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Danny couldn’t believe he was about to do this. He knew his parents wanted it, the two coaxing it out of him. They made jokes to him, his mother rubbing his crotch when she kissed him on the cheek. His dad would go out of his way to brush his crotch against Danny’s ass. Danny was always turned on, but at the same time sickened that it was his parents. But soon, lust over powered sense, and Danny told his parents he was giving into to them. They were overjoyed, and told him to go to their room that night. And Danny did; now standing in the door way of his parents’ room. He could see them naked, waiting. He walked into the room, and stripped his pants off, followed by his shirt. His underwear fell too, his nude body getting hungry stares from them. Maddie went to her son and pulled him in close, their lips meeting. Danny let his mom slip her tongue inside his mouth. Jack made his own way over, and kissed Danny as well. Danny let his parents take control, and soon found himself on his hands and knees. Maddie got beneath him and started sucking his cock. Danny moaned loudly and felt Jack slid his own cock in Danny’s mouth.
Between Dash, Tucker, and the ghostly glory hole Danny opened in the men’s locker room at high school, (Where students put there cock on the wall and it becomes ghostly, goes through the wall, where Danny sucks them off) Danny was used to cocks in his mouth. But at 12 inches, his father was the longest and thickest. Danny let him shove into his mouth, and sucked as hard as he could. Jack moaned and ran his hand through his son’s hair. Soon, both he and Danny came, and both loads were swallowed. Maddie grabbed her son’s hand and lead him to the bed. She lay down and Danny lay next to her. He kissed her and her hand grabbed his cock. Danny moaned as she stroked him a few times, to get him hard. Once he was, Maddie lowered herself on him. Danny sat up and grabbed his mom’s hips, helping her ride his cock. Danny looked over and saw his dad was slowly stroking himself. Danny knew what was coming, but was nervous if his virgin ass would be ready for it. Instead, he just focused on his mother, bouncing away on his cock.
Maddie moaned as she felt her son’s member inside her. It wasn’t as long and thick as his father’s but it was hitting her spot so perfectly. Danny kissed her neck and starting sucking on her breast. Maddie got turned by her son’s lips back on her tits. She called him a good boy, and told him how much she loved him, all the while using baby talk. The use of such an adolescent language had Danny on the verge. He pushed into her once more, and mother and son came together. Maddie stayed there for a moment, Danny’s tongue invading her mouth. He broke away, telling her he loved her so much. Maddie smiled and kissed him back. She slid off his cock, and Danny lay on the bed.
Jack lay down with him, while Maddie went to the bathroom. Jack kissed his son, Danny returning the kiss. Jack enjoyed the fact his son was opening up to this, his tongue dominating his father’s mouth. Jack grabbed his son’s hair and pulled him away. He sat down on the edge of the bed, and had Danny get in his lap. Danny did as he was told, and Maddie reentered. She went directly to the two, getting on the floor behind them. She had in her hand a tube of lube. She squirted some on her fingers and slid two into Danny. Danny moaned at the feeling, soon, a third joining it. Jack felt Maddie’s other hand stroke his cock, lubing him up. Once Maddie was done, Jack positioned himself at Danny’s entrance, and with another deep kiss, Danny was lowered onto his father.

A/N: More will be added, and will involve more than just Danny with his parents.

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