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Just a quick idea I had for a Bart/Lisa fic, nothing unique. Enjoy!


"Bart... I had a bad dream.... Can I sleep with you?" Lisa's sweet whisper dances in from the shaft of light where the bedroom door has been half-opened. A groggy, cloudy-minded Bart mumbles something resembling an okay, whilst furrowing his brow and rolling onto his side, away from the light. As Bart's conscious starts to register what's happening a little gleeful feeling suddenly appears in the pit of his stomach. He'd never present it on his face, but there's a part of the ten year-old that's so happy to see his pretty little sister and oddly excited in a hard-to-describe way as it feels the bed covers pulled by a pair of foreign hands and the weight of the mattress shift as the young girl shuffles in.

A beat passes in silence before Lisa, lying on her back, turns her head to look at the back of her brother's and whispers,

            "Thanks Bart... Goodnight." To which the boy does not reply, save for a secret smile.

As the minutes slowly pass Bart can't help but be totally aware of his sister's presence. The tug of the bed clothes, the heat of her body, even without facing her, he's excited to feel her there. Finally he has the courage to turn himself, quietly shuffling onto his back. As soon as he does, be notices that the girl is actually facing him, she's lying on her side, head towards him and her eyes are still open.

            "I'm glad you're awake," Lisa whispers sweetly, "I still can't sleep." Bart turns his head to make eye-contact and feels a little uncomfortable about how close their faces are to each other; this being a single bed, there can't be more than a few inches between each of their sets of eyes, or each of their sets of lips...

            "Um..." Bart murmurs in response, "Did you wanna talk about your dream?" Lisa thinks for a moment, before shrugging and saying,

            "No thanks... I'd rather take my mind of that... Could we talk about other stuff?"

            Lisa's voice shifts from a cute high-pitched whisper to more of a hushed speaking volume, bringing the atmosphere to a more casual, natural tone, which instantly makes her brother feel more comfortable.

            "Sure Lis'." He says matching her volume, as he shifts his weight, rolling onto his side to line up with his little sister. "What's going on with you?"

            Lisa's eyes roll away and her face turns a little redder, though it's hard to detect in the moonlit room. After a moment of collecting her thoughts she begins, choosing her words carefully,

            "Um... Well. There's this boy I like." A beat passes as the words hang in the air, before she makes eye contact with her brother, smiling, waiting for his response.

            Bart is kind of shocked, he didn't expect such intimate conversation, but a part of him is a little thrilled.

            "Oh yeah? Spills the beans sis', who is it?" Again Lisa looks embarrassed, but she takes in an audible breath and continues to speak,

            "Well... I don't think I should say yet... But um... He's uh... He's in your class at school."

            Bart processes Lisa's meaningfully cryptic words and part of him immediately jumps to a strange conclusion... Could she mean him, he wonders, excitement jolting through his pre-teen body. It's crazy, he tells himself, she can't mean him, but there's a hope that's now been sparked, which in turn is helping him to realise something about himself.

            "If she does mean me," Bart thinks, "That would be ok... 'Cus I kind of like her..."

            Bart realises at this point that he hasn't said anything for a while and Lisa is looking into his eyes, a little nervously. The boy decides to take the opportunity to try and get at least a partial confirmation, so he too chooses his words carefully.

            "So uh... Do I, know him well?" He asks, keeping eye contact, trying to telepathically communicate his true meaning.

            "Oh yes Bart. You know him very well..." Lisa says carefully adding stresses to make her point. She then quickly backpedals, trying to dispel any falsehoods that her wording might convey, "But it's not Milhouse or Nelson..."

            Bart is thrilled by his sister's words... He's now largely convinced that she means himself. He now realises that it's his turn to try and reciprocate somehow, let her know that it's not just a one-way thing, that there's something about her that he likes back.

            "Y'know uh... There's also this girl in your class..." He begins, smiling toothily at her, "A girl that I also like."

            Lisa looks thrilled, her eyes go wide and a huge grin spreads across her pretty face.

            "Really?" She asks breathily, before she starts to sweetly giggle.

            The siblings just lie for a moment smiling at each other, each hoping they've correctly interpreted each other's meaning, each feeling a little buzz of excitement under the blanket.

            "So Bart..." Lisa begins, "If you got to spend the night with the girl you like..." she rubs a little circle into the bed sheet with her index finger as she speaks, "what kind of thing would you like to do..?"

            Bart blushes and rolls onto his back, though he keeps facing his sister. "I'd tell you... But I'm a little chilly." Lisa looks disappointed, until she notices her brother's arm stretched out beside her, invitingly... She smiles as she shuffles towards him,

            "I'll help you keep warm big brother." She whispers slipping her soft arm under his back and letting him do the same, the pair locking together into a half hug.

            "Mmm... Well I guess it might start a little like this, holding each other in bed." Bart says, electric excitement passing through his young body, "I'd just enjoy the warmth of her lying next to me, at first."

            Lisa presses more of her weight towards the older boy, her tummy now smushing along the side of his torso.

            "That's nice... I think I'd like that too... I mean if I was in bed with the boy I like."

            Bart feels his penis beginning to harden, something that has only happened occasionally before, though he's already experimented with masturbation. He gazes into his sister's loving eyes and continues,

            "I'd probably try and kiss her on the lips." Both children freeze, their mouths a matter of centimetres apart, their eyes both clearly locked on each other's lips.

            "If he wanted to kiss me," Lisa replies, "I'd let him... But I wouldn't let him stop with a peck, I'd push my tongue inside."

            Lisa's hushed but direct words, melt Bart's cool and cause his penis to spring into full erection. It presses up against his pyjama bottoms, begging for attention.

            "Y'know Lis'... When I think about tongue kissing the girl I like... I sometimes touch myself." Lisa gasps at first, but then half closes her eyes, smiling wickedly.

            "Well you're thinking about it now." She begins, "Why don't you?" Bart returns her wicked look and brings his free hand down to his crotch

            "You're thinking about the guy you like, why don't you do the same thing? Touch yourself..."

            "Silly big brother," Lisa replies, "I already am." Bart's a little shocked, so he lifts the covers slightly, enough to follow Lisa's free arm along her body and see that her nightie is bunched up and her hand disappears into her soft white underwear.

            The boy wastes no more time. He reaches down and pulls his pyjama bottoms to his knees, freeing his hard erection. He begins to stroke himself slowly as the two continue to talk.

            "I'd like it if that boy were to tongue kiss me back." Lisa begins.

            "If the girl I liked tongue kissed me, I'd definitely kiss back. I'd explore every part of her mouth and wrestle my tongue with hers."

            Both children rustle the covers as their hands gently massage themselves.

            "I'd probably reach down and touch the boy's hard penis." Lisa says,

            "If the girl did that, I'd love it. I'd moan as she started to jerk me off." The siblings are still holding each other, so Bart squeezes a little, showing his love.

            "I'd jerk him off real nice. I'd grip his meat firmly and beat him... Then it'd be awesome if he slipped a hand between my legs."

            Bart nods, panting a little as he masturbates,

            "Yeah, I'd do that to her. I'd rub my fingers against the outside of her panties, feeling the shape of her slit..."

            Lisa moans, pulling her side-laying body up close to Bart,

            "Mm, yes, if he did that, he'd feel how soaking wet I am. Then, I'd love it if he started to rub my clitoris through my panties..."

            Bart interrupts with, "Yeah I'd rub her clit 'til she started to moan like you just did. Only then would I slip my hand inside her panties."

            Lisa's arm grips tightly around her brother's neck as she pushes her face into his shoulder and continues to rustle the covers as she rapidly pleasures herself.

            "Yes, with his hand in my panties, he could push a finger into my hole."

            "In and out," Bart says, "Quickly in and out of her tight hole, while she beats my cock."

            "I'd beat faster and harder as he added a second finger."

            "Two fingers plunging through her tight wet hole as my cock is pounded." Both children feel their orgasms beginning to build, so both children slow their pace as they masturbate.

            "I'd ask him to stop," Lisa begins, "So I could straddle him." Bart nods, gazing lovingly into her eyes as she pulls her face back into view.

            "With her on top of me," Bart says, still beating himself, albeit more slowly, "I'd ask her if she was ready for me to make love to her."

            "I'd say yes." Lisa immediately responds. Bart  moves his head so his lips are close to Lisa's ears and begins to whisper at a lower register,

            "I'd position my cock at her entrance and wait for her to lower herself onto me."

            "I'd do just that," Lisa replies, rubbing herself firmly, "I'd feel his hard cock pushing through my insides as I drilled myself down so our bodies met, and he was all the way inside."

            Rapidly pumping himself again, Bart takes over, "I'd put my hands on her waist and lift her up as I pulled back..." Lisa interrupts,

            "Then he'd drive back into me, finally fucking me."

            "Pulling out and driving back in," Bart offers,

            "My body bouncing up and down, taking it balls deep,"

            "He'd fuck you with a steady pace, pulling you down from the neck so he could French your mouth," Bart feels his orgasm building.

            "Her tongue would force itself into your mouth as she wrapped her arms around you and continued to move her body up and down your shaft." Lisa groans in pleasure, so Bart takes over.

            "Fucking you so deep... Holding you tight in his arms."

            "You'd feel her tight flesh gripping your cock hungrily as you got ready to cum inside her."

            "Feel that cock deep inside you sis." Bart says pressing his nose to hers, locking eye contact.

            "I feel it Bart. I feel it fucking me."

            "I'd love to cum so deep in that tight pussy."

            "Cum Bart. Cum inside my tight pussy."

            "Take it all baby sister. Let me fill you up with my cum!"

            "Oh Bart, fuck me!"

            "Oh Lis'... I love you so much..."



Bart's orgasm peaks as several thick spurts of semen erupt from his shaft. Lisa presses her mouth to his, locking their lips together as her body quakes with a massive orgasm of her own.

The pair share a closed mouth kiss as their bodies go from tense and rigid to melting into each other's embrace. They both instinctively move their now free hands from between their legs to around each other's bodies, entering a full hug as they kiss, eyes closed. They stay like this for a long time, before Bart feels the eight year-old's tongue push against his lips. He parts them to allow it inside and brings his own tongue to meet it.


Hope you enjoyed this short fic, I might continue it, but I'm more likely to start a different Simpsons fic next. Either way, please rate and comment. :)

-- Bugeye Lord

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