The son he never knew about.

BY : slayer-of-evil
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Disclaimer: Seriously I don't own anyone or thing in the books or movie. no money made from the writing of this again I don't own the fandom rise of the guardians only the OCS . yhsnk you.

The sun was begining to set one fall day the papers he'd been looking at were old ones not more than a few decades old. Not really sure why it hot his attention at all other than looking for possible living family.
Tooth has been helping him with that lately.

Tooth: Jack I hope you realized there's a chance there isn't anyone left.
Jack: Yeah, I know but I still want to try it's kind of a need really.
Tooth: Maybe we should start closer to when you died in the morning I would help more but I still have the kids to think about. *she sighs*
Jack: I know now go & thanks for your help.
*he smiles at her she smiles back then leaves him with his thoughts.*

*it wasn't a bad idea she had
But for now I'll stick with I got for when I get back from my job* hr thought.

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