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“Bart, go faster! Mom and dad will be home any second!”

Lisa and Bart have been taking more risks lately, and today was no different. Ever since they learned about sex and their feelings for each other, both of them have been hiding their relationship from their parents.

“I’m going as fast as I can, Lisa. I’m exhausted. Roll on top if you think you can go faster.”

Lisa never was able to achieve an orgasm due to Bart always finishing too soon, although she has come close a few times. Hoping this time would be different, she decided to take Bart’s advice and tried her hand on being on top.

“Oh my GOD, Lisa! The view and the feelings are so much better like this! Please, don’t stop!”

It was rare for Bart to say ‘please’, but Lisa had only a few seconds to process what he said before she heard a car door slam outside the house and Marge yelling “Kids, we’re home!” in her familiar raspy voice.

“OH NO! Mom and dad are home! What will they say if they see us like this?”

“That doesn’t seem to bother you too much, Lisa. You haven’t stopped, that is...”

Bart was right. Lisa was still going fast and strong, and the fact that their parents are home excited her and made her feel something building up inside her. Something she had never felt before. Something she wanted to keep feeling.

“Lisa, you need to stop! Stop now! Mom is…”


“Kids, did you hear me?” Marge said as she opened the Bart’s room door. “Your father and I are home.”

Bart on his bed, reading a comic and Lisa on the floor, with her saxophone in hand. It all looks normal here, thought Marge. After Marge left, it was Lisa that spoke first.

“That was close, Bart. It’s a good thing I suggested we leave most of our clothes on this time. But, now I want you, more than I ever had before.”

“Well, we can’t do anything until after mom and dad go to bed. Maybe tonight, around midnight, we can go up to my treehouse and do it again. And maybe this time you can be on top the entire time, and we can do it completely naked. What do you think, Lisa?”

“Okay Bart, but we have to be really quiet or we might wake up Ned next door, and I don’t have any money to pay him off like last time.”




“Maybe if I’m a good neighbor-eeno, Homer will finally give me back all my stuff he has borrowed over the years. I don’t think he will mid me getting my mower back from his garage. After-all, it is mine.”

Ned Flanders is your ‘all around good neighbor’. Loaning most of what he has to his next-door neighbor, Homer Simpson, he never bothers too much about getting back. Only when he needs it himself.

As Ned goes to the garage to ‘borrow back’ his mower, he hears something suspicious. Moaning, gasping, heavy breathing, and grunting. “Oh no! Did something happen to Homer or Marge, and now they need help?” Opening the garage, Ned was not prepared for what he saw.


Lisa and Bart were lying on the garage floor, naked. Bart on top of Lisa. Doing what should only be done after marriage and under God’s watch.

“Mr. Flanders?! Um, what are you doing here? *Bart, get off me already*”

‘WHAT IN THE GOOD LORD’S NAME ARE YOU TWO DOING?! That is something you should only do, after marriage, in the watchful eyes of God and Jesus!” (See, told you)

“Uh…um…Look Flanders, what we do is none of your business or the business of your God. We will do what we want, without having to be bothered by what you think or say. You are not our Homer.”

“You better be careful, Bart. Ned is an adult and might tell mom and dad.”

“You are right, Lisa. I ‘might’ tell Marge and Homer. Then what do you think you will do then? Surely not what you were doing.”

“Buzz off Flanders. Maybe mom and Homer know what we do, and don’t care. Hell, maybe they join us. Maggie too!”

“Blasphemy! I think I’ll call Marge right now and just see if she does know what is going on.”

“Mr. Flanders, please don’t. Don’t tell. I…er, we, will pay you, or do chores for you, or something. Just please don’t tell.”

Both Ned and Bart looked at Lisa in disbelief. Lisa was bribing someone! She never bribes anyone.

“I’ll tell you what, Lisa: You and Bart get Homer to give me back all the things he borrowed, give me $250 so I can get my Lefty Moustache Comb, and I won’t tell.”

“Okay, Ned. We have no choice, Bart. We have to.”

“Oh, and one more minor, tiny little diddly…Finish making love in front of me.”

*Both Bart and Lisa* “WHAT?!”

“You heard me. Now stop with the talking, and get on with the diddling.”


*******end flashback*******


Bart and Lisa make it up to Bart’s treehouse. Lisa went up first, to give Bart an extra-special view of her bare lower-half. Once inside, they strip off their clothes and Bart lays himself down.

“Okay Lisa, now we can finish what we started. Prepare your Diddly-Hole for my Dingly-Dangly-Diddly-Ding-Dong!”

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