the other traveled upwards to caress Marco's chiseled abs. Marco was too preoccupied to consider what that meant and let out a hearty moan when she began to bob her head up and down on his cock in tandem with her strokes. His hands found their way to her head and entangled themselves in her golden locks, causing her to moan her approval around his dick as the tugs on her hair were somewhere between a caress and a stern pull.

"Star, I'm sorry," was all Marco could get out as he was set off by her moans, his grip on her hair tightening involuntarily as he came. Star's muffled squeal only served to make him cum harder, his body shaking with the force of each ejaculation until finally he was spent and his limbs went limp. He was breathing hard from the exertion and barely managed to lift his head to look to Star. He started at the sight of her face buried into his crotch and quickly realized he must have forcefully pulled her onto the entirety of his cock as he came.

"Star, are you okay?" he asked as he reached for her only find himself pausing as she raised a single hand signaling him to stop. It was then he could feel his cock within the confines of her throat as she slowly lifted her head up. It made him tremble as his oversensitive organ slid free, even more so as her tongue caressed and wrestled with his shaft the entire way of its backwards journey. As his cock finally slid free he found himself mesmerized by a string of cum trailing between his cock and her lips. His gaze eventually slid up to her face before he flinched at the sight of tears in the corners of her eyes but as his mind scrambled for a proper response he realized her expression didn't match up with those tears at all, if anything, she looked… satisfied.

"Gah," was the first thing out of her mouth, dribbling a mixture of cum and saliva down her chin. "Wow Marco, I didn't know you could be so forceful."

Even though she didn't seem upset he still winced a little at the thought that he had made her deepthroat his cock without realizing it. He ducked her gaze as he rubbed at his head in embarrassment.

"Yeah, sorry, things got a little intense and I wasn't prepared for that at all."

"Well don’t be so hard on yourself, I've heard some girls like it a little rough. I know I enjoyed it," she added that last bit with a coy smile but with cum and saliva still plastered all over her lips it only served to make him feel even more conflicted. Star saw the doubt in his eyes and gave her head a small shake of amused frustration.

"Alright Marco, if you think that sort of thing might scare Jackie off then you'll just have to make her cum so hard she won't care about it. On to the next phase!"

With that exuberant cry she sat up and leaned against the headboard, spreading her legs open in invitation. Marco pushed himself up and stared hesitantly at her sky blue panties. For a moment it seemed as if he wouldn't go through with it but as he gazed at her mound he could see a spot of dampness and quick a glance into Star's sapphire eyes made clear that she wanted nothing more than to get off, and judging from what had happened so far she was more than capable of doing so. It suddenly became clear to him how far she was willing to go to help him by suppressing her hunger for sexual release just to let him fumble about.

"Quid pro cum and all, right?" he said with a smirk as he pulled himself closer.

"Now you're getting iMMmmm," Star tried to say before he kissed her, her body arching against the headboard as one of his hands cupped her mound through her panties. He cautiously slid his fingers up and down along the folds of her pussy, earning an appreciative moan from Star. Encouraged by her approval he slipped his hand beneath her panties, encountering a tuft of ticklishly fine hair before finally experiencing the heat and slickness of her pussy firsthand. Star suddenly wrapped her arms and legs around Marco, pulling him tight against her and nearly smacking his head against the headboard.

"Mmm, a little higher Marco," she whispered breathlessly, trembling with each caress of his fingers. His hand slid upwards until the tips of his fingers found her hood, Star's sharp intake of breath told him he was on the right track. He teasingly tickled the hood and then pressed more firmly as Star squeezed him amidst a rumbling moan. His thumb massaged her burgeoning clit as his middle and ring finger slid down and began to explore the slick depths of her folds, quickly sinking in up to the second knuckle. It seemed to be the magic combination as Star panted and quaked beneath him, her arms springing away to grip the headboard which creaked in her grasp as she shuddered with euphoric spasms.

 Free of Star's grasp Marco was able to ply kisses to her neck and shoulder, thoroughly enjoying the faraway look in her eyes as he continued to make her lower half melt with his fingers. He wondered if she got the same rush from giving him the blowjob, or if it was even normal to get more pleasure while giving it than receiving it. Looking at Star bite her lip with her eyes closed in bliss made him push the thought aside before daringly moving lower and seeking out a pert nipple.

"NNNnnnhhaaaaa," Star's moan was almost a keen wail as he teased another extremely sensitive spot, her body arching against him. As he kissed and nibbled on her stiff nipple Star's hands suddenly gripped handfuls of his hair tightly and yanked his head upwards. His mouth opened in a silent cry before their lips collided violently and then she pulled him back again, her eyes wide with a manic hunger as she panted.

"Marco, if you don't eat out my cunt right this instant I swear I will do something incredibly drastic!"

Marco had seen Star turn a football field into a miniature apocalypse and she had considered that a calm and rational decision, he didn't want to see what she thought of as drastic. His hand between her legs pulled back, gripping her panties so forcefully she wound up on her back as they came off. He practically dove between her legs after that, not giving himself the time to hesitate as he pressed his mouth to her pussy.

As his tongue worked at her folds Marco asked himself one question: were girls supposed to taste like cotton candy? Or was it licorice? With a hint of… peppermint? Whatever it was, Star was incredibly sweet, almost unbearably so at first, but he remained resolute in avoiding discovering her definition of drastic. The intensity of her flavor quickly subsided and he even found himself enjoying it, especially when coupled with the sight of Star squirming, her face screwed up in pleasure.

He prodded her clit with his tongue and Star threw her head back as her back arched, a wordless cry escaping her. He gripped her thighs tightly as he plunged his tongue into her depths, working his way up to her clit before sucking on it intensely. He could feel her muscles tense as her whole body locked up and quickly pulled back, her body slumping immediately.

"Marco… Marco… why'd you stoAHHHH!" Star's breathless cry cut short her question as Marco latched onto her clit again, adding extra stimulation by slipping his middle finger into her folds.  One of her hands landed on his head and gripped his hair like a vice and though it forced him into a continuous wince he didn't let up. Star threw her head back as she bucked her hips against his face, an orgasm building as she ground herself relentlessly.  Marco had to remind himself that he had done the same to Star just a moment ago and it still took all his willpower to remain focused on her clit while vigorously pumping her pussy with his finger. Finally Marco's room was filled with Star's scream of climatic bliss before she became a listless panting heap.

Marco extracted himself from between her legs and sat up, getting a good look at Star as she quivered and quaked from having finally peaked. The hearts on her cheeks had been replaced with miniature firework displays and she smiled lazily as half-lidded eyes turned towards him.

"How you feeling?" Marco asked as her body continued to shake with the occasional tremor.

"Great, uuuhhmmm, just great. This is the first time I've come since my Mewberty change and, aahhhnn, it makes an orgasm into something, uunnnaahhh, else," she said unhurriedly, closing her eyes and cooing every time another quaver took hold.

"Oh yeah, Mewberty," Marco said, hoping his sudden nervousness wasn't betrayed in his voice. He had forgotten about Star's brief transformation into a boy hungry monster and honestly hoped to never have to go through that experience again. "That's not something we're going to have to worry about, is it?"

Star shrugged her shoulders and made a sound he took to mean 'I don't know' before pushing herself up into a sitting position. He couldn't help but notice that the hearts had returned to her cheeks, though they seemed to be pulsing with a steady rhythm now. Then his eyes travelled down the rest of her body, taking in the slight sheen of sweat that seemed to impossibly reflect rainbows from the morning light of his window. Travelling even further revealed her mound still flushed and glistening, making him realize that his face was also likely covered in the same juices. He hated that the first thing to register after that was the urge to take a shower and he could only blame the compulsive neat freak in him for that.

He began to shuffle towards the edge of the bed to fulfill that annoying, growing urge when Star grabbed his hand.

 "Where ya going?"

"Oh, uhm, just thought that we should take advantage of the shower since it's pretty obvious my parents aren't home. I mean, they must be gone, otherwise they'd definitely have come investigate what all the moaning and screaming was about, right?"

"That sounds like fun Marco. I knew you'd get the hang of being a suave sex machine."

Marco blinked in confusion, his head tilting and mouth opening with a question forming before he realized what she was talking about and then he couldn't help pulling back a little reflexively as he tried to clarify.

"No Star, I meant one at a time. We've already been super lucky that we weren't caught. I literally can't even imagine where my folks are right now and that means we don't know when they'll be home, so we should be quick and get cleaned up."

Star clearly wasn't going to see things his way, furrowing her brow and frowning as he tried to retreat into the shell she had worked so hard at getting him to crawl out of. When he finished speaking her lips curled upwards but he wouldn't have considered it a smile, more like the face a cat makes when it comes across prey. She sidled up alongside him, making him once more aware of how very naked they both were and before he could escape her hand dove into his lap. He froze as she gripped his cock which, to his surprise, quickly began to stiffen in her grasp. She slowly pumped him back up to an aching erection as she leaned in so she could whisper into his ear.

"That's why they call it a quickie Marco," her voice was practically a purr oozing with the promise of sexual debauchery and it sent a shiver down his spine. "Now how about we hit the shower?"

"O-o-okay, you go first and I’ll be right behind you," he said before flinching as Star's grip tightened. "I mean it, I just have to grab a couple things, you'll like them, I swear," he added hurriedly as she scrutinized him with narrowed eyes.

Star finally relented and somehow vaulted herself off his bed from a sitting position. As she left she glanced sultrily back at him while swaying her hips provocatively. Marco waited until she was through the door that connected to the bathroom before he leapt to his feet and rushed to his dresser. He pulled open a drawer of neatly organized and folded socks and shoved his arm in up to the elbow. He fumbled blindly for a moment as his hand batted bundled socks out of the way before reaching the back of the drawer and the prized bundle that was taped to the rear wall.

He'd never thought he'd actually be needing these things so soon but for once no one could laugh at the 'Safe Kid' for being prepared for anything. Clutching the bundle in one hand he grabbed Star's night shift and panties as well as his discarded pajamas in the other. Even with the knowledge that his parents weren't home Marco couldn’t help but peer cautiously into the hallway to double check for any sign of danger. Despite the coast being as clear as it could possibly get he hurried across the span of his room and practically slammed the bathroom door shut as if he had just narrowly escaped being caught.

"There you are, I was just beginning to think you were going to chicken out on me," Star said as she stepped away from the shower which was already filling the bathroom with steam. "What's that there?"

She gestured to the bundle in his hand which Marco gladly dropped their clothes to the floor to reveal. It was a simple black cloth bag with a drawstring, something one might hold dice in if they were of the geekier persuasion. Marco pulled from the bag a bottle branded 'J-Z Jelly Personal Lubricant' and a bunch of connected square packages with a Viking helmet logo and the words 'Pillager's Pride' underneath it.

Marco proudly held them out for Star to observe but she clearly missed the importance of these items as one eyebrow arched questioningly.

"What are they?"

Marco's excitement deflated a little at her lack of understanding, "They're marital aids, not that we're getting married or that they help us to get married, and technically these are contraceptives and this is an intimacy aid-"

"Marco! Speak English!" Star yelled as she forcibly grabbed him by the shoulders to cut short his rambling.

"They help with sex," Marco said rather lamely, feeling the moment slipping away just a little at the cultural speed-bump.

"Oooh," Star said as understanding dawned on her before flashing Marco a naughty smile. "So what was Mr. Safe Kid doing with these sorts of things anyway?"

Marco swallowed heavily as Star stepped closer until their bodies were just shy of pressing together, making him wonder how not quite touching could be so much more thrilling than having her pressed against him.

"Well, I, uh, I did help organize Safe Sex Awareness Day at school, you know me, safety first and all that. These were just some of the things they were showing kids to make sure they were aware of them and, um, at the end of the day they just happened to fall into my backpack."

"Marco, what an incredibly naughty thing to do," Star said softly, her lips teasingly close to his. "Since I missed this Sex Day why don't you give me a lesson?"

Marco moaned softly as Star managed to make one of his favorite things sexy, educating people on safety.

"Well, these are condoms and like I said they're contraceptives, which means they help prevent pregnancies."

"Really?" Star asked, taking an unexpected interest in the small packages and grabbing them out of his hand to examine them more closely. "How do they work? Are they enchanted rings that keep the wearer from becoming pregnant? Do they protect virginity as well?"

Marco quirked an eyebrow at her last question and his lips pursed as he almost asked one of his own before quashing the urge and explaining, "They're a cover that a man wears to prevent getting a woman pregnant and to answer that last question, no not really."

"Oh," Star said, sounding more than a little disappointed. Marco could only think that she had expected it to be a little more magical, she was often convinced that Earth was more magical than it seemed. "Well, that's nice and all but we won't be needing them," she said as she dropped them on the sink counter.

Marco had to pause to make sure he had heard her correctly and then his brain had to do a gymnastic triathlon trying to figure what that meant. Did she want to go bareback? Were they just going to do more oral sex? Manual stimulation? Was anal on the table of possibilities? Finally he worked up the nerve to ask, "And, uh, why is that exactly?"

Star flashed him a smile that was far too innocent considering they were both naked and discussing their next sexual activity, "Because you're going to fuck me in the ass."

The gears in Marco's brain screeched to a halt as 'Anal Sex' on the Board of Sexual Possibilities lit up like the 4th of July and confetti rained down inside his head. Outwardly Marco was dumbfounded and stared at Star in slack-jawed surprise.

"Bu-wha?" was the only thing he could manage.

"Marco, I'm a princess, remember? I have to remain a 'virgin' until I get married," Star said, strangely adding air quotes to the word virgin as well. "That doesn't mean I have to be chaste or have no fun at all. And it definitely doesn't mean there's a magical spell placed on me that keeps me from having normal sex until I meet my one true love," she added the last bit rather hurriedly and then brushed it off with a forced laugh before slipping the bottle of lube out of his hand. "So what does this stuff do?"

"It, uh, it reduces friction, allowing for a smoother entrance and also creates what is described as a warm, tingling sensation that enhances pleasure," Marco said, reciting bits of the description on the bottle by rote as his brain still tried to play catch up.

Star was once more intensely interested, her face lighting up as she held the lube in both hands, "So it's like a potion? Awesome!"

With that she grabbed Marco's hand and began dragging him towards the shower, only pausing when she caught him picking up the condoms as he passed them.

"Marco, I thought we didn’t need those?"

"Technically we don't but there's more to safe sex than just avoiding pregnancies Star. There are diseases, of which I am sure you have none, and bodily fluids that aren't meant to mix," Marco said, trying not to cringe as he realized how unattractive everything he said sounded.

Just as he had convinced himself that he had killed the mood entirely Star leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, catching him completely off guard.

"What was that for?" he couldn’t help but ask as he raised a hand to his cheek.

Star flashed him a smile, "Because I should have known that when I playfully asked you to teach me you would actually try to teach me. And that's great because when you do that it means you really care. It's one of the things I love about you."

Marco blinked in surprise as the "L" word popped out of Star's mouth and for a moment his heart began to race in complete defiance of his earlier reasoning. His mind quickly lassoed his raging emotions and made the rational argument that the word to focus on was 'about', it was one of the things she loved about him.

'Five whole letters between "love" and "you", might as well be a million,' he reasoned. Wait, why did that thought make him sad?

'Get your head in the game Marco!' his libido suddenly raged, sounding not unlike an overly aggressive gym teacher. 'An otherworldly princess wants to fool around with you in a completely noncommittal fashion and you're analyzing the semantics of a compliment? '

"So why don't you show me how a condom works?" Star asked enticingly, snapping Marco back into the moment and vanquishing his internal argument.

He flashed her a nervous smile as he pulled a package apart from the others and ripped it open along an edge. She peered closely at the transparent material as Marco removed it fully and cocked her head to the side at the compressed ring in his hand.


"Yeah, unless you get some really strange ones they're not much to look at," Marco said as a notion took hold of him. He leaned in and whispered in Star's ear, the otherworldly princess face going from curious to pleasantly surprised.

"I knew you had a naughty streak in you," she said gleefully as she took the condom and sank to her knees. Marco almost couldn’t believe his eyes as she took him in one hand, stroking him back to full erection easily, and carefully placing the condom so it rested in her mouth, held in place delicately by forming an 'o' with her lips. Marco braced himself with one hand on the wall as Star guided his cock to her mouth and sucked in air as she docked his cockhead against the condom. With an impressive display of oral dexterity she was able to take him in her mouth while perfectly deploying the latex contraceptive along his manhood. His knees nearly buckled beneath him as Star reached the base of his shaft and then slowly pulled back, all the while making playful eye contact with him.

"Gah, those things taste funny, and not in a good way," she said after his cock bobbed free of her mouth. Marco helped Star to her feet and couldn’t help but smile as she pulled him towards her as she backed into the shower.

The steam enveloped both of them as they entered the stall, a glistening sheen adhering to every inch of them. The water splashed their feet as Star leaned against the wall and drew Marco closer, kissing him hungrily as they pressed against each other. His hands gripped at her hips as their tongues wrestled and then one of her hands fell on his wrist, guiding him down between her legs. His fingers quickly found her clit and Star gasped and shuddered before gripping his wrist more firmly and pushing his hand down further and guiding it between her ass cheeks.

Marco paused as the realization of what they were about to do filled him with hesitation, the sensation that he was about to step off a ledge was overwhelming. And then his middle finger pressed against Star's asshole causing her to cling to him tightly as a moan reverberated through her whole body and he suddenly knew there was no going back. His finger slid inside her ass and she tensed, for a moment making him fear she'd somehow damage his digit with her sphincter but then she sighed and her body relaxed. He pressed his finger in further and almost got to the second knuckle before his position offered him no more room. He began a steady rhythm then, sliding his finger in and out to work at stretching her out little by little. Star moaned and squirmed against the wall in between bouts of clinging to Marco fiercely and nibbling at his neck while whimpers escaped her.

Marco managed to get his index finger to join his middle finger but was still encountering the same issue: reach, he couldn't get his fingers in very deep. He pulled his fingers free, rinsing them in the water stream before taking hold of Star in both hands and turning her around. Star let out a slight yelp of surprise but let Marco take the lead, eager to see him come up with a plan. Marco pressed her against the wall again but also bent her over a little so her ass was presented to him, giving it an affectionate squeeze as he reached for the bottle of lube.

A chill ran up Star's spine as Marco's fingers returned to prodding at her ass, this time coated in lubricating jelly, which was startlingly cold. She panted and moaned as Marco worked his fingers deeper into her, spreading them little by little to stretch her open further. Soon the lube's special quality began to take effect and Star's cries grew louder as a warmth that had nothing to do with the shower seeped into her body.

Marco found himself devouring the sight of Star writhing from his fingers, the look of ecstasy every time he buried his digits in her ass kept him hard and throbbing. Star threw her head about as he increased his rhythm and as her golden locks flew one way and then another Marco caught sight of something he had almost forgotten about despite himself. Star's Mewberty wings flicked and stirred seemingly at random as she bit her lip to keep back a keening wail of pleasure and Marco found his free hand working its way up her back until he was caressing the narrow space between them.

"Oooh, Marco, that feels sooo nice," Star purred as tension she hadn't even been aware of suddenly began to melt away. Encouraged, Marco began massaging at the area in earnest while also slipping a third finger into her ass. The dual sensations were proving overwhelming for Star, it was all she could do to keep her knees from buckling and her fingers clawed at the shower walls to help keep her up. Marco's hand inched closer to the base of a wing and Star's cries suddenly ratcheted up an octave as she collapsed, dragging Marco down with her into a heap of limbs.

"What was that?" Marco asked as he righted himself on the floor of the shower, helping Star so she wound up on his lap.

"Uhm, Mewberty wings seem to be super sensitive. Who knew?" Star said with a contented sigh as she leaned into Marco, wiggling happily in his lap as the hearts on her cheeks pulsed rapidly.

"Wait, did you, uh, com- er, climax from just that?" Marco asked, making a mental note about the erogenous potential of Mewberty wings.

"Only a little bit and it certainly made it easier, but now I think it's time we moved on to the main event."

Marco swallowed nervously as Star moved so she was straddling him and reached past him for the bottle of lube. She drizzled some onto his cock and coated two of her fingers in more of it before setting the bottle aside and gripping the base of his dick. She slid her coated fingers into her ass as she repositioned herself over his shaft, spreading her ass open a little once they were lined up. Marco reached out and took hold of her hips, helping to ease her down. As her ass came to rest on his cock head they shared a look filled with nervous anticipation and Marco found his grip tightening as he pulled her down.

The first few inches slid in easily but then Star threw her head back as the girth of Marco's cock finally surpassed the elasticity of her asshole. Even with the condom on Marco gritted his teeth at how tightly her ass gripped his cock; he had heard that they dulled sensation but this was almost too intense and he was sure the only thing keeping him from coming again was the fact that he had come earlier. Taking a deep breath he lifted Star a little, earning a soft moan from Star that rose in volume as he pulled her back down, building a steady rhythm that had Star gasping every time his cock stretched her asshole a little more.

Star braced herself with one hand against the wall as she began to rock her hips, first matching Marco's pace and then surpassing it, all the while fingering herself with her other hand. Marco managed to keep her steady as he watched in awe and then a guttural moan escaped him as Star dropped down and sank all the way down onto his cock. Bottoming out like that made Star pause as if she had been frozen and for a moment Marco feared she'd hurt herself as she stared at the ceiling.

A tremble slowly began working its way up her body and then she suddenly slumped forward, forcing Marco to catch her. He expected her to look pained but once again she surprised him by wearing a look of drunken euphoria.

"You okay Star?"

"You're so damn big Marco," she moaned, rolling her hips in spite of what sounded like a complaint.

"Doesn't it hurt?" Marco couldn’t help but ask after her mixed signals.

"Exquisitely," she sighed, further confusing him.

"Do you want me to take over?" he asked after he realized she seemed quite content to sit there atop him.

"Would you? I can't move my legs."

Marco resisted the urge to shake his head as he wrapped an arm around Star and used the other to grab the safety railing he had insisted his parents install years ago. With a grunt of effort he pulled them off the ground and transitioned his grip to supporting Star, all while still keeping her fully impaled on his cock.

"My hero," she said with a giggle and a quick kiss.

"Do you think you can stand?" he asked, a hint of strain in his voice. With a quick nod from Star he lowered her until her feet touched the ground which, much to both their disappointment, pulled him free of her ass. Star clung to him momentarily before he spun them both around while also turning Star so her back was to him. His arms wrapped around her and she welcomed the embraced, especially as one of his hands found its way to the folds of her pussy and began massaging her from bottom to top. She moaned and writhed in his grasp, only shaken from her reverie when she felt something bump into her hand. She looked down to find Marco trying to hand her the bottle of lube.

"Pour some in my hand," he said softly in between kisses up and down her neck. Star obliged him and then gasped as his hand joined the other between her legs, applying a healthy coating of the cold lube to her petals before slipping behind her and prodding her asshole again. Star moaned and pawed at Marco as he fingered both her holes, her cries growing sharper as the lube worked a cold fire into her flesh. She could feel another orgasm building, her body growing taught with its impending release when Marco suddenly stopped. She tried to look at him but found herself flailing for balance as Marco repositioned her until she was bent over again. Before she could complain she felt Marco's cock press against her ass and any protests died on her tongue as he slid inside her once more.

She clawed at the walls of the stall again as Marco began a slow pace, driving her crazy as inch after inch penetrated her until she was completely full. His slow pull out had her squirming and whining keenly.

"Harder, Marco, harder," she begged, feeling his grip on her hips tighten in response before she got her wish. The sound of their bodies roughly colliding filled the shower stall as Marco thrust against Star with vigor. His pace was still slow but every time his hips met her ass powerful jolts of pleasure coursed through her. She bit her lip as it quickly became all she could do to stay standing as every thrust felt like a collision, threatening to knock her off her feet. Then Marco made it even harder for her as one hand came off her hip and slipped between her legs, fingering her slowly as his thumb rapidly flicked her clit.

Star never stood a chance against all of that after being so close to orgasm only a little while ago. She screamed as her body was overwhelmed with pleasure, her Mewberty enhanced senses making the climax so intense her body locked up as the world went away momentarily. For Marco, her orgasm nearly scared him out of his skin, her scream was unlike anything he had ever heard but it hadn't frightened him, if anything it was the sound of undiluted pleasure and its was infectious, making him groan lustily as he found himself suddenly coming. No, what scared him was her stiffening and then going almost completely limp, if not for his hand between her legs he was sure she'd have folded completely in half.

"Star… you… okay?" he asked as he rode out his own orgasm, grunting with each spasm as he struggled to keep them from falling for the second time that morning. Star panted breathlessly as she slowly regained her senses, her arms pawing uselessly at the walls at first before she managed to gather enough strength to brace herself.

"I'm … fine, shit… no, I'm good… still, uhn, still coming. Oh, god Marco… are you… are you still going?"

"Are you kidding? Star, I'm done, I got nothing left," Marco said, laughing softly even as he tried to catch his breath as the full scope of what they had just done began to sink in. Surprisingly he felt no fatigue after he stopped gasping, in fact he felt rather invigorated. He pulled himself out of Star, quivering a little as her still trembling body clenched his softening cock periodically

 For Star, the feeling of his penis, even limp as it was, dragging along her walls set off another euphoric wave of sensations that robbed her of what little composure she had. Marco had to use both hands to keep her from falling and then slowly lowered her to the floor so she was reclining against the rear wall of the stall. She managed to pull herself to the corner so she needn't worry about falling over and waved Marco off as he watched her cautiously. She flashed him an appreciative, if lopsided, smile as she leaned her head back and basked in the intoxicating bliss still coursing through her body.

Moments later she cracked her eyes open at the sound of water splashing and found herself treated to the sight of Marco scrubbing himself down. She bit her lip at the sight of his dusky skin and toned body, tracing the pathways carved out of the suds all over his body by the water. As he turned to rinse of his back her eye were drawn to his crotch and the swaying of his cock. Even flaccid the sight was enough to stoke the embers of lust within her, causing her to squeeze her legs together lest she work herself into another frenzy, which she wasn't sure her body could physically withstand right now. She had to distract herself somehow, had to show some scrap of restraint, rare as it was for her. Her eyes bounced around the stall but always came back to Marco. Marco stretching down to wash his legs, showing off his shapely ass, Marco flexing all the lovely muscles of his back as he worked at all the small little crevices of his body, Marco running his strong hands over every inch of his smooth body.

'Wait, smooth?' Star asked herself, the odd detail suddenly jumping out at her. "Marco… you're completely hairless?"

Marco froze, twisting to face Star as his cheeks turned a deep crimson. Despite everything that had just happened he was suddenly very bashful again, shrinking in on himself.

"I-uh-I've been thinking about joining the swim team?" he said evasively, lacking any sort of conviction. Star raised an eyebrow and fought back a small smile as she decided to play along.

"That's great Marco. You'll look so good in one of those teeny little swimsuits in front of the whole school, I bet Jackie will be beating other girls off to get at you."

Marco cheeks grew darker as his mind played one social nightmare after another. Finally he closed his eyes and exhaled heavily in defeat. "Okay, the truth is I… I don't like body hair, on me mostly," he confessed, his gaze dropping as if he had just confessed to a terrible crime.

Star stared at him for a moment before a snorting laugh escaped her, "Marco, you do realize your dad is like the hairiest guy around, right? Doesn't that mean you're going to a bit on the hairy side?"

A grimace twisted his faced as his arms hung at his side in a dejected manner, "Please don't remind me. I don't get how my mom finds it attractive, it's like having a shag carpet glued to you."

Star smirked as she pulled her legs up so she could rest her chin on her knees, "I think it's because all that hair gives a guy an animalistic quality, it's like having grizzly bear in bed.

"Aaaannnd that image is now stuck in my head, thanks for that Star," Marco said with a rueful shake of his head as he turned back to face the shower.

With her lustful desire finally contained Star watched contently as Marco finished washing himself, her mind turned to how she could help her truly amazing bestie as she gathered her strength. The speedos the swim team wore wasn't that bad an idea but how would she get Marco to willingly display himself? A scheme began to form in her mind that had her grinning toothily, which quickly caught Marco's attention.

"Everything okay Star?" he asked as he stepped closer only to jump back as Star leapt to her feet and dashed out of the shower. "Hey be careful, you could slip and hurt yourself!" he yelled after her before pulling the stall door closed before water began spilling onto the bathroom floor.

Star ran heedless of his warning, sprinting to her room and leaping over a pile of sleeping laser puppies as she dove onto her bed. For a moment she disappeared in a sea of blankets but then her arm emerged, victoriously clutching her wand. With prize in hand she darted back into the bathroom, scooping up the condoms as she passed the sink. Marco watched her intently through the steamy glass as she held her wand aloft and it shone with dazzling light. After he had blinked away the spots in his vision he saw that she had transformed her wand into a marker, which had to be the most mundane thing he'd seen her do with it yet, and began writing on the strip of condoms. Once she had finished she sauntered up to the glass door and pressed the packages to the glass, letting him see that she had written a 'J' on the top condom and numbered the rest one through five in descending order.

"Okay, what does all that mean?" Marco asked, feeling rather clueless despite racking his formidable mind.

"You are going to start making some real attempts to get Jackie's attention, mister, and when you do you are going to use that condom on top to give her the most mind blowing orgasm she's ever had."

"What?! Then what are one through five for?" Marco asked incredulously, his brow knitting in worried confusion.

"Well I know you can't help but plan, you're not really the spontaneous sort, so those are like stepping stones."

"Stepping stones?"

"Yeah, like having an actual conversation with Jackie, or hanging out with her, maybe even a date. Y'know, some progress," Star said, sounding like everything she said made perfect sense.

"And what do I do with them?"

"We use them for more practice so you're a sexual dynamo for Jackie, but only after you've made an effort to get to know her better. These are not for pity sex," Star said matter-of-factly.

Marco stared at Star, his eyes narrowed as he tried to understand, "Let me get this straight, you want to reward me with sex every time I get closer to dating Jackie?"

"Yeah, it's brilliant isn't it?" Star said in a rather self-congratulatory manner.

"You want to encourage me to get a girlfriend by having sex with me?"

"Uh huh," Star said, clearly waiting for him compliment her on her genius.

Marco pursed his lips as several thoughts struggled for dominance in his head.  Finally one question just wouldn't go away until he asked, "So the sex is just sex, right?"

"Of course silly," Star said as she stepped back into the shower, passing Marco so she stood under the water. "You want to be with Jackie and I can't wait to get my hands on Oscar but since we're not in relationships with either of them yet it's not like we're being unfaithful. Can you wash my back? Oh and be careful around my wings?"

For a moment Marco was stunned by Star's rationale, he couldn’t decide if it was strangely mature or just plain crazy. He absentmindedly took the sponge she handed him and began scrubbing her shoulders. Star sighed as his strong hands worked their way from one shoulder to the other while the cogs in Marco's head struggled to turn.

"But we're not in a relationship, right?" Marco couldn't help but ask and the worst part about it was that he wasn't sure what he wanted the answer to be.

"Of course we are," Star immediately came back with, making Marco's heart skip a beat. "We're besties."

Marco was glad Star had her back to him so she couldn't see his face skew as a mix of emotions boiled in his gut. On one hand he wanted to be with Jackie more than anything, but on the other, the idea that this wonderful thing he and Star had just shared meant nothing to her crushed some small part his soul.

'But that's not exactly true is it?' his rational mind countered. 'She had fun and wanted you to have fun too, which you did. You're just mad that she loves you but isn't in love with you. What you need to remember is that your teenage hormones are making you think you're falling in love with her. It may not be the way you would have intended to win Jackie over but your way hasn't exactly been working in case you haven’t noticed.'

As he mentally berated himself his hands slowly slipped down Star's back, forgetfully rubbing along her wings. Star's whole body tensed as it felt like electricity coursed through every fiber of her being while she was simultaneously plunged into frozen waters. It wasn't so much a moan that escaped her as a struggling, desperate need for a reprieve that her mind was too stunned to formulate. Her gurgling cry of distress finally brought Marco back into the moment and his hands sprung away from Star's back, causing her to sag and almost drop to her knees.

"Marco… make a note… no touching wings after sex," she managed get out between gasps for air. Marco tried to reach for her but found himself pausing just short, fearing that he'd somehow mess things up again. He was about to back up and leave when she reached out behind her and latched onto his hand, using him to steady herself as she stood up straight. When she turned to face him he was shocked to see her smiling.

"You're… okay?"

"Pfft, of course I'm alright," she said as she brushed strands of wet hair out of her face. "But if you touch my wings again I might reflexively break your arm."

"Fair enough," Marco said as he mentally chided himself once more. Too often when he thought of Star as a princess this image of someone who was made of glass with delicate sensibilities appeared in his head. But from the day they met she had constantly proved to be tougher and stronger, both physically and mentally, than he had been willing to give her credit for. It suddenly made him realize that Jackie wasn't the only girl he needed to make progress with. "Willing to let me finish your back?"

Star's smile turned sultry as she turned back around with a suggestive swivel of her hips. This time he was most attentive as he scrubbed her back, skirting her wings carefully except for a few playful strokes to elicit a gasp or pleasurable shudder from Star. The change in Marco, though subtle, did not escape Star, he was almost as confident as when they had started their playful morning. Once he was finished she stepped back under the water, turning to Marco and beckoning him to her playfully with one finger. Their lips met under the warm water and they were quickly working themselves into another frenzy when Marco's ear pricked up and he suddenly pulled back, leaving Star looking at him with eyes half closed.

"What is it?"

Marco was quiet before his eyes widened in alarm and he reached past Star to shut off the water.

"That was the front door! My parents are home!" he whispered in a panic.

Without hesitation Star ducked past Marco and darted about the bathroom, grabbing up her wand, clothes, the condoms, and the lube before slipping through her door. For his part Marco was trying not to rush lest he miss something that might expose their morning tryst, like the discarded condom in the shower stall. He gingerly picked up the used contraceptive and grabbed a towel as he stepped out of the shower. He cast his gaze around the room for a method of disposal that wouldn't allow his parents to potentially come across it but shot down everything until his eyes alit on the toilet. He knew it wasn't proper but this was an emergency so in went the condom and as it circled the bowl he grabbed his clothes.

"Marco? Are you done with the shower?" he heard his mother call up to him. He wrapped the towel around his waist as he made it to his bedroom door.

"Yeah. Where have you guys been all morning?"

"A five mile run!" his father enthusiastically answered as he bound up the stairs in jogging clothes that were thoroughly drenched in sweat. "It was incredibly invigorating!"

Before Marco could come up with a response there was a blast that shook the whole house and Star's door was thrown open by a wave of water that carried the otherworldly princess into the hallway. She was dressed in her signature blue dress and striped stockings and soaked from head to toe.

"Sorry about the mess Mr. Diaz, that spell did not work the way I thought it would!" Star called out cheerfully as she picked herself up. "Also I think I used up all the hot water by accident."

"That's okay Star," Mr. Diaz said with his usual unflappable enthusiasm. "A brisk shower sounds perfect right now!"

As his dad made his way to the master bathroom in their bedroom Marco flashed Star a smile and mouthed a 'thank you' to her. She gave him two thumbs up and whispered, "Anything for my bestie."




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