Caramelos de Pasión

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She knew how it had began, and why.

But she didn't cared about that, only caring that doing it had became her obsession, her relief. Her Nirvana on the dysfunctional comedy that she called life.

“Ah, h-harder, Bart!” She moaned, as she felt her brother fill her asshole to the brims with his young weenie. The feeling of being filled by him doing wonders to her stress levels, evaporating them at a rapid pace that other methods couldn't compete with.

The indecent sound of his pelvis hitting her ass cheeks inundated the three house, even as they tried to keep the sounds as low as possible, aware that their mother was mere meters from them, cooking the dinner.

Lisa looked back at him, his gaze completely focused on the point where they were one, his penis going up and down in a frenzy while he gasped, moaned and stuttered.

“Oh- L-Lees!” He moaned, raising his face to look at her, looking at her lips hungrily, which made her raise her hands and bring him down so she could also kiss him, a moan escaping her lips as he fucked her, their tongues dancing around each another in desperate wanton despite the awkward posision. “I love you, sis... sis... sis... sis.”

“Sis, Sis... earth to Lisa!?”

“Uh!?” She said, waking up from her daydream, looking around her for a few seconds, Another dream... “What do you want, Bart?!” She answered, completely and utterly frustrated with her brother at the moment. “I was having a nice dream...”

“Jeez, calm down. If you want to shoot someone, then shoot Mom. She send me...”

She sighed, knowing that the real Bart wasn't at fault here, “I'm sorry... what did she want?”

“It's Lunch time, Lees.”

She gasped, then looked to her window. Where had the morning go?

Sighing again, she said: “I'm coming... though, not like I wanted to...” The latter being barely muttered as she put her feet's on the floor.

“What was that, Lees?”

“Nothing, Bart... I'm... still sleepy. That's it.”

As usual, she put her happy face on the table, easily fooling the sharp gaze of her mother. She chatted, she smiled, and laughed with Homer's antics, but deep down she was irritatingly frustrated. When the lunch ended, she made her excuses and went to the bathroom, feeling slightly guilty that she had left her mother alone doing the dishes.

“You shouldn't feel it, though...” She muttered to herself, siting on the toilet and happily sighing in relief when she felt the pee come out, giving her at best a few valuable minutes to ponder while she did her business.

“This is all her fault, after all...” it was funny, really. She had thought that it would be Homer who would commit such an incredulous mistake. But, surprise, surprise, it had been her own mother who had committed the sin without even being aware of it.

Flushing the toilet after wiping herself clean, she went to wash her hands, her mind still pondering on the incident, as she had labeled it, when, to her annoyance the door was forcedly pounced upon.

“Jeez Lisa, hurry up! I need it!” Exclaimed Bart, who annoyingly didn't stop hitting the door, knowing pretty well how much that angered her.

“Hold your horses Bart!” She hasn't even half opened the door, when she felt his hands on her shoulders, which ignited her heart while making her clench her ass cheeks painfully. Would he? The fact that she found herself on the hallway, outside the bathroom told her that she had been tossed aside, the incredibly and disgustingly loud sounds coming behind her telling her that indeed, her brother situation could be classified as an emergency.

“Happens all the time he eats some veggies...” Which was why she had run to the bathroom like that, she rationalized, knowing how unpleasant it was to use the bathroom after him.

Even with her new fantasies, she had her limits.

She went downstairs, hoping to help her mom a little, despite how... annoyed she felt at her nowadays, only to stop on the stairs when she heard her...

They're doing it... again!

For almost a whole minute, she stood there, frozen on the spot, her cheeks violently red at the moans and giggles that emerged from the kitchen.

“Oh... Homer!” That seemed to wake her up as she went to her room, making care to not cause a ruckus that would reveal her presence to her randy parents.

“Oh God... Maggie's there, probably looking at them go...” She said, holding her breath a little while she passed the bathroom and went to her room. Her cheeks still flushing madly when she began to remember what had caused her to be so sexually aroused lately. “This is a nightmare...”

She closed the door, and made sure to push the lock, as she had been doing in the past days since that, happened. Her eyes betraying her and going toward the closet, where the stolen bag of candies still remained, hidden under her jazz LP albums, the only place were she knew nobody on the house would dare to search.

Sighing, she really, really tried to put her mind on other issues, but it was to no avail. Which made her feel as Pandora, unable to close the box that her own curiosity had opened without care of the well placed warnings.

She had just been curious. Did it really felt that good? It had to, as her mom had been acting like a bitch on heat since Homer bought them. Which was good, as the both of them had been more relaxed and downright happier.

Sadly, their happiness had come with a price.

And that was their children sanity, especially her brother, who had been repressing himself way too much for her tastes.

Only Maggie was blissfully unaware of the sexual tension on the house, just being a happy baby so far. But, not her, and certainly, not Bart. In the past, they both usually repressed such a thing, the two quite aware of how sexually active their parents were, Bart more than her, as he had the bad luck to constantly find them in the middle of some love making.

She heard the steps, and her heart quickened knowing that it was Bart after hearing the door of the bathroom close loudly behind him, probably unaware of what was currently happening down there. For a second, he stopped himself in front on her door, which nearly stopped her heart. But he continued his way toward his room a few seconds later, which filled her with quite a lot of relief, but also, a lot of disappointment.

They hasn't talked about what happened in days, and it was consuming her.

Her eyes immediately went to the closet, as her mind filled her with images of what had happened between them thanks to their parents own idiocy.

As always, she closed her eyes, her hand immediately moving toward her crotch... desperately searching for some release.


It had been a normal morning, filled with laziness and Itchy & Scratchy.

Re-runs that they hasn't seen in quite a lot of time, still funny, but not as they used to be. The two of them where doing their best to turn into coach potatoes, when to her consternation, Bart let the control fall under the sofa.

“Hey, Lees...”

“You lost it, you search it...” Maybe it had been thanks to the TV that her mind hasn't been as awake as it normally was, as she did her best to ignore the warnings that her senses were sending her a mile per second. Her ears completely focusing on ignoring her brothers mumbling while hearing Krusty demean his sidekick and himself, but mostly his sidekick with a low quality gag, his usual.

“Oh... hey look! candies!” That, on the other hand, had caught her attention immediately, as she herself was as much of an sugar addict as her brother. She looked at him, now fully focused on the black bag on his hands, his brown furrowed deeply as he looked at the big and quite red letters.

“Ca...ra...melos de pasión...” She cringed after hearing him butcher the quite obviously Spanish name, sighing annoyingly at him.

“Really, Bart... for someone who mutters and exclaims an Spanish catchphrase so much as you do, you can be quite illiterate about the language... which doesn't surprise me.” She took the bag from his hands, ignoring his glare as she watched it, a curious feeling on her mind while she studied it, when it finally made a click. “Hey, this is from Mom...” she finally clarified, looking at Bart incredulously.

“How do you know?”

“Oh, well... she and Homer were a little too busy trying to eat each another faces at the moment, but before I left, I saw her kick the bag by accident under the couch, I thought that she had noticed it... but she apparently didn't.” The truth was that, she had heard their moans and spied them a little before the sight of their naked bodies finally killed her insatiable curiosity.

“Are... are those the ones they had been eating lately before they... you know?”

That managed to get a reaction from her, her quite strong morals and repulsion at the images that had jumped to her mind imploring her to put the bag back under the coach, to ignore it, that she was now walking to a dangerous road that shouldn't even be stepped on.

“I... I think so.” She hasn't needed to see his face to know that he was probably blushing as much as her at the moment, all logic and decency quickly eroding on their minds incredibly fast by the second.

“I... I wonder if they're good?” She looked at him when she heard that, surprised at his words, which made him sputter slightly, then back off.

“I mean, I'm... just curious.”

Her morals crumbling due to her own curiosity, only made her nod lightly. Unable to even utter a meep of disapproval at the moment.

“Can... can I?” He coughed, then shyly looked at her, his eyes not daring to look at her own. “Can I have one?”

“W-we shouldn't...”

“J-just one, Lees... just, to know what's so good about them...”

She looked at him, then at the plastic bag. She had to admit that seeing her mother consume this sweets by the tons, had sparkled a slight worry about addiction. Which she had then tossed aside when the sounds usually began to come from their bedroom, her mind doing its best to block and ignore what usually happened, her usual.

“Bart... it's probably an aphrodisiac. We can't... we shouldn't...” Why was she even doubting herself on this? This was wrong, and immoral.

“C'mon Lees, I know that you're as curious as me about them... and... about it.”

And the sad truth about that was that he wasn't wrong, she was interested on it. What was so wonderful about it? Did it really feel that good? Was it better than kisses and cuddling? And with a loud squish, her curiosity won the fight, as it had expanded so much that it had turned her already weakened conscience into an flat red mass of flesh.

The fact that they were alone on the house also helped a lot to her resolve.

“OK... but... just one, and that's it!” She opened the bag, watching it carefully seeing that luckily, they seemed clean despite its last resting spot, which she knew pretty well was quite filthy... Hooray for the press seal.

“C'mon Lees!”

“Don't rush me!” She snapped at him, angry that he couldn't see how nervous she was at the moment... her cheeks completely rosy as she saw the shapes of the red candies. She giggled a little, then put her hand in, grasping four of them and bringing them out for them to see.

“Holly... dibs on the boobies!” Immediately called Bart, who's eyes were completely open at the sight, her eyes rolling as she saw him evade like the plague the penis shaped ones. She looked at the red pair of 'John Thomas'. Only to be interrupted by the sudden crunch that came from her brother, which captured her entire attention.

She just stood there, incredulous that he hasn't even waited up for her, but also, quite relieved to see him taste the unusual treat first.

“H-how... how does it taste like?”

“It's... weird, it's bittersweet at first, but later leaves a tingly and salty feeling on your tongue...”

With that information, she looked back at her own candies, and deeply thought about what to do, her zombified conscience apparently coming back from the death to nag her against it, only to be killed again by her own curiosity, this time with fire.

Curiously, her inquisitive self wasn't completely lost to her, her entire attention now focused on her munching brother.

“What do you feel?”

“Meh... nothing so far... don't know what's so especial about them...” He went for the bag, and without care emptied it all on his hand, busily choosing the booby shaped ones, and discarding on the bag the penises, then carelessly trowing the bag at her as he sat again on the sofa, munching on them without a care on the world. “Not the best candies on the world... but a candy, is a candy.”

With a sigh, she joined his side. Putting the penises on her mouth and ignoring his chuckle when she did so. As he had said, the confection was bittersweet, there was some liquid on the center, salty and effectively left an tingly sensation on her tongue, a not entirely unpleasant experience.

Shrugging, she imitated him and put herself beside him on the sofa, munching at a much ladylike pace... incredibly disappointed about the whole thing.

But then, she noticed it... it was a slight burn on her navel that had began after the first ten minutes, which made her move quite a lot on her seat, squirming lightly at the strange, but not entirely unfamiliar feeling.

Another thing that she had also noticed, was that the usual distance that existed between her and her brother had been breached long ago, both of them getting closer to the other, his hands carefully grasped firmly over his crotch.

Oh No...

She simply couldn't look away, her mind entranced by her brother not so subtle actions. She wasn't stupid, she knew what he was doing despite the clothes. Also, she was quite aware what laid under those short and undies...

“Lees... are you...?!” His voice broke up her spell, and she looked up at him, noticing that his eyes were now currently fixed at her own hands, who like his, were deliciously touching her crotch.

“I feel like I'm on fire... Bart!” She gasped when her hand brushed against her mound, her body being infused with a wave of delightful pleasure that seemed to abate the fire that attempted to consume her.

You're drugged, Lisa... snap out of it! Now before you regret it!

Deep down she knew that the way the both of them were looking at each another wasn't normal, they had never shown that kind of look toward the other, ever. Even when they bathed together, or saw each another stark naked, which was quite common as Bart used to have a nudist streak when he was nine.

Go to your room, relieve yourself away from here... stop it!

“Bart... can... c-can I see it?”

What are you doing!? NO!!!

Like a desperate beast, he pulled down his blue shorts and his undies, apparently more affected than her due to the amount of candies that he had already consumed. His weenie was pulsing and slightly red, its hood was down, and its head was now sporting a deep purple.

It looked painful, but strangely enticing.


She looked up at him, he had a slightly mad but pleading expression on his face. With something else that she quickly identified. Fear... His brother was scared, not of her, but of what they had put themselves into...

“It burns Lisa...” He closed up his eyes, rubbing it slightly, closing his hand around it and pressing, but not pumping or jerking. It dawned on her at that moment that despite how devious and mortifying her brother could be sometimes, Bart was also really a quite sheltered boy in this particular area.

The fact that he didn't knew how to masturbate was the evidence of such a thing.

In truth, she didn't knew why such a discovery surprised her. It something defined her brother, was his ignorance... There where signs that she had refused to believe of said innocence, believing him to be the devil incarnated. How he had reacted when Shauna showed herself to him (something that she had nagged out of him), should have at least told her that Bart had stubbornly dismissed or repressed his sexual education, probably a product of his bad memories due to his bad encounters with Mom and Homer.

His gasp were deliciously entrancing, he looked quite sweet and vulnerable as he clumsily attempted to reach release to no avail.

She on the other hand...

“I can help...” She blurted out, probably close to faint due to what she had said, and the incredulous and surprised look on his face. “It's... not like that. I... haven't... I... might have used my laptop to see some porn...” Looking away, she tried to recompose herself, the way he had looked at her...

“So good little Lisa isn't as sweet and innocent as Mom likes to believe, uh?”

Again, she looked at him, and gasped. His eyes, the way he looked at her made her heart nearly stop, his smile, his gaze. She closed her eyes, and rubbed her legs together, gasping and moaning at how hot and bothered she felt.

His hand came upon hers, and she cringed lightly, but didn't push it away from her own.

“Show me...”

For the first time in a long time, she had her brothers penis on her hand. Her memory being bombarded with those showers where she had accidentally and not so accidentally touched it to satiate her curiosity.

His member was hot, and it was pulsing...

“Bart...” Closing her hand around it, she heard him hiss, then gasp when she began to slowly pump it up, then down.

“Oh my God, Lees...” The way he had submitted to her when she began to work him, how he moaned, hiccuped and gasped at each movement of her hand, completely at her mercy, had ignited something deep inside of her that she hasn't know she had or was capable of.

A hunger that she hasn't felt before... ever.

She jerked, pumped and moved the piece of meat with utmost care, fascinated how the head was covered and uncovered by the hood as she moved her hand dexterously over and over. Her fanny gushing so much that she truly believed that she had peed herself, and didn't care an iota of it.

Her mouth salivated, reminiscing scenes of women pleasing their lovers with their mouths and tongues, how would it taste like? Would it be salty, bittersweet? Slowly she began to lower herself, hungry to taste him... mere inches separating the two of them when, to their horror, they heard the unmistakable sound of their parents car, Mom's wagon in this case.

The spell completely broken by unfiltered terror moved both of them, Bart dressing incredibly fast while she turned off the TV and brought the bag with her as she rushed behind a terrified brother toward their bedrooms, or bathroom in Bart's case.

There she stood, behind the door, gasping loudly, her body still tingling about what had nearly happened, her tights and panties incredibly and utterly soaked at the moment, the fire unabashed, a really annoying sense settling on her guts. She had been so close, and worst of all, she hasn't done anything to quell her own needs.

Hearing the door, and the voices of her parents as they loudly called for them, brought her out of her fuss, reminding her that she still had a quite incriminating piece of evidence on her hand, so she rushed toward her closet, looking for the perfect spot to hide the incriminating bag...


A knock on her door brought her out of her reminiscing, and she found herself again wet, and incredibly and utterly frustrated with the entire world, but mostly, at her mother, who had called as she had, again, interrupted her masturbation attempt:

“Lisa, darling. Your father and I are going out to the Mall to... buy some groceries, yeah. Can I trust you to take care of Bart and Maggie?”

Hey, this again? Did you already forgot what happened the last time you left her in charge?” Screamed Bart from his room, which made her grind her teeth's in frustration. He couldn't let that be, right?

“Sure Mom, I don't see why not. How long will it take?” Her mind was right now stirring with a lot of ideas at the moment, knowing pretty well that if she didn't found a way to satiate this need of hers, soon she would commit a quite Simpson mistake.

In simple words, a huge and quite messy one.

“Probably three hours, maybe four. We'll be back for supper... how about some Krusty Burgers and a Salad?”

Make them two, and its a deal!” Bart screamed from his room, apparently now more interested on their conversation.

“One big Krusty, and an huge sized portion of fries only if you obey your sister, Mister!”

Make no promises!

“You heard him, Mom” -She added, as she silently rubbed her hands in a perfect rendition of Mr. Burns mannerism behind the door.- “That's the best you're going to get!”

She heard her mother groan, this time in frustration and a slight touch of resignation.



“Bye Mom...” She stood there looking at the door, silent as she heard her mother depart the hallway after a few seconds, apparently preoccupied by how distant she had been lately.

But obviously too horny to care about it in the end...

“Yeah... the mall. She really thinks that I'm stupid?...” She muttered to herself, going toward the windows to see them part, or at least somewhat appease her mother as she effusively waved at them a goodbye, her trusty sax on her free hand, a quite simple and obvious lie of how she planned to pass her time.

One that her mother quickly swallowed up, as she smiled up at her.

Once they finally parted, Lisa smiled slightly, her hands shaking in excitement, but also a lot of fear.

It was time to have a quite serious conversation with her brother, who she knew was probably thinking the same thing as her at the moment.


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