Orgasmic Car Ride

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I don’t own Hey Arnold!!!

“Ok that’s the last box!” Helga Pataki said as she closed Arnold’s grandpa’s Packard car. A few days before Helga was trying to find a way to get the rest of her things down to the college she was staying at for the next 4 years, and Arnold since he was going to the same college offered to carry the rest off her boxes with his when his grandpa drop him down, and of course our girl agreed.

“Alright Shortman,  girl who use to have the unibrow’ Phil  chuckled, while Helga rolled her eyes, “Let’s  get a move on”  Helga made her way to the passenger seat behind the driver’s side, when she opened the door she/ froze, there was only one half of the back seat available.

“Something wrong Helga.” Arnold asked

“Yea, there’s no space left for the both of us to sit.” She replied.

“Oh really! ‘ Phil said “well that’s a dang shame, what do you want to do now Shortman?”

Arnold just looked at his grandpa with his hands in his pocket, “its ok grandpa, Helga can sit in my lap.”

Helga’s mouth dropped opened at his suggestion, her eyes went wide and her heart started to beat a little faster.

“Are you sure Shortman, it’s at least a three hour drive?” Phil asked him.

Arnold nodded and went to position himself in the car “yea am sure, Helga doesn’t weigh that much anyway.” Then he looked at Helga, patted his lap and smile.

Helga looked back stunned, then she looked down at her outfit, she wore a pink mini skirt she wore, because of the August heat, and a white spaghetti strap shirt with no inner bra. She gulped and looked at Arnold with unsure eyes “A Are you sure Arnoldo?” she asked a little shaky.

He rolled his eyes at her, a patted his lap again “am sure Helga, now come on we have a long drive ahead of us.”

 Helga stood there for a few seconds longer, and then made her way over to Arnold, she maneuvered herself so that she was sitting on one of his legs, but Arnold wrapped his hand around her waist and place her firmly on the place of his crotch, his other hand resting gently on her thigh, Helga‘s heart was beating out of control, her face was a cherry, and her eyes was as wide as they can go.

Phil closed the car door and went into the driver’s seat, “alright, now that everyone’s comfortable lets hit the road!” and he started the car and headed off to the highway.

Helga shivered as Arnold pulled himself close to her ears and whispered “Are you comfortable Helga?”

Helga’s mind was in a state of Ethiopia. She nodded her head and tried to focus her thoughts on the headrest in front o her, but it was hard. She felt Arnold’s hand on her thigh, moving slightly and a send a slight tremor down to her panties that was already becoming soaked. She thought back on over the past school year, she became friendlier with her friends but still kept her sarcastic ways. At first her and Arnold were passing friends in the hallways since she stopped bullying him, but ever since Phoebe and Gerald hooked up, her and Arnold became close friends in a instant. Don’t get her wrong she still love the foot ball head guy but she curved her affection and obsession for him and widen her  variety of boys, sure she usual still compare them to Arnold but she still got her fun out it as so. Yet even so Helga thought as she shifted a little on Arnolds lap, ever since she and Arnold slept together that night last week at his house, her senses of him intensified and she was getting wet just thinking about it.


As usual she had another fight with Big Bob, this time she hardly remembered what the argument was about, but she just didn’t want to stay at home tonight, so she decided to head over to Arnold’s house and probably spend the night, since it was about 1:30 in the morning. She made her way over to the boarding house, climbed the fire escape and headed over to his sky light window, she opened the window slightly and climbed down into the darken room. As her feet landed on the carpet, Helga froze as she heard a low moan coming from Arnold’s bed, she faced that way and her jaw dropped by what she saw, Arnold actually jerking himself off in his bed. Her heart started beating fast, her skin became flushed and her panties became wet at the sight before her. Her eyes watched as his hand grip his shaft, pulling on in and moving his hand up and down stopping now and then to squeeze his head, and if that didn’t turn her on the fact that he just whispered her name, made her panties even wetter, her nipples hard. Without much thought she quietly made her way to his bed, she took of her tube top shirt and kicking off her short pants as she made her way to his bed. She crawled on his bed until she was position over his penis, as his hand left his shaft and stroke back down, she opened her mouth and placed his penis inside. She felt the shock running through Arnold’s body as his penis jerk in her mouth, his hand grasping her head and pulling it up so that her eyes meet his own , shocked, embarrassment confusion and lust all showed in his eyes, she smiled at him,

 “Helga? What are you doing?” Arnold panting hard, asked his hand still gripping her hair, Helga looked him in the eye “am here for a little fun.” She replied as she lowered her mouth back on his cock, taking him in deep, hearing his gasp of pleasure as he pushed his hips up into her hot mouth. She smiled as she looked up at him and saw how his green eyes darkened, his hand gripping her hair tightly, Helga moved her head up and down, swirling her tongue on his head and switching up her sucking motion.

“Oh God! Helga! Feels….good….!” Arnold said, pushing his hips up in the rhythm she was setting with her mouth. Helga felt her panties getter wetter and wetter as she sucked his cock, he harden nipples brushing his thigh send tremors down to her clit, as Helga felt Arnold’s cock begin to tighten in her mouth she let him go with a pop, and made her way up to his face. Arnold groan in disappointment, and when he opened his eyes to see what she was doing he felt her lips touch his in a hard passionate kiss. Helga’s tongue traced his lips and forced its way into his mouth to seek his own tongue. Arnold groan and Helga moan as there tongue mate against each other, Helga felt Arnold’s one of Arnold’s hand resting on her back, tracing her spine lightly and the other pinching her already hard nipples.

She arched her back, and released his lips to let out a groan, Arnold started kissing down her neck, until he reached her breast and took her nipple into his mouth, Helga began to pant harder her hand running through his hair as he pulled, sucked and nibble on her breast. Her mind was in a fog, her juice running down her thigh, oh she wanted to feel him inside of her, she pulled her nipple out of his mouth and took of her already wet panty, she kissed him hard on the lips again as she position her pussy over his cock, she rested on top and she felt his cock twitched as his hands grasped her hips. Still kissing him, Helga moved her pussy back and forth over his cock, rubbing it with her juices; Arnold’s hands squeezed her hips even more, his hips moving slightly trying to feel more of her. Helga broke off the kiss, panting hard, she looked down at Arnold who also was panting hard and looking back up at her, with dark green eyes. Helga stopped her movement, she lifted herself up grabbed his cock in her hand and placed it near her opening.

Her and Arnold gasped and arch their backs as she slowly pushed down on him, he was big and he felt so wonderful as he stretched her, she moan loudly her one hand on his head rest, the other on his chest, her eyes locked on his eyes, as she continued to lower herself on him until finally he was in all the way. Helga looked down on him, she didn’t moved, she started into his eyes, his hands which was resting on her hips squeezed in urgency, “Please!” Arnold softly begged. Helga leaned down and kissed him, and then she started moving, rising herself up and down on him, slowly at first, enjoying the feel of him inside her, then as her passion builds so did her movements. Helga sat up straight, her hands pulling at her breasts, her head thrown back and her eyes closed as she picked up the speed

“Arnold, oh Arnold!! She moaned “Helga, your  so tight………..oh God …. You feel…..incredible..” Arnold moaned, grabbing her hips tightly while his hips were pumping up into her. There movement became more heated and faster as there peaked near “I’m coming….please……Arnold!” Helga begged, her walls tighten around his cock, and then she felt the bed on her back and she opened her eyes to see Arnold above her, pumping faster, she wrapped her legs around his waist, her hands went around his back, she clawed his skin as her climax hit her hard “ Arnold!” she screamed, her back arching up. Arnold lost in his world still pumping fast, feeling her walls tighten around him, completely lost it and came seconds after her, shooting his hot load deep into her womb, “ oh God Helga!” he moan into her chest. Arnold laid on top of Helga, panting hard, Helga with her legs and arms still wrapped around him, was in joyous bliss, her eyes were closed and a smile was on her face. She felt Arnold shift off her and rolled to her side, and then he pulled her close wrapping his arms around her back and kissed her forehead. The teens laid that way next to each other, without speaking a word and feel asleep.  Helga awoke a few hours later, to the sun coming up in the sky and Arnold still sleeping with a smile on his face, she quietly slipped out from underneath him, put her clothes on and quietly slipped out of his window to head home.

Ever since then they haven’t really  talked about what happened, and now she was sitting in his lap, with his hands rubbing her thigh, and to make matters worse or better Helga was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t notice how she was rubbing herself on  top of Arnold, or the fact that her panty was wet and her skirt was already ridden up and her panty was the only barrier between her wet pussy and the obvious hardness of Arnold’s cock, or the fact that Arnold’s hand has been moving ever so slowly up her thigh and the hand by her waist was slowly making its way underneath her shirt. That is until she felt his fingers touch her panty, she gasped out loud at the sudden touch, her mind whirling fast, her skin flushing.

“Are you ok back there Helga?” Phil asked the young girl, looking through his rear view glass to try and see over the boxes, to look for Helga.

Helga, a little lost in the fact that Arnold’s fingers were pulling her panty aside and pressing a finger into her lips, try to steady her voice to answer the question “ yea Phil am fine, I was just trying to get into a comfortable position, and I really want to get up there as soon as possible.” She said her legs trembling at the feel of Arnold’s fingers doing wondrous magic to her.

“Oh do you guys need me to pull over or something?” Phil asked staring straight ahead at the road.

“No grandpa, that’s ok” Arnold replied, as he sift a little so that his finger was now penetrating her moist inner sanctum. Helga gasped and closed her eyes her hands holding tightly to the headrest. “Were quite comfortable now.”

“Ok Shortman let me know when you want me to pull over so that you can stretch a bit.” Phil said

“Ok grandpa.” Arnold replied, his fingers pumping in and out of Helga and rubbing her clit at the same time. His other hand sneaked inside her shirt to pinch her already harden nipples, Arnold pulled himself up to her ear, and Helga tremble at the sensations running through her body “keep it quiet, I don’t want my grandpa suspecting anything.” He whispered in her ear.

Helga lost in pleasure just nodded her head, as she bit her lips hard with her teeth, her hips moving forward, pumping on his digits as he squeeze her nipple and her the back of her neck, soon she felt her orgasms fast approaching and she found it hard to stay quiet, she bite her lips so hard that she tasted blood, when her orgasm hit her, Arnold had two fingers in her womanhood by then and it was dripping with her juices. Panting slightly she felt his hand left her pussy to reach underneath her butt to his jeans, she knew then what he was going to do and she maneuvered to get her panties down to her ankle, she looked up and saw that Phil was singing along to an old jazz music and looking at the road, she felt Arnold struggle a few seconds with his jeans until she felt the tip of his cock brush against her exposed inner thigh. She shivered in glorious anticipation and looked down at the head of his penis, which was poking out and oozing with his pre-cum. She licked her lips and whispered to Arnold “Please Arnold, I want you to Fuck me hard with your cock!”

In response Arnold picked Helga up slightly and position his cock near her entrance, she was so wet and ready that his cock just slide in easily and Helga bit back a moan as she tremble on him. Arnold placed his hand back between her thighs and squeezed her nipples again. Helga began to rock back and forth on him, trying her best not to make things so obvious, but it was hard, with Arnold rubbing her clit, squeezing her nipples and pounding her inside, she was close to another orgasm. She felt Arnold panting quietly behind her, his hips moving up and down to help build up the pleasure, he pulled Helga to his chest, as she opened her legs wider and started pumping even faster inside her, her walls grew tighter and tighter, closing in on his cock, until she arch her back and stiffen as her climax hit her hard, she placed her fingers in her mouth and bite hard to stop herself from screaming out. then she felt Arnold stiffen underneath her as well and she felt his hard load of hot liquid shooting hard inside of her, she laid her head back on his shoulders twitching from the sensations and breathing hard, Arnold moved his fingers from off hr nipple and between her legs, out of the corner of her eye she saw him suck on the fingers that were inside of her womanhood, she gasp and turned her head to look at him. He smile and said “you taste delicious,” then he kissed her on her lips where she tasted her flavor on him.

“Ok kids I know you’re tired, where about to break at the next service station in about 10 minutes ok.” Phil told the kids in the backseat. The two kids quietly made themselves presentable again, as the car pulled into the yard. Helga had a little trouble at first standing on her feet, but Arnold was there with his hand on her back to steady her and lead her into a burger joint to rest for a while. When Phil got up to use the restroom Helga turned to Arnold “What was that foot-ball head?”  She asked him quietly

Arnold smirked at her, “just something I was meaning to do for quite some time now. And don’t worry’ he said licking his lips, as his green eyes turned darker and he leaned into her “am not finished with you yet!” before Helga could have responded, and really she was a blushing cherry and she wouldn’t have known what to say anyway, Phil returned and they headed to the car to get ready for the rest of the trip.

When we reached the car Arnold told us that he wanted to sit on the floor with his back against the door so that Helga can have more space to move a bit, Phil at first wasn’t sure that it was a good idea, but Arnold told his grandpa to let him try it first, so he agreed and Helga got into the car, then Arnold got in crouching down on the floor in front of Helga, waiting for Phil to close the car door. When Phil closed the door and got into the drivers set he asked Arnold if he was alright. “Yea grandpa am fine, you can drive.” Arnold replied looking up at Helga with a sly smile. It wasn’t until they were on the road for a few minutes, that Helga got the surprise out of her life, Arnold shifted himself so that he was kneeling between her legs and he parted them, moving her panty to the side, Helga didn’t have time to think as she felt his tongue touch her clit. She shudder, gasped and opened her legs wider to give him more access, her hands reaching for his head and pulling him closer. One of Arnold’s hands crept up to her breasts and began to squeeze her nipples hard as his tongue, darted in and out of her moistness. Helga gripped his head, and bit her lips hard from the consent groans building in her throat.

She was lost in the felling of his tongue darting in and out of her, then he sucked her clit harder, biting it slightly, and then when he introduced a finger into the mixed Helga lost it and started to climax hard. Arnold, had to grab her legs to keep her from thrashing about, and she bit her lip even harder with tears running down her face from crying out, she shudder with complete abandonment and relaxed her legs a few seconds later, as Arnold continually lapped at her clitoris licking up her juices, her orgasm felt as if it had no limit what so ever, her nipples were hard and she felt weak, spend and happy.

“You two ok in the back there? You’re awfully quiet.” Phil’s voice rang out through the car, bringing Helga out of her trance. “No actually grandpa, I think this idea of mine really sucks, and am starting to feel uncomfortable.” Arnold cried out as he pulled Helga’s panty down her legs, and began to shift so that they can switch back to their original position. “Do you need me to pull over  so that you can fix Shortman?” “No it’s all right grandpa, I can get back into letting Helga sit on my lap again.” And with that Helga found herself again placed on his cock, and feeling it sliding deeply inside of her.

“That’s better, are you comfortable Helga?” He breathe on her neck his hand pinching her harden nipples, his lips brushing her already flush skin.

“Y yea f f foot-ball head, a a am f f fine.” Helga stuttered out clenching her inner walls around his cock, and biting her lips again. “Alright well we have another 50 minutes or so before we reach the school.” Phil stated as he turned the radio up a little louder, to sing along to the song. Helga felt Arnold began to thrust up inside of her, up and down, up and down, he squeezed her nipples hard, he kissed along her neck and shoulder, breathing hard and softly moaning her name in her skin, to say she was having a sensory overload to Helga was an understatement, as she felt another  orgasm build up inside, she slightly raised herself up to give Arnold more access, and just as he started hitting her inner walls even harder, she felt his hot man seed squirting inside of her, telling her that he climaxed and then she climaxed after him, from the feeling of it all. Helga sat back down and rested her head on his chest, she was completely spent, sore and tired. Arnold’s hand was wrapped around her rubbing her back, and he was kissing her hair and forehead.

Helga sighed in bliss, cuddling closely to Arnold, and she closed her eyes, listening to the beating of his heart under his shirt. She wasn’t sure when she fell asleep, but she felt Arnold gentle shaking her awake to say that they were about five minutes from the school, the two teens quickly made themselves presentable again, just as the car pulled into the guest parking lot. After a few minutes of stretches and wobbling, Helga finally got feeling back in her legs, when she excited the car, she helped the guys with Arnold’s boxes to his dorm room, and when all of his stuff was secured, they helped carried her boxes to her dorm room. When everyone was set, Phil hugged each of the kids, wished them luck and drove off leaving Arnold and Helga standing on the sidewalk alone.  Helga turned, to see Arnold smiling down at her “What!” she asked, Arnold shrugged, grabbed her hand, laced their fingers together and brought her hand to his lips and kissed it, “ oh nothing just thinking about how beautiful my new girlfriend is!” he replied.

Helga blinked in shock “Girlfriend?” she question in complete amazement. Arnold rolled his eyes ad he pulled her towards him “um yea, I didn’t stuttered Pataki, now come on, let’s get something to eat.” And he kissed her lips in a quick peck, and head towards the school café, they spotted early. Helga looked at him, with a half-lidded gaze “Whatever you say Arnold, Whatever you say!”


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