Smurfette's Spring Time Encounter

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Disclaimer: I do not own the Smurfs. This is a parody fiction story not for profit, just for fun.

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Hello everyone, I wrote a Smurf story in honor of the Smurf movie coming out this summer 2011. This story is based upon the NBC 1980's series. I thought it was the best back then. As always this is a fiction parody story, and is not for profit. Just for fun. If people like this, it might become a various thread.

Smurfette finds herself in the clutches of Gargamel, and she also finds a lost Smurf that is Gargamel's slave.

This story will contain: N/C, M/F+, lesbian, BDSM, pussy licking, rough sex, knock out, forced to watch, cum blast, giant, tiny.


Once long ago in an enchanted forest lived some friendly creatures called the Smurfs. They stood three apples high, and had sky blue skin. The Smurfs wore white hats, and clothes that seemed to show the goodness in their hearts. Living in harmony with nature around them. Helping weary travelers, and beast in need.

Spring time was upon our little blue friends again. The last of the snow melted, and the weather was turning warmer. Trees, and Flowers were growing higher reaching for the sun. The birds, and the bees were out doing what they do best. This time of year also had the Smurfs wanting to answer the call of nature. Unfortunately, of the one hundred Smurfs in the village. There was only one female. Her name was Smurfette.

As in the past, the male Smurfs would try their best to attract her attention. Hefty Smurf would lift weights. Painter Smurf would paint a beautiful portrait of her. Farmer Smurf would show his prize crops. Rich Smurf would accidentally drop his stuffed wallet. Vanity Smurf would offer to fix her hair, Etc. Smurfette would give them kind words, but not be interested. This time though after years of rejection. Complaint Smurf was able to rally the others about Smurfette’s indifference. They all decided to go see Papa Smurf. The wise old head Smurf of the village.

Papa Smurf had just sat down to read a spell book from the Horns, and Goblin book store. When there was a knock on his door. “Papa Smurf, I need to talk to you!,” said Complaint Smurf. Papa Smurf rolled his eyes when getting up. He went over to his well organized magic lab table getting a vile of potion. Complaint Smurf was always fussing about something. Papa Smurf took to dosing him with forgetfulness potion. Then sending him on his way. Papa Smurf opened his door, and was about to douse Complaint Smurf with the potion, but stopped. It looked like the entire village was behind him. “Well my little Smurfs, What seems to be the trouble?,” Papa Smurf asked.

“Well, I will tell you,” said Complaint Smurf. Producing a roll of paper that dropped from his hands to his feet rolling away. This action caused the other Smurfs to bodily lift him above their heads, and carry him till the end of the group. Dropping him on his rear end. Hefty Smurf said to Papa Smurf,” We’re tired of Smurfette ignoring us, and we want her to choose a mate this year.” “ Yeah! “ went the other Smurfs loudly.

‘Here we go again. I’m going to need to send them on another quest. Once they get back. They’ll be too tired to think about Smurfette. When she is ready, she’ll choose. ’ thought Papa Smurf. “The only way to win Smurfette’s heart is to go to Smurf mountain, and find a crystal rose. Then give it to her. She’ll fall in love with you then,” said Papa Smurf. There really wasn’t a crystal rose. Going up the mountain will make them tired, and give up. Returning to the village to do what they do till next year.

Instantly, the Smurfs turned heading to the mountain. Some tried to walk faster than others. This soon turned into a run. As each Smurf tried to out race each other. “Papa Smurf, What is going on?,” asked Smurfette walking up to him. Even she noticed a lack of Smurf activity around her. “Ah’ my dear, I have sent the boys on an errand. Don’t worry they will be back soon,” said Papa Smurf. “Well okay, I am going to go pick wild flowers. I will bring you back some for your home. Papa Smurf thanked her, and went back to reading.

Smurfette skipped to the flower field singing, “ La La La La La,” loudly. Spring time also affected her too. She had the urge to find a mate, but all the Smurfs in her village were more like brothers. She loved them all, but wasn’t in love with them. It was hard on her being pressured by so many. It was great that she could get away sometimes without the others hounding her.

All the brightness, warmness, and colors of the forest made her feel happy. It caused her to totally forget about being cautious. For there were dangers in the woods for a lone Smurf. Her singing had attracted someone all the Smurfs had tried to avoid. He was on the hunt in that area. Using the stalking techniques he learned from his cat.

Smurfette had just arranged a beautiful flower arrangement for Papa Smurf. She seen one last flower that would really set it off. As she was bending down to pick it, a curious thing happen. Everything around her turned bright white. Then she felt something grabbing her from all sides, and being lifted. There was a funny chemical smell in the air as she breathed. Smurfette yell out,” Oh’ my! Help! What’s going on?” She was confused, and feeling drowsy by the second. She didn’t exactly know when she had fallen to sleep. Her dreams were scented with wild flowers that pressed against her little blue nose.


Part two,

Gargamel was very pleased with himself. The frail looking hunched back sorcerer rushed into his old rotting shack slamming his door shut. He was giddy with excitement, and breathing hard from the run. He could hear his cat Azrael outside meowing, and scratching at the door wanting to be let in. “I’m home, and brought a guest,” Gargamel

said out loudly. Everyone knew he was a confirmed bachelor. So it was strange for him to say that. Gargamel walked over to his magic lab table where he kept all his magic stuff, and brushed them all off unto the floor. He gently pulled a white handkerchief out of his pocket placing it on the table. Pulling on one side the cloth. The contents slowly rolled out. The sleeping prone form of Smurfette appeared.

Gargamel went to grab what could best be described a Smurf size table from a shelf with a small cage on it. He placed it next to Smurfette. Then placed her body on top of it. She lost her last shoe in the process. He raised her arms up above her head till her wrists crossed into leather loop straps. He tighten the loops down snugly unto her wrists to keep them from being pulled out. Gargamel spread Smurfette’s legs apart, and placed each ankle into a separate loop cinching them down too. Smurfette was spread eagle when done. Gargamel raised the table up on end till it was standing on edge. The soles of Smurfette’s bare feet could touched the lab table, which would allow her to stand upright when awake. At the moment, her body was slightly drooping forward with her head down. Blonde hair was covering her face. Her little white hat was lost in transport someplace.

Gargamel sprinkled some magic potion into Smurfette’s face. Slowly she came too, seeing his ugly face in front of her’s. “AHHHHH!,” exclaimed Smurfette trying to run. It took her a few seconds to realize she was attached to something. She could see her wrists tied above her head, and ankles tied below. No way to squirm out. “What’s going on!? Please don’t eat me!?,” Smurfette pleaded. Gargamel laughed loudly saying,” I might eat you eventually, but right now I have plans for you.” He had a cruel sneer on his face.

Gargamel went out of Smurfette’s line of vision for a few seconds then returned. He set down a small cage next o her. Opening the door, he said,” Come on out my dear.” A nude female Smurf emerged from inside. Both Smurfs mirrored each other’s expression of shock. The only difference between them was Smurfette had blonde curly hair. The new Smurf had jet black straight hair to her waist. The brunette Smurf had a lovely firm shapely body with large breast, and dark blue nipples. Her vagina was shaved clean. “ Who are you?,” Smurfette asked in a dreamy voice. Not able to take her eyes off the other. Unlike the male Smurfs in her village, who had the bodies of apes. This female Smurf could have been a goddess. “She is not allowed to talk unless told too,” said Gargamel. “ I call her Rina. I don’t know her real name. After I raided your parents village. I didn’t think to ask before I ate them all.” Smurfette looked up in horror at Gargamel. Papa Smurf had always told her all young Smurfs were brought to live with him by the stork . Never did he mention the Smurfs had parents, and what Gargamel did to them. Anger showed on her face for the first time ever,” You Bastard!”

“Now, Now, such a pretty Smurf shouldn’t show anger.” laughed Gargamel. “I couldn’t find any of you young one’s except for Rina here. I had thought of raising her till big enough to snack on, but as you can see she has grown into quite the beauty. Even for human standards, and so have you too.,” said Gargamel with a leer. Smurfette felt a shudder of repulsion go through her body. “Pervert,” she said. Turning her head away from him.

This caused Gargemel to laugh some more. “Rina, why don’t you welcome our new guest. She must be hot. Go rip her clothes off,” said Gargamel. Rina obediently obeyed, grabbing Smurfette’s thin white summer dress, and pulling the material with a ripping sound. This also caused Smurfette’s body to be pulled forward away from the table. Her topless body to bounce back causing her breast to wobble.

“Nooo!,” yelled Smurfette looking embarrassed. She had the urge to cover herself, but couldn’t. There was a slight blush added to her blue skin. Rina reached for Smurfette’s white panties. “Noo! Please not them!,” pleaded Smurfette. The panties were jerked off without resistance. Now Smurfette was completely nude for Gargamel to see. She didn’t believe in shaving, and had let her blonde virgin forest grow down south.

“Now Rina, Here’s I want you to do this next,” said Gargamel giving her instructions. Smurfette’s eye’s got big in disbelief hearing them. “You can’t do that! That’s disgusting! Why would you want to see that!?,” she asked. Gargamel pointed to a pile of old nudie parchments next his dirty unmade bed. Some titles of them were showing { Dungeons, and Boobs, Ye Old Torture Chamber, or Witches in heat }. There were images of lesbian BDSM on the covers. “ Just a little fetish of mine,” said Gargamel smiling.

Rina was a little hesitant, after all, this was her first time seeing another Smurf herself. Gargamel pushed her forward with a big finger. Then pushed her unto her knees in front of Smurfette. Tenderly, Rina reached up parting Smurfette’s hairy vagina lips. She could see a little pink bump at the top as Gargamel said. This caused the bound blonde Smurf to protest more, and try to wiggle her hips in hope to shake off Rina’s hand. Rina leaned forward with her tongue out placing it on the moist pink nub. There was a salty tang that wasn’t bad. She proceeded to move her tongue tip lightly over Smurfette’s clitoris. Smurfette’s pubic hair was course on her tongue.

Smurfette was at first feeling uncomfortable about having her pussy licked. Her private area was swelling, and started to throb from pressure build up. Each of Rina’s tongue strokes seemed to bring her relief of pleasure. Smurfette’s heart started to beat fast, and her little nipples got hard as blueberries. She lifted her head up biting on her lower lip. Opening, and closing her mouth in heavy gasping. “Uhnnn! Yes! Right there!” escaped from her mouth unintentionally after a bit. Smurfette didn’t have time to feel guilty. Rina had hit her secret sweet spot.

Rina’s tongue started to explore more of Smurfette’s womanhood. Starting from the outside to in. Smurfette’s pussy lips swollen open like a flower now. Rina’s lips were almost French kissing them. Smurfette’s moist pussy flaps were soft as butter. Rina sucked, and nibble on them. Looking up at the blonde Smurf’s reactions. Smurfette seemed pleased with dazed eyes looking down. Rina’s tongue went deeper, and deeper with each fast sloppy stroke. Rubbing against Smurfette’s unbroken hymen. Stretching it. Rina’s body also responded to this sexual stimulation too. Her pussy, and nipples swelled to throbbing. Her pussy juice was dripping from her snatch, down her thighs unto the human table. Rina took her free hand to squeeze her harden nipples. That gave them some relief, but caused her pussy to ache more. Her hand slid down her body to between her thighs. She started to slowly play with her wet cunt. A finger went in, and out of the slippery crevice to the knuckle. Making squishy sounds.

As Gargamel was watching Rina eat out Smurfette. His penis was got hard as a rock. This was better than paying a subscription to a crystal ball porn site. He worked out of his swollen member from his tunic to stroke it back, and forth. There was something sexy about watching Rina’s nude toned body muscles move. She moved her black hair over her shoulder to the front. So Gargamel could watch her serpentine body. Smurfette’s breasts were bouncing , and wiggling with each deep stroke of Rina’s tongue. Gargamel could hear slurping noises from his Smurf slave. Smurfette’s toes were curling up from this.

The wizard moved forward rubbing pre-cum on Rina’s exposed back. Bringing his penis head down her spine to bump the crack of her cute little ass a few times. Wishing that it would fit her small hole. Smurfette’s body started to spasm in orgasms. Squirting her pussy juice on Rina’s face. “Okay Rina, time to get you hooked up,” said Gargamel. With one last deep kiss, the black haired Smurf brought her mouth off of Smurfette’s wet matted pussy, licking her lips. Smurfette’s hips tried to go with her. There was a disappointed look on Smurfette’s face. Like a child who had their toy taken away.

Rina put her silky black hair up into a bun. Showing her long thin neck. Gargamel fitted a brown leather harness unto her. Straps circled her shoulders, and arm pits. Also around the top of her thighs below her groin. They connected together in the back to a large metal ring. Rina’s large breast seemed to jut out more because of this.

while Gargamel ran to the kitchen, Rina stood watching Smurfette recover from her orgasms. The blonde female Smurf was very sexy. Tied up with her eyes closed, and huffy air out heavily. Smurfette was trying to rub her wet thighs together, but couldn’t do it. Rina brought her own hand to her pussy to finish herself. Gargamel returned in time to see Rina fall to her knees in orgasm. Legs feeling to weak to stand. “I hope you enjoyed yourself my dears. Now it’s my turn,” said Gargamel. He started to slather some pig lard all over his penis for lubrication. Then ran some all over Rina’ nude blue body. Gargamel picked Rina up by the metal ring sitting her on top of his bucking penis. Like a cowboy breaking a horse. From past experience she laid flat wrapping her limbs around it. Locking her feet together, and hands together. Fortunately, Gargamel had a skinny penis. Unfortunatly, it was long. Gargamel started stroking Rina’s lubed body up, and down the his shaft. He would say, “Ooooo” Yeah! Tighten you grip, or loosen it a little. Use your tongue more around that wart.” to her. Gargamel enjoyed seeing Rina’s shiny greased ass wiggle. Her pussy would mush open, and close as she rode his dick.

Gargamel slid Rina under his penis. Letting her soft breast rub his sensitive underside. He brought her face up to under his penis head. Letting her lick it around the circumcised ridge. Pre-cum was dripping into her face. She had learned before how not to be smothered by it.

Smurfette watched in sick fascination as the old human, and young Smurf had sex. Despite this, her body started to get aroused again. Her thighs tried in vain again to come together. ‘If only my hands were free,‘ thought Smurfette with a whimper. Not to eascap, but to pleasure herself.

Gargamel knew he couldn’t last long, but a last minute thought occurred to him. He reached over laying Smurfette’s table flat on it‘s legs. The bound Smurf’s large breasts rolled to the sides. Her nipples pointed up like rockets ready to launch. He then pulled Rina off his penis. Placing her standing over Smurfette’s head. Gargamel had Rina get down on all fours over Smurfette’s body in a sixty nine position. Both female Smurfs could see each other’s dark blue swollen vaginas clearly now. Smurfette was about to bring her tongue up into Rina’s pussy. When Gargamel brought his throbbing penis up between her legs, and slid it between their bodies. It forced Smurfette‘s head to the side, so she could breath. The penis was heavy on her, pressing her into the table. “Hold unto her tight!,” said Gargamel to Rina, as he picked up the table in a slant to match his turned up dick. Rina gripped Smurfette’s ass over the penis, and tried to find something her toes could grip to. Smurfette grabbed Rina’s ankles with her bound hands to help her.

Gargamel stroked his penis between the two female Smurfs. Such a wonderful feeling of warm soft greased skin brought pleasure to him. It was almost like real pussy he had once. If the Smurfs hadn’t ruined his marriage to that princess. He could have had more.

Gargamel could hear over the wet squishing sounds both Smurf girls going,” Uh Uh Uh! Oh’ My God!, Uh’ Uh’ Uh’! Please No More! Uh, Uh,Uh!” Gargamel kept imagining himself fucking the princess. Then about fucking the ladies in his nudie parchments. Till he felt himself ready to cum. He increased his speed. Threatening the give the two female Smurfs a bad case of road rash. Finally, at last, the pressure was released. Gargamel brought his penis to stop between the female Smurfs’ bellies. Cum started gushing out between their pressed flesh in all directions. Smurfette could feel the hot sticky seed being pumped out from the underside of Gargamel’s dick. With a slow pleasant pull, Gargamel left a white sperm trail behind. Rubbing post cum on the top of Rina’s ass. Rina rolled off Smurfette’s body to the side. Both Smurfs were on their backs panting for air. Their breast bouncing, and wobbling. Neither were able to move. Smurfette had gotten a big dose of cum in her face. She tried to blow it out of her nose. This made cum bubbles. She tried to blow cum off her lips, but the cum got into her mouth. Causing her to sputter it out. She couldn’t see anything because her eyes were covered.

Smurfette could hear Gargamel panting close by her. “Well, I think we should try that more often,” he said. Just then a loud crash came from the door. Smurfette could hear Gargamel scream, and scramble around the shack wildly. Whatever was going on made Smurfette afraid again. She could hear a window breaking, and Gargamel screaming in a distance. There was a big hot nose sniffing at her. Then she felt someone untying her wrist. A napkin wiped the cum out of her eyes. Standing next to her was Soldier Smurf. He was wearing blue battle dress of the forest U.N. with a bazooka over his shoulder. There was a short chewed cigar in his mouth. “You okay Missy?,” he drawled from the side of his mouth. Smurfette could see he wasn’t alone. Other forest creatures with blue U.N. markings were around her. A big black bear was the one who sniffed her before. “I’m fine, Thanks for rescuing me,” said Smurfette. There was a bump that came from the small cage. Everyone turned to it. Soldier Smurf point his weapon at it. “No!, No!, it’s okay!,” said Smurfette jumping in front of him. Smurfette walked inside the cage seeing Rina cowering in the corner. Smurfette held up her hands moving forward, and with a reassuring voice said, “ It’s okay, everything is fine now.” After some time Smurfette was able to hold Rina. She kissed the dark haired Smurf on the lips saying,” Your coming home with me.”


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