The Legend of Mako

BY : Riddle_of_Stars
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Author's Note: These chapters take place in no particular order; I'm writing them as the mood strikes.

This particular chapter is set at the beginning of Book 3. While it does not contain incest, there is some vaguely incestuous M/F roleplaying going on. Consider yourself duly warned.


"Have you seen your brother, Bolin?" Pema asked.

"Oh, the brooding teenager? I think he's in his room."

After much cajoling, Mako had finally been convinced to stop sleeping in his office. After repeated invitations, he had joined his brother in staying at Air Temple Island. He laid back on his bed, staring at the ceiling.

Living with a gaggle of crazy airbenders and two ex girlfriends wasn't perfect, but at least it wasn't full of vines.

"Knock knock?" Pema said, her face appearing in the crack of Mako's door.

"Oh, uh. Hi. Come on in. Uh, Ma'am,” Mako replied, awkwardly sitting up on his bed.

The older woman moved to sit beside him on the bed, shutting the door behind her. “Please, call me Pema. I just wanted to check in on you; how are you adjusting?”

“It's, uh, nice,” Mako replied. “A little hectic.”

The household was more than a little hectic. Between Team Avatar, Tenzin's siblings, and the airbender children, the Air Temple Island manor was full to capacity with wacky eccentricities.

“Tell me about it,” Pema chuckled, “I love my family more than anything, but they can be a bit much at times. To tell the truth, I came here to get away from them for a bit.”

“Heh. Yeah.” Mako was suddenly aware of just how close the air nomad housewife was sitting next to him.

“And I can't imagine having Korra and Asami here is particularly good for your state of mind,” Pema added, and her hand lighted gently on Mako's thigh.

“It's.... uh, yeah. It's a little rough. But, you know. I'm trying to give them space.” She was very, very close to him.

“Well, I just want you to know, that if you need anything, I'm here for you,” Pema said, looking him straight in the eyes.

Anything,” she added emphatically, her hand traveling further up Mako's thigh, inches from from his hardening manhood.

Warmth rushed to Mako's cheeks, and he felt himself turning red.

“Pema, are you... trying to seduce me?” He asked, equal parts nervous, aroused, and confused.

“Would it be alright if I was?” The older woman side, a mischievous smile crossing her face.

“But.... you're married. What about Tenzin?” Replied the unsteady Mako.

“We Air Nomads value freedom over all things,” she whispered into his ear, her hot breath tickling him. Her hand traveled up the final inches, caressing the hard erection that had formed in his trousers.

“And that includes who's beds we share.”

Mako didn't reply; he moaned as Pema's hand stroked his cock through the fabric of his trousers, leaning back against the wall behind his bed.

She unbuttoned the fly of his pants, fishing his cock out. Her small hand stroked him up and down, the hot flesh rapidly hardening in her hand.

“Oh, spirits, Pema.... that feels really nice....”

“Poor boy....” said Pema, voice sultry and low, cock in her hand, “All alone, no one to take care of you....”

Mako refrained from correcting her on this. The combination of the maternal and the seductive in her tone was somewhat unsettling, but at the same time, incredibly arousing.

“Well, mommy is going to take good care of you....” with that, the older woman leaned down, swallowing his cock.

Whoah. Thought Mako. Did she just say “mommy?” Was this some kind of kinky incest roleplay? Or were Pema's maternal instincts so strong that they just spilled over into the bedroom?

Mako groaned, one hand naturally going to rest on the back of her head, stroking her smooth black hair. Pema's tongue glided around his shaft, her mouth warm and wet as she leisurely bobbed up and down on his cock.

“Oh, Pema.... don't stop.... that feels so good....” she took him down to the base, swallowing his cock into the back of her throat. His whole body was getting warm, and he started unbuttoning his shirt, revealing his washboard abs and the lithe muscles of his torso.

Pema was still wearing her heavy air nomad robes, concealing much of her figure. He found himself intensely curious about her body, wanting to see her, feel her.

The older woman had moved in front of his to get a better angle on his cock, kneeling in front of Mako. She licked the underside of his shaft, teasing it with rapid flicks of her tongue, eyes closed.

“I want to see your body.... take your robes off,” Mako whispered, voice soft but demanding.

Pema grinned at him, toying his cock in her hands. “Of course, honey.”

She untied her robe, letting it drop to the floor behind her. Her body was soft, womanly; she was still burning off some of the baby fat from her last pregnancy, but it added to the curvature of her body. Her breasts were large and heavy, and she had wide, child-bearing hips.

She slithered up his body, her breasts dragging teasingly over his cock, her tongue running over the smooth muscle of her young lover's torso.

“You have such a nice body, Mako....have you ever been with an older woman before?” she whispered. Her mouth closed on his at last; she had sucked his cock, but they still hadn't kissed. The delay made the feeling all the more intimate, all the more taboo, as Mako's tongue wrestled with Pema's. He refrained from answering her question.

He moved down to her neck, kissing and biting. His hands ran down the older woman's backside, and she threw her head back, gasping as the teenager's talented tongue danced across her neck.

Pema ground against Mako, the outside of her pussy rubbing against his cock. She burning hot, soaking wet, flushed with arousal as Mako continued to ravage her neck with his mouth.

“Oh, honey.... does my baby want his cock in my pussy?” She asked, running her fingers through his hair.

“Yes... please... I want to fuck you, Pema....” Mako whispered, his fingernails drawing two slow lines down her back.

Pema lined herself up, and sank down on to the young firebender's cock. Her eye's shot open wide as he entered her, an electric pulse of pleasure shooting through her body.

“Oh god... it's so good, baby...give mommy your hot young cock....

There it was again. “Mommy.”

Despite her numerous childbirths, Pema's cunt was still as tight as the day she lost her virginity. Tenzin had been her first, fucking her with wild abandon and no protection, leaving her with Jinora growing inside her. The monk did not want to deprive her of natural sexual curiosity, and they had permitted each other to take lovers on the side, as – to the best of their understanding – the Air Nomads of old had done. Though, admittedly, records on such practices were spotty.

Pema had felt an immediate attraction for the brooding young firebender, finding his introversion a welcome relief from the high-energy antics of her family. In many ways, he reminded her of a young Tenzin.

The housewife ground her cunt against the teenager, feeling his hot cock splitting her. Her large breasts pressed against the smooth muscle of his chest, and she held his head in both hands, her tongue diving deep into his mouth.

Mako moaned with as Pema road him. He still had his trousers on, and wiggled to kick them off to the floor, freeing himself from his clothing. His shirt soon followed, shrugging it down onto the bed behind him. Unrestrained, he thrust up into the older woman, bouncing her on his cock while their tongues wrestled.

“Oh, honey, yes, fuck me....”

Mako rose up, spinning Pema around, until her shoulders were on the matress. He stood at the edge of the small bed, plowing into her, her legs spread wide. Holding her arms for leverage, he hammered into, his tight young buttocks contracting as he hips jackhammered the housewife's flower pot. Her heavy tits bounced with each thrust, the soft flesh jiggling hypnotically. He felt a sudden, overpowering urge to sandwich his cock between them and hump her tits until he splattered the housewife's skin with his seed.

Later. He would do that later.

Pema's eyes rolled back in her head as the young stud pounded her. His cock felt hot inside her, so hot.... was it just her imagination? Was it a firebender thing?

Then his hand was on her clitoris, and it felt like lightning shot through her body. The combined sensation of his cock inside her and his hands on her was overpowering, and she came like a tidal wave, like a landslide, like a thunderstorm.

“Mako, Mako, Mako! Oh, yes honey, yes baby, you're making me come!” She screamed as she came, not caring who heard her. Korra or Asami, her husband, her children, none of them mattered right then. Just him.

She gasped, catching her breath, looking at him. Had he come, too?

Nope. He was still rock hard. Her husband, bless him, did not have this kind of endurance.

Mako's body was gleaming with sweat, but he was still ready for more. He rolled Pema over, until the curvacious milf was on her stomach, her feet on the ground, her ass up in the air.

He rubbed his cock between the cheeks her of ass, teasing her. She had wide hips and a deliciously round ass, and the prospect of fucking her from behind set his nerves alight.

“Do you want me inside you, Pema?” he asked, teasing her.

“Please, baby.... stick your hot young cock, fuck me, make me come again....”

His cock slid into the older woman's cunt with ease, warmed up from their previous round of fucking. He began with long, hard strokes, pulling almost all of the way out and then slamming himself in, making the housewife whimper with each thrust.

Pema put one hand under her body, playing her clitoris while her young lover fucked her from behind. Her black hair pooled out over her shoulders, her mouth hung open as she moaned in lust. Mako grabbed her free arm, pulling it behind her, his other hand braced on her fleshy buttocks.

Pulling on her arm and pushing on her ass, he was able to balance himself against her, freeing his hips to slam into her. He fucked her with wild fury, his strokes fast and rapid.

She looked over her shoulder, looking up at him while he fucked her, admiring his lithe body.

“You look so gorgeous... don't stop, baby.... please keep fucking me, make mommy come again, make me come and you can do whatever you want with me....”

He kept hammering into her. He could feel her about to burst, her ass slamming back against him as he fucked her, her fingers dancing across her clit beneath her body.

“Yes, baby, yes! I'm coming! You're making me come again!” Her fingers dug tight into his forearm, leaving red marks from her grip. Her body shook with her orgasm, every muscle in her body tightening.

Mako was ready to burst. It had taken everything in him not to come with her, and his body ached for release. He pulled out, his member twitching with arousal.

“What would you like?” Said the sultry older woman, turning to face him.

“Your tits. Get on your back,” Mako said. A part of Pema was aroused by his slightly dominant attitude, the way he told her what to do. Perhaps this was something she needed more of in her love life.

Pema obeyed submissively, and Mako straddled her chest. He laid his hard cock between her soft mounds, pushing her luscious tits up to roll around his cock. He fucked her tits slowly, basking in the heavenly feeling of her fleshy pillows wrapped around his manhood.

“Oh, Pema... your tits are amazing.... this is the best tit fuck I've ever had....”

The comment made Pema wonder exactly just how many women the young man had been with. Obviously, there had been Korra and Asami, but.... others, too? Just how much did Mako get around?


Mako continued his slow tit fuck, the head of his cock peeking out from the valley of Pema's impressive cleavage.

“I'm going to come.... I'm going to come all over your face....” He moaned, lost in his own arousal.

“Yes, baby.... come all over mommy's tits... cover them with your hot seed....” she moaned, egging him on toward his orgasm.

With a cry, Mako thrust forward, hot white semen shooting over Pema's neck and face and hair. The young firebender's orgasm was prolific, covering the older woman with his seed, plastering white across her skin. She opened her mouth to catch his ejaculation, tasting his cum on her lips and tongue, swallowing the strands that landed there.

Coming down from his orgasm, Mako realized he had just -very loudly- fucked Tenzin's wife, with her husband, his brother, and both of his ex-girlfriends likely within earshot. There was no way this wasn't going to get awkward.


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