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She didn’t know what drove her to come here. Maybe she wanted to get back at Korra by seeing her enemy. Maybe she wanted to tell off the man who tried to kill her girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend. Semi-girlfriend? Just lovers? Friends? At this point, she didn’t know what they were.  She wanted to tell herself that she didn’t care but she knew she did. She waited all that time for Korra to come back but she couldn’t have her, not until Kuvira was taken of. Then the moment came they could be together. She knew being the partner of the Avatar wasn’t going to be easy, but she didn’t know it was going to tear her heart like it did. Still, her feelings for Korra didn’t diminish. She may be angry and hurt at times but she still loved her. So why was she here? 

She told herself she was just going to tell him to stop writing letters, to stop pleading for her to see him and listen to whatever he needed to tell her. Though she was now giving him the satisfaction by going down the elevator to see him face-to-face. It wasn’t until it started descending that she grew nervous but she pushed on. He didn’t have a personal vendetta against her, she hoped. She did note, however, that he had been known to use others to get what he wanted. But he was in chains and there were guards surrounding the prison. She had nothing to worry about, right? 

The guards instructed her to stand inside the metal box. The door behind her slowly closed and the one in front of her rose to reveal the site of Zaheer floating in his chains. He looked like he was meditating. She took a deep breath and strode over to him. He didn’t seem to acknowledge her presence, even when she was standing a few feet from him. He didn’t open his eyes until she dumped a bunch of envelopes onto the ground from her purse.

“You shouldn’t litter. It’s bad for the planet.” He said. 

“Trying to kill people is bad for the planet.” She retorted. 

“I’m glad you came Asami. I wish to ask you something.” Zaheer gently floated down to allow his feet to touch the surface. 

Asami narrowed her eyes. “I noticed, from the countless letters you keep sending me. Didn’t someone teach you that when a girl doesn’t respond, she’s not interested?” 

“You were curious enough to come.” 

“To tell you to stop contacting me. You almost killed” Asami paused. How was she suppose to address Korra? Were they together? Had they officially broken up? Were they taking a break? “You tried to kill Korra. She was so traumatized by what you did that I didn’t get to see her for 3 years. You caused her so much pain and you have the audacity to contact me.” 

The tears welled up in Asami’s eyes. Zaheer’s face softened as he watched the young woman in front of him struggle with the emotional turmoil building inside her. He took as many steps as he could towards her. It wasn’t enough to reach her but he tried to offer her some kind of comfort. 

“You must really care for her.” He finally said. 

Asami’s tear-struck eyes met his. “You wouldn’t care. She’s the Avatar, you think she needs to die just for being born. All you and your Red Lotus friends care about is causing chaos and pain for everyone else. You make me sick just looking at you. So stop contacting me. I don’t care what you want to ask or talk about. I’m not going to stand here and indulge the man who caused pain in so many people, the man who almost killed Korra and her father, the man who killed the Earth queen to create the worst dictator in history who killed and injured countless people because according to you, chaos is the way to be. So thanks for nothing and stop writing me.” 

She broke her eye contact with him to look at the floor. “Please, leave me alone.” She turned her body from him to walk away. 


She didn’t listen. The sound of her heels echoed through the prison. 

“Why did you and Korra split?” 

That made Asami stop in her tracks. She instantly turned around with a scowled look on her face. “Who are you to ask such a personal question? And who told you we’re broken up?” 

“You were hesitant to address her as your girlfriend earlier. Your eyes scream heartbreak and, assuming you’re not usually an emotional person, you’re very emotional tonight. Not to mention, there’s been talk among the guards.” 

“So, what, my love life is now everyone’s business? If you must know, Korra and I are very much together.” 

“What a shame.” 

“Excuse me?” 

“I don’t mean to imply you two breaking up would be a good thing. Please, if you allow me just a few minutes of your time. I have something I must ask. I don’t need an answer now or later, I only ask that you think about it.” 

Asami’s eyes darted from his to the floor. Should she? What harm could it do to give a crazy man a few minutes? “You have 2 minutes and then I’m leaving.” She finally said as she walked back towards him. 

“Thank you.” Zaheer bowed to her. “I know you must think of me as an evil man for everything I’ve done. Perhaps my methods were a bit extreme. Perhaps I did cause a lot of unnecessary pain. I have the rest of my life to think about it.” 

“Get to the point. I don’t want to hear your sob story.” Asami crossed her arms and tapped her foot to show her impatience.

“Before P’Li died, we discussed marriage and starting a family. Through her death, I learned to let go of my Earthly tethers but as the days grow on, I think about the family I didn’t get to have. I’m growing older now and the desire only gets stronger. Of course, I can‘t have much of a family in this prison but I can still make a child with a free woman.” 

Asami was starting to get nervous. Why would he be telling her about this? No, he couldn’t possibly be asking her that. 

“I know what the answer will be, but I will try regardless. I wish for you to help me keep my bloodline going. Asami Sato, I wish for you to have my child.” 

Asami was burning red at this point. From anger, embarrassment, or arousal, she wasn’t sure. But she was sure that she was shocked by his bravery to ask her to do something so..personal and intimate. 

“W-What? You want me to have your child? Do you know.. I mean we’d have to..” 

“I am willing to do it. The only question would be if you are.”

“And what makes you think I would even bed someone like you, much less have your child?” 

“Nothing, but it never hurts to ask does it? The worst you could say is no and I continue to rot in this prison. Nothing would change. I only ask you at least think about it before you tell me no. Regardless of your answer, I will not bother you further.” 

Asami took a deep breath to help the color drain from her face. She turned on her heel. “I‘m leaving.” She mumbled as she began to walk away. 

Zaheer began to float upwards as he crossed his legs to continue his meditation. “Thank you for your time, Ms. Sato.”

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