An Everlasting Trio

BY : HannibalPorter213
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"Have you ever thought you might need just a little extra 'push'?" The curvy redhead in the red suit, with matching extra-tight mini-skirt, asked coyly. It was Penelope Spectra, and she knew that this school was filled with easily-manipulable teenagers. To her, they were nothing more than malleable pieces of clay, to be molded into a few useful tools, but mostly to be wrung dry and discarded.

Dash looked at her, already almost crying, "You mean like changing my diet, or doing extra endurance training?"

"Don't be silly." She smiled, doing her best to fake some sympathy. "An athlete as bad as you will need help from far less... reputable sources." She pulled a leather case from the top drawer of her desk, and held it out to Dash. "Go ahead. Take it." She instructed.

Dash opened it up, saw the vials and syringes, and the serial number at the top. "Aren't these the experimental steroids that made that NFL QB grow tits last month? I'm not sure I want to risk that."

"Now, Dash..." Spectra grinned, "Once you get nice and ripped, it doesn't matter what side effects happen. The ladies will love you."

Dash shoved the little leather case into the bottom of his gym bag, still not sure if he should use it. He walked out of the school therapist's office. As Dash walked out, eyes still locked on his gym bag, Paulina stepped tentatively inside.

"Uh, Ms. Spectra?" Paulina asked.

"Yes, Paulina?" The counselor asked, scribbling a few notes on the legal pad in front of her.

"I'm starting to worry that nobody at this school respects me." Paulina confessed.

"Of course they don't respect you. You're a woman." Spectra explained simply, "And not becoming a very attractive woman, at that."

"I'm not pretty?" Paulina asked, already starting to sob. While any student or teacher in school could have made this teenage girl feel better, that wasn't why Spectra was here.

"Don't get me wrong." Penelope smiled at her, "You're attractive now, but you've clearly peaked early. By the time you're my age, you'll look horrible." As Spectra finished the sentence, Paulina dropped to her knees, face buried in her hands, to sob harder. "Careful, now. If you cry much longer, you're going to get frown lines, and crows' feet..."

"I can't stop crying." Paulina whimpered. Spectra leaned over her desk, trying to get a closer look at this particular student. "Please, Ms. Spectra, isn't there anything I can do to stay pretty?"

"Well, you could diet..." Penelope waited for this girl to look at her, confused. "And there's one meal in particular that makes every woman more attractive."

"Really?" Paulina asked, already perking up. "What meal is that?"

Spectra leaped up to sit on her desk, hiking up her skirt, and spreading her legs wide for Paulina. "See right here? Why not take a little taste?"

Paulina stopped crying at the scent of Ms.Spectra, like the liquid glistening there really could fix everything. She fell onto her knees, leaning forward to taste those beautiful, vertical lips. She began lapping away, doing her best to get every drop; and to her amazement, it didn't seem to run out. Paulina was a girl who never did too well in class, and knew almost nothing about how female genitals worked. The fact that it didn't run out truly astonished her, and the only thing that stopped her at all was Ms. Spectra gently pushing her away.

"Did you taste that, dear? That's going to keep you looking young. You can even come back for more, later, but only if you make an appointment. That's what girls who want to be pretty have to do. They put in the time." Spectra smiled down at her young charge, then sent her out the door.

As Paulina walked out of the office, she squeaked happily "Thanks, Ms. Spectra!" And waved as the door closed, its frosted glass making her vanish from Spectra's sight just as someone else walked out of the wall.

"Hello, Danny. Taken to voyeurism, have we?" Spectra taunted, tilting her head at him.

"I wasn't looking in your office, though the noises toward the end there made it clear what you were doing." Danny reverted to human form in a faint glow of light. "Is this what you've taken to? Can't spot your little henchman anywhere, so you need to drain everyone directly, through the sexual stuff?"

"Danny, I'll admit that I thoroughly enjoyed what just happened with Paulina, but I didn't lie. My... juices really do slow the aging process." Spectra argued. "I had to get a new body, and it doesn't work well with any of my previous methods." She looked right at Danny. "I've been reduced to doing little more than statutory rape of my students."

"Paulina is eighteen." Danny corrected. "Don't do any damage beyond what a normal guidance counselor is expected to do, and I don't care what you do with any of the students that are legal."

"What about you and me?" Spectra asked. "Do you want any kind of repayment for staying quiet about everything?"

"I don't take bribes and I don't cheat on Sam." Danny explained, a hard-nosed expression on his face.

"Do you have any emotional issues you'd like to talk about?" Spectra asked. "I am the school's licensed therapist."

Danny stared at his feet for a while, then said, still staring at the floor, "How do you handle your best friend admitting that he is in love with you?"

"Did I just mishear you? Did you just say 'he'? I thought that Samantha, the nice goth girl, is the one you're involved with." Spectra looked at him, very confused.

"You heard me right. I'm with Sam. Tucker confessed that, not only is he in love with me, but he is also in love with Sam." Danny explained.

"That's a relief. I was worried this would be confusing. A lot of people come to therapists to get reassurance on what they already know is the right thing." Spectra explained. "Discuss this with Sam. She deserves to know. Full disclosure is important in a relationship."

Danny phased through a wall, emerging in the hallway. Getting to do that in full view of the school, and being greeted heartily rather than completely ignored, felt great. 

He was right next to Tucker's locker, and there was Tucker. While they were both about the same height, Danny's time as a half-ghost had driven his fitness far in a different direction. While Danny had become battle-hardened in a near-endless war with inhuman monsters; Tucker remained tender, though not quite weak, since he'd stayed at the back during almost all of those fights.

"Tucker, I think we should tell Sam what you told me." Danny insisted, putting a hand on Tucker's shoulder.

"No, dude." Tucker backed away for a second, "Sam will kill me if she finds out--" he stopped when he bumped into someone.

Sam asked from behind him. "If she finds out what?" She was clearly letting herself get angry, as was typical whenever one of Tucker's stupid plans came to light.

"Sam, his secret is not that bad." Danny assured them both, smoothly pulling Tucker away from Sam and placing himself between them both. "And, after school, he will disclose everything. I promise."

After school, they were all sitting in Danny's bedroom; with he and Sam sitting on the bed, and Tucker sitting on desk chair. Tucker hadn't said anything the whole walk here from school. Danny looked at Tucker, who finally started talking; closing his eyes at first, "When it started out, I felt jealous of you guys. You were so happy together, and most of the girls at school would barely talk to me..." Sam sat, patiently waiting for whatever confession warranted so much buildup. "Then, I realized I wasn't just jealous of you guys being in a relationship. I was jealous of you guys being with... each other." Tucker looked at Sam, an almost wounded expression on his face, just waiting for the indignant and cynical retort that he was sure he so richly deserved.

That retort didn't come. Sam stood up from the bed, walked over to Tucker, and leaned down to hug him. "Tuck, you don't have to hide stuff like this." She assured him. "I promise I'll never get mad at someone for saying they care about me." She stood up, breaking the hug and stepping back a bit, "Granted, if you'd tried to feel me up just then, I would have decked you."

"That's not all. Tell her the other part." Danny insisted, getting a little worried that Tucker would get cold feet and he'd have to explain all on his own.

Tucker let out a sigh; "I don't just have feelings for you." Tucker motioned to the boy sitting on the bed. "I have them for Danny. And believe me, it took more than a while to get used to that thought." He started looking at the floor after finishing that sentence.

"Tucker, relax." Danny said, then turned to Sam. "How should we handle this?"

"Handle this?" Tucker demanded. "I get that there's an issue, but I'm not just a problem. Don't I get to be involved in the discussion?"

"No. Not really." Sam said bluntly. "While we'd love to talk with you about this, we're going to talk with each other first. If you just wait a few minutes, I think we'll have a response." Sam instructed, motioning to the door; Tucker may not have been enthused, but he walked out of the bedroom. Sam just waited for the door to close. "I don't know, Danny. I've heard about relationships like this, with more than two people, working out for the best."

Danny put his face in his hands and took a moment to seethe in frustration. Not at Sam, but just at the fact that, the moment his super-powers started feeling normal, the universe felt like screwing with him. "You've also heard of two occasions on which a man robbed a bank with a frying pan. That doesn't--" Danny pulled back on the mocking. This was Sam, one of the smartest people he knew. He couldn't talk down to her. "It feels like us both dating him would risk not only the friendship with him, but with each other, and I'm not sure I'm ready to make that kind of gamble."

Sam walked over and gently grasped Danny's hands with hers, moving him under her, making sure that she straddled him perfectly as she said, "Nothing could ever break you and I apart." Then she began to moan as she ran her tongue inside Danny's cheek, her bare midriff peeling up his shirt and leaving their flesh to rub together.

Tucker, sitting right outside, could first hear just muffled noise, then almost nothing, then actual moaning. When the moaning started, Tucker tried to tell himself it was something innocent, then he heard thudding noises in matching rhythm to it. As he tried to convince himself of that vanishing innocence, his body started reacting to the torrent of lust clearly bursting forth, blocked from his grasp by a simple wooden door. 

He picked up his Smart-Phone, trying to fight this lust with something he felt was pure, and saw the wallpaper proudly displaying all three of them at Sam's eighteenth birthday party just a month ago. He tried to focus on how happy they all were, but the moaning was turning into patterned screaming, and he couldn't stop looking at the baby blue eyes of the Danny in the photo; Tucker had never even noticed before that this photo included Sam's cleavage, covered in vegan cake frosting.

By the time there was no more noise, Tucker was already feeling ashamed of what he had just done, feeling sick both from spying on his friends, and the sticky splotch on the front of his shorts. 

The door opened, and there were Danny and Sam, standing over him. "Okay, we think we can give this a try!" Sam announced as the door opened.

"Don't bother. I don't deserve the effort." Tucker announced. All the nervousness was gone, replaced by a solid haze of self-loathing. "I'm disgusting."

"Tucker, if you want to back out, that's fine. But why would you be--" Sam stopped when Danny explained for everyone.

"Look at his pants." Danny motioned to the stain. "I think we had an audience."

Sam leaned to whisper to Danny, "I'm not disgusted. Really, I'm just impressed he could get off just by listening to us." She turned to speak aloud to Tucker. "We understand. You've been holding a lot in, and it makes sense that you'd want to 'let it out'." Sam actually let the emphasis hang there.

"Did you just make a back-handed gesture of compassion at my expense?" Tucker demanded.

"It's better for you to be a little upset at her than beating yourself up." Danny said, helping Tucker up, "Now let's get you some clean pants." Danny walked Tucker to the bathroom, assuming that Sam would get the idea. Granted, she did get the idea about getting pants for Tucker, but she grabbed something else from Danny's closet while she was there.

Sam knocked, and Tucker opened the door just a crack to grab those pants. He stepped out, fully dressed. "You look great, Tucker. In fact..." Sam whispered the next part into Tucker's ear, and he just about doubled over. "I meant what I said. We'll give this a try. But we want you to start out wearing that chastity belt from the Ghost Zone. I slipped it into those underwear that you're borrowing from Danny."

Tucker looked over at Danny, waiting for some reassurance. "Don't worry. It's a trinket from Frostbite's gallery. He assured me that it's not dangerous. Granted, it does cause discomfort based on the wearer's level of shame... so, it might hurt a little."

"I'm kind of proud of this." Sam smirked, "If you feel bad about getting aroused, then that thing will force you to either stop feeling bad about it, or stop getting aroused."

Over the next two weeks, each evening was spent getting closer. Sam and Tucker had to do very little to disguise themselves, going out on public dates that one would consider more traditional. Danny and Tucker would do as they normally did, staying in and playing video games or the like, staying in; granted, more than once this ended with Tuck falling asleep on Danny's shoulder.

-- Two weeks later (at the Fenton household) --

After those dates, it was about time to see how things were going. Sam and Tucker were going to Danny's house, since it was the easiest place to get people to leave from. Danny walked inside to see his parents at work in their shop. "Mom? Dad?" Danny announced, "I need the house to myself tonight. Think that'd be okay?"

"Of course, son!" Jack proclaimed. "We're taking the Specter Speeder into the Ghost Zone for some scouting!"

Maddie smiled at her son, "Jasmine wants to study some paranormal psychology today, so she'll be coming with us. You and Sam will be free to do whatever you like." She winked at him.

-- In the Business District of Amity Park, about halfway between Sam's house and Danny's house --

It would be another hour before Sam arrived at Danny's. On the way, she stopped at Penelope Spectra's private office, off the school grounds. When she got there, she would ask about the strange things she'd been feeling. 

The hope when she had put a chastity belt in Tucker's pants was that the boy would abandon all of his feelings for both Danny and Sam. Instead, Sam was getting butterflies from going out to dinner with Tucker, and that was not part of the plan.

Knocking on the front door, Sam knew well that, even in the best parts of the city, you had to give whoever was answering the door some time to check the peephole, and undo the locks and deadbolts. A redheaded woman stuck her head out, oddly angling it to keep her body covered. 

"Hello, Ms. Manson; did Danny need something, because I'm kind of doing an 'all girl night' right now."

"This isn't about Danny. I wanted to talk to you about some stuff." Sam clutched her own arms nervously. "Danny said you're not an emotional vampire anymore. And I don't really have any female friends..."

The door flew open, though the woman hiding herself did stay behind it. "Come on in, Samantha." And as soon as Sam was inside, that door closed behind her, revealing Penelope Spectra, wearing a very revealing leather outfit. Spectra started walking further inside this little office.

Sam followed, confident that Spectra was just eccentric from all of that time spent basically as a supervillain, until they reached a room that assured Sam this was more than something benign.

There was Paulina, a girl from school that, while Sam may have hated, she still felt didn't deserve what Sam was seeing. On her knees, with a collar on her neck, shackles on her wrists, a sleep mask over her eyes, and a spacing bar between her ankles.

Sam turned toward Spectra, "What are you doing to her!?"

"I'm only doing what she wants. Besides, we're here to talk about you, aren't we?" Spectra asked in return, kneeling down next to the restrained Paulina, and stroking her hair. "And no more yelling. Loud noises besides my voice frighten my little cunt-licker." she advised, pecking Paulina on the cheek. "Now pet, if you knew who that was yelling, say hello to your friend."

"Hello, Sam." Paulina said. "Please don't tell the girls at school about this... please?"

"Okay, sure thing." Sam decided to whisper her actual problem to Spectra. "Now, Ms. Spectra, I wanted to talk to you about how Tucker and Danny and I decided to try a threesome thing. Then I put Tucker in a chastity belt, and now the fact that I'm really getting off on him being in chastity. I keep doing stuff like teasing him, and I don't know how to deal with that."

Spectra sat, unfazed by the issue. "That doesn't sound like a problem. If he enjoys it, I think you should enjoy it, but maybe I'm biased."

-- Forty-Five Minutes Later, at Danny's Place --

Sam had managed to arrive just a little ahead of schedule. When Tucker arrived, it was to both of his friends who walked with him up to Danny's room, where they would all be discussing things.

Danny and Sam were both sitting on the bed, just like last time. "Okay, Tucker," Danny announced, "I'm very happy that we decided to try this; I'd be ready to go forward with it. Sam?"

"I absolutely love both of you." Sam smiled at her boys. "We've spent a long time together, and I could see us being together a lot longer." She even liked that expression 'her boys', but there was still a loose end that needed tying. "We should take that chastity belt off of you."

"Well, first, I wanted to thank you for putting it on me." Tucker smiled at Sam.

"You mean because the pain got you to stop feeling ashamed?" Danny asked.

"Kinda. There's something that must just be off in my head. Even though I'm ashamed, and it hurts, I can't stop feeling aroused. Even right now." Tucker announced.

"Take off your pants." Sam instructed. When Tucker lowered both his pants and boxers, revealing what appeared to be a crystal cock ring with its own ethereal glow. Sam snapped her fingers, and the cock ring dropped into her hand. She stopped for a moment, "Didn't you just say you were aroused?"

"Yeah, but not a lot." Tucker admitted. "I've really kind of enjoyed being ashamed of myself since I started dating you both. I try to hold onto that feeling, so that the pain from the chastity thing would make me feel the same way I did when I was listening to you guys."

"You're getting off on being ashamed of yourself?" Sam asked, getting a nod in response from her new boyfriend. She picked up the little cock ring, looked at it, and turned to Danny. "What do you think of keeping our dear Tucker in chastity a while longer?" Danny may have just given a shrug, but Tucker actually looked eager. "Tucker, I want you to know that we love you, and we have the utmost respect for you." Sam insisted, before sliding the little ring back onto Tucker's near-flaccid cock; shortly, then, Tucker fell to his hands and knees, overpowered by this tiny thing.

"This time, you get to watch." Danny announced to Tucker, using a gentle touch of intangibility to drop both his and Sam's clothes to the floor in an instant. He rolled over on top of Sam, and started sliding his tongue around inside her mouth, likewise for Sam. Their eyes were closed as their hands wandered up and down each other's bodies, fingers running through hair, gentle groping of buttocks, finally landing on a loving embrace that had become their default.

Sam parted their usual routine, looking over at Tucker. "Hey, now that we've given you a little something to be excited about, let's see how much meat is under your hood!" Sam was really excited, since this would be a first threesome for all of them, and a first time altogether for Tucker. But as Tucker got back to a kneeling position, he still looked almost limp. "That's not good."

Danny had already pulled out before the third word. "We're going to see Frostbite. He always knows what to do." He stopped when he remembered that his parents promised him the night alone, while they went out in the Specter Speeder. "We'll see him in the morning. I promise, you're going to be just fine."


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