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"No! I, Technus, master of gadgetry and gizmos, have been bested! But it's not over yet, ghost child! I'll be baaaaaaack!"

Technus screamed in pain as he was sucked into the Fenton Thermos.

Danny Fenton, AKA Danny Phantom, hovered in the air, his hair a pearly white. He landed behind a dumpster at his high school, Casper High, before sealing the ghost trap shut. Another day in the life of your average teenage superhero.

Danny began to de-ghost. A ring of light formed around his torso, shifting his black and white jumpsuit into his usual jeans and shorts.


Danny's eyes went wide as saucers. He spun around, looking for the source of the camera flash. In the distance, he heard trash cans tipping over. Now fully human, he sprinted down the alley after the source of the noise.

This was bad. This was very very bad. Someone knew his secret identity. Danny ran as fast as he could after the sound of sneakers hitting pavement echoed through the alley. He was half tempted to 'go ghost' and fly after the photographer, but the last thing he needed was to give whoever this was more evidence.

The running footsteps gradually got fainter, and fainter, until Danny, dejected, came to a dead stop, panting in exhaustion and fear.

He'd gotten away. Or she had. Someone knew who he was now.

Danny stared at the ground, shaking.



The next day, Danny arrived at school, expecting a squadron of government anti-paranormal goons waiting for him at the bus stop. No one acted any differently towards him. No one knew. Danny was still uneasy. Who had caught him behind the school yesterday?

Danny walked to his locker. As he opened it, a small piece of yellow notebook paper fell out, folded into a square.

Danny picked it up off the ground. His hands were shaking as he read what it said.

"I kNoW yOuR seecret. Meet me BeHInd tHE SChooL @5 iF yOu wAnt ME to STAY QUIET."

The black haired boy bit his lip. This was going to be a very bad day.


At 5PM, Danny started walking towards the back of the school, near the dumpsters wear the anonymous photographer had caught him with his proverbial pants around his ankles. He saw someone standing by the dumpster, leaning against the wall. It was...


No, not him.

Oh god no. Please.

Danny stopped dead in his tracks. Dash waved to the half ghost.

"Hey there...ghost boy!"

Danny stared in horror at the photo in Dash's hand. Dash grinned smugly, leaning against the brick wall. The blonde jock casually ran his fingers through his hair.

"So, you're Inviso-Bill, huh, Fenturd?"

"Damnit, I hate that name. It's Danny Phantom! I mean, no! I'm not..."

"I wonder what your folks would say if they found out their kid was some sort of half-ghost freak," said the jock, tapping his chin thoughtfully. "Maybe I should call those Guys in White. US Government would probably pay out big to get their hands on you."

Danny leapt at Dash, reaching for the photo. The tall jock simply held his hand out, holding Danny back with little effort as he swiped desperately at the polaroid, now well out of reach.

"Ah ah ah, not so fast, Fenton!" grinned Dash. "Not for you. No touchy!"

Danny fell back, glaring in frustration at Dash. He smiled.

"Okay, Dash. So you know my secret. So you probably know I can do THIS!"

Danny pointed a finger at the polaroid, and a beam of green ectoplasm fired from his hand, burning a clean hole right through the center of the photo. Danny crossed his arms triumphantly.

"Ha! You've got no proof."

Dash calmly produced four more copies of the photo from inside his jacket.

"Wanna bet?"

The photos were ash just as he finished his sentance. Dash looked at his empty hand, rolling his eyes.

"Dude, I've got the file back at my house. Do you really think I'd be stupid enough to bring the only copies I had with me?"

Danny clenched his teeth in annoyance. Then he realized something.

"Yeah, but you were stupid enough to tell me that!"

A ring of light flashed out from the teen, turning his hair snowy white and replacing his jeans and t-shirt with a black jumpsuit. He rocketed into the air.

Dash cupped his hands around his mouth. "You get back here or I post the file from my phone to the internet right now!"

Danny stopped on a dime. He plummeted back to the ground, stopping himself just before he would have hit the concrete. Dash held his phone up, showing the thumbnail of the picture of Danny, mid-transformation. Dash's thumb hovered over the 'SEND' button.

Danny glared at Dash, who was still looking quite pleased with himself. The jock slipped his phone back into his jacket pocket.

"Now, I bet you're wondering what it's going to take for me to keep my mou-Hey!"

Danny hurled himself at Dash, turning invisible and disappearing inside the Jock. Dash notibly jerked around before opening his eyes, which were now decidedly green. Danny willed the jock to reach into his pocket, when the ring on the jock's hand started...beeping?


Danny was expelled violently against the wall, leaving Dash in a glowing green aura. The jock turned toward the half-ghost, chuckling and holding up his ringfinger.

"I've got to give props to your folks, this "Fenton Anti-Possession Ring?" Really does wonders. Stupid fucking name, though. FAP Ring? I mean, come on!"

Danny gulped nervously.

" a surprising amount of foresight for you to have, Dash."

"Yeah, I know, it's really out of character, isn't it? Anyway..."

He crossed his arms, stepping toward Danny as he de-ghosted. The jock loomed over the thin, black haired teen. Danny paled.

"So, Fenturd," Dash smiled, putting his hands on Danny's shoulders, shoving him against the wall. "How badly do you want me to keep quiet?"

Danny felt his heart leap up into his mouth. He chuckled nervously.

"This is gonna suck, isn't it?"

"Big time, Fenton. Big time..."


The crowd cheered as Dash kicked the winning field-goal, ensuring that the Casper High football team would be heading to the finals in their league.

The team hooted and hollered behind him as they walked into the locker room. Dash pulled his helmet off, sweating profusely. He raised his hands, beckoning his teammates.

"Hey, guys, hold off on getting in the shower just yet. I've got a little surprise for the team," said Dash. Kwan tossed his helmet to the side, raising an eyebrow.

"What sort of surprise involves me having enough sweat on my balls to flood Death Valley?"

Dash smirked. He crooked his neck around the corner of the room.

"Okay, Fenton, your time to shine!"

Kwan started laughing when Danny came around the corner from behind the shower curtains. Then the rest of the team joined in.

Danny's face was beet red. He was wearing one of the cheerleader's uniforms, complete with sporty pink tennies and a skirt to match his blushing cheeks. He bit his lip in embarrassment.  Kwan scratched his head, chuckling but a bit confused. Dash was quick to explain.

"See, boys, I've got some dirt on little Danny here that he wants to make sure stays buried," said Dash, smirking. "So tonight, he's agreed to be our own personal hazing boy."

Kwan was still confused. "What does that entail, exactly?"

"It means we're gonna haze him, but without him gaining anything. Make him suck us off, strip naked, all sorts of nasty shit like that."

"Oh," said Kwan. "That's cool, I guess."

"Luckily, I could find a uniform Danny's size. Including..."

Dash reached down and lifted the front of Danny's skirt up. Danny blushed furiously, groaning.

"Little pink panties for the girly girl!"

The team cackled. Danny's modest cock was poking out of the top of his frilly pink panties. The tight pink fabric caused a sizable bulge from his trapped balls. Dash gruffly reached down and grabbed the back of his waistband.

"Let's get this party started. Wedgie time!"

Dash yanked Danny's panties hard, all the way up the black haired boy's buttcrack. Danny gasped as his balls were squeezed tight by the rapidly reducing room in the front of his underwear. His crack burned from the sudden friction. He could feel his buttcheeks clinging around the fabric as it buried itself in his butthole, stinging his backside.

Danny hung there as Dash casually let him bounce up and down like a yo-yo. 

"Tight...too tight!" he rasped, clasping his balls in pain. Dash dropped him onto his knees.

"Anyone else want a turn?"

"Sure. I wanna see if I can get him to taste his panties in the back of his throat!" 

Kwan went over, reached down, and yanked the panties back up Danny's crack. Danny gave out a shrill squeal of pain, getting howls from the rest of the team.

"Like two little eggs in a basket, huh Fenton?" laughed Kwan, holding him up by the pink underwear with one arm, glancing at Danny's balls bulging against the frilly pink underwear.

Kwan slapped Danny's balls with the palm of his free hand. Hard.

"HHNNNNNNNGGG!" groaned Danny as the wave of pain rushed through his stomach, making him cramp up. Kwan dropped him back down, laughing.

A jock with spiked blue hair, named Steve, nudged another jock, black with dreads. The second one was named Derrick. Steve whispered something into Derrick's ear. Derrick grinned wickedly.

"Alright, let's do it!"

Derrick went over and, grabbing the waistband of Danny's underwear with both hands, wedgied him as hard as he could, getting a squeal of pain and shock out of the skirt clad halfa. Danny hung there in the air, dazed by the pain in his nuts as the panty cloth pinched them hard against his pelvis.

Steve kneeled down and grabbed Danny's ankles. Danny, realizing what was about to happen, shook his head weakly, staring at the blue-haired jock.

"Oh no. No no no no. Not that. Please?"

Steve grinned. In one swift tug, he pulled Danny down to the ground, while Derrick continued to tug Danny's underwear further and further up into the ghost boy's now raw buttcrack. 

Danny let out a small whimper just before the wicked pain in his nuts hit him.

"Careful, boys," Dash laughed. "Save some elastic for the rest of the team! Who else wants to give the dork a wedgie?"

"Me next!"

"Naw, man, I want to see if I can make the loser sing soprano!"


The jocks lined up as they took turns giving Danny wedgie after wedgie, tugging his underwear deeper and deeper into Danny's burning buttcrack. 

"This is some really strong shit, Dash," laughed Kwan, tugging Danny's panties all the way to the back of the halfa's head. "Just won't break!"

"Really? Let me have another try. Gimme that!"

Dash grabbed the waistband of Danny's underwear. "How do you like this wedgie, loser?"


Dash held Danny up in the air by his underwear,  snickering as he watched Danny dangling his legs helplessly. Kwan and the others lined up and started spanking his exposed asscheeks, making them match the burnt red in his face. Dash grinned wickedly as he bounced Danny up and down, holding tight onto the waistband, deliberately letting the pink fabric tug hard and rub Danny's buttcrack raw.

"Hold his legs again, Steve. Time for the ultimate atomic wedgie!"

Steve held tight onto Danny's ankles. Dash, absolutely ecstatic at Danny's misery, yanked the waistband of the pink undies up over Danny's head before letting them snap over his face. Danny's whimper's at the pain in his crack were quickly interupted by Dash slapping his nuts as hard as he could. Danny let out a meek little gasp of pain. Luckily for the halfa, polyester could only take so much punishment.


The fabric snapped, leaving Danny naked underneath his skirt. He fell to the ground, pink fabric draped over his head, clutching his aching balls. Danny groaned in pain. His ass stung horribly. It felt like he had just had his asshole scrubbed with burlap for an hour. 

" more...wedgies..."

Dash picked Danny up, slapping his face around. "Hey, wakey wakey, Fenturd. We aren't even started with you yet. Now strip. You aren't gonna need that skirt anytime soon."

Danny, shaking, did as he was told, tossing the cheerleading uniform to the side of the room. (The room burst into renewed howls once they saw that Danny had been wearing a frilly pink bra. The laughed even harder when he couldn't figure out how to undo the back latch.)

Danny stood there, butt naked in front of the six or so jocks. They snickered at his modest 4-inch cock.

"You cold, Fenton?"

"Nah, I think he just has a little dick."


Dash started removing his uniform as well, revealing his chiseled physique. He wasn't the captain of the football team for nothing, afterall.

"Get down to your skivvies, boys. Danny here is gonna be cleaning us up."

The team stripped down until they were all wearing only their dirty yellow-white jock straps. Dash stood in front of Danny, leering at the naked teen.

"Get on your knees, Fenton."

Danny knealt down. Dash reached down and unceremoniously slipped his balls out of his jock.

"Suck my balls clean, faggot."

Danny blushed. The rest of the team let out a husky moan of approval. Danny slowly opened his mouth and started timidly licking Dash's nuts. 

Dash grabbed Danny's head, shoving the teen's face into his taint, making the jock's balls slip right into Danny's mouth. Making his cheeks bulge.

"Come on, loser. Show some fucking enthusiasm! Gobble those nuts up!"

The team howled with laughter as they watched Danny try to cope with the taste of Dash's sweaty balls in his mouth as he reluctantly sucked the filthy teabag that was sliding around on his tongue.

"Thaaaat's it. You like sucking balls, don't you, Fenton? Get em nice and clean now. Ooh, this kid's a champ at cleaning balls with his tongue. You guys are gonna love having this loser suck your nuts spotless. Line up, boys!"

The jocks, snickering, lined up behind Dash. Danny blanched as Dash pulled his now sweatless nuts out of the black-haired boy's sucking mouth. He blanched when he saw all the other jocks slipping their balls out of their sweat-stained jockstraps.

Kwan stepped forward and plopped his sweat soaked balls right on Danny's lips. The asian jock grinned ear to ear.

"Open wide, Fenton."

For the next hour, Danny scrubbed the sweat off half a dozen pairs of rank, salty jock nuts. Sucking, licking, and slurping balls that had been steaming in their own sweat juices inside of their jockstraps. 

The football team snickered and teased him, remarking on how clean Danny had gotten each and every one of their nuts. As Derrick's big, black nuts finally came rolling out of his mouth, Danny coughed onto the floor. His tongue was soaked in the ball sweat of every jock in the room. It tasted horrible! The half-ghost couldn't imagine a worst taste-

Dash suddenly pushed Danny onto his back, before straddling the teen's head. His ass bulged out from the bands of his jock strap. It was less than a foot from his face.

"I hope you're hungry for some nice, sweaty buttholes, Fenturd. It's time for you to live up to your namesake," snickered Dash. "Or should I just let everyone know your little secret?"

"No! No, I'll do it. I'll do it," exclaimed Danny. "I'll do it!"

Dash grinned wickedly. "Tongue out, loser. I gotta wipe bad."

Danny, shaking, stuck his tongue out as far as he could. Dash squatted down and, to the sound of raunchy chuckles by the other jocks, started sliding his asscrack back and forth across Danny's face. Every time, Danny's tongue slid all the way across Dash's sweaty butthole, and Dash's jock strap rubbed against the top of his upper lip. Danny nearly retched at the raunchy taste.

"Mm, tastes good, huh Fenturd? Nothing like getting your asshole slurped by a loser nerd tongue," explained Dash, pausing to wiggle Danny's tongue between his buttcheeks.

The jocks loved it. "Lick that ass, Fenton!"

"Lick it!"

"Lick that ass!

"Lick his ass!"

"Lick his ass! Lick his ass! Lick his ass!"

The jocks were chanting now, egging Danny on, humiliating him as they filled his ears with ridicule. Dash grinned wickedly. He felt like a king.

"Hey, Kwan!" he called over to the asian jock. Dash lifted Danny's legs up, revealing his tight, pink hole in the middle of his two, red cheeks. "You wanna tap this?"

Kwan, who had been stroking himself under his jock, grinned from ear to ear. "Fuck yeah, dude!"

Danny shook his head 'no', his face buried in Dash's asscrack, his tongue all the way in his sweaty asshole. Dash responded by punching Danny in the nuts again, making the half-ghost shake with pain.

"If I say you're gonna get fucked, then you're gonna get fucked, loser! Try and say otherwise again, and I'll shove my fucking fist up your ass. Lucky for you, you just get Kwan's little pecker."

"Hey, fuck you!" laughed Kwan, slipping the pink condom onto his rock hard dick. His jock strap was tucked just under his balls, squeaky clean courtesy of Danny's tongue. He kneeled down on the linoleum floor, spitting onto Danny's pucker.

"I wouldn't even bother giving the ass licker any lube, Kwan. I bet he likes it rough!" Dash laughed, grinding his ass into Danny's face even harder.

Kwan pressed his cockhead up against Danny's raw asshole. Danny moaned into Dash's ass, hips bucking as shockwaves of pain shot through him. He struggled to keep his tongue out as the pain of Kwan's thick cock jamming itself into his raw, red pucker burned inside him.

"Lucky you, Fenton, you aren't a virgin anymore!" snickered Dash, getting husky moans from the team. They had all started jerking off, watching the two head jocks raping the black haired boy on the floor.

Kwan pounded Danny's asshole, getting grunts of pain from Danny as his cock slid in and out, in and out, violating him, stretching his aching raw asshole. Dash got up, gesturing one of the other jocks to come over.

"You guys need a place to dump your load? I got some grade-A real-estate right here!" Dash laughed, smacking Danny on the face. "Aw, dude! Watch it!"

Steve, who had come over, immediately shot his jizz all over Danny's face, just missing Dash's hand. The blue haired hunk moaned, shaking the last few drops onto Danny's lips.

"Hey, I never said you could put that tongue away, Fenton!" Dash growled. Danny, reluctantly, slipped his tongue out, wincing as Steve's cum slid onto it from his lips.

Kwan grunted. Danny moaned as he felt the rubber around Kwan's cock bulge, infinitely thankful it wasn't going into his ass. The asian jock slipped his cock out, before grinning mischievously, slid the condom off and leaned over towards Danny.

"Bon appetit!' He laughed, as he slowly milked the cum out of the condom and right onto Danny's tongue. Danny groaned in disgust, looking like he was going to throw up.

"You swallow that, or you'll be licking it off the floor, Fenton!" shouted Dash, now stroking his cock too. "And speaking of...oh fuck yeah!"

Dash kneeled down and, rubbing the tip of his cockhead in a blur, shot strand after strand of hot, slimy cum right into Danny's mouth. Danny's mouth was rapidly filling up with dick snot. He moaned in misery, the taste completely saturating his tongue.

Dash grabbed Danny's balls, squeezing ever so slightly. He glared at Danny.

"I said...swallow it!"

Danny clenched his eyes shut in humiliation before gulping down the thick manshake, gasping in revulsion at the horrible salty taste. Dash punched Danny in the nuts before standing up, heading for the shower. Danny buckled over in pain, groaning.

"When you cum, be sure to aim for his mouth!"

For the next hour, the five other jocks took turns fucking Danny's ass over and over. A few of them took a page from Dash's book and sat right on Danny's face, demanding that the halfa scrub their assholes with his tongue too.

And who was Danny to refuse?

By the end of the night, Danny's asshole was redder than either of his cheeks. He had gotten to know the taste of each and every jock's asshole up close and personal, and to his horror, felt he could probably identify any of the jocks by the flavor of their cum or their ass alone.

Dash stood over Danny, who was laying on the floor, completely and utterly humiliated. Dash lit a cigarrette.

"Same time next week, huh 'Ghost boy'? Hahahaha!"

He left Danny in the dark of the locker room. Dash chuckled. Nothing could ruin this now.

Danny scowled, clutching his bruised nuts and sore asshole.

Same time next week.

And the next week.

And the next week.

Danny opened his eyes suddenly. He was going to need help paying Dash back for this.

And he knew exactly who to go to.


Dash cried out in pain as Danny, inside his body, forced him to yank his underwear further up his asscrack. The shattered, sparking remains of the FAP ring lay on the floor of his room.

"Ooh, what have we here? An encrypted file?" came the tinny voice on Dash's laptop. "Whatever could it be?"

"No! Don't open that!" cried Dash. Technus ignored him. Suddenly, a dozen videos started playing at once. Danny made Dash's other hand start wailing on the jock's nuts.

"Oh wow, "Tranny Cheerleader Whores Volume 9!" WHOA! Is that even legal?" Technus floated over the countless moaning video windows of muscular crossdressers, all clad in frilly cheerleading uniforms.

"This is so wrong," groaned Technus. "But it's so erotic! Send to all!"

"UGH! No! No don't! I'm sorry!" Dash groaned as the aching in his balls continued to swell. "I won't tell anyone, I promise!"

"Hm," hummed Technus. "Should I show a little mercy, ghost child?"

Danny popped his ethereal head out of Dash's torso. 

"I don't know, Dash," grinned Danny at the jock. "How badly do you want me to keep quiet?"

Dash found his hands quickly stripping off all of his clothes. His face paled as Danny started dragging the struggling possessed butt naked jock closer and closer towards the front door.

"Ohhh, this is gonna suck, isn't it?" said Dash, biting his lip as his hand opened the front door.

"Oh yeah," smirked Danny inside Dash's mind. Dash's body started skipping towards the busiest part of the neighborhood. There was a school fair going on down the block.

"It isn't a pretty picture, Dash..."

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