Lisa Simpson in "Educational" Material

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It is was warm spring afternoon in Springfield; the birds were chirping joyously, the breeze blew the sweet alive scent of trees and flowers awakened from their long winter sleep and the laughter of the neighborhood children rang out adding mirth to the mixture making the day seem almost too perfect to be real.

                Evergreen Terrace wasn’t really an idyllic street at least by many or even most accounts.  Some claimed it had a persistent “pee” smell that couldn’t be explained.  Other claimed it was located in a strange position that placed it within walking distance of downtown and the local convenience store the Kwik E Mart causing it to have an odd “impossible space” kind of feeling that was off putting for many residents of Springfield.  However there remained the most often mentioned problem with Evergreen Terrace, a problem so often mentioned that the very name seemed to hang in the sky over the street in huge letters, a problem so ubiquitous that it seemed to be involved in every event, good or bad, that the city faced.

                This problem seemed small when compared to the size of Springfield as a whole, it was contained (mostly) to a single residence on this pee smelling, impossibly plotted, single street in a single town.  That building was a modest sized home, one that looks unassuming from the outside.  742 Evergreen Terrace was the home to this problem, it was home to the Simpson family.

                Today the house was mostly empty only the middle daughter was inside.  She was in the kitchen pouring glasses of lemonade and placing them on a tray to make it easier to carry.  She was humming Bach as she pours each tall glass perfectly to the same level.  There are five glasses in total on the tray and when each has been filled she returns the pitcher to the refrigerator and ceases her humming.  She carries the tray with her as she pushes through a screen door into the backyard.

                “Wow finally!”  An exasperated but not unkind exclamation greets her almost immediately.  “We thought you went to Selbyville for lemonade Lisa.”

                Four girls sat atop a blanket in the middle of the Simpson’s backyard.  The girls went to Lisa’s school, some were in her grade but most were older.  They girls were; the Twins Sherri and Terri who were as often Lisa’s adversaries as her friends today however they seemed to friends, a girl from her own class Allison with pretty long brown hair and intelligent eyes.  The last girl was Jessica Lovejoy who wasn’t even supposed to be here and whom Lisa had very mixed feelings about, she’d been one of her older brother Bart’s many short lived romantic interests and it hadn’t ended well.  The girl was trouble and Lisa knew it.

                The black haired girl hadn’t even been invited she just showed up with the twins and Lisa had been too polite to say anything.  Lisa really didn’t have many friends and she didn’t want to offend Sherri and Terri by turning away their friend so she just invited them all into the backyard for a tea party and to play with their Malibu Stacy dolls.  Jessica didn’t cause any problems and just even seemed to enjoy herself but somehow that made Lisa even more uncomfortable.

                The strange glances the Twins and Jessica had been sharing for the last hour or so hadn’t lessened the feeling that the Lovejoy girl was up to something.  She kept catching them giving each other knowing looks and little blushing grins all afternoon and when Jessica said she was thirsty then suggesting Lisa go get them something to drink Lisa was almost sure she’d return to some kind of devilry.  Upon returning she noticed nothing out of the ordinary which did a lot to make her feel better, her apprehension faded as each girl took their glass and drank deeply.

                Returning to her own spot on the blanket Lisa beginning to sip her own lemonade.  Then she noticed it, Allison gave the twins an excited look.  Jessica set her glass down with a long sigh and grabbed her nearby backpack.  Sherri began giggling and Terri soon followed suit.  Lisa didn’t know what was so funny but she was beginning to feel more uncomfortable than ever.  She was just about to ask what was so funny when Jessica cut her off only a single syllable in.

                “Okay now that everyone is here I’ve got something I want to show you girls.”  She began to unzip her backpack slowly but after only a few inches she stopped and quickly zipped it back up.  “But not here, somewhere with more…privacy”

                The Simpson’s backyard was fenced in on all sides so it was pretty private already.  The Flanders were off doing something or other and the house on the other side of perpetually uninhabited, Lisa had her theories on why neighbors would move in for a few days and then almost immediately move out again but none of them painted her family in the best light and she didn’t like to dwell on them.  Jessica’s words already were making her feeling more than a little worried and she didn’t need to thoughts about her family’s awkwardness peppering her worry with anxiety.

                Lisa looked around and saw no one at either the Flander’s place or in the empty home.  “It’s pretty private here already Jessica.  I guess we can go up to my room if you wa….”

                Jessica cut her off again with a couple quick questions.  “Does your room have a lock?  Are your parents’ home?”

                The other girls exchanged those excited glances again, Lisa fought down rising anger at getting interrupted.  She wanted to be a hostess so she didn’t let the Lovejoy girl get to her.  “Umm well there isn’t a lock and I don’t know where my parents are right now.”

                Her family has left with Bart to do something, they had told her but Lisa found it better to just ignore a lot of what happened these days.  It was just better not to know every crazy plan and strange goings on her increasingly frantic family got involved in.  She did know however they weren’t due back until after nine tonight.  She said as much and Jessica nodded.

                The black haired girl shouldered her backpack and stood, brushing the grass from her dress.  Then motioned towards the backdoor.  “Come on then girls, we’re burning daylight.”

                With that the girls migrated into the Simpson house and up the stairs all the while the four giggled and exchanged knowing looks.  Lisa was the only one left in the dark it seemed and she started to feel more and more left out with each passing second.  She opened the door to her room feeling very much like a third, or in this case fifth, wheel.  The girls filed into her room with Jessica entering last, she shut the door behind her.  Sherri and Terri took seats on Lisa bed while Allison seemed to nervously jitter from foot to foot nearby, Lisa joined the twins on her bed.  Jessica remained standing and seemed to survey the room, she found Lisa’s Laptop and brought to over to her waiting friends.

                Lisa started to protest but Jessica either didn’t notice or didn’t care.  Lisa believed the latter much more than the former, but it didn’t really bother her.  There was nothing on her laptop that would embarrass her and Jessica was surprisingly gentle with it so really she had no reason to complain.  She placed near the foot of the bed, then she closed the curtains filling the room with a somehow ominous dimness.  Jessica motioned for Allison to sit with them and she quickly joined the cluster of girls on the bed.  The bed wasn’t very big so the girls were very close together, almost too close for comfort in Lisa’s case, it felt more than a little claustrophobic.

                The raven haired girl powered up the computer before grabbing her backpack.  She began to unzip it again slowly at first but it seemed that excitement over came her sense of pageantry.  With a single quick motion she opened her bag and put a searching hand inside.  The other girls, including Lisa, leaned in to watch her intently.  She fiddled inside for just a moment, a plastic popping noise issued from inside and soon Jessica’s hand immerged, Lisa only caught a glimpse of the silver shine that could only be the bottom of a DVD, then the preacher’s daughter had already opened the disk tray of her laptop and placed it inside.  It closed in pregnant silence as each girl seemed to learn in closer, it was clear only Lisa did not know why.

                It seemed to take a million years for the DVD to load and begin playing.  The time gave Lisa a few moments to think about what might possibly be on it.  It could be anything; an R rated horror movie was the first thing that came to mind.  Lisa didn’t like scary movies they gave her nightmares and she tried to voice her concern when the title screen popped onto the screen.  It was both a million, billion times worse and an equal amount more worrying.  The title said simply: “Sexy Yellow Co-Ed Sluts 19”.  Lisa didn’t even get a second to register the title screen before Jessica hit play.

                Lisa then reacted with impressive quickness and pressed the spacebar pausing it.  It showed currently on a still image of a poorly furbished nearly empty room with a girl laying on a bed dressed in a short skirt and a belly exposing top.  She was apparently reading a thick book but even in the paused image Lisa could tell she really wasn’t.

                “This is PORNOGRAPHY!?”  Lisa nearly shouted with a mixture of anger, fear, and third emotion she wasn’t totally sure of all fighting inside her.  She felt warm and her body felt sweaty even though it was fairly cool inside her dimly lit room.

                “Duh.”  Sherri said, her sister then added. “Yeah, duh Lisa.”

                Allison remained quiet with her eyes fixated on the paused laptop, she said nothing but her body language spoke volumes she was very interested in what the Lovejoy girl had brought.  Jessica reached out to touch the space bar but Lisa grabbed her hand, the girl stopped instantly and looked up at the distressed Simpson.

                Jessica’s smile caused the strange feelings inside Lisa to jitter oddly.  “Well of course it is, I brought from home.”

                The girl’s explanation didn’t really explain anything it seemed more like a deflection or just plain dismissal of Lisa’s outrage.  “We can’t watch this!  We’re kids!  And, and it is anti-feminist!”  Lisa felt herself beginning to blush as the idea shank into her head.  She couldn’t seem to summon the proper amount of anger for the situation, sure some fury was present but that other stranger emotion seemed to dampen it to almost a fizzle.  In fact she almost wanted the video to start moving again, she felt curious and excited by the naughtiness.  She wasn’t about to admit this however.

                Jessica grinned and nudged Allison, she jolted but when Jessica motioned to Lisa the brunette began to speak almost like her lines had be practiced.  “Think of it as educational Lisa.  You have to admit you are at least a little curious.”

                “Well, I guess I am…”  Lisa felt her resistance melting away when she thought of it is as an educational video, thinking of it like that seemed to it less shameful and deep down Lisa wanted to watch the video as much any of the other girls.  “Okay, just a little maybe.”

                The Lovejoy girl didn’t waste a second she quickly pressed the spacebar and returned the video to motion.  She almost laughed out loud at how easy to all was, she’d expect goodie two-shoes Lisa to put up much more of a fight.  Jessica didn’t just sneak any porn movie out of her parents’ shockingly massive library, she’d picked this one out specifically because of the first scene and for a one later.  She memorized where that scene was and she could find it with no effort, the time would come for that but not just yet.

                The movie began to play again and it became very clear the girl wasn’t actually reading the book at all.  She had her hand down the waistband of her skirt her hand could be seen moving under the fabric, she was moaning softly with each motion.  The book was held up as camouflage because on a second bed in the same room another girl, this one dark haired and very busty was clicking away on her cellphone somehow oblivious to the sounds the other girl was making.

                Lisa couldn’t seem to take her eyes off the video and from the silence around her she was almost certain none she wasn’t alone.  None of the girls said anything, perhaps became of shame or maybe because the forbidden video held their rapt attention, as they watched the woman pull her skirt up to expose her moist, shaven slit.  The woman begins to rub herself more quickly.

                Allison is the first one to speak.  “She’s masturbating!”  The brunette explains like she is solving a rather elusive mystery.

                “Uh-huh.”  Jessica remarks not taking her eyes off the screen.

                The woman on screen continues for another minute or so with the shot switching between what her hand is doing and reaction shots of her face.  Lisa is beginning to feel that strange emotion devouring anything else she is feeling.  She isn’t even really thinking anything as she watches, it is a first for her and it feels very different not having her head buzzing with thoughts.

                “Looks like it feels good.”  Terri muses softly, her sister then adds. “Really, REALLY good.”

                Jessica grins as the trap begins to close.  The woman on the video moans licentiously but the other girl seems to either ignore it or not to notice, although the former is almost certainly the case.  Who could miss such loud moans?  Lisa thinks to herself, her eyes glued to the screen.  She’d seen her share of vaginas before; notably her own, her baby sister’s when changing diapers and her mother’s during a family bath.  Normally seeing female genitals wouldn’t have much of an effect on her but watching as the woman began to slip first one then two fingers into herself made Lisa feel warm all over, especially low down in her belly.  Sure some of that warmth was from embarrassment, being in a room filled with her friends, and sometimes enemies (it is complicated), should be at least a little shameful but there was something else to it, something she didn’t fully understand.

                The video continued for ten more minutes, the girl masturbating and the other just ignoring what was happening, although from the grin on her face she either wasn’t a very good actor or she couldn’t really ignore what was happening a scant five feet away from her.  The masturbating girl suddenly let out a long cry and went rigid her eyes closed and her rather expansive chest heaving.  Jessica hit pause as the girls in the room began to talk.

                Allison sounded bewildered but spoke first.  “What happened?”

                Sherri giggled and her sister soon joined, they were blushing deeply but they said nothing.  It was Lisa that spoke up and answered Allison’s question.  She’d read a number of old Cosmopolitan magazines from the 80s and 90s when she had been bored in the waiting room during one of her mother’s visits to the OBGYN, she knew what an orgasm was and said as much.  “She just had an orgasm” she then added. “Or faked one at least.”

                Jessica’s wicked grin grew as the girls stepped willing into her trap.  Terri asked softly “I wonder what one of those feels like.”  And it was then that the raven haired girl sprung the trap.

                “They feel like the best!”  She said in an innocent but wistful voice.  The other girls, Lisa included, were watching her raptly.

                To Jessica’s surprise it was Lisa who spoke up first, it was also to Lisa’s surprise but she couldn’t stop herself from asking.  “You’ve had one?!”  There was an edge of disbelief in her voice but also an honest question, she wanted to know shockingly badly.  She blamed the strange warmth spreading throughout her body.

                Jessica smiled faux demurely even managing a little pink blush on her yellow cheeks.  “Well…it is kind of personal.”  She pauses just long enough for Allison to begin to press the question but continues before the brunette can actually speak.  “But I’ve had lots!”

                “Wow!”  Both twins say simultaneously, eating up Jessica’s every word.  Her plan then jumps a couple steps when Sherri suddenly askes.  “Ca…can you show us how?”

                This brings shocked expressions to all the girls faces, Jessica has to act her little black heart out to mimic the emotion just right, but no one voices any concerns.  The room is tensely silent for thirty seconds, the faint and warbling sound of a lawnmower from down the street was the only thing that proved they weren’t in some kind of vacuum or that time hadn’t just decided to stop all together.

                Jessica spoke first and her calculated response slips easily from her lips, in truth she’d been preparing lines for weeks leading up to this moment, ever since she returned from the all-girls private school.  “Welllll, as long as it is just between us girls…”  She trails off, looking at each girl in turn.

                Allison’s shy smile, deep blush and rapid nod are enough of an admission of acceptance.  Terri is looking at her sister and exchanging that kind of telepathy only known to twins then Terri speaks up answering for the both of them.  “We can keep a secret, no one even knows we used to triplets and she’s out for revenge!  Oops…”

                That just left Lisa, Ms. Goody-Two-Shoes, the Moral Crusader that always felt just a little too old for her age.  Jessica is tense for the first time since she began this little game because it all hinges on Lisa.  The girl look stunned, she fiddles with the hem of her little red dress.  Her brain struggles with what she has experienced today and she fumfers.  “Well I Dunno…”  As she tries to decide.

                “Come on Lisa.”  Allison begins, then adds excitedly. “Think of it as an experiment!”

                Those words are just the push she needed.  “I have to admit I’m a little curious.”  She swallows hard and takes in a calming breath that seems to have no effect on the warm feeling that ever so slowly eats away at her logical and reasonable mind.  Why shouldn’t she be curious about her body and sex?  It is natural, right?  Normal.  Her friend’s seem to be okay with it, why should she be the outcast?  “Alright, I’m in!”

                Jessica lets out a cute giggle once Lisa is finally on board, it didn’t even take all that much peer pressure.  It makes her wonder about Lisa’s sexuality and she puts that thought away for later.  “Okay since it is just between us.  The first step is; strip!”  She gives the command and without a moment’s pause pulls her blue dress over her head, exposing her fully naked young body.  She hadn’t worn panties but none of the other girls commented on it, their attention was focused fully on her and she loved the feeling of their eyes on her naked flesh.

                The others hadn’t moved yet however they just watched as the older girl stripped with mixed expressions, mostly a kind of naughty blushing stare.  Jessica noticed only Lisa had her eyes figuratively buried in her crotch.  Lisa couldn’t take her eyes off the Lovejoy girl’s pussy and she didn’t know why.  It was pretty much the same as her own, although she noticed it was a little blushed and the vulva were slightly puffer.  Jessica noticed Lisa staring and sway her hips a little to watch the younger girl’s eyes follow her motions perfectly.  More than a little curious ain’t ya Lisa?  She thought to herself.

                Outwardly Jessica said.  “Come on girls I’m starting to get embarrassed!”  Which was a completely lie, she loved the idea of these younger girl’s gawking at her naked body it turned her on hard and she totally understood why the older girls had done the same to her at boarding school.  She felt powerful and in control.  Her voice snapped the girl out of their fugue and almost all at once they began to unbutton their clothing.

                The twins helped each other undress almost mechanically, like they did every night before bath time.  Once their dresses fell to the floor they stood there naked besides for their panties.  Jessica noticed that Terri’s were light blue and Sherri’s were a minty green.  They paused then for a moment, giggled, then pulled their panties down in a ritual likely as old as they were.  They stood nude and blushing but making no attempt to cover themselves, they had likely become used to be naked around each other so they lacked the modesty the other girls had.

                Alison was the slowest to undress because her dress was the hardest to take off and also likely the most expensive.  She turned her back to her friends as she finally managed to undo each of the buttons.  She let her dress slip off her shoulders and fall to the floor, it pooled around her ankles.  She then hopped first on her right foot and then her left as she pulled off her shoes and socks.  She folded each items carefully as she stood in her frilly pink panties, Jessica found those to be hot and let herself stare for a couple seconds.  After two false starts she finally hooked her thumbs into the waistband of said frilly pants and managed to drop them.  Without thinking she then bent over, giving Lovejoy a perfect view of her ass and vagina, to pick up her panties and add them to the carefully folded stack of clothing.

                Lisa was the last one fully dressed, not because she was afraid to get naked with her friends but because like Jessica she was watching the other girls.  Her angle allowed for a perfect view of the twins but she could only see Allison from the side.  Jessica noticed this but didn’t mention it, she only said.  “Something the matter Lisa?”

                She jumped like she’d been shocked with a Taser.  She blushed deeply and after stammering nonsense she made a half-hearted excuse.  “No, nothing’s wrong I was…um…thinking about where to put my pearls!”  She ran her finger along the necklace she wore.

                “Keep them on.”  Jessica said totally keeping the desire she felt from entering her voice.  She thought that Lisa’s pearls were sexy as hell.

                With a slow nod she began to undress.  It took her the least time, all she had to de was lift her red dress over her hand, kick off her plastic sandals and pull her panties down.  She did all this as quickly as possible but she noticed Jessica was watching her hungrily.  She should have been worried or off put but somehow the older girl’s eyes made her feel tingly and fuzzy inside.  She liked the feeling but had no idea why.

                They all stood there naked for a few minutes.  Allison was the only girl keeping her eyes to herself, she glanced at the other girls but soon felt ashamed and kept her eyes on the floor or wall as best she could.  The twins either weren’t bothered by the nudity or just so used to seeing each other naked that it didn’t faze them.   Lisa was the most torn, she wanted to look and she did but she was constantly afraid she’d be caught staring at the other girl’s privates, they’d think she was weird so she kept her glances to a minimum however she did look.

                The twins were almost stick thin.  They skin was by far the palest of the group and their little pink nipples stood out on their chests like red dots from a snipers laser sights.  Their bellies were almost as trim maybe a hint of baby fat remaining but hardly noticeable.  They were alike even between their legs their sexes were smooth, obviously hairless nearly just thin slits.  They looked the youngest even though they were in 4th grade like Jessica.  Both Lisa and Jessica noticed they were holding hands, maybe for comfort.

                Lisa had what her father once called a Simpson butt, plump and round.  She carried the most extra weight of all the girls, it had to genetic given her vegetarian diet.  She was, like her bottom, a little bit plump and round.  Not unattractive though and certainly not obese, she just held on to a little more baby fat than other girls her age.  Jessica noticed she was clearly aroused with a deeply blushing pussy and obviously hard nipples.  She looked good into nothing but socks and pearls.

                Alison was somewhere in between the twins and Lisa.  She was more athletic than the Simpson girl and it showed in total lack of belly fat and her toned shoulders, chest and arms.  Her ass was nicely rounded and it seemed to make her toned legs look all the more appealing.  She kept her hands placed firmed in front of her sex and her arms covered her chest as well, she turned out to be the most shy of all.

                After those short minutes of getting comfortable being naked with each other Jessica clapped her hands to gather attention and slid onto Lisa’s bed.  All eyes were on her as she pressed her back against the headboard and patted the mattress.  “Come on up girls don’t be shy.”

                They all took their places on the bed, it wasn’t a large bed and there was some contact.  Sherri and Terri were right up against each other and Lisa made an effort to let her arm and shoulder touch Allison although she didn’t know why.  All their eyes were on the lovely raven haired seductress at the head of the bed, their captive attention grew more intense as she slowly laid back and opened her legs at the knees, totally exposing her prepubescent pussy for all of them to see.

                She feigned shame as she slid one small hand down her tight yellow belly.  “This is how I do it.”  She says as her finger make contact with her moist vulva. “When I’m alone.

                She begins with long slowly strokes from the top of her slit down to near the entrance of her vagina, she repeats this several times.  She begins to breathe heavily, then gasp softly as each motion comes to completion.  The girls watch her as if she is the only thing in the entire universe never even seeming to blink as she begins to tease her clitoris out from its hood.  Her panting becomes low moans and a single gasp of “Yes!”

                After what seems like forever but is really only two or three minutes she brings on hand up to her mouth and gently licks her juices from her fingers.  “See, it is easy.  You girls try now, okay?”

                Surprisingly Allison is the first to take up the command, opening her legs wide no longer caring if her friends see her pussy.  She begins to pensively probe her slit for the first time.  She gasps almost at once as electric pleasure shoots through her young body, she exclaims.  “It feels SO good!”  Before letting her fingers explore more rapidly.

                Sherri and Terri exchange a quick twin glance and nod, they both begin almost in unison to rub their sexes.  Soon they are moaning in turn, first Sherri then Terri as they take pleasure in their own bodies.  Jessica watches them intently noticing that Sherri seems to prefer circling her clit where Terri teases her entrance, letting her index finger almost slip inside herself.  Watch twins playing with themselves is too sexy to take her eyes off and she nearly misses Lisa furiously rubbing her mound.

                The girl with the starfish hair has her eyes firmly glued on Jessica’s wet pussy as she rapidly runs her whole hand across her box.  She’s almost dripping wet now and Jessica takes notices she is already the furthest along.  She decides to tease her host a little bit and ever so slowly uses her left hand to open the lips of her pussy, exposing the pink interior to Lisa.  That is enough to set her over the edge, with a long shrill cry she thrust her hips forward as she squirts liquid once, twice, three times soaking the bedspread.  She falls back gasping and panting as her chest heaves.

                “Oh wow, oh Buddha, oh fu…” 

                Jessica giggles.  “It’s okay to fuck Lisa no one is going to tell on you.”

                The normally polite and gentle girl let out the most forbidden word of all in a breathless, husky voice.  “Fuck!  That was so amazing!”

                Her climax shocked the other girls so much that they paused in their own menstruations to watch her.  The twin’s fingers still absently played across their pussies and Allison left thumb rubbed at her stiff right nipple they seemed to have stopped to enjoy the show.

                “What was that?”  Terri asked amazed, Sherri added.  “It look REALLY fun!”

                Jessica took this moment to steer her plan towards phase two.  “That’s called Squirting, some girls do it when they cum.”  She slipped effortless off Lisa’s bed and picked up the almost forgotten laptop.  She brought it up with her laid her naked form next to the still sweating and panting Lisa.  She then unpaused the video saying.  “Porn makes masturbation better.”

                The girl that had just came moans softly to herself and the girl on her phone finally takes notice.  She says, with all the acting talent of a second grade production of Camelot.  “Uh Stacy why didn’t you say that you were horny?”

                The first girl replies.  “Sorry Kelly I thought you were busy texting with Justine.”  Her acting is no better.  The second girl then takes off her top exposing her massive breasts, they camera seems centered on them rather than the actress herself.  She says softly.  “You know boys come second…and girls cum first.”

                Jessica begins to rub her pussy again as the women on the video begin kissing.  All the girls besides the still recovering Lisa and the joyfully jilling Jessica freeze as they watch the screen.  It isn’t long before one of the women begins touching the other’s pussy.  None of the girls can seem to take their eyes off the screen.  Allison looks worried but her hand has begun to tease her slit again.  The twins look excited by the pornography and are both back to pleasuring themselves, although more quickly.

                It is Lisa who poses the question that is one each girl’s mind but are either too afraid or too ashamed to ask it.  “What are they doing?”  She muses out loud, lifting herself up on an elbow to get a better view of the screen.

                “Helping each other.”  Jessica says simply, setting the bait for phase two.

                Terri is letting out cute little squeaking coos as she finds her clit.  Sherri glances at Jessica and askes shyly.  “Does it feel good too?”

                The trap is sprung.  “Even better!”  Jessica says and although she is speaking to all of them she meets Lisa’s eyes as she asks.  “Wanna try it?”

                Lisa doesn’t need to be asked twice she can’t seem to say the words, either too excited or too afraid, so she only nods slowly.  It is all the invitation that Jessica needs.  She leans down slowly and plants her lips against Lisa’s.

                All the girls are watch her again, the video currently forgotten no matter how loud the moans are they are like background music to what is happening only inches from them.  Lisa doesn’t know how to react at first, Jessica’s lips are warm and soft, they taint faintly of strawberry and soon she finds herself returning the kiss almost on instinct.  Jessica opens her mouth and slips her tongue across Lisa’s lips until the younger girl opens her mouth the invader.  Their tongues duel for long seconds as the other girls watch, only Allison is still masturbating her motions growing bolder as she watches her friends make out.

                Jessica breaks their kiss then plants one more soft little peck before beginning to trail kisses down Lisa’s chin, then neck, then collar bone, all the while the Simpson girl lets out soft encouraging moans wanting more.  Soon Jessica’s lips close around one of her nipples and begin to softly suckle causing Lisa to cry out, she feels a hand begin to slip down her pudgy belly until to stops just above her waiting and wanting sex.  “You want me to touch you Lisa?”  Jessica asks in a sultry tone.

                “Yes, please!”  Lisa cries thrust her hips up in vain attempt to force Jessica’s hand.

                The Lovejoy girl smirks in victory as she leans in for another passionate kiss.  Their tongues entangle just as Jessica’s fingers meet the warm, moist flesh of Lisa’s pussy.  The blond moans into the kiss, Jessica’s talented fingers feel better than her own ever did.  Soon Lisa is putty in Jessica’s hands and as the other girls watch she rubs Lisa closer and closer to orgasm but never letting her reach that wonderful zenith, always keeping her right on the edge.

                “Please!”  Lisa pants, her voice raw and weak.  “Jessica, please!”

                With a giggle Jessica stops her fingers.  “Oh no Lisa, you’re going to have to return the favor.”  She then points to the laptop screen almost as she’d planned on it displaying one of the women licking the other’s pussy.  Lisa couldn’t believe her eyes she’d never even thought about putting her mouth on someone’s genitals but as she watches and listens the idea becomes more and more intriguing.  What would it taste like?  She had to know.  She gives a slow submissive nod.

                Jessica crawls up against the headboard again opening her legs to allow Lisa to cautiously slip between them.  All the other girls attentively watch them feeling combination of excitement, fear and lust.  Allison have a perfect view of Lisa’s round, soft bottom and almost dripping pussy.  The twin watch their friends about to engage in cunnilingus and without saying a word Terri’s hand moves down to gently rub Sherri’s pussy and Sherri’s begins to rub her sister, their moans come out in nearly perfect synchronization as they pleasure each other.

                At first she is tense, even afraid as she lowers her lips toward Jessica’s moist slit.  Lisa catches her scent for the first time and inhales it, enjoy her musk.  Her whole body begins to tingle once Jessica’s pussy fills her whole view, she extends her tongue carefully, her whole body quivering with trepidation and lust.  Jessica softly strokes Lisa’s hair, encouraging her without words but she doesn’t like to be kept waiting, she lifts her hips until Lisa’s tongue meets her wanton sex.  The taste is strange a first, a little bit like pee but then something else, coppery like a new penny with something else, sweet but a bit salty.  Lisa likes the flavor at once and soon her lips meet Jessica’s puff vulva and her tongue seeks inside her, finding the source of the flavor.  Jessica moans to beat the still playing but totally forgotten laptop, her fingers curl in Lisa’s pointy hair.

                From her nearly perfect point of view Allison watches Lisa going down on Jessica, licking and sucking and groaning into the older girl’s pussy.  She watches Lisa’s hips move back and forth, the motion draws her attention to Lisa’s wet sex and above it her anus.  Allison can’t seem to take her eyes off that small, tight yellow pucker, she feels so naughty staring at it as she runs two finger up and down her slit but she can’t look away.  She just watches as Lisa’s muscles tighten and relax, seeming to invite her gaze and maybe more.  Allison is in motion before she even realizes it.

                She is right on the cusp of release, Lisa’s lips and tongue are just want she’s been wanting since she got back to Springfield.  She begins to grind her pussy against Lisa’s lips and chins trying to bring herself over the edge when suddenly the pleasure stops, Jessica lets out an annoyed groan that is drowned out by Lisa’s surprised yelp.  Jessica can see Allison with her face buried between Lisa’s buttocks, it doesn’t take a genius to know what is happening.  Lisa’s expression of shock quickly changes to deep satisfaction she groans “Oh please don’t stop!”  But Allison had no intention of stopping her tongue probed Lisa’s tight confines, circling her cute rosebud before sliding down to her pussy then repeating.  Lisa was in heaven but Jessica wouldn’t be denied, she took hold of the blonde’s hair and pressed her face down towards her waiting hole and Lisa went without protest.

                 Terri is the first to orgasm, she lets out a long breathless cry and cums against her sister’s fingers.  Sherri looks bitterly at her twin.  “Hey you can’t have an orgasm first!  We’re twins we supposed to do it together!” 

                In a euphoric daze Terri smiles up at her twin.  “Sorry Sherri, you’re too good at this.”

                Sherri takes hold of her sister’s face and guides it towards her waiting pussy, Terri resists only for a second for deciding it is only fair.  Her lips meet her sister’s identical pussy she enjoys hearing Sherri moan her name over and over again and as her twin climax on her tongue she knows that this won’t be the last time.

                Her orgasm hits her like a nuclear explosion.  Jessica’s pent up horniness from all the lonely nights, her stripping down and masturbating for the girls makes her climax extra strong.  Her muscles go weak, her vision blurs and she screams out Lisa’s name as she forces the girl’s face onto her creaming pussy.  She almost white’s out as the sensation of lightening flash across her nerves and a million feathers all tickling her at once is almost too much for her to bear.  Soon she is only able to pant and swallow as she recovers.

                Her tongue keeps pressing against Lisa’s little pucker, each time the blonde moans loudly, after each dip to her friend’s pussy her anus seems to loosen just a tiny amount.  Lisa is in heaven both her sex and her ass receiving pleasure has overloaded her senses, the flavor of Jessica’s orgasm still fresh on her tongue she can’t be sure if she’s hit nirvana, reached enlightenment or just loves having a girl going down on her but she knows she wants to have this feeling again and again and again.

                “Oh fuck!”  Lisa screams as Allison’s tongue finial slips into her anus bring her on her climax so suddenly it surprises even her.  Her juice soak Allison’s chin and chest finally becoming little more than a soft dripple as she falls onto Jessica.  The two cuddle lost in their afterglow.

                Allison looks around at her friends each snuggling with their partner.  She can’t help but feel left out and her body tingles with desire and needs.  She is about to return to trying to get herself off when she notices Jessica whispering in Lisa’s ear.  The still panting girl nods and with great effort pushes herself into a sitting position.  Without saying a word she takes Allison’s hand and guides her until she is knelling above Jessica Lovejoy’s face.  She feels apprehension, even after doing so much does she really want another girl to lick her privates?  She almost manages to voice her concern but Jessica’s talented and experienced tongue stops her words dead in her throat.

                She feels Lisa embrace her back, the warmth of skin to skin contact feels oh so naughty and oh so good.  A strange sensation tickles her back and her cunnilingus addled mind is too slow to realize it is Lisa’s hand until she feels fingers groping her ass.  She turns to look at Lisa who quickly captures her in a deep kiss.  Lisa loves tasting herself on Allison’s lips.

                Trapped between Lisa’s thrusting finger and Jessica’s skilled tongue Allison is lost in a world of pleasure.  She is so near, so close she can feel it, like a weight in her lower belly but as the minutes tick by she can’t seem to reach it.  She begins to almost whimper as she seem to reach the heights all her friends got to with such ease.  Jessica was only toying with the girl until then and after she lets her suffer a bit she locks her lips around Allison’s clit and sucks.  She goes off like a cannon.  She begins to babble nonsense as her orgasm washes over her like a tidal wave, her vision goes all white and the next thing she knows she and Lisa are cuddling while the Twins and Jessica smile down on them.

                “Aren’t they just the cutest?”  Jessica says with obvious snark, she then softy pats their heads to show she means no harm.

                Over the next hour the girls clean up.  First Lisa manages to convince Allison and Jessica to help her strip the bed down and get the bedspread, sheets and for good measure the pillowcases into the washing machine in the basement.  Then the girls wash up.  First the twins share a shower, then Allison.  Lisa offers the next one to Jessica but she counters with a shared shower.  Lisa accepts without hesitation.  There is much giggling heard from outside and both the Twins and Allison blush deeply.

                By seven that evening the girls are clean and ready to go home with no one the wiser.  Just as the girls are saying their good byes Jessica slips in.  “So slumber party this weekend?”  With a sly wink.

                All the girl besides Lisa are quick to agree.  “We can’t!  Not with Bart and my parents here, we’ll get caught.”

                “Get a lock for your door Lisa.”  Terri offers, Sherri then adds. “We’ve had one for years!”

                Jessica smirks knowingly then adds. “I can take care of your parents and Bart.  Plus I think I know another girl who’d be interested….”

                She really wants to say no but for some reason she can’t seem to deny the manipulator so she tacitly agrees.  They set the date for Saturday leaving Lisa to worry for the remainder of the week.  So really nothing much changes in her routine.

To be continued…

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