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Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom or any of the characters. They are doing a life sentence to their original owners. Enjoy My little secret 2

I don't own Danny phantom or any of the characters. They are doing a life sentence to their original owners without the chance of parole. Enjoy part one of my little secret 2.

Fenton works Jazz's room

"With this last sentence, I can now proudly say my 30-page project is now complete." Said a 19-year-old Jazz.

Jazz Fenton is now in her second year of college. Like in high school Jazz is one of her college's brightest students even if it is more stressful. The work load Jazz has to deal with as well as the flak she gets from her jealous peers grew even more than Jazz's body changed.

Jazz upon getting a few years older gained the rest of what she was missing when she was younger, and if you looked at her if it wasn't for her long orange hair and being 2 inches taller than Maddie she could pass for her mother. Her hips while slightly smaller than her mothers were now there for all to see, and her bosom grew from a small B cup to a large C cup. Her waist while not as slim as her mothers did hold a good hourglass shape that many of Jazz's female peers wished they had. Jazz's attire at this moment consisted of lavender spaghetti strap nightgown and a matching lavender panties.

Upon finished her lengthy project Jazz hears a familiar knock at her door that only one person knew. Hearing this knock Jazz mind went from her work to the person who was on the other side.

"Come on in Danny I been wanting to see you all day. Jazz said in a cheerful tone.

This is all the invitation Danny needed to open Jazz's door and come in. Danny like Jazz under went a transformation over the years. Danny now stood the height of 6 foot 1 and has hair that goes past his shoulders. No longer was he the scrawny weakling everyone messed with due to him gaining some of the muscle his evil over self-has due to the years of ghost fighting. However, unlike his older self Danny keeps his face clean due to the one fact his evil self-had this facial hair.

Danny upon coming revealed that he was carrying a tray with a nice chunk of lasagna, a glass of water, and a piece of garlic bread. Danny placed the tray onto the table, and begins to speak unaware of the smile on Jazz's face.

'Jazz must be really happy to see me. Then again the feeling is mutual though I wish she wouldn't work herself into the ground sometimes.' Danny thought to himself.

"Jazz I know that this report counts for one-third of your final grade, but if you overwork yourself you will…" Danny never got the chance to finish his sentence since as Jazz decided to put Danny's lips to better use in the form of stealing a kiss from his lips.

The sudden shock Danny felt quickly disappeared, and as to welcome her action Danny quickly kissed back. Jazz feeling this action immediately wrapped her hands around Danny neck, while Danny did the same. Jazz enjoying the long desired attention slipped Danny her tongue as a reward as Danny moved his hands from her neck to her ample ass. Giving it a good squeeze earned a moan from the older Fenton who was nearing the end of her rope.  

'Oh god this was what it was all for. I worked myself to the bone finishing this report so I could spend the rest of my time alone enjoying my secret boyfriend. I am going to make sure he doesn't get any sleep tonight.' Jazz thought as she jumped into arms while wrapping her legs around his waist before releasing him from the kiss.

"Oh god Danny you don't know how long I have been waiting to do that again. I don't want to wait any longer Danny, I need you in me, and I need you now!" Jazz said in a longing tone causing Danny to smile.

"When my queen beckons me who am I to say no?" Was Danny's longing response as he moved his gripped her ass tighter to support their combined weight.

'A year and a half ago if anyone would have said or asked if I would do this with Jazz I would have told them no, now in the words of Ember I am going to make her say my name.' Danny thought as he put himself on the floor while his lover lined up his 9 and the half inch manhood with her now drooling womanhood.

Jazz was just about to force all her weight down so she could be impaled when both she and Danny heard someone knocking on her door.

"Jazz can I come in please? I know you are busy working in here, but it isn't healthy to be in this room for such a long time." Maddie said worried for her oldest child while without knowing interrupted Danny and Jazz's private time.

'Darn it mom, you had to choose the most crucial moment to knock on my/Jazz's door wanting to come in.' Jazz and Danny both thought sourly just before Jazz reluctantly climbed off Danny while he got up off the floor.

Jazz then walked to the door opening it revealing her mother on the other side. Maddie was wearing her usual blue hazmat suit. Upon seeing Danny and the tray of food in the room sighed at the site.

"Danny what have I told you about sneaking food upstairs? We have a dinner table for a reason!" Maddie said in a stern tone.

"I am sorry mom, but I was worried about Jazz as well. I knew she had a huge report to do, and I figured if I brought Jazz her food she could eat it without wasting the energy to come downstairs." Danny explained hoping Maddie would buy it.

"Sorry mom but I had a 30 page report due, and I needed to put all my time and energy into finishing it. It is the last report I have to hand in for my psychology class, and I am not going to lose my 3.98 GPA because of slacking!" Jazz said adamantly.

"She is right mom, we are Fenton's, and Fentons only get A's or in dad's case B-'s. My college GPA while not as high as Jazz's is still a solid 3.54. I will never be the next Neal Armstrong if I can't keep my GPA high." Danny explained while backing up his sister.

'Ever since the accident 3 years ago Danny and Jazz have gotten closer than ever while they seem to be drifting further and further away from me and Jack. While I am glad they are close like this I wish I could have some of that closeness with my children like I used too.' Maddie thought to herself before speaking. 'I guess that is just a part of growing up for some.'

"Jasmine Fenton once you are finished that report for the rest of your time here I want you and your brother to eat at the dinner table with me and your dad. Do I make myself clear?" Maddie replied with in a no-nonsense tone getting a positive response. "Good because if I catch your brother sneaking food up here again I will ground the both of you got it?" Maddie explained before taking the tray of food out of the room.

"Mom I know we are still your children, but why are you treating us like this when we are only visiting for the holidays?" Danny asked only for Maddie to ignore his question.

"We will be downstairs in 10 minutes mom, I need to talk in private to my little brother about something important." Jazz explained before closing and locking the door. "Now where were we before we were so rudely interrupted lover?" Jazz said as she pulled his now reharden dick out while moving her panties aside exposing her entrance.

"Jazz we only have 10 minutes before mom gets worried. We don't have anytime for any kind of fun that passes second base. We will have to wait until mom and dad are asleep before we can do that." Danny said just before hugging Jazz from behind in a very intimate way.

"While I am glad you want me as much as I want you, if I find out that you are cheating on me hell have no fury like Jazz's scorn." Jazz replied while grinding her hips against Danny's.

"Jazz I am in the same college as you, we are roommates, and to top it off anyone who shows interest in me I flat our reject because I am with you. You were the one there for me when since my break up with Sam, and I am not about to lose the best thing to ever happen to me. But we better go downstairs before mom and dad find out their children are sharing more than just brotherly/sisterly love." Danny said as he reluctantly pulled away from the hug he had Jazz in while sending ice downstairs to calm his hormones.

Jazz knowing their parents would have an issue with the way she was dressed put on her lavender robe just before Danny grabbed the tray of food and went downstairs.

Fenton works kitchen 10 minutes later

"Jack I am worried about our children. Sometimes I worry that they are hiding something from us." Maddie explained only for Jack to dismiss it. "Jack I am serious. Ever since the accident happened 3 years ago they have drifted from us, but are getting closer to each other. It is like they don't need us anymore." Maddie continued worried.

"Maddie with all that has happened in their lives I am not surprised they are getting closer to each other. Especially with the break Danny's break up with Sam 20 months back. Jazz was the one who helped pick up the pieces more than either of us. Plus they are closer to each other's ages then we are. At some point we just have to let go and let them grow up." Jack answered surprised his wife completely.

"Ok who are you and what have you done with my husband? The Jack Fenton I know would have never said something like that." Maddie said in a joking tone.

"Maddie just because I may screw up sometimes doesn't mean I don't see things clearly. Besides would you rather see them at each other's throats and hating each other?" Jack asked causing Maddie to shake her head as Danny and Jazz came downstairs.

"Wow Jazz when I said you were the spitting image of your mother 3 years ago I was telling you the truth. Just start wearing a blue hazmat suit and…"

"That won't be happening again. I already inherited a bit of genetics from mom. Do you know how degrading it is to have people stare at my body when they think I am not looking?" Jazz complained while cutting off Jack.

"You aren't kidding Jazz, all you needed was to have your hair color brown instead of orange and cut your hair short, and you two would be able to pull off being sisters." Danny added.

"Flattery will get you nowhere Danny. You still are coming with me unless you want me to lock you out of our dorm room when we get back in a few weeks." Jazz said as Maddie went and got Jack, and Danny their plates of food just before eating her own food.

"So Danny you said you had a 3.54 GPA. Before in high school until the end you could barely get a C+ average. What happened in your life that made your grades shoot up?" Maddie asked curious.

"When I saw that I got my first A- from Mr. Lancers test I knew I could do it if I put the effort into it. Eventually I got my priorities straight and decided to focus on what was really important." Danny answered only telling part of the truth.

'She will never guess the real reason was as soon as I learned to clone myself correctly I just used my clones to help me study while I took care of the bad ghosts that invaded our town. It is a good thing that my clones can actually give me all the knowledge the gained when I call them back.' Danny thought to himself smiling since he now had a new method to get a good GPA.

"How about we do family games tonight. Are the two of you up for a rousing game of checkers?" Jack asked causing everyone to frown.

"Dad no offense but you never won a single game against any of us, and no offense again you are a sore loser." Danny said striking a nerve with Jack only for Maddie to calm him down.

"Don't get upset dear, but Danny is right. Remember what happened when Jazz and Danny were away last time? I wanted us to have some good old-fashioned love-making but you choose checkers instead. When I won you smacked the checker board away." Maddie explained causing Danny and Jazz to gasp in shock.

"Dad you actually didn't get that mom wanted to do that with you? Wow and I thought I was clueless when everyone else but me saw that Sam liked me back then." Danny brought up finishing his lasagna and taking a bite of his garlic bread.

"So Danny, I don't mean to pry, but are you seeing someone yet? I know you were crushed when you and Sam broke up, but you need to move on." Jack stated causing Danny to smile.

"As a matter of fact I am seeing someone and I will tell you she makes Sam look like that lunch lady ghost in comparison." Danny replied grinning like the Cheshire cat.

"Maybe one day I will get to meet this girl. Unless of course she is one of those shallow hussies like that Latina girl you used to chase after." Maddie said strike a nerve with Jazz.

'Calm down Jazz mom doesn't know I am Danny's woman, and have it my way she will never know cause knowing her and dad they wouldn't understand.' Jazz thought to herself before Danny spoke.

"My girlfriend isn't shallow. If she was water and I tried to step in her I would sink into a bottomless abyss. In fact she is someone I really like. She is smart, funny and when I look into her beautiful sapphire blue eyes it feels like magic." Danny explained going into a look of longing.

"Is there anything else that you like about her?" Maddie asked curious about this mystery girl.

"She is supportive of my dreams, but most of all when she liked me she had the courage to tell me how she felt and not become a jealous mess every time someone else of the opposite sex showed interest in me." Danny explained getting a dreamy look just thinking about Jazz.

"It sounds like you are in love Danny. Well don't rush things otherwise you might scare her off. Also if it goes that far don't forget to invite us to the wedding." Jack said happy for his son.

"Jazz have you met Danny's new girlfriend?" Maddie asked curious.

"I have, and I feel she is just what the doctor ordered for Danny. From what I see she makes Danny happy, and from what she told me Danny is doing his part really well. Sure she is older than him, but age is only a number." Jazz said in a very supportive tone.

"How much older is she?" Maddie said going into overprotective mode.

"2 years older than him. In fact it was me who told her to go for it." Jazz explained trying to calm Maddie down.

"Since you both are going to the same college which is a surprise with your old grades Danny, watch out for each other." Jack said just before Jazz grabbed Danny and dragged him upstairs.

"Let's go Danny. I need to help you with your assignments as well. Otherwise your average will fall. Mom, dad thank you for the meal." Jazz said as she and Danny left their eye sight.

"Since those two are going to be upstairs why don't we go out and have fun like we used to before we had Danny and Jazz?" Jack suggested finally picking up on what Danny said before.

"You don't mean going out in the park to play checkers do you Jack?" Maddie asked in a dry tone.

"Of course not, if I wanted to play checkers I wouldn't go out to the park to do that. What I was suggesting was we go out dancing and then maybe spend the night at a hotel." Jack said while taking his wife in his arms like on his wedding day.

'I owe you Danny for this, since otherwise I know he would have mentioned checkers again.' Maddie thought and Jack went out and locked the door Behind them.

Danny's bedroom 10 minutes later

"They are gone Danny. I just watched them pull of in the Fenton RV." Jazz said only to see Danny walk towards the door. "Danny where are you going? Don't tell me you lost interest in me already." Jazz said getting upset.

"Not even if you wished for it Jazz. I am going to the shower since I am feeling really 'dirty' now." Danny answered stressing the word dirty.

"I will join you Danny. Even though you can get those hard to get areas with your clones, I am willing to bet you would enjoy it more if I helped you instead." Jazz said as she followed Danny into the bathroom just before locking the door behind them.

Stage out.

Someone challenged me to write a Danny/Jazz love story, so this is a response to that. R and R.

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