The Notebook

BY : PersonOfDisinterest
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The man adjusted thickly rimmed spectacles as they slipped down the bridge of his nose, once more consulting the list clutched in his hand. Glancing back up at the shelf, the title of the tome he was looking for suddenly jumped out at him. Delighted that it was stocked, he reached forward to collect it. Gripping the spine, the man pulled the book away from its peers. He paused when a small black shape dropped out and fell to the floor.

Curiosity kindled, the man crouched down to retrieve what appeared to be a notebook. Holding it between his fingers, he wondered: had it been merely misplaced, or hidden? He glanced up and around at the thought. Heart pre-emptively beating at the idea of discovery, the man carefully opened the thin book to the first page.

A fair warning is in order. The contents of a depraved mind are not fit for general consumption.

The man frowned; besides those few words, the page was entirely blank. What did it mean? The contents of a depraved mind? He had to wonder what exactly he was holding in his hands now. The man cast a second quick look about himself before turning over the page.

The thin notebook snapped shut moments later. The man's eyes were wide behind his spectacles, and he was uncomfortably tight beneath his trousers. This was...he swallowed hard, tucking the notebook securely into the middle of his tome. Already the few words he had glimpsed were conjuring images in his mind. The man shook his head to clear them. A public Republic City library was not the place for such thoughts. His awkward stride would speed him homeward instead.

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