Secrets of the Simpson Family

BY : HipJip
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Simpsons, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

I've had different ideas for a Simpsons fic for a while, but this one seemed like a classic. Enjoy!


Lisa woke with a start. She had been sleeping peacefully until the noises from Bart's room had risen so loud that she could no longer ignore them.

This all started earlier that week when Homer left on some business trip for the power plant. Ever since he left, Lisa had been hearing weird noises from Bart's room all night every night. She had been ignoring them, but now it was getting irritating.

Throwing off the covers, she got out of bed and made her way to her parents' room. Maybe if she had their mom with her it would be easier to convince Bart to be quiet, but when she opened the door she was surprised to find that her mom wasn't there. Figuring she would have to do this on her own now, she walked over to Bart's door and pushed it slightly open. When Lisa peeked inside, she nearly passed out in shock from what she saw.

Up against the wall seperating Bart's room from her's was her mom, Marge, sweating, naked, and thrusting back. Behind her was her brother Bart, groaning and ramming into their mom.

"Ah fuck me, Bart, fuck me!" said Marge through the moans.

"Will do, mom!" said Bart, cocky as ever. He began thrusting faster and harder until Marge could focus on nothing but her son's cock filling her and touching her in ways Homer's never could.

"Oh Bart yes yes! Fuck your mom! I want you to fill my pussy with your seed!"

"Again? Damn, mom, if you keep asking for that every night you're gonna get pregnant or something!" But Bart didn't complain, he loved the feeling of shooting off deep into his own mother. "Oh shit here it comes!" Bart shoved himself in to the hilt just in time for his dick to release load after load of incestuous cum deep into Marge's tight snatch. Marge had her own orgasm as her son filled her with his cum, getting off on the shear taboo of it all.

"Oh Bart you're so good! No one has ever fucked me as good as you!"

Bart let out a quiet laugh as he pulled out of her. "Once you've done the Bartman, no one else can compare!"

The size of Bart's penis, even soft, nearly made Lisa pass out again. No wonder Marge was going crazy with that big thing all the way inside her!

Marge turned and nearly tackled Bart, pushing their bodies together and kissing him with all her might. As Lisa watched she could feel herself becoming jealous, but she couldn't decide who she was more jealous of. Bart and Marge kissed passionately, their tongue's exploring one another's mouths. Marge could feel Bart geting hard again and broke off the kiss to move down his body and greet it.

"You're insatiable!" Marge giggled and wrapped a hand around the semi-soft member, stroking it.

"What can I say, mom? You're just so fucking hot!" said Bart, running a hand through her hair as she pumped him back to life.

"You always know just what to say, sweetie," said Marge. She leaned in and gave the head a wet lick before completely covering it with her mouth. As she kept the tip in her moist mouth and licked it all over, she used both her hands to pump her son's cock, which was quickly growing to its full size.


Marge and Bart stopped and looked to the door. Lisa had been trying to lean in and get a better view, but had pushed too hard on the door, slipped, and fell to the ground.

"Well, well, mom. Looks like we had an audience," said Bart.

"I wonder if she'd like to join," replied Marge.

To Be Continued...

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