Ember Reignited

BY : The Evil Fairy
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Ember Reignited

By The Evil Fairy

Chapter One: Setting the Stage

I gotta be the luckiest guy in the world…

That was the last thought that had a chance to drift through Danny Fenton’s head before the smell of his girlfriend’s perfume, the warmth of her body and the touch of her lips on his own wiped all further thought from his mind. It was frequently his last thought whenever they had some time alone together, and it was just as true this time as it was the first time he and Sam shared their first real kiss.

Unfortunately this time his luck ran out quickly as the cell phone on his bedside table began an obnoxious, tinny rendition of his own theme song. Sam chuckled into his mouth briefly and broke the kiss. “You better get that,” she sighed. “It might be your mom checking up on us.”

Knowing the two teenager’s inability to keep their hands off each other, Maddie had left them alone rather reluctantly, but she didn’t have a choice. Jack had come down with a cold — and had become convinced it was actually some kind of ghost-born plague. To try and hit a compromise, Maddie had finally agreed to take him to see a doctor.

Afraid that Sam might be right, Danny reached over and brought the phone to his ear. “Hello?”

“Danny!” Danny held back a sigh and rolled his eyes, mouthing ‘Tucker’ up at Sam, who was still lying on top of him. Sam made a face. “Are you watching TV?”

Danny put a hand over his face to squeeze his temples. “No, Tucker, ME and SAM weren’t watching TV. And I’d really like to get back to not watching TV, so…”

“Sam and I,” Sam whispered, and Danny made a face up at her.

“Okay, gross,” Tucker was replying, “but seriously, you need to turn on Entertainment Today, right now. Ghost stuff.”

“Ghost stuff?” At that Sam, looked a lot more interested, enough that she actually slid off her boyfriend and allowed him to sit up, reaching for his remote. “On Entertainment Today?"

“Yeah, and you’re not gonna believe it!”

Danny found the remote and quickly switched to the proper channel, coming in as the anchorwoman was in mid-sentence.

“…rumors that started last Christmas, when the musician suddenly canceled her comeback tour just two performances in. Everything from drug use to pregnancy to the abysmally low sales of her second album had been suggested, but no details were forthcoming. Ember McLain had apparently dropped off the face of the earth.”

“Ember!” Danny and Sam shouted in unison.

“Told ya,” Tucker said smugly.

The anchorwoman was still speaking. “But now, five months later, Ember has broken her long silence with news of a second comeback tour and a forthcoming new album. Tickets are already sold out to the first show, being held this Friday at the Evanston Convention Center. But the real surprise came earlier today when Ember announced she’d be sharing the stage with, if you can believe it, a twelve-year-old girl. And if that wasn’t strange enough, McLain also announced that she is this girl’s legal guardian! Once again, we show you footage of the impromptu press conference outside her rehearsal studio in Evanston, where she made the announcement.”

The scene cut to the exterior of the studio. Sure enough, Ember was standing outside the door, casting a disdainful gaze over the crowd of reporters mobbing around her. And behind her was indeed a girl that looked like she was about twelve. Her long black hair was tied back into a ponytail, with a single, striking lock over her bangs curling down her forehead and dyed incandescent blue to match Ember’s flaming hair. She had on black lipstick, and her face was frozen in an expression of bored disdain that didn’t quite ring true, especially with how shyly she hovered behind the ghostly singer.

The girl was wearing a black sleeveless dress made of a sheer fabric that clung to her prepubescent form in a not entirely appropriate way, and ended at mid thigh. Her black and white striped stockings reached up to just below the hem of her skirt, leaving a tantalizing inch or so of skin visible. There was a belt that draped loosely over her narrow hips made of small, interlocking spiked rings, and she had on a pair of shiny leather calf-length boots that laced up the front, with inch-high heels.

She looked twelve, but both Danny and Sam knew that she was actually much, much younger.



Earlier that day…

Dani kept her arms crossed, trying to keep up the bored, contemptuous demeanor that Ember had helped her practice. But the predatory curiosity of the reporters mobbed around the two of them was bothering her more than she would have liked to admit, and she was very grateful that she had Ember as a shield between her and them.

“Ember,” one of them was asking, “are you afraid people are just going to see this girl as a blatant attempt to start drawing a younger audience?”

“Meaning that you think we’re gonna start toning it down?” Ember sneered. “Forget it. Dani’s hardcore, and she can shred almost as good as me. Give her a few years, and she’ll be better. Guaranteed.”

Dani felt herself blushing a little bit at the compliment, and hoped it wasn’t too noticeable.

“Would you mind if we asked Dani a few questions?” Another reporter, this one a woman. She had striking red hair that had been pulled back into a ponytail that looked kind of rough to Dani, like it wasn't used to being in that shape.

Ember glanced over at Dani, and the young girl nodded a little, not wanting to look like a wimp. “Alright,” Ember replied, though in a slightly threatening tone, “but watch it.” Dani took a couple of steps forward until she was right next to the flame-haired rocker.

“Dani,” the reported asked, obviously trying very hard to sound un-threatening, “in everything we’ve seen so far you’ve given your name as Dani Phantom. Of course, that’s not your real last name?”

“Tch, no,” Dani nearly sneered, able to maintain her composure as this question was on the list that Ember had told her to prepare for. “That’s just my stage name.”

“Oh. Well, what is your real last name?”

“Um…” Dani glanced askance at Ember, and the older girl cut in with a snort.

“I’m her guardian, right? So it’s McLain. Next question.”

”Of course,” the reporter said with a slightly forced smile. “Is there any particular reason you modeled yourself after the superhero Danny Phantom?”

That wasn’t on the list. Dani stumbled a little. “Well, uh, a couple of people have said we kinda look alike, and he…he actually saved me once.”

“Does that mean you lived in Amity Park before Ember adopted you?” Another reporter broke in brusquely, obviously impatient with the gentle questioning. But the look the redheaded reported threw the interloper was anything but gentle, Dani couldn't help but notice. “Could you tell us about that? None of our sources have been able to uncover anything…”

The unexpected barrage rattled Dani and forced her to take a step back. But Ember placed herself between Dani and the crowd, a very nasty expression on her face. “That’s none of your damn business!” she snapped, cutting the reporter off. A hush fell over the crowd, and those standing closest to the offender actually took a step away from him.

“Your ‘sources’ oughta stop poking their noses where they don’t belong, Dipstick!” Ember’s voice cracked out, and Dani could tell the ghost had let a little of her power slip into it from the way the reporter quailed. “She’s with me now, and that’s all anyone needs to know. And if you ask one more question I’m gonna take that microphone, jam in one hole and yank it out another one. Got it?” the reported, looking like he wanted to do nothing more than run away, nodded. “Good! We’re done here.” With a final snarl that made everyone back up a step Ember tore off both their mikes and turned on her heel, stomping into the studio and hustling Dani along in front of her.

Dani was giggling furiously as the door closed behind them. “What so funny?” Ember smiled, her temper vanishing instantly in the face of the young girl’s laughter.

“You’re so scary,” Dani teased, throwing her arms around Ember’s bare waist. Ember just chuckled and gave the young girl a playful noogie before letting her hand rest on Dani’s shoulder. The two of them went down a short hallway to the studio that was serving as their rehearsal space for the time being. “Something wrong?” Dani asked, noticing a pensive expression on Ember's face.

“Nah,” Ember said, shaking her head. “Not really. Just that redhead...I don't remember seeing her on anything, but something about her seemed kinda familiar.” At that moment they reached the studio and began getting ready for practice.

“Did you mean that?” Dani asked suddenly as she picked up her guitar, an unexpected Christmas gift. It was a lot like Ember’s, but it was black with white flames as opposed to the magenta with blue flames of the older ghost’s axe.

“Did I mean what?” Ember responded absently, checking the connections of both instruments.

“About me being better than you someday.”

“Oh, that.” Ember grinned wolfishly over at Dani. “Yeah, I meant it. I can’t believe how good you are already. Keep practicing and you’re gonna be a guitar goddess in no time, Babydoll.” Ember bent over to check a cord, her hands resting on her knees. But she stopped checking when she suddenly felt a pair of small hands squeezing her behind. “Hey kid,” she said chidingly, unable to hide her smile, “what’d I say about practicing?”

“I know,” Dani said with a fake pout in her voice. “But couldn’t we practice something else today?”

Ember laughed softly. “You’re already an expert at that, Sweet Stuff.” She stood, and Dani slid her arms around her waist again, hugging her tightly from behind.

“I can always be better,” the small girl whispered.

Placing her hands on Dani’s to keep them from moving, Ember turned around within the embrace. “I dunno about that,” she murmured down to Dani, “you’re pretty close to perfect.”

Please?” Dani pleaded, placing little kisses all over Ember’s bare stomach. Ember sighed sullenly, but it was clearly a sigh of surrender.

“You’re just lucky you’re wearing that dress,” Ember chuckled, slowly lowering herself to her knees. “You know it drives me nuts.”

“I know it,” Dani giggled breathlessly, just as Ember leaned in and brought their lips together.  Ember loved kissing Dani…her mouth always seemed to taste sweeter than candy. Sometimes she felt like she could do it forever, savoring the other girl’s flavor as their tongues slid sensuously together…

But Dani was kissing her back with surprising fierceness today, her mouth open wide as she practically tried to swallow her mentor. After a few moments Ember broke the kiss, grinning. “Oh, you got it bad, Babydoll,” she murmured. Undeterred, Dani pressed forward, kissing Ember’s chin, her cheeks and anywhere else she could reach. “Little Punk Princess got a itch?” Ember teased.

Dani giggled naughtily. “May-be!”

Ember pushed the squirming girl back a little bit, then let her hands drop down till her palms were resting on both of Dani’s tiny budding breasts. The young half-ghost mewed slightly as Ember gently squeezed the sensitive flesh through the sheer fabric.

“Does it itch here?” Ember said in a soft, intent tone. She lifted her left hand and twirled her fingertips over the gentle swell of Dani’s breast, ending with a playful little pinch on the tiny yet very erect nipple clearly visible through the dress.

Dani gasped sharply, “A little!” And as Ember continued to play with her growing mounds, she let out a languid little ‘mmm…’ “But,” she continued in a whisper, “I think it’s really lower down…”

“Oh yeah? Well let’s just see…” Ember let her hands slip down. “Is it here?” she asked, pinching a random spot on Dani’s abdomen.

“No!” Dani squeaked ticklishly.

“How about here?” she asked, giving her a poke in the ribs.

Dani giggled and squirmed. “Not there either…no!” she ended with a sharp exclamation, seeing what Ember was planning to do. She tried to back up, but Ember quickly reached around and grabbed the smaller girl’s ass, digging her fingers into the soft, vulnerable flesh. There was no escape.

Ember lunged in and began biting at Dani’s hipbone. She did it very gently, so as not to damage the delicate fabric of her favorite dress, but that was enough. It was Dani’s most ticklish spot, and Ember’s young charge was soon a helpless mass of shaking, laughing flesh, desperately and futilely trying to push away from her tormentor.

When Ember finally relented, Dani continued to giggle hysterically, every nerve in her body already brought to the point of hyper-sensitivity by the tickling barrage. Ember loved it when the young girl was like this: she no longer even had to touch her. Even bringing her hand close to Dani’s flesh brought on a fresh wave of giggles. “I think you still got that itch,” Ember taunted.

Dani nodded, still not quite able to speak through a mouthful of laughter.

“I think…it’s around here…” Ember said thoughtfully, brushing a hand over Dani’s hips and bringing out another wave of tinkling twitters. “Like maybe right….here!” Ember pressed the tip of her index finger right on Dani’s sex, and Dani squealed sharply, her voice torn between moaning and laughter. Ember grinned evilly. “Oh yeah, I think we’ve got it,” she exclaimed triumphantly, twisting her finger slightly and forcing Dani to suck in a shuddering breath.

“Take…take a closer look,” Dani breathed, pushing her hips out invitingly.

“My pleasure,” Ember replied, sliding the mellifluous black fabric up until Dani’s skirt was bunched around her waist, exposing her bare thighs above the striped stockings, and the plain, snow-white panties she wore underneath. Ember had to smile a little at the sight of them…they were all Dani liked to wear. The young girl was so adventurous in virtually every way, but try and get her to wear fancy underpants, and suddenly it was all blushes and giggling till the little half-ghost couldn’t talk.

“Oooo, you do have it bad!” Ember teased as she saw the little wet spot on the front of Dani’s panties, right where she had been prodding.

“’Course I do!” Dani grinned impudently while cocking her hips out. “I’m a bad girl, after all!”

“Mmm…Mine!” Suddenly Ember darted in and grabbed the waistband of Dani’s panties in her teeth, pulling the young girl off-balance. Dani could only laugh as Ember yanked her from side to side, growling furiously.

Ember finally relented. Dani let out an obviously feigned sigh of exasperation when she looked down and saw how the waistband of her poor panties has been pulled far out of shape, letting the plain garment hang limply over Dani's hips. “Jeez Ember, look what you did! They’re ruined!”

“Well then get rid of ‘em!” Ember sang out, grabbing the front with her hand then unceremoniously yanking the abused garment halfway down Dani’s skinny legs. Dani filled the room with a wicked snicker and Ember was grinning like mad as Dani worked her panties down to the floor before she kicked them away with a graceful flick of her ankle.

“Now what?” Dani trilled, pulling her dress up under her arms to hold it in place, completely exposing her pale, smooth stomach, her creamy thighs and the plump, bright pink peach of her immature sex.

“Now I’m gonna fuck you silly, Lollipop,” Ember growled, shouldering her way between Dani’s legs. In a moment, Dani was sitting back with her legs resting on Ember’s shoulders and her back resting against the wall. Ember’s hands were on Dani’s hips to steady her, and her face was right between Dani’s legs, smiling up at her evilly. “You want it?”

“Yes…” Dani whispered, feeling her breath quicken.

“Huh? I couldn’t hear you!”

“Yeah, I want it!” Dani said loudly.

“Sorry, what?”

“Yeah! I want it!” Dani shouted, closing her eyes. “Give it to me Ember! Fuck me silly!”

“Hey, you got it,” Ember said in a very bratty tone. “You don’t gotta shout!” And before Dani could turn her indignant look into an indignant comment, Ember opened her mouth and engulfed her sweet little mound entirely. Dani’s tiny body had been very tense, every muscle wound tightly in expectation; but now it relaxed completely, her eyes and mouth opening in a surprised ‘o’ as she felt her guardian stroke that powerful tongue all over her sex.

“That feels so good!” Dani sighed, letting her hands rest on the top of Ember’s head. “Feels soooo yummy!”

Ember had gained a very, very intimate knowledge of Dani’s body during the past year and, if she wanted, could have the little ghost-girl writhing in orgasmic ecstasy in less than a minute. But while quick and dirty could be fun, she wanted to savor this moment, drawing out her protégé’s pleasure for as long as she cared to.

So she gently ran her tongue all over Dani’s labia, tracing the contours of her velvety-smooth lips and lapping up her sweet, intoxicating nectar. Glancing up, she saw Dani’s head had fallen forward onto her chest, her eyelids fluttering and her mouth hanging open slightly as her breath came in a ragged flutter, letting out a gentle little half-moan every once in a while.

“You look so fuckin’ pretty like that,” Ember whispered, breaking her lips’ embrace with Dani’s petals momentarily. Dani lifted her head slightly and blinked as she broke the trance she was under, smiling slightly.

“Thanks,” Dani mouthed the word, with just the tiniest, barely audible breath. One hand slid off the top of Ember’s hand to caress her pale blue cheek with the back of its fingers, and Ember felt herself leaning into the caress, smiling.

How does she do this to me? The wry thought trickled through Ember’s head. I’m a rocker…I play hard, I rock hard…I’m supposed to fuck hard! Somehow though, it always ends up soft and sweet…and I love it…

And so she turned her attention back to Dani’s needy little quim, her tongue moving with a bit more urgency as it stroked up and down the hot, slick cleft. The young girl’s sweet juices were flowing, and Ember drank every drop greedily.

“Emberrrrr!” Dani said in a low, guttural moan, squirming her hips against the blue-haired ghost’s mouth. The muscles in her legs began to tighten and relax against Ember’s head, her small body singing out to the ghostly rocker of the pleasure washing through it, and the need that was beginning to boil inside her.

“Gonna cum for me Dani?” Ember asked in a fiery moan, breaking her kiss with Dani’s sex. She continued to probe and stroke the tender flesh with her tongue as Dani caught her breath to answer.

“All for you Ember!” the ghost girl groaned, putting her hands on top of Ember’s head and pulling her face in greedily. “All for yooouuuu!”

At that, Ember’s flaming hair blazed up, blue fire wreathing harmlessly around Dani’s arms. Ember herself felt a delicious rush coursing through her body in response to Dani’s words. At her most basic level, Ember was a ghost who fed on adoration, usually in spoken word form. But her time with Dani was showing her that the feelings of one person who truly cared for her was far, far sweeter than a mob of thousands mindlessly chanting her name.

“Em-ber! Em-ber! Em-ber!” Not that Dani chanting her name mindlessly didn’t feel pretty good too. As Ember’s hungry mouth brought Dani closer and closer to the edge, the small girl began rolling her hips forward at a quick, steady beat, repeating her lover’s name each time.

Here it comes Dani! Ember thought gleefully, just as she pressed her tongue down right below the small girl’s twitching clit and pushed it upward. That little move was exactly like pushing a button. Dani threw her head back, her mouth hanging open soundlessly while her legs flew out straight behind Ember. Her tiny body went rigid and quivering for several long, long moments as her climax broke her world into a billion glittering fragments.

Then she went limp again, and looking up Ember could see tears trickling down the young half-ghost’s cheeks. Quickly, the rocker squirmed the two of them around until Dani’s naked body was cuddling against Ember’s chest. “Guess that was a good one, huh?” she asked gently, and Dani sniffed and nodded. Ember didn’t really understand why, but particularly intense lovemaking usually ended with a quick spat of tears from Dani. Dani didn’t really seem to understand herself, but she always recovered very quickly.

“That was nice…” Dani murmured, already laying a line of soft kisses along Ember’s jaw.

“Yeah it was,” Ember replied, stroking her fingers through Dani’s hair. “But what brought that on?”

”I was just thinking…after the show next week, we’re gonna be getting a lot more attention. We’re not gonna just be able to…you know…this…without worrying about someone seeing us.”

Ember chuckled. “I guess so…but I think you’re forgetting we’re ghosts. It’s not like someone’s gonna just be able to plant a camera and spy on us without us noticing!”

Above them, a small hidden camera had just finished it's unnoticed observation. It was a tiny thing, made from black metal with a green lens. Suddenly, it sprouted metallic spider legs and began crawling along the ceiling and out of the room, headed up to the roof where a hulking figure was hiding, awaiting it’s return…


Back in the Present…

Maddie and Jack Fenton came into the Fenton’s kitchen from the garage. Jazz was sitting at the table, an avid expression on her face as she studied the pamphlet laid out before her. “Mom!” she exclaimed as her parents walked in. “I need to ask you…wait, sorry…hey Dad, how’s the cold?”

“You mean the ectoplasmic virus I’ve been attacked with?” Jack replied, his voice congested and sniffly. “It’s taking me down, Jazzy, and that quack doctor’s too blind to see it!”

”That’s right dear,” Maddie said patronizingly, patting her husband on the shoulder. “You just go upstairs and rest. You need to keep your strength up.”

“Fine,” Jack said sullenly, lurching towards the stairs. “But I’ll need the Fenton Hematology Analyzer and a canister of Fenton Anti-Viral solution so I can start working on a cure.”

“Neither of those exist honey. I’ll bring you up some orange juice and chicken soup in a bit.”

”Yeah, I guess that’ll work too.” Jack pulled himself upstairs. “Hey, you kids watch it!” he grumbled, almost getting bowled over by Danny and Sam as they pelted down the steps.

“Mom!” Danny half shouted when they got to the kitchen. “We gotta get to Evanston right away!

“Evanston? That’s a four hour drive from here…and who’s we? And why?” The expression on Maddie’s face did not suggest that she was at all enthused by the concept.

“Ghost stuff Mom!” Danny said impatiently. “And you don’t have to drive us. Just let me borrow the RV.”

”Oh I don’t know…just the two of you?” Now there was a whole new kind of skepticism in his mother’s demeanor.

“Tucker’s coming too,” Sam cut in, but Maddie was already shaking her head.

“That’s not my idea of a chaperone…now if say, Jazz was going to go…” She glanced back questioningly at her daughter.

Jazz shrugged and smiled apologetically. “No can do Mom. There’s a psychiatric study at the university this week I’m really excited about, and tomorrow’s the first day. Actually, I was hoping that maybe you and I could go together and…”

“…tried to take over the world, and then kidnapped you and Dad and every other grown-up in town…” Danny hadn’t really stopped talking the entire time.

“…really a sweet kid, and shouldn’t be mixed up with one of the ghosts that tried to wipe out every guy in Amity Park that one time…” Sam was saying, trying to be helpful.

“Okay, enough!” Maddie shouted, clapping her hands for silence. Immediately everyone stopped talking. “You two first,” she said, pointing at Danny and Sam. “What’s going on?”

Taking turns, Danny and Sam quickly went over both Ember, Dani and what they had just seen on TV. When it was over, Maddie looked worried, but her first question wasn’t what Danny had expected. “Why didn’t you tell me about this little clone of yours before?”

“I guess it just never came up,” Danny replied with a shrug.

“So how do you think she ended up with Ember in the first place? I mean whoever was taking care of her must have tried to stop this.”

Danny was taken aback. “Well I…there really isn’t anyone who was…taking care of her,” he said, feeling a big pit opening in the pit of his stomach. A new perspective just popped up in his head, and he did not like it very much.

“What do you mean there isn’t anyone taking care of her?” Maddie demanded, echoing the guilty thoughts in Danny’s head. “You did not just send a little girl out alone in the world, with nobody to look after her!”

”I didn’t send her…she always just…takes off,” Danny said lamely. “I mean, I guess I thought she could take care of herself?” he said, realizing how stupid that sounded even as he said it.

“Oh Danny…” Maddie sounded very disappointed. Danny glanced over at Sam, but Sam was looking back with an expression that said she was just thinking of these things for the first time too.

“Jeez…” Danny rubbed the back of his head self-consciously. “I guess…I should have thought that through a little more.” The present reality suddenly popped into his head again, and he straightened up, looking his mother fearlessly in the eye. “But okay, see, this is just all the more reason I need to get over there and get Dani away from Ember!”

Maddie sighed and shook her head. “I hate letting you kids go that far on your own…but I can’t go, I have to take care of your father.”"And this!” Jazz intruded, shaking the pamphlet she had been reading.

Maddie turned her hand towards her daughter in a wait-and-see gesture.

“And you do have to go get this girl back,” Maddie said. “So…I guess you can go. But no funny business.” She said firmly. “And do not let her go off on her own again. She’s coming here, and that’s final! Get your things ready and you can go in the morning.”

“The morning!” Danny protested. “But Mom…”

”No buts! The concert isn’t until the day after tomorrow, so this little girl should be fine until then. This will give you a chance to get everything you need together, and me a change to figure out how I’m going to smooth this over with your parents, Sam.”

”Right Mrs. F,” Sam agreed wholeheartedly, recognizing a good thing when she saw one. “C’mon Danny,” she said, grabbing her boyfriend’s arm to forestall any other complaints, “let’s figure out what we’re taking with us!” She pulled Danny out of the room, leaving the two Fenton women alone.

“I hope I’m not making a huge mistake,” Maddie sighed, slumping into the kitchen chair across from Jazz. “Now what was it you wanted, sweetie?”

“Oh, it’s so cool Mom!” Jazz enthused. “A week ago they announced this study on mother-daughter relationships, and I sent in a little description of each of us and what I think about our relationship, and we’ve actually been chosen to participate in the study!”

”Exactly what is this study about, Jasmine?” Maddie asked skeptically.

“Improving communication,” Jazz said excitedly. “Especially when the parent and child share some key characteristics, like we do, you know, intelligent, strong-willed, capable…but still have some problems expressing themselves to one another. Apparently it’s going to be a whole new kind of analysis by this hot new psychiatrist, Dr. B.R. Trend!”

“I don’t know…” Maddie began dubiously, but Jazz cut her off, leaning over the table and catching her mother’s hands in her own.

“Come on Mom, I think it’ll be really great for my studies, and it might help us out!” Jazz pleaded, giving her mother puppy-dog eyes. “Please? Look, the first day is actually a workshop just for the daughter, and then I bring home some exercises that we do together, and the mother-only workshop is the next day. So let’s just do the exercises, and if you don’t like them, that’ll be that. I promise just please, please give it a try…?”

Unable to resist her daughter’s pleas, Maddie smiled and sighed. “Alright, alright, I’ll try, really.”

”Wheee!” Jazz leaned over the table and kissed Maddie on the cheek. “Thanks Mom! I swear you won’t regret this! It’s going to be great!”

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