Love Wasn't Meant to Be Easy

BY : LadyAlex
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Disclaimer: I do not own the Simpsons nor any of the characters and I do not make any profit from these writings.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Simpsons nor any of the characters and I do not make any profit from these writings.

Pairings: Smithers/Burns, slight Lenny/Carl

Warnings: M/M, anal, some language, violence, angst, romance, hurt/comfort, male pregnancy, bad attitude towards gays, WIP

Summary: Smithers and Burns have been dating secretly for a while. But what happens when people find out about it and they aren’t so accepting of their relationship? And what about when something previously thought to be impossible, happens? Will the two still be able to stay together? Or will the hate drive them apart?

This will be a darker fic than I’ve previously written about Burns and Smithers. The two of them will have to face many hardships after they are revealed to be dating, as not everyone is approving of their relationship. There will be bad attitude towards both characters due to them being gay, but more so to Smithers than Burns (as he is more obviously gay). This will also be a male pregnancy fic with quite a few sexual scenes. This will take place after ‘Lisa the Skeptic’. I also want to make it perfectly clear that there will be bad attitude towards gays in this fic, and I want people to know that I approve of gays and gay marriages, for both males and females, and I don’t want to offend anyone with this story. So if you don’t like these kinds of these things, don’t read it! This story will have a happy ending, but will be sad and angsty through quite a bit of it just so you are aware! I may also have more parings, besides the obviously married ones! (BTW, I’m not sure when Maude dies (Flanders’ wife), so just so you know, she’s dead in this story!!) But if I have any non-canon pairings, I’ll tell you at the beginning of a chapter!

Burns and Smithers may be a little OOC in this chapter, but I really don’t care! XD I hope you enjoy the chapter, and the rest of this story!!

Chapter 1- ‘Accidents’ Happen

*Smither’s POV*

Monty and I, have been dating secretly for a month now. I still couldn’t believe we were an actual couple! Well, if you wanted to be technical though, we weren’t ‘officially’ one as we hadn’t told anyone yet. But we didn’t care! The only thing that mattered was we were happy together! I whistled a tune as I headed back to Monty’s office carrying his cup of coffee. I pushed the door open slowly, making sure he wasn’t busy before entering and moving to his desk. “Your coffee, sir.” I told him, handing him the cup. He set it aside on his desk and reached out, gripping the sides of my jacket and tugging me in for a deep kiss. My eyes widened, still surprised that he could do this so easily with me. I didn’t want to waste the opportunity though and kissed back happily.

His teeth gnawed lightly at my lips, his fingers sliding up and into my hair. He stood suddenly, pressing his body fully against mine. My arms wrapped quickly around his back, as his tongue invaded my mouth and I gladly gave him control. “Mr. Burns…Mr. Burns!!!!” A voice shouted as a figure threw the office door open, bursting in without knocking. The two of us pulled away quickly, both red with embarrassment.

“Don’t you ever knock you incompetent ninny!! Uh…um….” Monty trailed off as he caught sight of the figure, then looked to me with raised eyebrows.

“Um…that’s Homer Simpson, sir.” I mumbled, my hands running through my mussed up hair, trying to straighten the spiky locks. I looked at Homer, and could tell from the expression on his face, that he’d seen what the two of us were doing and I felt an unsettled feeling in the pit of my stomach.

“Yes, Homer.” Monty muttered, anger evident in his voice. “Now, tell me what was so important that you that you felt the need to barge into my office without announcing your presence.” Simpson flinched at Monty’s voice and said meekly:

“Um…well sir, you see there’s…uh…never mind, it’s not that important, sir.” He shifted uncomfortably on the floor, looking everywhere but at the two of us.

“Smithers, just go see what the problem is!” Monty said, waving at Homer.

“Yes sir.” I muttered, straightening my glasses on my nose. I glanced quickly at Monty and saw a swift look of apology and knew he was just making me do this for to keep up appearances, I gave him a slight nod and walked quickly over to Homer. “Alright, let’s go.” I muttered, motioning him into the hallway, closing the door behind us. “Tell me what the problem is as we walk.” As we entered the elevators, Simpson explained that Lenny and Carl had been arguing a lot today and it was very unusual for the two of them. Their alterations had gotten violent and that was why Homer had come to Mr. Burns.

“By violent, what exactly do you mean?” I asked, pushing my embarrassment to the side for now. Glancing quickly at Homer next to me as the two of us neared the break room.

“Well, they seemed close to throwing punches.” He said. “And…about what I saw…” He started, scratching the back of his head. He stopped talking as a chair was thrown through the break room door and shouting could be heard from the room. I hurried quickly into the room to see Lenny and Carl rolling on the floor yelling incoherently at each other. Carl pulled back his fist to punch the man beneath him and I gripped his wrist hard, tugging the black man upwards and dragging him away.

“What is the meaning of this??” I shouted, eyes narrowed at the two men. Both of them mumbled something under their breath and I looked between the two of them. “Speak up!” I snapped at them.

“I…it’s none of your business!!” Lenny grumbled, sitting up on the floor and rubbing the back of his head where he appeared to have hit it on the floor.

“It is my damn business when it interferes with your work ethics!!” I found myself yelling at the two of them, still holding Carl’s wrist. I realized this and let go, crossing my ams over my chest and glaring slightly.

“Come on guys, just tell him what’s wrong.” Homer said, stepping closer to the two of them. Carl shook his head vigorously frowning as his cheeks turned a light shade of pink.

“He…wouldn’t understand…” Carl muttered softly, turning towards the far wall.

“Yea,” Lenny agreed as he pulled himself into a chair. “Besides, who wants to tell their supervisor something so personal?”

“He’d understand, I mean, I just saw him and Mr. Burns kissing so…” Homer trailed off as my head spun quickly towards him, my eyes narrowing into slits.

“D’oh!!!” Homer muttered, smacking his forehead with the palm of his hand. “Stupid, stupid, stupid!!” Lenny and Carl looked at me in surprise and I pushed my glasses farther on my nose, trying to hide the blush that I could feel spreading across my cheeks.

“Just…tell me why you were fighting so I can go back to work…” I muttered, anger seeping into my voice. Both men glanced quickly at each other before nodding slightly.

“Alright,” Lenny said, rubbing the back of his head slightly. “You see…Carl and I have been dating for a while now, and I want to tell people about our relationship.”

“But I don’t want to reveal it quite yet, so we kinda got into a fight over it…” Carl concluded, shifting nervously on the floor. I sighed, rubbing the bridge of my nose.

“Do you two care about each other?” I asked them, waiting until they nodded before continuing. “Then it shouldn’t matter if people know about you dating or not. Frankly, it’s none of their business and you should be happy together and not care about telling anyone. If they find out, then you’ll have to deal with it, but until then, who cares? Just be happy! And don’t let your relationship become ruined over a stupid argument! You’ll have to resolve this on your own time though. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to work. And I expect all three of you to get back to your own jobs as well!” I spun on my heel and walked quickly out of the room and to the elevators, failing to see the figure lurking in the hall behind me. The figure smirked, having heard the entire conversation, the person headed the opposite direction, whistling a tune along the way.


*Burn’s POV*

Waylon returned after about 15 minutes, but he was in a bad mood. He explained what happened and I felt myself becoming angry as well, but realized he was more upset than me, which was quite a surprise! There was still half the day left, and if Waylon didn’t calm down, it would be very long and painful! After trying to talk him into a calm state, to no avail, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I moved over to him as he paced on the floor and tugged him over to my desk, forcing him to sit on the wood. I sat in my chair and began working on the zipper of his pants. “W-w-what are you d-doing?!” Waylon stuttered, face turning a deep red, but he didn’t push my hands away.

“You need to calm down, Waylon dear.” I told him, sliding my hands into the opening his clothes made. He shivered as my hands moved farther, pushing his boxers down and releasing his half hard manhood. “If you don’t relax, this day will be hard on you. I really want you to take a break and this will be sure to do that for you!” I told him softly, glancing up as he fussed with his glasses. The blush on his face was endearing. He gave a slight smile, and nodded his consent. My hands stroked his cock until it was fully erect before I leaned forward and took it into my mouth. Waylon gasped, leaning back onto his hands and tilting his head back as I began bobbing on the warm organ.

I sucked lightly around him, loving the gasps and moans coming from him. I stroked one hand under his shirt to stroke his stomach as the other held his cock still. “Are you…sure we should…b-be doing t-this here?” Waylon managed to pant. I pulled back, allowing my hand to continue where my mouth had left off and smiling slyly at him.

“What, you want me to quit now?” He shook his head quickly as I slowed my pace.

“N-n-no, of course n-not!” He told me, grunting as my hand gripped a little harder as I stroked him. “It’s just…if someone sees us doing this, it will be harder to dismiss than…a simple kiss!”

“Oh pish posh!!” I grumbled, shaking my head at my lover. “Who cares? Now that those incompetent workers know about us, the nature of our relationship will be out anyway, so it won’t really matter, will it?” I asked, after a slight hesitation he agreed and I slid my mouth back around him. It only took a few more minutes before Waylon was coming. His voice echoed off the walls as he cried out my name. I swallowed the salty liquid and licked him clean. I tucked his now limp cock back into the confines of his pants and sat back to examine my love. I felt smug at how Waylon looked as he sat upon my desk. His face was flushed from pleasure, his hair and clothing messed up, a few trails of sweat rolling down his face.

“Waylon,” I murmured, waiting until his eyes opened and locked on mine before continuing. “Though you look very delicious on my desk, I believe it’s time for us to get back to work. After you catch your breath that is!” He managed a shaky chuckle at that and sat up farther, running his hands through his hair to straighten the spiky locks. After his breathing returned to normal, he stood and re-adjusted all of his clothing.

“How do I look?” He asked, smiling at me. I stood up, pushing a stray lock of his hair into place.

“Absolutely gorgeous!” I replied, watching his eyes light up before kissing him deeply. “I can’t wait to take you to bed tonight, Waylon.” I murmured, loving the dark blush that spread across his face.

“Yes, well. Let’s just try and make it through the rest of the day first!” He said, and I smiled at him before ushering him into his office. I really did need to get to work! I was glad that I could make him so happy, I hated it when he was mad! It just didn’t suit him at all!


*Burn’s POV*

It was almost time to go for the day. Waylon insisted on checking over the plant one more time before we left for the night, and I decided to go with him. We walked past the Nuclear Reactors, checking all of the stations and making sure nothing was amiss. After everything was taken care of we headed towards the exit. We were almost there when we heard an unusual creaking noise. Looking around I saw it before he did and pushed Waylon ahead of me, surprising both of us with the amount of strength I used for that move, as the pipe next to me burst open and spilled the toxic green waste over me. I saw Waylon’s face hovering over me. “Damn, I missed!” A voice rang out in the empty hallway. My vision blurred as Waylon cried out incoherently. ‘If I’m to die now, I’m glad the last thing I saw was his face!’ I thought as the blackness washed over me, I gladly let it drag me down, ready to face my death.


Cliffhangers, don’t you hate them? Was the ending of this chapter alright? I hope so! Let me know what you think of this chapter! I really appreciate reviews!!

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