Scoobyuri: a Lesbian Compendium

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Chapter 01 – How We Should Start a Story Like This?

“Those damned Dinkley and Blake… those bitches always get the credit for everything and we never get a single glance from the audience!”, this is how Lorelei Leland stated her concern about being left out by the ‘adult audience’, if you know what it means.

“Don’t sweat over it. They are the stars of the show and we are just fillers for them to solve a mystery or put in the jail”, added the former culprit Honey Hunsecker.

“But still is unfair. They get all the fair share of attention and porn and we come out without anything?”

“Life is unfair…”

“Always unfair, always!”, muttered Chris.

It looks like that some of the non-main characters decided to have a meeting to discuss their future. But, for them, it was too much bleak.

“It’s like… girl, we are hot, we have nice bodies, but still nobody pervs on us. Even a single art or a story…”, lamented Celia Clyde.

“But it’s not our fault. Remember: we are just people they can rely to solve mysteries”, added Penelope Bailey.

“Penelope, we shall do something! We shall stand for ourselves and claim what it’s ours. We claim to become men and women’s wet dreams!”, said Honey.

“But how?”

“Killing them won’t serve. We can’t kill what feed us”, pointed Lorelei.

“Why you mentioned to kill them? There is no point on that?” questioned Chris.

“It was a joke, girls. Of course we can’t kill them. They are the reason we are here today. And plus, they are also fine piece of hotness…”

“Oh, girl…” sighed Celia. “Is there any minute that we can’t bring any discussion to the sexual subject?”

“Not with us…” said Penelope.

“I know a way!” from the corner of the meeting room, there Sunny St. Cloud, the cruise manager, to where everyone put their eyes on. “Why not we make our own sex show?”

“WHAT?” said everybody in unison.

“Sex show? What kind of crap it is?” asked a puzzled Chris.

“Sunny, what the fuck you smoke today for having this idea?” roughly questioned Lorelei.

“Calm down ladies… it’s not one of those lame sex shows. It’s more a diary of your experiences. Just us, no other people to meddle the business”

“You mean… some kind of show where we show our stories of having sex with each other?” another question came from Honey.

“Yes! Come on, among us we all had sex with everyone at this room and beyond, so why not show to the people how much we love each other and enjoy a nice adventure by doing steamy lesbian sex…”, explained the blonde girl.

“I understand… but how do we enter that?”

“Easy. Autumn and I had this idea while watching Cinemax and we decided to take it on and offer to you girls. Will be all made for us, no producers, no script, nothing else than us, our bodies, and lust…”

“Thinking about it, it’s not a bad idea. Something all-made for us and showing something that we really like to do… it’s good. But, tell me, how do you plan to convince everyone to it?” thought Penelope.

“I thought also about that and I offer to you a fine share of all we can get if we can pitch this idea to some outlet to show. Even if we don’t, I’ll make sure that no one will leave without anything to get…”

“Now I could care less about profits and more about how much sex we can get…”, said Chris.

“Me too. I guess is a good idea overall. It will not hurt if we can show to those people that we can be sexy too”, added Penelope.

“And if they call we are objectifying ourselves, we can answer that, at least, we are doing for ourselves”, commented Lorelei.

“So, everyone agrees with me?”, asked Sunny, to a full and positive yes coming from the girls present.

“Just a question, Sunny… did you talked with the other girls about it?”, inquired Honey.

“Some I did reach with the proposal and they accepted. I need a few days more to complete the list, so I can reunite you all and trace the plans on what to do next”, answered Sunny.

“Alright then… maybe next week we can make a meeting and decide how we are to do this…well…is this thing even have a name?”, pondered Celia.

“Indeed. The idea is call it ‘Scoobyuri”

“Scoobyuri? Who would call a lesbian sex project Scoobyuri?”, asked Penelope.

“Yuri is what Japanese call the relationship between two women, Penny”, answered Honey.

“Really? Well, now it makes sense…”

“Anyway…”, interrupted Sunny. “Glad I managed to convince you about the idea. Soon, I’ll be back with more news and we can see what we can do about that”

‘Sure, go ahead…”

(It seems pretty lame to start the story with this, but after this chapter, it’s where the steam goes on. And don’t worry; no girl will be barred from that. No one, or almost… anyway, wait for the next chapter…”

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