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There was turmoil yet again near Casper High. Strange occurrences were happening, as if some magical force was causing the very environment and objects in the area to change. It was time for Danny to use his power to return the situation to a semblance of normalcy and fight whatever was the cause of it. His first and most probable guess to who was to blame for this weird turn in reality was Desiree, the genie ghost, who, wherever she was, would grant wishes, wanting to cause pain and misery to whoever would be foolish enough to ask some wishes off her.

As Danny entered the center of the area, he found out that he was right and that the jinni was causing great chaos, yet again. He flew closer, knowing how to deal with her. He just had to wish for her to stop and get captured and it would be over. Such power and yet such limitations, having to grant every wishes she hear. However, Danny always wondered why she wanted so much to cause so much trouble, why she was that way toward the living. He then flew near her, which rapidly caught her attention, setting her gaze upon him. Desiree, seeing him approaching her, began speaking to him: “You are here to foil my revenge, I presume?” Danny replied directly in a harsh tone: “You really think I will let you do this, all this destruction of life and property?” Desiree, looking at him in furious anger, told him: “You do not know what I had to suffer through because of other peoples, because of selfish men and women, you do not know.” Danny replied promptly:” Sometimes I wish I knew what happened to you that would cause you to be that evil!” Danny realized then what a huge mistake he did, using the word wish right in front of her. Desiree, looking at him with a grin on her face, spoke the formula she used right before granting wishes:” So you have wished it, so it shall be!” Having spoken her formula, she zapped him with her magic, making him disappear.

Danny saw a bright flash of light which blinded him for many seconds. When his vision came back to him, he witnessed the location he was in, which looked like a scene stolen from the Arabian nights. Looking around him, he saw many women, some half-nudes, some wearing jewelleries. All of them showed a lot of skin and were beautiful. Danny deduced he was in some sort of harem, way back in time. He pondered if everyone could see him, but soon found that nobody was looking at him, even the guards positioned near the veiled doors. He was still using his powers, so he was invisible to everyone there. Remembering that he wished to know the reasons why Desiree had this temperament in his days, he wondered why he was transported here. Perhaps she once was a harem girl?

Looking around, he explored the harem, sometimes looking at the women in great details. He was still a young man after all. After a while, he began hearing some music, which sounded like music that always began playing in old movies before a belly dancer was about to perform. Curious, he approached near the source of it to find a man in rich garbs and a turban on his head sitting on a pile of pillows. He sat right in front of a dancer, who was looking straight at the man. Wanting to see this performance closer, Danny got near the man, sitting right next to him. After he sat down, he looking more closely at the dancer and was surprised, she looked very much like Desiree. Of course, she had no green skin now, but a beautiful and deeply tanned skin. Instead of her traditional blue garments she wore as a ghost, she wore some violet see-through harem pants and a violet bra, which showcased her ample breast and was not shy to show much cleavage. Instead of her silver jewelleries, she had gold jewelleries. To say that she looked stunning was doing injustice to her. She looked superb, with her hips and flat stomach, her full lips and her long black hair.

While Danny was checking her out, she came closer to the man he was sitting right next to, clasped her hands together and bower before him, giving him a good look at her cleavage. It was apparent that the man was excited to see her perform. After bowing close to him, she returned to the center of the room. While watching her walk back to her position, he witnessed that there were only three persons in this room: the dancer, the man and him. As far as he could see, there was nobody close to this room, which meant that this was supposed to be a private session. Desiree, after regaining her place, began speaking to the man: “Greetings, oh great sultan. I humbly thank you for purchasing me yesterday and for bidding me time to prepare myself to be at your service.” Danny was not only shocked that this man who he was sitting next to was the sultan, but he was also shocked to find her voice most alluring and seductive. It was certainly a different tone than the one full of anger she always shown to him. Desiree, unknowing that there was another man in there with the sultan, continued her speech: “I will now have the honour to entertain you with my dances and, if that would be your wish, my body. But for now, please accept this dance as the first of my many services to your great person.”

After finishing her speech, she clasped her hands together again and began swaying her hips slowly, starting her routine the traditional way. The sultan looked at her with great interest. Danny was also pretty curious to see if Desiree danced well. It was certainly an opportunity that would perhaps never present itself again; seeing a beautiful woman such as her, an enemy no less, dancing sensually before him. After having caught the attention of the sultan, Desiree began doing figure eight patterns with her belly, placing her arms in the air. She looked directly in the eyes of the sultan, showing a confident and very seductive smile of her face. The sultan seemed very pleased so far with the little she had shown him. Danny, however, found the dance very alluring, trying to catch every mere seconds of it. Desiree, content to see the smile on the sultan’s face, indicating he was seduced by her performance, moved slightly one leg in front, doing ripples with flat stomach. She also began to mover her chest in a back in forth motion, moving them left in right, letting them jiggle slightly with each swings. While doing this, she continued to look directly in her sultan eyes, this time with a little more intensity. The smile on the sultan’s face faded, replaced with only an open jaw. His eyes were fixed in her. He was slowly being mesmerized by this dancer, completely captivated by her beauty and her eyes. While the effect of her dance began showing on the sultan, they were a little more effective on Danny, who, being a teenager, was more receptive to something this beautiful and sensual.

Desiree continued her dance, replacing her rippling stomach with swaying hips in conjunction with her belly doing figure eight patterns. She combined both moves with graces, making the dance seems very fluid. She continued to gaze deeply into the eyes of the sultan, who was her prey. She knew that this hypnotic belly-dancing technique would come in handy if she was bought. She was lucky that it was taught to her. With this, she could manipulate the sultan into giving her everything she desires. To succeed however, she had to continue. She still had a long way to go before the sultan would be her tool.

She continued her dance, still fixing her eyes on his. The sultan, completely mesmerized by the whole routine, began turning his falling jaw into a wide smile while his eyes were displaying spirals, showing that the technique was a success on him. Unbeknownst to Desiree, however, was that her technique was showing far greater success on someone else. Danny was already far under, showing a big smile, his eyes spiralling like mad. This was the most splendid thing he had seen in his whole life. Desiree, right now, seemed positively sparkling in his eyes. He was under very heavy hypnotism, in a great trance. The dance was just magical to him, but her eyes just seemed so...perfect. 

Seeing the spirals showing in the sultan eyes, Desiree knew that the moment to speak was coming along nicely. The spirals, as she was told, would be the indicators of a successful trance. The faster the spirals spun in the eyes of the victim, the deeper they were. She was told this technique, because, as she was told, she actually had a great magical potential. Even though she did not know how to harness this magic, she could tap into it by techniques like the one she was performing right now. She went slightly faster on her routine, wanting to speed up the spirals in the eyes of the sultan. Danny’s spirals were going mad, spinning way too fast, overwhelming his mind partially, but he wanted to continue looking. It was his deepest wish right now. The sultan spirals were going faster by now, his smile now at his peak.

Desiree then kept the rhythm of dance on a steady note and prepared to speak, making sure her voice was as sweet as honey and the most seductive possible. “Do you like what you see, oh great sultan?” The sultan, hearing her voice, replied in a monotone voice: “Yes, I like it very much.” Desiree was happy to hear his tone of voice, showing he was under and then continued:”You would like for me to continue this, wouldn’t you? The sultan nodded, his sight set on the lovely dance in front of him and in the eyes of his beautiful new acquisition. Danny listened to every word she said, absorbing everything. Even though she was addressing the sultan, he was far too deep under her power and just continued watching her with the greatest interest he was capable of. Desiree continued talking to the sultan: “You love my dance so much; you would do everything under your power to be able to see it again, wouldn’t you?” The sultan nodded again, agreeing with her statement.

“Then you would not mind giving me everything I desire, whenever I desire it. It is a small pay to keep me happy enough in your servitude, so that I may dance for you again and again, isn’t it?” The sultan saw wisdom in her words, a dance this fascinating was a great treasure and if she was unhappy, her dance would never be as good as the one he was seeing right now. The sultan again nodded, showing his agreement. Danny, meanwhile, absorbed the bulk of her statements, listening partially to what she said. He was too much under her power to think straight. His subconscious, though, absorbed every single word. Desiree had to finish soon, as she would tire and slow down her dance, which could ruin everything. She then spoke to the sultan:”Now, I desire that whenever you see me, you remember this dance and how wonderful you felt during it. Whenever you see me, you will wish that I could make you feel like this again by any means possible. You will wish for me to grant you the greatest pleasures, I desire it.” Seeing the sultan process her commands, she then said: “Now, I will snap my fingers and you will awake. The only things you will remember are my dance and how wonderful it felt to watch it. The rest of what I said, you shall not remember, but they will be buried deep in your subconscious and still have their effect on you.” After she finished, she snapped her fingers and stopped dancing. Both the sultan and Danny woke up from their trances, feeling a little bit dizzy. They both looked at Desiree again, finding her irresistible. The dance she just did certainly was heavenly. The sultan then rose up and walked toward Desiree. Danny, however, saw another flash of light...

After some mere seconds of blindness, Danny saw much more events in the life of Desiree. How she continued dancing for the sultan, which angered his wife. The sultan’s wife, seeing that her husband passed more time with that harem girl than with her, asked him to throw her out, or else she would kill her. The sultan, not wanting Desiree to die, reluctantly sent her away, which saddened her to no end, witnessing many years of work on the sultan’s mind going to waste. After getting out of the sultan’s palace, she was chased out of town and lived in utter misery, fate being cruel to her. After many years of poverty, she died alone. After witnessing the various events of the life of Desiree, Danny saw another flash of light. After regaining eyesight, he saw that he returned to his era and that he was back at Casper high, where he had last seen Desiree in her genie form. Hearing her, he turned around and saw her in a new way.

She was still gorgeous. Her beauty had not faltered one bit. She still had those magnificent curves, her big breast, her lovely face and her incredible eyes. Her green skin did not undermine her beauty in any way. How he wished right now that she was dancing for him, taking all his cares away. Desiree, seeing that the look he had in his eyes changed: the anger was replaced by lust and love. He had the same look the sultan had after the first time she danced for him. She then quickly came to realize that by wishing to know her story and motivations, he might have witnessed her hypnotic belly dancing technique. Perhaps its effect was still in his head, she had to try. “Young man, I desire for you to wish for some privacy between us two.”

Danny, hearing what she desired, complied: “I wish for the both of us to be transported to an area of your choice where we would be alone.” Granting the wish, Desiree transported them to an area she just created, which resembled a harem chamber. Desiree saw the great opportunity she had with this young man, who still had the effect of her dance in his subconscious. She just had to manipulate his desires to her own ends.”Young man, do you have any needs that I could fulfill? If you do, you only need to formulate them to me in the form of wishes.” After hearing that, Danny knew very well what he wanted, replying: “I wish for you to make me feel the same way I did while you danced for the sultan. I wish for you to use every of your resources to make me feel that way again.”

Desiree, after hearing both of his wishes, granted them. She would certainly have fun while hypnotizing him with her body and her vast magical power. When she hypnotized the sultan, she had no idea how to use them and it still worked wonderfully, but now that she mastered how to use magic, she would enslave him completely and permanently. She then changed her tone to sound like the day she danced for the first time in front of the sultan and spoke: “Very well young man, I shall grant your wish and make you feel the greatest pleasures in your life. I will now make sure that each of your senses will feel pleasure.” She then placed Danny on a pillow and made sure he was comfortable and then proceeded to make sure the room had her scent everywhere, which would affect his sense of smell.  She then unstrapped her bra, showing her breast fully, which would do wonder for his sense of sight.

She approached him and then placed her breast inches toward his face, letting them jiggle close to him. She then sent her genie tail to his waist and wrapped him up to his shoulders. She then began to massage her breast in front of him, her hand glowing while she touched her ample and soft looking boobs. The more she rubbed and played with them, the more they glowed and got bigger, which got closer to his face. Unknown to Danny, she was using her magic to make her breast produce milk. This milk, created by magic, would affect his mind if he drank it. After mere second of rubbing, Desiree’s breast was touching Danny’s face, which pleased Danny very much. Desiree then spoke to him:”I now desire for you to suck my breast and drink from me.”

Danny, having heard her desire, complied pleasantly, putting his mouth on her right nipple and began sucking. What he tasted was good beyond anything he had ever tasted. While he sucked, spirals began forming in his eyes, showing that her milk had the intended effect on Danny. He continued drinking heavily from her for a while. The more he drank, the more he felt good and the more he only though about Desiree. Desiree smiled seeing him that much under already, she definitely would have fun having him as a willing and enamoured slave. After a while, her breast began returning to her normal size, Danny having sucked the entirety of her breast milk. After drinking, Danny was excited and wondered what was next in store for him, the spirals in his eyes continuing. Desiree then picked her breast up in both hand and pulled Danny’s head straight into her cleavage the begun massaging his head with her boobs.

She continued for a while, wanting to stimulate his sense of touch a little. Danny could not see anything but he knew what was going on and loved it. He could not remember now why he did not like Desiree before; she was the closest being to perfection he ever saw. Desiree, after some minutes of massaging, removed the head of Danny from her cleavage and looked at his eyes. The spirals were now wilder and faster, which was the effect she was going for. Danny would perhaps prove to be the one prey she had that would have succumbed to her charm the most easily. That pleased her very much. Since she was looking directly in his eyes, she thought that it would be the best time to use her gaze on him. Her intense gaze met his eyes while she showed a smile that displayed pure seduction. Danny met her gaze and saw that he could not look away, nor did he wish to. Desiree gaze had improved very much since her first time. Danny was captivated and mesmerized by her most beautiful eyes, sending his spirals into some kind of frenzy, showing how much Desiree was affecting him. How he wished right now that he could be with her forever, to be able to see her beauty everyday of his life.

Desiree still had an ace up her sleeve just now, something that would destroy anything resembling will or self in Danny. Everything she did now was mere preparation for the main event. She would use the technique that put him in this state in the first place, her hypnotic belly dancing technique. It would be however far more potent this time, because of two things, all this preparation she did and her mastery of magic, which she would incorporate in her dance this time. She then went to the center of the room she created, letting go of Danny. She placed herself in position, raising her arms in the air and then used her gaze on him. Seeing this, Danny realized what this meant; she would dance again, this time solely for him. This sole realization brought back memories from his first sight of this wonder, which sped up the spirals. Desiree then began her performance by swaying her hips, this time in a wider angle.

She had more flexibility now that she had no more legs but a genie tail. She then begun doing circles with her swaying hips and added some ripple effects on her stomach. Danny was deeply affected by this, her belly, her navel, her hips, her bare breast jiggling and her gaze were just too much for him. The spirals in his eyes were going extremely fast now, which overwhelmed his mind. The only thoughts in his mind were of Desiree now. She was the only thing that mattered right now. Seeing the spirals spinning out of controls in Danny’s eyes, Desiree knew that he would never be the same person again. The effect she wanted him to have was there now, in his mind. Still, right now, she was having fun turning this heroic young man into a completely seduced and hypnotized slave. There is no such thing as overkill, especially in hypnosis. She then began adding figure eight patterns to her routine. She also added the finishing touch on her routine, the one who would seal the deal on the mind of her prey.

Adding her magical force in it, she multiplied the potency of her dance tenfold. Danny’s mind went completely blank. The only thing that he now saw, smelled, thought and cared for was Desiree. The rest was just non-existent. Desiree was everything to him. The spirals spun so fast that it was like seeing two colors strobe in his eyes. Desiree then spoke to him: “I desire for you to wish to be in this current state permanently.” Danny, having heard the voice of his sole care in life, obeyed:”I wish to be permanently in this state of mind.” Desiree then stopped dancing and granted the wish, putting Danny as her slave for life, which pleased her greatly. However, she still had some minor details to correct in her life, details that Danny would remove.” Now young man, I want you to wish that I only have to grant your wishes.” Danny, without any thought about it, spoke:”I wish for you to only to grant my wishes and my wishes alone.”

Desiree felt a great weight removed from her shoulder while she granted this wish. Now nobody would be able to abuse from her powers. Better yet, the only one who she would grant wishes to was completely under her power and control. He was an obedient and devoted slave now. She then began to command him:”You will only wish when I tell you too. You will never question me or my motives. You also shall obey every order I give you. Everything I say shall now be known to you as an indisputable truth. I am your mistress now, is that understood?” Danny absorbed every words she said, wanting to please her. He was completely hers; life certainly would be meaningless without her. He then nodded, agreeing wholeheartedly to everything she said. “Now, I need to be able to put you somewhere so that I cannot lose you.” She then had an idea that would prove to be an ironic twist on the old genie tales. She made a gem appear, the spoke to Danny in a commanding tone:” This gem will now be your home. You will wish for you to be able to enter this gem. You will also wish for me to be able to summon you by rubbing the gem.” Danny understood, then spoke his wish:”I wish for me to be able to enter this gem as my new home and for you to be able to summon me like a genie from the fairy tales by rubbing this gem.” Straight after Desiree granted his wish, she ordered for him to enter the gem. Danny disappeared in a puff of smoke and was absorbed into the gem. Desiree, not wanting to lose the gem, transformed it into a belly gem and then put it in place in her navel. A victim of her hypnotic belly dance now living inside her belly, for Danny, it sure would be paradise. Desiree then went out from the created room, eager to put her new powers and her lack of restriction into the world.

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