Marge Beats a Ticket

BY : Adam Bishop
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Simpsons. This is pure fanfiction and I promise that I'm not profiting from this!

It was already dark by the time Marge escaped the parent teacher meeting and she was getting fed up.

Lisa was guaranteed to be on the schools honor list so she had been stuck with Ms. Krabappel once more, and once more Bart had been a massive problem. Homer was once more running a travelling business (possibly scam) and was on the road and the only person she could find to babysit was the ever useless Grandpa Simpson.

She sighed and pushed a little harder on the accelerator. With Homer and Abe as male rope models how far would Bart ever get?

The orange station wagon was only ten minutes from home when she passed the police cruiser, taking no notice. A second later she heard the whine of the siren start up.

“Couldn’t be for me,” Marge thought. She instinctively looked down an the speedometer and realised with a shock that she was moving slightly over the speed limit.

Marge immediately pulled over and waited. Confusingly, the cruiser ran a little further down the street before it stopped, then after a short wait it turned around and parked so the two vehicles were facing one another with a few feet between them.

The headlights left Marge blind in the darkness and nothing seemed to happen for a long time. Finally a slim figure approached the driver side window.

It was Officer Lou, “License and registration,” he ordered.

Marge quickly looked in her purse and realised that Homer had stolen her license for some ill-explained reason.

“Problem, ma'am?” asked Lou.

“Err . . . I seem to have misplaced my drivers license,” Marge answered, “Maybe you reconise me? My husband gets locked up every few weeks.”

“That’s a pretty common story around here,” said Lou.

“I’m almost home,” said Marge desperately, “Maybe you could follow me and I could find some identification.”

“Or end up in a high speed car chase.”

“Can’t you just trust me?”

“Maybe I could look up your name in the computer . . .”

Marge considered it for a moment but realised her police record might make things worse.


“Better not,” answered Marge, “There must be something else I can do to convince you to let me go?”

“I can’t think of anything.”

Lou stood up and looked across at the cruiser, putting his crotch about level with the car window, there was a noticeable bulge in Lou’s trousers.

“Not that,” she thought, “I’m a respectable woman, things aren’t that desperate.”

“How about we take to to the station then?” asked Lou, “Maybe a night in a cell would loosen those lips.”

“Officer,” said Marge, “I have something in here that might help.”

Lou bent over once more and smiled at what he saw.

Inside the wagon Marge had pulled down the front of her dress exposing her plain white bra to the officer.

“Can we work something out?” she asked, eyes downcast.

Lou adjusted his belt slightly, “I’m afraid not ma'am.”

Lou was still smiling.

Marge let out another sigh and reached behind, unclasping her bar.

Lou’s grin grew about as large as his face would allow as her medium sized breasts popped out.

“Sure is chilly out tonight,” said Lou.

Marge blushed.

“I appreciate the enthusiasm ma'am, but you don’t think this is going to work do you?”

She managed to keep her emotions in check then said, “You’re right about the cold officer, it must be hard to be out all night working. You’re alone, right?”

“I am alone, and it is definitely hard.”

Marge reached across and ran her fingers down Lou’s face. He quickly stood and pushed himself up against the door, unbuckling.”

“Leave that to me,” she said.

Her hands pulled loose the belt and reluctantly lowered the zipper. She made her way in to the boxers.

“Jesus,” she thought, “That must be huge.”

She wrestled the cock out and her suspicions were confirmed, it was seven inches long and only half erect!

“Well?” asked Lou after a brief moment of silence.

Marge gulped. She slowly wrapped her fingers around the base of the cock then slid her hand up just below the head.

They stayed like that for a moment, and just as Lou opened his mouth she started to slide her hand up and down the shaft. She decided to make it quick and started jerking back and forth.

“Careful there,” said Lou, “You wouldn’t want to injure an officer.”

She gave it a gentle squeeze and slowed down slightly, pumping and a steady rate. Between her fingers she could feel the blood pumping beneath the soft skin.

Marge was no expert, and after a few minutes her arm started to get a little tired. She grabbed the lower half of the cock with her free hand and started using both.

As the hand job went on she tried changing patterns, first keeping her hands moving in the same direction, then letting them fall out of sync, but Lou held out. She attempted to speed back up a few times but Lou kept stopping her. After another ten minutes her other arm was starting to ache.

“Excuse me officer,” she said, “Will this take much longer? I can’t stay parked her all night.”

“I think I can last a little longer,” answered Lou, “Maybe there’s something you can do to speed this up.”

“Like what?”

“Maybe smear a little of that lipstick you have on.”

Realizing how far she had already gone, Marge made up her mind and moved forward until her breath was running along his cock. She silently parted her lips and took the head into her mouth.

Her tongue made it’s way around the surface, and once she grew accustomed to the taste she began to swallow more of the shaft.

As her lips moved toward the base Lou unconsciously thrust forward; she just barely kept from gagging as her throat was filled. Marge held the position for a second then began sliding her her head back.

Lou seemed to be having trouble controlling his breathing so Marge bobbed back and forth on the end, making sure the head never left her mouth. Suddenly he pulled out.

Marge attempted to swallow it again but was too slow and she got a face full of cum. He spurted three of four times, and Marge held still and let her face take the impact.

As Lou pulled his cock out of the car Marge looked at herself in the rear view mirror. She was a mess, her lipstick was smeared around her lips and there were long streaks of cum running up across her face. She reached for her bag.

“Don’t,” said Lou, “Leave it until you get out of my sight.”

Marge silently started up the wagon and backed on to the road, and she tried to ignore the heat between her legs.

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