Korra and Asami in the Forest of Desire - Ch 1

BY : Jei_Teah_Rippol
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Legend of Korra, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Spoiler Warning: End of “Legend of Korra” spoilers within.

Disclaimer:   I do not own The Legend of Korra, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Korra and Asami in the Forest of Desire - Ch 1

By Jei Teah Rippol

“And here we are Asami, the Forest of Desires!” Korra announced, pulling Asami along behind her. The two had traveled to the Spirit World a couple of times, but this time Korra wanted to show Asami a place she heard of only recently.

“It’s beautiful…” Asami said as she gazed at the colorful foliage, the glowing light escaping from the canopy above, and the bizarre yet wonderful spirits roaming. Asami then turned her sight towards Korra, “not as beautiful as you though.”

Though the line sounded romantic, Korra instead laughed it off. “You really want to know the big surprise, huh? Well, brownnosing isn’t going to get you that info, Princess,” Korra mocked. She then stepped farther into the forest, “now hurry up.”

Asami exaggeratingly huffed as she threw her arms into the air. Korra had been teasing some sort of surprise, and other than the location name, she knew nothing about this supposed Spirit World attraction. She wasn’t about to wait alone though, so she followed Korra down the path.

Korra was clad in her usual outfit, having just got done attending to some of her avatar duties in Republic City. However, Asami had the day off for once, so she was dressed more casually. Her pleated, knee-length skirt flowed with the gentle wind. Due to the heat of the Spirit World, she had elected to undo as much as two buttons from the top of her white blouse. Knowing the terrain wouldn’t be totally easy to traverse, she did wear her usual black boots as well.

As the two began to head deeper into the forest, each marveled at the sights. The Spirit World was like none other, and though Asami didn’t know what was planed, she just loved spending time with her girlfriend. The two had only grown closer since their first trip. Korra also seemed to have something grand planned, as she was quite eager about this trip.

Asami suddenly heard a ripping noise, and in suspicion turned quickly to see what was going on. Turning fully tore most of her skirt off that had caught on some errant branch! Seeing the damage, Asami found that the less than even tear revealed a lot of her legs, showing half the skin of her upper leg on one half, and nearly her hip on the other.

Korra next turned after hearing Asami’s annoyed groan. Her eyes lit up and she began to giggle at the sight.

“Korra, it’s not funny,” Asami spat as she tore off the last bit of the lower half of the skirt that was hanging on. She did her best to tug at the hem, to see if she could pull it lower.

“I think the president of Future Industries can afford a new skirt, so I don’t see what the problem is,” Korra joked.

Asami tossed the useless fragment of cloth away. She nervously looked around too, before rebutting, “It’s not about the cost, it’s about the fact that this skirt is a bit too short now!” Asami complained.

“Like I said, I don’t see a problem. All I see are some legs worth looking at,” Korra teased. Asami gave Korra a pout as she continued to fret about her skirt. “Let’s just keep going, we don’t want to wait around here,” Korra suggested.

“Go farther in? Korra, my skirt is ruined. I can’t go walking around like this. One wrong move and I will be showing more than just my legs!” Asami said, putting her fists against her waist.

Korra chuckled, “one wrong move like taking your hands off your skirt?” Korra then air bended a light gust of wind under Asami. The light pink material quickly filled with the blast of air and lifted upwards. Asami’s black, boyshorts-styled panties were then revealed to Korra, who could not keep from smiling broadly.

Asami with eyes wide in panic, tried to push her skirt down. “KORRA!” she shouted as she got her article of clothing under control again. Her eyes quickly darted from side to side to see who might have seen it happen.

“Nobody’s around Asami. Not too many humans travel to these parts, and even the spirits don’t come this far in usually,” Korra explained. Even still, Asami’s face was red; She was not comfortable with Korra’s lecherous staring.

Korra continued, in the hopes of teasing Asami, “Y and your cute panties better keep going, we’re not turning back just because of something silly like that.” Asami looked back behind her. She didn’t really want to leave yet, and if they did remain alone, she would be fine. So though hesitant, Asami walked forward in her newly retailored, short skirt.

After some of the trek, Korra began to better explain the forest, “As the name implies, it’s a forest that sort of reveals your inner desires or something. The energy here can take form or alter the space around you to do that.” Asami listened on, honestly curious about the spot and why Korra had wanted to bring her here. “Some avoid it, worried their dark intentions might become revealed. Others risk it, wanting to expose their true selves. For example, your skirt tearing!”

“Ha, ha, Korra. Very funny,” Asami said, figuring Korra was just joking around.

“Seriously, let me get a better look at you. You've got no reason to hide." Korra teased.

Asami started to blush. The very suggestion that she wanted to show off her underwear seemed ridiculous. “I did not want that to happen, and you’re the one who made my skirt fly up!” Asami defended. Her hands defensively went to the hem of the skirt, recalling very well that Korra could flip it up again with a slight gesture alone.

“Maybe the forest was just answering my desires to see your fine legs. Maybe it’s just as likely you want me to see them!” Korra insisted. Asami knew there wouldn’t be a lot of room to argue with Korra on the subject, and tried to keep walking ahead.

As she strolled away, she wasn’t watching where she was going, and all she heard Korra shout was, “watch your step!” before she suddenly felt herself begin to fall. The ground she had stepped on gave way and she fell into a shallow river, head first. It was only a foot or two drop, and she had enough sense about her to put her hands in front of her. Her quick reflexes weren’t enough to stop her from becoming soaked.

Korra jumped to her side, and helped Asami out of the small river. Asami was now drenched, her legs and upper body soaking wet. Korra got her onto the path again. Asami was a bit dazed, unsure how she could have fallen when she was sure she was following the path.

“You Ok?” Korra asked, obviously concerned for Asami.

Asami was fine; she wasn’t going to be injured by a simple fall. She moved her wet hair out of her eyes. “I’m fine Korra, thank you.”

“Good, I’m glad you’re feeling as fine as you look right now,” Korra said with a broad grin, exaggeratingly looking Asami up and down. Asami looked down at herself, and found that her blouse wasn’t suited for water. The material clung to every curve, and her black bra showed through it with no issue.

Asami crossed her arms over her chest and her face turned red. Korra stared, Asami hardly being able to hide her choice of lingerie entirely with just her arms. Asami could easily tell how much of a kick Korra was getting, and spat out, “Korra, stop staring!”

“Gee, I would Asami, but I mean, you look too good to not stare at,” Korra mused. Asami was both flattered and embarrassed. She again looked around to see if they were at least still alone. Korra was embarrassing enough, and she didn’t want anyone else getting a look at her and her bra. Luckily for Asami, the couple was still alone in the forest.

Asami was trying to think what to do. Losing part of her skirt was bad, but by being careful she could avoid exposure. Her shirt hugged her like a second skin and didn’t hide her bra at all though. She was officially indecently exposed and unable to do anything about it.

Asami was a smart girl, and realized she had the avatar with her; surely Korra could help out in some way. Asami thought about it, and realized an easy fix for her issue. “Korra, you need to help me! I bet if you used some air bending, you could dry me off!”

Korra put her fists on her hips and shot back a smug look to Asami. “Why would I want to help you like that? I mean, I would only lose out on some amazing eye candy,” Korra reasoned out loud. Asami was blushing again, annoyed that her girlfriend had to be so direct. She tightened her grip around her chest, defensively, as if that would at all help to stop Korra from staring. “I guess having you owe me would be nice. Are you sure you want my help? You fell in that water probably because you wanted to. Surely someone wearing such a sexy, black bra under a white shirt would know what a little water would do to their outfit.”

Asami normally would have defended herself, but she was caught too off guard. The very idea that she chose her outfit to expose herself was preposterous; she didn’t choose her outfit just so she could flash Korra her bra. Asami knew it had to be Korra’s desires that led her to fall in the river if anything.

“I did not want this to happen. Either it was you who wanted it, or it was just an accident! Now will you help me or not?”

“Fine sweetie, I’ll help you out,” Korra offered. She took a pose as if ready to blast some air, but stopped to think about it. “You know what… I don’t think this will work if you’re standing like that. You need to put your arms out,” Korra suggested.

Asami rolled her eyes; Korra’s suggestion had obvious intent. “Korra, stop being a perv and just get on with it,” Asami accused.

“Look, I may be the avatar, but it’s hard to air out and dry your shirt when you’re so tightly squeezing it. Air bending requires one to be loose, and if you want the air to flow properly, you need to loosen up. If you put your arms out, I can get that thing dry in seconds. You just have to deal with it for a few seconds.”

Asami wasn’t so sure, but Korra seemed serious. Her logic also sounded right. Asami’s clothes would stay soaked if she didn’t let Korra get at them properly. So with a sigh, Asami did as asked, she lowered her arms to her sides.

Korra was now treated to the sight of Asami’s bra more clearly. She could see just how much the black lingerie hugged Asami’s breasts. Asami noticed Korra was stalling, but only blushed in response. It made her face grow warmer every second, but Asami gave Korra the benefit of doubt and assumed she was just preparing… she of course didn’t want Korra to be too quick and accidently hurt her with an actual attack.

Korra spoke up, “No, that won’t work. Arms up higher Asami.” Asami huffed in frustration, and did so. She was feeling very exposed now, but knew she didn’t have much choice. If she didn’t get Korra’s help, she’d be stuck in the wet shirt, and someone else might see.

When Asami lifted her arms, Korra took a deep breath and started to revolve her hands around each other. Slowly a light breeze picked up around Asami’s torso as the air welled up. At first, it felt gentle and soft, but began to pick up speed. As it did, Asami could feel the hem of her shirt, the opening at the neck, and the arm holes begin to tug and pull.

After another moment, Asami felt the shirt peel from her skin, the air tickling her body. The shirt was pulling away as air filled it. Though the air did little to hurt Asami, she grew worried. Her shirt was now being fully pushed to its limit. With having two of the buttons undone because of the warmth, Asami could see the third button begin to strain with the air movement. As if in slow motion, Asami was helpless to stop that button from tearing off and flying off.

Worried that this would be the fate for her whole shirt, Asami shouted, “stop!” She then tried her best to again cross her arms over her chest, to hold her shirt to her.

Korra did as Asami had commanded, and stopped her bending. She smiled, not at all opposed to the alteration to the clothes. “Why’d you have me stop? The shirt still looks pretty wet.”

 Asami didn’t know that Korra had seen the button go loose. “It’s just a bit rough for this shirt is all… I lost a button.” Asami took the moment to try and straighten her shirt more. The material was still wet, and it was still partially see through. Due to the dark color of the bra, it still was obvious. Sadly, without the third button at the top, the shirt showed a lot of cleavage and even the edges of her bra.

“You sure you’re Ok like that? I can still see your bra,” Korra pointed out. She was of course taking every chance to look at Asami’s more exposed chest as well.

Asami wasn’t going to risk losing more buttons, and ending up with a wide open shirt. She was a bit better than moments ago, so she decided to rough it out. “No, let’s keep going.”

“You sure you didn’t want to turn back and head home?” Korra offered.

Asami had considered it. However, with her shirt still wet, she wasn’t quite ready to head back, especially since it could very well be rush hour already in republic city. At least they seemed alone in the forest. Hopefully if they continued long enough, the shirt would dry on its own. “No, let’s keep going, I think I’ll be fine,” Asami said with fake confidence. Her blush betrayed her though, but Korra kept quiet on that fact.

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