The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

BY : sirensoundwave
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Disclaimer: Seriously? Fine. The Danny Phantom series is the intellectual property of Butch Hartman. As a result, I get no money for this T_T. The plot is mine though, dammit. He can't have that too.The original character Sylphine belongs to me.

Sirensoundwave here. This is my first fic and I wrote it on my android phone with NO SPELL CHECK. I've proofread this but that's not really saying much. Anyoo if anyone knows of a nice free app that will run on my samsung admire that includes spell-check, do share. Don't know if or when I'll update this cuz I have to use an actual computer to post till I find a program for my phone and I am rarely home at a decent hour. So, constructive critisism, welcome. Flamers have to french kiss Cujo.

Also, this story is a refugee from FFnet. It's still there but without the lyrics. I have posted it here because I feel the lyrics are an essential part of the story. I uploaded it here in a hurry because of threats I got from those fucktards at FFnet. That being said, I apologize for any references to my FFnet account I have not had the chance to edit out. I thought I got em all but there are still some I need to find and delete. Some are okay but some I know I have to delete some time soon.

Disclaimer: Seriously? Fine. All characters are the intellectual property of Butch Hartman. The plot is mine dammit. He can't have that too.


Chapter 1

If I go crazy, then will you still call me Superman?

To say Clockwork knew all is to say earth had another body slam into it in it's early life. The collision explains the moon, why it's so big, so close and why it's composed the way it is. But other than that there's no proof. So, did the master of time know all? Eh...

Case in point, one Daniel Fenton. The day he turned on the portal, the linear flow to the world's future fractured into a hopeless tangle of possibilities that spanned from utopia to armaggedon. Here was a child that was unknowingly a nexus-a being with the ability to laugh at destiny and spit on fate. An awkward, klutzy teenaged boy who was merely a facade. His cohorts thought Danny Phantom was his alterego. until Tucker, in a moment of brilliance not tech related, pointed out a bit of comic book geek philosophy one movie night at Sam's.

"What?" Sam raised a brow, a handful of popcorn inches from her mouth.

"The Superman Paradox. Who's real, Superman or Clark Kent; and why no one seems to notice. Supes makes no attempt to hide his face just like you dude yet everyone around him appears really clueless about how similar they look."

"Well yeah...but acting different covers. Clark Kent is pathetic, Superman is invincible and knows it. Unless you've got kryptonite, he can kick your butt." Danny said.

" That's just it man. Unless you really try you and Danny Phantom act exactly the same. This town seems populated by the least observant people on the planet. You've had so many close calls it's not even funny." Tucker reached for some popcorn, leaning over Sam's lap in the process. "Anyway, in Kill Bill vol 2 the Bride and Bill discuss Superman's identity. It's Bill's arguement that Clark Kent is in fact the mask the hero wears. He is a living parody, how he really views humanity."

"So you're implying Danny is our awkward in every sense of the word friend because he thinks that's how he should act? Cuz that's a real close comparison to a sociopath." Sam frowned. She was starting to think one third of Team Phantom had finally cracked. Hmph... what took so long?

"Wha? No! What I mean is he's never going to be normal. He's essentially Phantom using Fenton as an escape. " his glasses slid down his nose as he tried to explain. Without missing a beat, he pushed the back up.

"He is essentially a foot away from you and far from deaf. Okay so I'm kinda... creepy. But that arguement only works because Kal-El was never human to begin with. He just didn't know it. I've always been human. " Danny looked down at his lap. "At least I used to be."

Violet eyes, poorly concealing exasperation, closed as their owner face palmed. Awesome Tuck, make him depressed. Would it kill you to think then speak?

Tucker seemed to sense the way his friends were now ill at ease. Or he had the same thought as Sam did. Whichever the case, he began to backpedal like no tomorrow."Dude 1) You AREN'T creepy, forget about what Spectra said; and 2) It speaks volumes about your character. You could have given into the darker aspects of being half ghost like becoming obsessed with becoming more powerful like a certain fruitloop or losin' it and lashing out at those who wouldn't last three seconds. You're no boy scout but far from a monster man." He leaned back allowing his beret to fall off onto a floor pillow.

"Nice save. Thanks Tuck." Danny smiled on the outside but all he really felt was foreboding. He appreciated their faith in him but...was it misplaced?

They didn't know.

How could he tell them he felt his sanity slowly slipping?

That he might still turn into him.

That he felt like a monster?

Danny noticed the difference in himself almost immediately after the accident. Whispers in his dreams that became voices in daydreams...then shouts in his waking hours. Telling him that if he gave into his cravings he would be powerful. Free. No one could hurt him or those he cared for if he simply dealt with those threats properly. Better yet, release his friends and family from the mortal coil. He had the power. And Sam was beautiful as Undergrowth's puppet. Danny had no doubt that would be her element as Tucker would give Technus a run for his money and ghostly versions of Valerie and his parents would probably scare the ectoplasm out of Skulker.

These horrifying thoughts cost him his lunch several times. How could he consider murdering those he loved? Equally disturbing was the voice on his head began to sound like that sadistic bastard, Dark Dan. Trying to drown it all out led to a less than healthy combination of meditation and cutting. But it was working.

The urge to suck the life out of others? He'd lost the ability to suppress that completely. Danny knew that all ghosts fed on energy of some kind. Spectra and Ember both had made that very obvious. No matter how much food he shoved down, he found himself starving. But for what?

"Hey Fentonia! Time for your daily pounding!" A familar hand grabbed his collar.Dash made two mistakes that day. One was screwing with a halfa that was dead on his feet. Ignore the pun. The other was doing so without his buddies around. The next few minutes were blurry in Danny's memory but he just knew what happened. When he came back to himself, he screamed.

His tormentor was on his back, eyes wide open and blankly staring at the gym ceiling. Peach skin had faded into a sickly grey. Danny immediately thought he was dead. He felt slightly relieved to see shallow breaths causing his chest to rise and fall. But that quickly vanished once he realized he wasn't about to keel over anymore. His stomach wasn't tied in knots. He felt full!

Later Dash told everyone a ghost with red eyes had posed as Fenton and did something to him that made him feel weak. Obliviousness was once again saves the day. Almost. The hunger came back two days later.

Realizing all living things naturally gave of energy like space heaters gave off warmth was a blessing. All he had to do was absorb that excess. There was a similar effect when people cheered Phantom on in battle.

Huzzanh, he was officially a psychic vampire. Joy.

But as long as I keep on doing what I'm doing, all will be well

Right? All I want is to protect people and do the right thing!

/Yes Danny. But, they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions./ A chill passed through the blue eyed boy. All he could do was shiver at the low chuckle only he could hear.


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