Danny's Discovery

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Danny’s Discovery.

Man it has been a boring month apart from one random appearance of the Box Ghost which Danny stopped in less than ten minutes there had been little need of him to patrol but he still spent his nights zooming around Amity Park looking for a fight it helped take his mind off his break up with Sam after she saw him eyes random guys on their dates and finally made him admit to himself and to her that he was gay.  So far the only other person who knew that he was gay was his sister Jazz for while his parents might be ok with him being a ghost being gay might be another matter.  As he flew around with once again with no ghost activity Danny decided to embrace his true self by using his invisibility by checking out his classmates.  As Danny snuck into his classmates houses one after another he found that his expectations had been too high as Danny had a cock that was just around 6 inches hard he was sure that he was small for his age group but he found that he actually larger than the classmates he spied on were actually smaller than he was he suddenly thought about Dash while he hated that jock maybe he was packing, but seeing Dash made Danny both happy yet completely disappointed as he finds Dash is hardly three inches hard no wonder he was always trying to be the typical jock type.

                Dejected Danny decides to head home when he suddenly realized he had left two of his classmates off his list of people to check out Kwan as well as his best friend Tucker.  As both were equal distance and due to the lateness of the hour Danny decided he could only visit one of them he decides to see Tucker wanting to see what his best friend was packing as well as going to see if it was true what they said about black guys after all people used to think ghost were a myth he wanted to see if blacks were as well-endowed as they said.  Arriving at Tucker’s house Danny flies in and is shocked to find Tucker in the shower and boy was he packing.  Tucker was gifted with a full ten inches long and was four inches thick Danny had to cover his mouth so as not to make a sound of admiration and longing.  Danny stayed and watched the rest of Tucker’s shower completely memorized only to realize he was past his curfew and hurried home.  Danny was able to sneak in and make it into his room hiding his hard-on the whole way. 

                The next day at school Danny could hardly concentrate when he was around Tucker thinking about what was below the belt.  At lunch time he could not take it anymore so when they were having lunch Daddy “accidently” dropped his fork under the table and went to go get it.  When he was under the table he used his ghost powers to make Tucker’s pants invisible to sneak a peek of the giant cock again.  He evidently was under the table to long for Tucked looked down to see what was going on and gasped, “Danny what are you doing?”  Blushing Danny got out from under the table and tried to not look Tucker in the eyes embarrass beyond belief.  “Well Danny care to tell me why you were under the table and making my pants invisible,” Tucker said leaning in so those around them could not hear him making his breath caress Danny’s ear making the half-ghost boy shudder.

                “Well um… you see since there has been no ghost activity for a while I decided to go check out some of our classmates,” Danny explained in a whisper so low that Tucker had to get up and move to right next to him to hear it.  Tucker was worried thinking that someone was forcing Danny to do it or one of Danny’s enemies had somehow possessed Danny but was surprised as Danny continued.  “You see Sam broke up with me when she saw me checking out other guys on our dates so last night I went to see how big everyone was and you were the biggest I saw and I had become memorized when I saw you last night that I was late home and I could not get your package out of my head and I just wanted another look I’m sorry,” Danny said and with tears threatening to fall quickly ran away leaving a stunned Tucker behind.  Tucker sat there thinking about what Danny told him until the end of the lunch period.  As he heads back to class Tucker does not look at anyone or answer why Danny had run away almost in tears.  Thinking they should talk about it some more Tucker is disappointed as Danny basically avoids him during the rest of the day forcing Tucker have to slip a note into his locker asking Danny to stop by his place latter.

                Later that night Danny flew over to Tucker’s house worried about how he was going to react to his confession from lunch time.  When he came into Tucker’s room Danny was surprised to see Tucker just sitting on the edge of his bed wearing nothing but his underwear.  Danny stopped in midair as Tucker just smiled at the ghost boy.  “Well I thought that since you were so enamored by my cock you would like to meet it personally,” Tucker said with a smirk as Danny settled to the ground at Tucker’s feet.  “Well go ahead Danny why don’t you come over and say hello to it,” Tucker said leaning back and spreading his legs so that they were placed on either side of Danny’s form.  Danny finally snapped out of it and slowly moved closer to Tucker’s form and tentatively reached forward and pulled Tucker’s underwear down only to have Tucker’s cock snap free and smack him in the face much to Tucker’s amusement.  Danny now found himself face to face with the beast he had been dreaming about all day up close and personal with the beautiful ten inch cock.  “You like it Danny why not take a deep whiff,” Tucker said and placed his hands on the back of Danny’s head moving the unresisting hero into his crotch and felt the boy take a deep breath of his manly scent.  As his head was brought right into contact with Tucker’s cock Danny took a deep breath filling his nose with the scent of his best friend’s before tentatively opened his mouth and brought out his tongue and took a quick lick of the cock.  Tucker could not believe how submissive Danny was acting Tucker would never had guessed that Danny was a bottom boi but the facts did not lie as the ghost hero who just a couple of short weeks ago had saved the world started to lick the underside of his cock.  As he had plans tonight Tucker had decided to meet Danny before his shower after working out so that he was at least a small amount of sweat covering his form.  Feeling that he no longer needed to hold Danny’s head Tucker just leaned back on his bed as Danny worked on his cock.  After Tucker removed his hands from his head Danny felt it was a sign he was going a good job so he moved to the top of the penis and started to lower his mouth onto the head as he brought his hands up and began to run them up and down the length of the magnificent dark cock.  As Danny focused on Tucker’s cock Tucker took the opportunity to reach over and grab his phone and quickly took a few pictures of Danny working his cock.  Tucker decided to go for broke and grabbed a hunk of Danny’s hair and forced the young hero off his cock and pulled him upward and gave he a kiss totally dominating it as his tongue invaded Danny’s mouth as he rubbed his hands over his friend’s tight body before ending with his hands gripping Danny’s ass.  “You know I don’t like it that I am the only one naked here Danny, let me see what you got ghost-boi,” Tucker said giving Danny a smack to his ass causing Danny to jump a little as he blushes and returns to his human form stood off and started to tear off his closes.  “Ah not so fast do it nice and slow there Danny,” Tucker said as he sits up and bed and watches as Danny obeyed him and began to do a striptease for Tucker.  Tucked once again turns his phone to Danny and began to film as Danny slowly pulls off his shirt and twirls it around his head as he sensually moves his hips back and forth before tossing the shirt into the corner.  Danny than knelt down and crawled to Tucker and with a grin took the underwear still on Tucker’s legs between his teeth and pulled them off before he stood up and let Tucker undo his belt.  After Tucker undid his belt Danny leaned forward and gave Tucker a kiss allowing his friend to run his hands up his slim yet muscular body before moving back and went back to his stripteases slowly lowering his pants to reveal a pair of tighty-whiteys making Tucker laugh.  “Man he is more of a boi than I first thought,” Tucker thought to himself as he sees the small bulge in Danny’s underwear.

                “Do you like it Tucker?” Danny asked as he stood there feeling really self-conscious after Tucker’s laugh.

                “It is really good Danny,” Tucker said suddenly realizing that he might have hurt Danny’s feeling when he laughed.  “Sorry I just never realized you still wore tighty-whiteys thinking you would have switched to something more adult,” Tucker said than realized that Danny’s face had fallen.  Tucker decided he need to make it up to Danny so he stood up and took Danny into his arms, “I am really sorry Danny but I should say they do suit you,” Tucked said as he pet Danny’s underwear covered ass before pulling them down and allowing him to get his first look at Danny’s cock.  Tucker had to stop himself letting out another laugh as he saw Danny smaller six inch cock which was completely dwarfed by his own 10 inch beast.  As Danny’s underwear hit the floor Tucker reached down and decided to see how Danny truly measured up to him.  They both watched as Tucker took Danny’s cock and placed it on top of his own.  Tucker’s cock was so thick that it could be seen even with Danny’s cock on it Danny was so amazed by this he did not feel Tucker’s other hand until it was completely gripping his ass before he inserted a finger into Danny’s virgin ass causing the teen hero to let out a moan and grid into Tucker’s form.  Tucker smiled as Danny grinded into him as he finger fucked his best friend before inserting another finger wanting to use his cock but knowing he would need to loosen Danny up a lot first before Danny could safely handle him.

                “Oh Tucker that feels soooooo good,” Danny moaned as his grinding forced them to fall back onto Tucker’s bed with Danny on top his body arched like a cat as Tucker continued to finger fuck his ass.  Tucker could not help but smile as Danny’s hips ground into his erect cock and he could not take it anymore Danny was being too damn sex he just had to take him so with one swift motion Tucker rolled them both over so that Danny was under him down on his hands and knees and positioned his cock at Danny’s entrance.

                “Ready or not Danny here we go,” Tucker said leaning down caressing Danny’s back before he gently thrust forward feeling a little uncomfortable as Danny let out a small scream into Tucker’s pillow as he was penetrated for the first time.  Tucker just sat there for a moment letting Danny get used to his size before he continued.   Waiting a full minute after Danny stopped screaming Tucker began to thrust in and out of Danny’s tight ass loving the sound of Danny’s moans and calls for more.  Tucker obliges as he picks up his pace feeling Danny’s tighten as he climaxed from Tucker’s movements alone.  Tucker smiled feeling Danny tighten and sees him cum.  Grabbing Danny’s hair and pulling him up Tucker jokingly stated, “Bad boy cumming without me.”  Danny tried to protest but was stopped as Tucker placed a hand over his mouth before thrusting to the hilt and cumming himself filling Danny completely full.  Tucker left his cock rest inside Danny for a moment enjoying the feeling of the warmth surrounding his cock before pulling out unleashing the large load from Danny’s ass.  Signing in contentment Tucker collapses onto Danny’s form as both warn out fall asleep in each other’s arms.

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