Head Games - Princess Jasmine

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Head Games : Princess Jasmine

An Erotic Fanfic

Chapter 3

Disclaimer : This is a work of erotic fiction aka smutty porn. I do not own or claim ownership of or make any profit off of any of the characters or other elements contained within the story. This work is intended for adult readers only and contains graphic adult content and strong language. If such material offends you then please do not continue.

Author’s Notes : The suggestion of Princess Jasmine came from sluttyharuka. I’ve long thought of writing something featuring her and am happy to have her join the Head Games series. I’ve received lots of great suggestions for characters so far. I will be alternating chapters of Head Games with other stories going forward so I don’t burn myself out on blowjob fics (as if that was possible!) but I can confirm I plan to eventually hit several more of the current pool of suggestions including Harley Quinn & some Evangelion characters among others.

Princess Jasmine was very cross with her daddy, the Sultan, at the moment. He had had the gall to replace the palace guard responsible for ensuring she remained on the grounds of the palace at all times. Just because she had learned to bribe the previous one into letting her slip off the grounds incognito with a bit of her father’s gold. She was a young woman, a pretty one at that, that needed to get out and see the sites time and again. Now the stalwart new guard kept watch over her like a hawk and had even been warned ahead of time against her attempts at bribery.

She had tried everything by this point. Food, money, jewels, nothing seemed to sway the old goat. Stealth wasn’t any help either. He seemed to have a sixth sense for when she was going to try and slip out undetected. The furthest she had gotten was to a secret door that lead outside where he had promptly been waiting to send her back to her room.

Now the pretty young princess was sprawled out on her huge luxurious bed atop soft silken sheets thinking of another possible approach to the problem. It was as she lay there that a certain conversation came back to her. On one of her secret visits into town she had shared a table with a wily old brothel owner. They had revealed to her a secret they had learned long ago. A way to win over any man, at least any straight one. Jasmine practically leaped out of her bed as the memory returned to her. Without delay she scrambled off to find him.

When he saw Jasmine heading his way the guard immediately knew something was up. His watchful eyes took her all in at a glance. Jasmine was stunning it was true, with her long silky black hair back in its usual ponytail and the blue gold-set gem sitting atop it on her silken blue headband. Her big brown olive shaped eyes were fixed on him giving a look that one might call seductive. The golden ornaments dangling from her ears and around her neck reflected the soft lamp light off her dusky skin in a most alluring way. Much of that skin was on display as she wore her usual blue top which did not cover her shoulders or most of her arms. The top of her youthful perky breasts were on display, as was her fit midriff beneath the revealing top. Her hips were extremely curvy which was evident where her blue silk harem pants clung tightly to them before loosening up further down her legs.

The princess had always been a stunning beauty but it wasn’t merely her appearance that had the loyal guard on alert as she approached. No, it was her movements that cause him to raise an eyebrow at her approach. Jasmine was moving with a seductive grace he had never seen the princess display previously. The way she swayed her hips exaggeratedly from side to side with one hand resting there. Her other hand playing with her ponytail. The come hither eyes and way her lips almost seemed to quiver as she approached him had an unexpected reaction on the guard as he suddenly felt unseasonably warm. Finally Jasmine reached where he stood and looked up into his eyes.

“I want to talk to you about letting me sneak out of the palace.”

“Absolutely not princess. Your father would have my head if I were to do that.”

“Daddy wouldn’t even need to know. It would be our secret.”

“I can’t abandon my duty princess. I’m sorry.” At that Jasmine turned around as if she was going to walk away. Instead however she backed up and pressed her perfect juicy ass right up against his crotch. She could feel his cock was already mostly erect as it prodded against her. She ground her backside up against him feeling it grow harder as she teased.

“You said daddy would have your head if you let me go outside but I’ll give you head if you play along.”

“Wh…what?” He was utterly flabbergasted by her new tactic. He had not expected the princess of Agrabah to try anything so base as this. Jasmine turned back to face him. He practically groaned aloud at the sudden loss of her sexy ass against his cock. She lowered herself to her knees before him and pressed her beautiful face up against his crotch now. Gripping his hips with her hands she rubbed his still clothed but fully erect member against her face.

“Imagine it. My soft lips wrapped around your mighty pole. My wet tongue caressing you. The forbidden pleasure of being serviced by a princess.” As she spoke she licked up along his pants where she could feel his cock pressing against her face.

This last act of seduction was more than he could take. His resistance shattered. Jasmine watched him nod his ascent. She wasted no time. With her hands already on his hips she tugged his black pants down and was rewarded with the sensation of a thick meaty cock slapping down across her face. His masculine scent filled her nostrils. The princess looked up at him with a coy seducing gaze though only one eye was visible to him due to the other being hidden behind his erect member.

“It’s so big and hard. Have you been harboring lustful thoughts for your princess all this time?” As she spoke, her words soft and silken and edged with desire, she gently took hold of his shaft with one dainty hand and began to stroke his length. At the same time her lips slipped down to his balls and she began to suck gently upon one of them. When she took the entire orb into her mouth he groaned as he felt her tongue began to tease the tender flesh. He could scarcely believe that this was happening, that Jasmine was on her knees before him swallowing his sword as it were. Seeing the beautiful young princess kneeling before him as she pleasured him with her mouth was like a dream made reality.

Jasmine took care to alternate from one ball to another as she stroked up and down his length with one hand. Droplets of precum had begun to escape the tip of his cock and she could feel them dripping down onto her forehead. She began to lick a wavy trail along the underside of his shaft moving her tongue from side to side as she worked her way towards the tip of his prick. When she reached the base of his mushroom shaped head she opened her mouth, her tongue still touching his cock-head, and gripping at the base of his shaft she worked her hand down along his length forcing the precum out and straight onto her tongue. All the while she continued to gaze straight up into his eyes letting him see the Princess of Agrabah as she tasted of his fluids.

It was at that sight that he moved from mere receiver to active participant. Reaching out with one powerful limb he grabbed a handful of her dark hair. Jasmine’s hands felt to her silk clad knees as she continued to look up at him. With no further warning he pulled her forward, his cock vanishing into her still wide open mouth. The violent thrust made her gag as she felt his cock pound at the entrance to her throat on the very first trip.

“I wonder if your father knows what a whorish trollop his daughter has grown up to be?” He sneered lustily at her as he enjoyed the wet sensation of her mouth wrapped around his cock. The tanned skin of Jasmine’s face turned a shade darker as she blushed at the words. No one had ever dared spoken to her in such a manner and she realized immediately that it excited her. Egged on by his taunting question she ran her tongue skillfully along the underside of his cock as he began to thrust in and out of her mouth at a rapid pace. She quickly began to learn to avoid gagging as he invaded her throat deeper and deeper. His hairy balls, still wet with her saliva, began to slap against her chin as she deep throated his entire length. The entire time she continued to gaze up into his eyes as he face fucked her roughly.

“Do you like the feel of a hard cock in your slutty throat my princess?” Her palace guard had quite seemed to have forgotten himself in the moment as he enjoyed himself. Again Jasmine felt a tingling of excitement at being treated so lewdly. If anything it made her suck harder, her lips wrapped so tightly around his shaft that they pulled on each trip back up his length. This kept up for a few minutes before he pulled his cock entirely from between her lips.

When he did so saliva strings dangled from his rock hard member. Some still connected her lips to his prick as he pulled away. Jasmine gasped for breath but already she missed the sensation of his thick fuck-stick in her mouth and throat. There was something intensely erotic about the moments when his cock reached the point where it blocked her ability to breath. Combined with the way he was speaking to her Jasmine felt a tingling sensation of arousal and a moistening in her pussy. As she continued to look up at him she licked her lips collecting the oozing saliva that coated them.

His entire length glistened with her spit as it proudly thrust out towards her. Taking his member in one hand he slapped it across her face with a wet thud. “What a slutty princess you are. Swallowing my cock like some common street whore. If that’s what you want to act like then that’s how I’ll treat you!” He slapped his cock against her face again. It left slick spots behind as the copious saliva coating his member struck her face. The beautiful princess knelt there, face upturned, feeling his hard wet cock slap against her skin time and again. Each new degradation was increasing her arousal. Unable to stand it any longer she slid a hand into the waistband of her silken pants and began to eagerly stroke her wet slit.

Content with the humiliation he had delivered to her the guard’s cock ached once more to feel the wet tightness of her throat. Pressing his tip to her lips Jasmine eagerly licked around the plump tip of his prick before opening wide and allowing him to slide back in. Once more he began to piston roughly into her throat sending up a sound of wet clicks and occasional gags as she took his entire length inside her. Again his balls banged against her chin and the coarse curly hairs at the base of his cock teased her nose and lips as she swallowed every single inch of him. The crotch of Jasmine’s silken slacks turned a darker shade of blue as her nectar seeped out of her and soaked them.

Her tongue was all over his cock as it slid in and out ever faster and harder. Her soft lips stretched around it the entire length from base to tip as her head bobbed back and forth at high speed. Even the grizzled guard had limits, within moments he could feel the eruption was inevitable. Tugging back on her ponytail he pulled free from between her lips and with the aid of his free hand he pointed his throbbing erection at her upturned face. Jasmine gasped for breath once more, eyes wide open as she watched his orgasm explode outwards.

Jets of creamy white cum surged forth through the air from the tip of his member. As the first of them struck her dusky skin she could feel the warmth of the virile seed upon her face. Ropey strands of semen splashed across her cheeks. A jet catching her on the nose quickly dripped down across her lips and chin and filled her nostrils with its earthy odor. A gout of cream went high and she could feel the thick sticky goo mess her hair. Jizm ran down her forehead in rivulets joining the cum on her nose and cheeks or getting stuck in a gooey mess in her thick dark eyelashes. When she blinked it formed cummy strands across her field of vision. By now her eyes were closing somewhat as she reached her own orgasm. Letting out a mewling moan she came to the plastering of her face with his semen. Her juices sprayed out positively soaking her pants as she knelt there upon the floor. As they climaxed together he deposited several more shots of jizz across her pretty face till she could feel it everywhere.

As the last of his load dripped out onto her smooth bare shoulder he surveyed his princess. Her face was a mess of cum and saliva. In some places the thickest of the spunk clung in white gooey patches or ropey strands. Elsewhere the thin layer formed a slick shiny coat which covered much of the rest of her face. She continued to look up at him with eyes wanton with desire and lust through the cum strands lacing her eyelashes. His seed that had spilled down her chin coated her slender neck and ran all the way down to the tops of her tits. Her pants were drenched now and she knelt in a pool of her own fluids.

Jasmine licked her lips, desiring a taste of his creamy gift. Slowly she rose to her feet though her knees wavered as she stood there. The princess placed her hands upon his chest to steady herself. He cleared his throat as he tried to remember his place after what he had just experienced.

“Well then. I suppose you’ll want me to help you escape the palace for a while then.” After making sure the princess was able to stand on her own he hitched up his pants.

“Eventually. Right now though I think you’d better return me to my bedroom. After all, don’t you think you’d better punish me for conduct unbecoming of a princess? I’m sure you can come up with something appropriate to punish me for being a naughty little whore.” As she spoke she had turned away and begun to rub her luscious ass up against him as she had done before.

“I’ve got a better idea. Punishments really should be handed out in the dungeon. I know just the right quiet little corner where we won’t be disturbed.”

“Oh my.” Jasmine’s mind immediately ran to the numerous chains and manacles down in the dungeon. “As you wish my captor.” She led the way to the stairs, her hips swaying seductively from side to side the entire way.

The End.

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