Not As Planned

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This was one lousy date.

It wasn't because Rhonda Wellington Lloyd was bad company. She wasn't bad company in the least.

It wasn't because he was short on cash. Rhonda had offered to pay for the date, to which he had politely refused the first three times she'd offered, but she had of course reminded him that money was tight in his household and the last thing he needed was to treat a girl with expensive tastes to a date. She was being generous, something that she had acquired over the years, and he greatly appreciated it.

It wasn't because his clothing was a mess in any way. He was nicely dressed, in a green dress shirt, black jacket, black pants, formal loafers, all provided by Rhonda, since his suits all were worn out or no longer fit. She had said that he had to have at least one fancy suit in his closet. That was true.

It wasn't because the food or the service was lousy. Chez Pierre was quite professional and things were going just fine there. The waiters were courteous, their food was brought on time and tasted wonderful.

It wasn't because the atmosphere was bad or they were being bothered. It wasn't that at all.

The reason the date was lousy was because Arnold knew fully well by now that he did NOT want to be on a date with Rhonda.

As said, she wasn't bad company or anything. She had changed a lot over the years as they were all growing up. Yes, she was still the “Infernal Fashion and Gossip Queen” as Helga called her, but she'd grown to be a lot nicer and more of a caring and nice girl who wanted the best for her friends. Nadine was still her best friend and partner in crime, and she'd gotten along better even with Helga, though the two would bicker sometimes. He didn't mind being in Rhonda's company, she was a good friend and all, but...romantically?

It just didn't feel right.

How this had happened, he wasn't even sure anymore. It was told in their group that Rhonda had the hots for him and wanted to go out with him. He did like Rhonda all right, as a friend, but he'd never thought of her romantically. So when she had come to ask him out, and also list off reasons why they were a perfect match, if they made any sense at all, he decided to be a good friend and give her a chance. He was technically single, right? So it wasn't a bad thing.

Now, he wasn't so sure.

The date was going just fine, nothing wrong. He just felt...bored. Rhonda's favourite topics of conversation revolved around fashion, shopping, celebrities, and even luxuries of all kinds in general. He didn't like forcing her to talk about things she wasn't so into, and though they did find common interests in stuff relating to music, artists, and such. She wasn't bad to talk to, but overall, he felt bored.

It wasn't like the way things had been with a certain ex-girlfriend of his...

“Well, when I get my own house one day... I definitely want it to be at least up to 4500 square feet, located in the suburbs, an easy commute to the city, everything must be updated and brand new, preferably six or seven bedrooms, a nice basement, a gorgeous master suite, a pool, balconies, and oh yes, granite counter tops. Those are a must in the house of a Wellington Lloyd. What about you, Arnold? What kind of house do you see yourself in one day?” Rhonda was saying, looking at him with her curious, soft brown eyes.

As Rhonda asked him that question, Arnold couldn't help but think of the past...a few years ago...before the heart-wrenching break up had to take place.


“Well doi! I do have our dream house picked out, if you're interested in hearing of it. You're gonna think I'm a basket case.” Helga stated, shrugging lightly.

Arnold just shook his head, chuckling as he brought his arms around her, inhaling her sweet vanilla scent as he brushed his fingers through her soft, golden hair. “I don't think you're a basket case, and I won't start now. Tell me what you have in mind, Helga.”

“Oh, fine.” She grinned up at him. “I'm picturing a nice little house by the beach, about an hour and a half drive from here in Hillwood. With a view of the ocean from our backyard. Kind of modern, with a country and beach style to it. Having a dog, a cat, and little feet pattering along the floor.” Her arms came up around his neck, making his insides melt. There was just something about her being so close, soft and tender that made everything in his body melt like butter to a flame. “So, what do you think?”

Grinning at her in return, he held her closer, if that was possible. “Actually Helga, that sounds like a really nice idea. It'd be a neat place to live, quiet and peaceful, with the ocean nearby, and yet we'd still be close to Hillwood. We'd be making a new life for ourselves, while still maintaining closeness to our hometown ties.”

“Looks like we think alike more than you thought, eh?” Helga giggled and Eskimo-kissed him. “So, that sounds good to you, I take it?”

“It does, Helga.” Arnold said honestly. “No matter what happens between us, we'll make it work.”

“You're such a damn optimist, always looking at the bright side.”

“Someone has to.”

The wind blew all around them as they embraced on the rooftop, the threatening storm clouds looming overhead, but all they could see was each other, all they could feel were each other's bodies pressed up together.

“And don't you ever stop.” Helga smirked lightly.

“It's in my nature, don't count on me changing that.” Arnold laughed.

“Figured.” She was silent for a moment, and then looked up into his eyes. “Hey Arnold?”


“...I love you.”

Her eyes seemed to sparkle with happiness and love, adoration...all directed at him, something he saw just about every time they were together. Everything about her just made him melt into a puddle. Sure, their fights were no picnic and definitely not pleasant, but that was normal, right? Couples argued all the time, and maybe it put a damper on things for a little while, but that was all part of life, bringing in obstacles that you were to overcome and push away. It just made things stronger.

Their friends sometimes said they should just break up, since they argued a lot. That it would be best to do that.

His gut wrenched, and he kissed her lovingly, tasting the sweet, addicting taste of her lips. After a moment he pulled back, their lips still touching.

“I love you too.”

If anything happened, he knew for sure, that he could never love or find another girl like her.



Snapping back to reality, Arnold blinked as he took in his surroundings. He wasn't on his rooftop, he wasn't fourteen years old, he wasn't embracing Helga, he'd just been reminiscing the past. He was seventeen, at Chez Pierre, with Rhonda, who sat across from him in a stunning red dress, with her medium-length black hair in a light wave.

“Oh, sorry, Rhonda. I was lost in thought. What were you saying?”

“I was asking what your perfect dream house was.” She said. “Won't you tell me?”

“Well...” He hesitated, and exhaled through his nose. “A long time ago, we-.... had this ideal vision of a house by the beach, with a view of the ocean.”

“Ohhhh....” Rhonda said, and nodded. “That sounds really quaint, Arnold. I was always sure you had good tastes in real estate. I was considering to maybe one day by a second home in a tropical resort, like in Hawaii, Belize, the Bahamas, something like that. To have a beautiful place to go to and stay whenever I wanted. My parents do have a villa in Italy, and one in France, just a half hour's drive outside of Paris. I do love those houses, but I want to get one of my own, you know?”

Arnold smiled, and nodded. “Yeah. I know exactly what you mean, Rhonda. I...well, I love the boarding house and it'll always be my home, but...I guess to really grow up, I'll have to leave one day and make a new life for myself.”

“That's what Daddy always says, and you know, that's a good start to development if you ask me.” Rhonda leaned over the table, her hands supporting her chin. “Don't you think so? I mean, I love our home, but I want to get a place of my own someday.”

“So do I.” He admitted. “I guess I'd start out small, like renting an apartment, and then see where it goes.”

“Mmm...” Rhonda gave a nod, sipping her water. “I suppose that would be one way to do it.” She looked back at him then. “So... I see you and Helga are getting along better.”

The mention of his ex brought on an awkward silence from him, since, after all, no matter who you were dating, it was never the best idea to speak of an ex, especially on the first date. Well, not that he was planning to go on another date with Rhonda or anything, but it was just proper etiquette.

It was, after all, even worse when you were still in love with your ex.

Arnold knew back then, and he knew even more so now, that he could never find another girl like her. Ever since their breakup three years ago, before he moved away, he'd always had a sense of emptiness that only Helga was able to fill. She was, after all, his first real and serious girlfriend, they'd dated for four years after he'd reciprocated their feelings at the tender age of ten. But it wasn't just that. She was passionate, fiery, feisty, aggressive, brash, but also, was tender, sweet, loving, warm, and very creative.

Rhonda had grown up a lot over the years, and was a lot more than just a rich, fashion-obsessed snob, she was a nice girl with a good heart. But she just wasn't Helga.

Anytime he attempted to be with another girl, which of course wasn't that often, having happened only once or twice, he'd made the mistake of comparing them to Helga, and oh boy, neither of them had come close. He'd tried not to do the comparison thing, since it was unfair, but still. He knew he could search the world over, and would never find another girl like her.

Realizing her mistake, Rhonda waved it off. “Oh, sorry. I didn't think that-”

“No, it's okay, Rhonda.” Arnold assured her. “You were curious and wanted to know, don't worry. But...yeah, I guess we are. We're friends again.”

Rhonda was about to answer, when the waiter came by and gave them the bill. She thanked him, and then handed him her credit card, following after him to make the transaction. Arnold stood and followed after her, leaving a few bills and quarters on the table for a tip.

“Shall we go?” Rhonda put her credit card back in her wallet, placing it back into her clutch.

“Sure.” He nodded.

They exited the restaurant, walked along the cobblestones surrounding the areas of Chez Pierre and its neighbouring French restaurant counterpart Chez Paris, and went to the streets, where his Grandfather's Packard was parked. Rhonda did admittedly say she wasn't so fond of it since it was an old car dating back quite a few decades, but she'd made no further complaints. She wasn't nine years old anymore, anyway. She was better than throwing tantrums and constantly whining when things didn't go her way. It didn't stop her from occasional complaints and gripes, she did have standards after all, but she was nowhere near unreasonable or unbearable.

“So, did you have a nice time?” Rhonda asked as they got into the car, strapping in their seat belts.

While admittedly it wasn't what he wanted to do, let alone who he wanted to be with, it was all right date. They'd caught up on things in their lives, had a nice chat here and there, the atmosphere and the service was good, as was the weather, they weren't bothered by unwanted trouble, or anything like that. Overall in reality, it was a good date.

On a deeper, personal level, it just wasn't what he wanted.

“I did, Rhonda.” Arnold told her honestly, starting the car and shifting it into drive. “I had a good time. Did you?”

“Mm-hmm, yes I did.” Rhonda smiled at him. “You do know how to show a girl a nice time, Arnold. I think Daddy will be pleased in my choice of a guy.”

Exhaling through his nose, Arnold was unsure about how to respond to that. He knew now that Rhonda wanted him, for reasons he didn't quite understand, and he knew that it was a little too one-sided, and he didn't want to deceive her or give her false hope. She was good company and a good friend, but he just wasn't into the idea of a romantic relationship with her.

“Well, I do my best when it comes to showing my friends a good time, and treating them with respect and courtesy.” Arnold said.

Rhonda looked a bit put-down by his statement. “Arnold... You do realize that I want to be more than just friends, don't you?”

A long pause followed, and Arnold was now in a difficult position. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her feelings and make her sad, but he knew the right thing to do would be to tell her the truth and not give her false hope. That was not who he was, and he wasn't about to start now.

“Rhonda, I can understand you're interested in me, and I accept it.” He told her gently. “I don't have a say in the matter of who you like, and I don't want you to feel ashamed about it, because there's nothing to be sorry about. But, I don't want to lead you on or give you false hope. You're a good friend, and I do like spending time in your company, I really do, but I'm just....” He sighed, hating to tell this to her. “Not interested in you romantically. I'll understand if you're upset, but I want you to know that I had no intentions of hurting you, nor giving you false hope. I wanted to give you a chance, and to spend time with you, and...well, this is how it turns out, I guess.”

Rhonda was silent for the rest of the ride, it was hard to tell how she was feeling then, and Arnold was beginning to regret saying all of that to her. Though, she did have to know the truth.

It wasn't long before they pulled up to the Lloyd residence, and even then, she was still silent. He half expected her to yell, rant, scream and even throw a tantrum, but he knew her better than that.

“....Well, I guess it can't be helped.” Rhonda said, pursing her bright red lips together. “I just really wanted you, Arnold. But, even I should have known better than to pursue someone who's still in love with his ex.”

The blonde boy jerked a bit at that. She knew? Was it that obvious that he was still in love with Helga? Yes, he sometimes cast loving glances her way when she wasn't looking when their friends were present, but he had no idea it was that obvious.

“You knew about that?”

“Arnold, I'm Rhonda Wellington Lloyd, of course I know. All of our friends do.” Rhonda told him. “You think we don't see those glances you keep sending her way, the way you light up when her name is mentioned or when she walks in the room, and the way you always linger when you touch her somehow?” She grinned at him. “Come on Arnold, a blind person could tell that you were still in love with Helga. So maybe at first I fantasized the idea of being able to replace her, but, even I know better than that. Especially right now. There are plenty of other boys out there I know I can love.” She gave a sigh. “It's just that you're one of a kind, and well, I know we'd make a good match. A perfect match. But, I guess it's just not meant to be.”

Arnold looked down at his lap, a soft blush on his cheeks. “I'm...sorry, Rhonda. I didn't mean to waste your time like this.”

“Don't be.” She placed her hand on his shoulder. “Hey, I think even I needed a wake-up call and to stop chasing after a fantasy. And maybe you needed more indication to know that Helga's your soulmate. ...Who knows, maybe my origami love calculator back in fourth grade will be right.”

Rhonda then opened her door and got out of the car. She looked back in at him and smiled. “Thanks for taking me out again.”

Arnold smiled back. “You're welcome, Rhonda. I'll see you Monday.”

“Will do. And Arnold?”


“Get back together with Helga already, will you?”


The night had closed in, gray clouds covered the sky, promising rain at some point. Arnold now sat on the hood of the Packard on a hill in the outskirts of the city, up on a hill overlooking Hillwood City. It was a nice view of a modest city, all the lights shining around, and not a sound to be heard. It was so quiet.

Sometimes he came to this place, back in the days before he moved away. He'd take the bus to a stop not far off, and then walk along the trails and roads, and come to this little spot that he called his own. No one knew about it, not even his grandparents. Helga was the only other person he ever told of it, and had brought her here on several occasions when they wanted to be alone. Sometimes, he'd even come to this place and find her there. Back then, it wasn't just his secret place. It was THEIR secret place.

The thought of that made him smile a bit at the memories. Their little picnics they'd had here, laying under the stars, pointing out the landmark buildings of the city, laughing and sharing stories, heated arguments that although put a damper on the mood, still managed to be resolved, cuddling, and of course, gratuitous make out sessions that seemed to last an eternity.

Those were good times.

Were they truly over? Would they never come to this place together again? For that matter, would they ever be a couple again?

He wasn't sure. Not in the least.

He loved her, and he was sure of that more than ever now. But did she feel the same way? If she did, she hid it well. Really well.

Or was he just that dense?

Or was it wishful thinking?

Arnold sighed lightly once more. Where did they stand? Where did he stand? So many questions, so much uncertainty.

“Hey, football head.”

The unexpected arrival of a new voice caused him to jump, his heart stopping in shock as he looked to now see Helga standing next to the Packard. She had her hair down, her blue cap in place that hid her bow, dressed in a pink t-shirt, white jacket, jeans, and pink sneakers. She sat down on the hood next to him, not caring if he wanted her to or not.

His heart fluttered, and he could feel his insides seemingly spark with happiness at seeing her there. Immediately, he composed himself and looked at her.

“Hey, Helga. How did you know I was here?”

She looked at him, half a smile on her face. “Just had a feeling, I guess. It's your place after all, figured you'd come here after that. Bad date?”

“So you didn't stalk us to find out?” Arnold teased lightly.

“Oh ha ha.” Helga rolled her eyes but smiled. “Nah, I outgrew that years ago, football head. Now in all seriousness, answer my question.”

“It was a good date, and we had a good time.”

“I sense a 'but' coming.”

Arnold gave a little laugh and nodded. “Yeah, I guess. I mean, it's not that it was a really lousy date or anything, but it's just that I'm not romantically interested in Rhonda. So it didn't feel like it could have. Like I wanted to.”

“Wow, who would've thought someone in the presence of Rhonda Wellington Lloyd, beautiful and fashionable, DIDN'T want to kiss or hold or touch her or get into her-”

“Helga! I'm not like that.”

“I know, I know, relax, hair boy. I was just teasing.”

Still, Arnold couldn't keep the smile off his face. “I know. But really though, Rhonda is a good friend, and I like hanging out with her, but just not romantically.”

“Amazing how Rhonda wants you and you're turning her down.” Helga remarked.

Arnold shrugged a bit. “Well, it's how I feel. And I didn't want to give her false hope.”

Helga looked at him again and gave a small smile. “The day you wouldn't do that would be the day aliens come down to Earth and take Brainy to his home planet.”

They both shared a laugh at this.

“So, I guess there won't be a second date, will there?”

“No, there won't. I did feel bad for turning Rhonda down, but I knew I had to.”

"That's just like you head boy, always doing "The Right thing" geez do you ever get tired of it?" joking with him as she always did about his "Mr. brightside personality" She secretly loved it so much but times like this he acted too super squeaky clean for her taste. However since it was about Ms. Rhonda drama queen, she felt happy about his answer.

"Nope." Arnold shook his head and looked back to the view of the lit up city they were overlooking. "Doing the right thing, even if the truth hurts sometimes, works for me, I guess. It's like they always say, people do what works." His gaze shifted back to her then. "So...what are you doing out here? I have a feeling you didn't just come to see how my date went."

"Crimeny, you act if I don't need a place to relax and think, got a lot of things going on. This place always does just that, calms me down and lets me remember the happy times." she stood quite for a bit before saying "Sometimes I wonder if the world turn its back on me years ago."

"That's true." He murmured lightly, looking back at the view. "I think we all need a time and a place to just relax and think of...well, better times. The world can be rough and tough sometimes, always filling the road with obstacles you feel you can't overcome, but moments like these, just remembering what you have, can really help overcome the obstacles."

Silence again.

She turn towards him with her eyebrow raised "So what's your deal? are the boarders placing bets on your know Oskar cheated when we were together, he heard our conversion about finally dating and THEN he bet with the others." she giggled remembering his oh so loveable boarding house family.

Arnold chuckled at that, shaking his head. "Not to my knowledge, but it wouldn't surprise me. I remember that stunt, and at the time Grandpa and Mr. Hyun both thought we'd be back from our first date at midnight." He recalled the memory.

"Well you were being a bad boy back then, breaking curfew, sneaking to my house at random times, which was funny because at the time a lot of people thought I still hated you then. I remember your grandpa calling you a "Stalking, curfew breaking hooligan" she started to laugh remembering Arnold's cute face expression after being told that.

"Helga...." Arnold said in embarrassment but couldn't help but laugh along with her. "Well I guess you can say you were starting to rub off on me back then."

"Doi, I mean you even started to act like me" she shift her self a bit closer without really noticing since the side of her felt numb from sitting on it for so long. "I even started to act all goody two shoes and "Doing the right thing" I use to always think we were yin and yang, always balancing each other."

And we still do... Arnold thought, looking up at the sky for a moment. He too scooted slightly closer unconsciously. "That's true, isn't it? I thought the same thing."

"Yeah but that was our problem." Her tone was a bit sad

Unsure of how to respond to that, his gaze drifted back to the overlooking view, just in time for a couple of raindrops to fall. "Maybe it was..." He murmured to himself. A little louder, he said, "Helga?"


"Do you remember the last time we came here, three years ago?"

"How could I forget, do you?"

"Of course I do. And I gave you a promise ring, and I had one that matched it..."

Reaching under his dress shirt, he pulled out the silvery ring with her name engraved on it that he wore on a chain. "It might sound crazy, but I never stopped wearing it."

She smiled sweetly at him, then pulled something out of her shirt, it was the ring but what popped out of her shirt without her knowledge...was the locket with his picture. Oblivious to what had occurred she showed him the ring as the city lights shine on the locket making it shine and stick out more so then her ring.

"No, remember Arnoldo, we're crazy like that so it's okay. besides even though we're not...together anymore we are still friends right?"

Arnold gave a smile, and inconspicuously caught sight of her locket for a moment. She still carried that thing around, and still had his picture in it. His heart fluttered lightly with happiness, feeling warmth at the fact that she still carried him close to her heart.

Did it mean she still loved him? There was hope after all?

Well, if there was, and she was ready to talk about it, he'd be there to embrace it.

"Of course we're friends, Helga." He said sweetly. "You'll always have a special place in my heart."

Punching him playfully on the arm while smirking at him. "D'awww" she cooed mockingly. "You can never be replaced in my heart, I mean I loved you since we were in preschool and as much as I'd like to get you out of my heart, I know I can't because it's like a drug, I need it. Your my best friend even though you bug me at times." She giggled after saying that last line, looking back up at the cloudy sky.

He laughed heartily, fingering the ring for a moment before letting it dangle carelessly around his neck. "I feel the same way." He murmured, and snickered. "You're my best friend too. Even though you bug me at times too."
Thunder rumbled in the distance, and then it began to rain again, this time a little harder.

"Just great." she said dryly but not getting up

A wave of nostalgia washed over him then like the rain itself, and he thought for a moment at how much rain was significant to them. Seeming to happen during their most romantic moments, or just when their lives were about to change forever...

"Do you want to sit in the car?"

"You know we're going to get the seats wet"

"I have towels in the back seat, freshly bought and still packaged."

"Always prepared aren't you?" She said, standing up and walking to the door of the car.

"I guess so, I just bought them earlier today." Arnold admitted.

They got into the car, and he reached into the backseat, taking the packages of towels, and taking one out. They were white, and really soft, and thirsty, perfect for drying off.

“Here you go, Helga." He handed her one of the towels, and then took one himself.

Wiping herself dry or at least as dry as she can be, she felt her stomach do flips. I wonder what's that all about? She lean forward and turn on the radio which of course played jazz music. She had given up years ago on trying to fix the packard's stupid radio. The nob has been stuck for years, the only station it would ever play was the jazz station, soon she began to understand his liking to the music, although she did try to get him into some rock music in which she notice that he had high taste for music, so the older rock bands he would listen to because of smoothness of it, unlike today's rock that lean towards screamo.

"Sorry, it's still busted." Arnold said sheepishly as he too finished wiping himself dry. He sat back in the driver's seat, looking out to the view again through the rain. It was the first time they'd been here at their "special" spot with actual protection and didn't have to flee to the bus stop while getting soaked.

"You know, this is the first time we actually have a place to dry off, normally we had to race to the bus stop...although waiting for the bus while still getting soak wasn't the best part"

Arnold looked at her with surprise, having not expected that they still had that strange mental connection, and chuckled. "I was thinking the same thing."

"I see we're still connected somehow" she turn towards him with a fake frown "get outta my head" after a moment she felt herself laugh.

"I don't think so," He chuckled, reaching over to pat her head through her cap. "You brought it up, so therefore you were in my head."

"So what am I thinking right now?" she got up, her knees now on the seat as she lean forward towards his face still grinning while staring into his eyes. "C'mon...if we're still connected what am I thinking"

"I don't know, either you're thinking about how much you want pizza, or, how much...." A playful gleam came to his eyes. "-excitement you feel right now."

"Excitement? however do you mean football head?" her eyes sparkle, finding this whole thing funny and yet...something else...

"I don't know Helga, you tell me. Perhaps you're excited about the fact that we're in the middle of our special spot in the rain, for the first time with protection, with it being nighttime, and full of endless possibilities. Or that you're just thinking of a crazy scheme, like we used to do in the old days."

Blushing and swallowing nervously, she then began to think of something she wanted to do but didn't know if she was brave enough, finally she sigh and lowed her head. 'what do I have to lose' still blushing and feeling butterflies in her stomach. She crawled forward and sat on Arnold's lap. His eyes widened lips parted in pure shock. "Maybe I'm the one thinking about some crazy scheme."

Arnold blushed heavily at the fact that the girl he loved was now sitting on his lap in a romantic manner. And it wasn't helping matters in his pants. He prayed it wouldn't get too bad and she wouldn't feel it.
"You...are?" He managed, trying to keep his composure as his breathing became laboured.

She notice how nervous he was getting...good... "There is something I always wonder since we...fell apart."
"W-What's that?"

She rubbed the side of his face, lost in her own thoughts, she sat there for a moment in silence before asking something she dreaded. "are...are you is going to be a bit personal, okay?"

Tensing lightly, he managed a nod. "Okay."
What's going on, why is she doing this? Why am I not stopping her? Did he even want to stop her?

No way.

She took a deep breath but it didn't help matters when Arnold's eyes lower down to her now expanding chest, blushing she decided to avert his attention. "Are you...have you ever...done wit with anyone before..y-y-you"

"Sex?" Arnold repeated in light surprise, blushing at the thought. He shook his head. "No. No, I've never had sex."

"Oh." she looked away

"" He asked in a whispered tone.

She thought about it for a moment, "Adam."

His heart sank lightly, but he didn't blame her. It was natural and it happened, since they'd been broken up and apart for the past three years anyway. "Adam?" He repeated, curious.

And a bit jealous...

She smirk at him then lean back, her back was now against the steering wheel, she held up her fist, every word she said she lift a finger. "Always doing any movement." she blushed at her...masturbation joke.

Arnold was confused for a moment, and then his eyes widened and his cheeks reddened more in realization. "Oh..."

She started to laugh even though she was sorta embarrassed by her own joke. "I never had any um...sexual lover except Adam..."

"Okay...." He took another breath, and inwardly cursed as he was now getting a little harder. "Why do you ask...?"

"Hmmm, it could be because of many things. I could..." she lean forward tracing her finger down his chest as she said this. "Just be toying with you since I always did love to "torture" you." Her finger trace back up now making small circles on his neck. "I trying to seduce you." Leaning more forward, she whispered into his ear "Wouldn't you like that?” she leaned away loving how red his face had gotten. "Or...I could be doing this to get some kind of information from you." Now stroking his cheek towards his hair line and running her fingers through it. "Or...I could be passing the time." She leaned back now crossing her hands against her chest smirking at him.

Her touch, her tone sent shivers up and down his spine, the urges and hormones were rising more and more by each passing second.

She's not someone to flirt in such a way with someone she didn't love... He thought. "Well, I'm not exactly...a mind reader, maybe I shouldn't assume and let you say so yourself."

It was getting harder to resist the urges to grab her and shower her with all the affection he could muster, but he dared not.

"Don't be a spoil sport football head, play the guessing game" she slightly jumpped up then down against his hips as they both heard a loud thunder, this did nothing but burn excitement and fire in his loins.

"Well, if that's what you want..." Arnold took a breath, shuddering at the sudden jolt. "I don't know Helga, you were always tricky to read, always posing a challenge... Then again, you're not one to do this kind of thing unless you love the person. But on the other hand, we are best friends, and it's possible you're just comfortable enough to do this kind of thing. Or, maybe I underestimated how delivish you really could be."

"Oh yes, I am delivish in every sense of the word, stalking you day and night, ruining your own dates, however my feelings for you never changed Romeo, we may have had a little tuff back then but even when I tried to date...yes I tried." she saw his sad features it broke her heart. "however I kept comparing them to you and none measured up. reason why I decided that if you don't like me in that way anymore" she dramatically put her arm up covering her eyes in a dramatic pose. "I'll become a nun"

His heart leaped, and realized, could this be it? Did she mean that? ...Was there really a chance?

Gently he moved her arm back down, looking into her eyes. "Helga, I...."

Unable to control himself any longer, he brought her head down to his level, gently but with force, and kissed her.

"Mmm!" she was in shock for a moment before wrapping her arms around him now pressing against him as he kissed her passionately and wildly, holding the back of her neck as if he was forcing her into this kiss, but it didn't matter because she long to be kissed by him. his lips felt the same as before only they were a bit younger back in those days, his body had grown into the man he was today. her eyes widen when she moved a bit closer to him. 'yeah...he grown into a man alright'

Arnold had tensed as he kissed her, afraid she would pull away or slap him. She had all the power to stop this, but she didn't. She came closer, her arms were around him, and she was kissing back. Feeling more confident, he lowered his hand from her neck and held her closer, tracing her lips with his tongue in a way to plead for entrance.

She shivered as she felt his tongue, parting her lips to let him explore. this felt so good, so different then how they kissed when they were little.

Their tongues met, wrestling for dominance, just as they had before...only it felt more different now. She wasn't the same young girl and growing teenager he'd been with before. She was a woman. A young woman....

Pulling back, he laid chaste but passionate kisses along her soft, creamy neck, the scent of vanilla and lavender wafting to his nostrils.

Helga moan and shivered, now having goosebumps on her arms as she felt him lick, kiss and suck on her neck, festing on her body.

"Helga..." Arnold whispered, moving up to her ear. "I-...I love you..."

She moved, pressing her lips softly against his, she whispered against his lips "I never stopped loving you."

"I didn't either," He whispered back, and held her closer, kissing her passionately but tenderly, his hand reaching up to gently remove her cap, running his fingers through her hair and occasionally brushing against her bow.

She smiled and pulled away a bit "Never got rid of it, it would be getting rid of you, I couldn't do it."

Smiling in return, he gently played with her bow and looked in her eyes. "I know what you mean... I like your bow, because it's pink like your shirt."

She giggled and lean forward kissing him again, she sucked on his bottom lip before heading downward, to his neck, his skin tasted so good, she breathe in his scent. As she kissed, licked and suck on his neck she hear his low moans. He sounds so good making those noises.

"Why you blushing, Arnoldo? I thought you were enjoying this due to that fact that your..." she moved her hips which cause Arnold to gasp. "In this predictment"

"I-...I guess I'm not used to it..." He said sheepishly.

“Being sexual or being sexual with me?" raising an eyebrow.

Back in the old days, the closest they'd gotten to sexual was intense making out and groping, that was about it. But this went further than before.

"Both." He admitted, looking away.

She froze in place, lowering her head down and biting her bottom lip. finally she snap her head up, determine she cupped the side of his face. "We don't have to do this if you don't want to " inwardly she thought I sound like the guy in this relationship. She wanted to laugh but decided not to, it wouldn't look good if she laughed, so might end up hurting his feelings.

A little smile crossed his face and he shook his head. "No, I want to. I admit I'm nervous, but I'm ready, if you are too."

"I'm ready as long as its with you" she admitted while still blushing.

Arnold blushed too, and then looked to the back seat. "We should go in back, we'll have more room."

She opened the door and slid off of him carefully, the rain hit her body, soaking her once again. As she saw Arnold getting out of the car an idea popped into her head. Before he was able to open the car door for the back seat, she put her hand on his.

Puzzled, Arnold looked down at her questioningly. "Helga?"

"Do you still keep a blanket in the back seat?"


" it...out the rain..." She blushed, rubbing her arm. "It rained the first day we met, it rained the day I confess, it rain every other time we had something dramatic happen in our romance was thinking...lets do it out here" she lowered her head feeling embarrassed.

Taken aback by her suggestion, he couldn't help but agree with her. Doing this in the rain couldn't have been more appropriate for them. Under the rain, the most significant point of weather for them. "Good point, Helga... we should."

"Get the blanket and laid it on the ground...near where we always sit." She walked off towards the spot waiting for him.

He nodded and got the blanket out of the backseat, taking it over to the spot where she waited. They spread it out over the ground, right on the spot they sat at all the time.
She move towards him, her hand sliding up his stomach to his shoulders under his thin jacket and slipping it off to fall on the other side of the blanket. she smiled nervously then lean up and kiss him.

Kissing her back, applying more pressure, he removed her jacket also, which joined his own. His hands went up her shirt, toying with her bra straps.

She giggled when he seem to be having trouble with it, then parted away from his hot desirable mouth. "Having some trouble?"

"Kind of." Arnold sheepishly admitted, trying to undo the straps of her bra, but couldn't.

She giggled kissing him as she reached around to touch his hands then her straps before unclasping them. She felt her breasts shift a bit from being free.

Taking her bra, which was light pink with a white bow, he placed it aside with the rest of their clothes, loosened his tie, and them pulled off her shirt, slowly.

She closed her eyes and felt him pull off her shirt, her wet shirt had stuck on her like a second skin but when he pull it off slowly she felt her shirt rub her now hard nipples. it felt good and the boy hadn't even touch her yet!

For a moment, he drank in her naked upper body, soaked with the rainwater. She was thin but toned, her breasts were presumptuous, a perfect size in his opinion. Even so, it didn't matter either way, since it was Helga herself who mattered.

His promise ring dangled on its chain around his neck, seeming to shine in the dim light of the area, sometimes swinging and met with her own. Kissing her again, his hands wandered along her bare upper body, and gingerly touched her breasts.

She arched her back, her breast were now pushed more against his hands. Moaning and feeling herself become moist however it wasn't from the rain.

His hands then wandered down her sides, pulling down at her pants. Arnold then pulled back for air, and nibbled her ear, before lowering down her jawline and then neck, slowly laying her down onto the blanket.

Racking her fingers down his back to the hem of his shirt and pulling it up, he stopped kissing her body and helped her pull off his own shirt. She bent down and began to kiss his neck while touching his chest. He was skinny but had some muscle tone, she ran her fingers down to his waist unbuttoning his jeans and sliding her hands on both sides of his hips while pushing his pants down. Sticking out her tongue and licking his chest, even though it tasted a bit like rain water since it was still raining, she could also taste him. She licked and sucked on his right nipple before going sliding down and kissing his stomach and navel..

She slid down his jeans still focus on making love to his thigh before opening her eyes to see his bulge but what really got to her was his boxers. She couldn't stop herself from laughing. "You must really love Abner head boy" his boxers were black and gray with prints of baby pigs on them.

Arnold looked down, realizing his choice in boxers and blushed heavily. "...Grandma and Mom buy me animal print clothes...all the time." He admitted.

"Remind me to buy you a pair that says "Property of the future President Helga G Pataki." she giggled when another thought occurred "Or maybe just one with a picture of a pink bow with my name on it right on your crotch"

Chuckling at the idea of that, he kissed her cheek, and then corner of her mouth. "That would be the most interesting and fun undergarment I could wear."

Still smirking, the rain slid down her body, drops falling down, it felt like someone was touching her body with all the rain drops falling. "Don't worry, I'll print a picture of your face and put it on the crotch part of my underwear...although I could be evil and put it on my pink bow, so that whenever you take off my jeans you'll see your face and my bow on top of your head." she teased

He balked at the idea and laughed. "As long as I don't pass out from shock."

She blushed but proceeded to say something she knew would embarrass him "You will once you notice how wet your face would be.''

His entire face reddened at that, but a light smirk crossed his face and he rolled onto his back, with her on top. "You're...insane, but...we'll talk later..." He said in a low tone.

"Mmm I like the sound of that. Now less talky, more sexy." she lean forward to kiss him, feeling the rain hit her back, down her legs, her now soaked underwear.

“Whatever you say, Helga.”

“Damn right. Whatever I say.”

Daringly, his hands went up her thighs, hips, and came to her underpants, and pulled them down, slowly.

She lift her legs one by one until she was ontop of him naked.

In the dim light from the city lights down below, and the flashing of lightning, he drank in her naked form on top of his, taking it all in.

In her own way, she was so beautiful.

"Wow..." Was all he could muster.

She pulled away, tugging on his boxers in which he helpped her take off by moving his hips. she took off her bow and let her hair down in which was now matted down her shoulders, she laid on her side right next to him dranking his naked body which also was wet from the rain.

Her eyes travel down to his hard member

Feeling her penetrating gaze, Arnold looked away, a little embarrassed. His size wasn't anything special, it was average.

“You're pretty um...big" she said shocking him.

"W-What? No I'm not...." He blushed heavily.

"Your bigger then the ones I...unfortunately seen when I accidentally went into the boys locker room instead of the girls. You proud of it...not many guys are know, heh heh heh"

"O-Oh..." Well it made sense if she actually had some comparisons to make.

"Um...thanks...." He looked away nervously again, and then back at her.

"Okay I see it's up to me to get things starts as useal, since your getting all shy with me" she crawled towards him nervously putting her hand on his member and stroking him as she sat beside him. the rain still fell on them, Since his member had been wet from the rain it make it easier to stroke him acting as a lube.

"I'm not shy..." He protested, and then got a devious gleam in his eyes.

Right then swiftly moved over to her and towered over her, encasing her.

"I'll prove it."


Kissing her passionately, he brought his hand down between her legs, parting the lips of her womanhood, stroking along her labya and then up to the little nub that was her clit.

Helga moan as he slipped his finger into her wet womanhood, she couldn't believe this was the same shy boy he took a month to actually kiss her back after the whole FTi thing. They were in the jungle when he finally gotten brave enough to kiss her. She parted her legs without thinking, instead she lay back and enjoy whatever he had plan for her. Usually she wasn't all that submissive but damn...sometimes you HAD TO BE!

Being dominated by Helga, be it from simple things to this (now at least), was always a fun pleasure and a real-turn on. Now he wanted to take control and to make her relax and enjoy it, she deserved it, after all. He inserted a second finger into her, stretching her inner muscles as he explored her and played with her clitoris, and could feel the vibrations of her moans and writhes from inside of her. His free hand caressed along her body and then up cup her breast.

She turn her face since she was getting water in her mouth, however Arnold seem to realize this and began to cover her mouth with his own, she was naked, her body was wet, his warm body against her, fingers inside of her. She was like she was neither going to die or that he was bringing her back to life. Ever since their break up, she had been a zombie or another version of Miriam. She started to moan in his mouth when she felt him put another finger in her, his other hand squeezing and playing with her nipple.
Thunder crashed, lightning illuminated the area for a split second, the rain began to fall harder, not that either of them cared. Not unless the lightning struck a nearby tree... Warding off such thoughts, considering his brain had long ago shut down and devoid of all logic. I can't believe this is happening. He managed to think. We're together now, and just moments way from taking our love to the next level, it may be soon, but it doesn't matter. Her peak was approaching, he could feel it inside of her as her muscles went tighter and tighter.

"MMM!" she moaned but breaking away, a loud moan was heard along with his name as she climaxed, panting hard "...Wow."

The nectar-like substance that had leaked out of her spewed out like a river`s current, some of it getting on his hand. He withdrew his fingers, and cracked his eyes open to look down at her amidst the rain and the darkness. "You all right, Helga?" He managed.

"Yeah I'm fine...but...I want more."

"All right," Arnold exhaled, whispering into her ear. There was a pause for some seconds, to which he knew would probably confuse and even irritate her, and just as she was about to open her mouth to say something, he entered inside of her, quick and fast, but not too hard, so as not to hurt her too much.

"Ah!" she said in surprise with a hint of slight pain, she held onto him, closing her eyes.
Moving slower, he went in further, and stopped so that she could get used to the feeling. Looking down at her then as he opened his eyes, an idea came to him.

"Helga..." He whispered, bringing a hand to her cheek. "Open your eyes..."

Opening her eyes, she was confused by his request. "Huh?"

"I know it sounds weird, but...let's keep our eyes open, looking at each other."

She kept her eyes open, as he thrust into her, it was hard to do so but she manage, seeing his handsome face stare back at her, Looking past him she was able to see the dark clouds, the thunder roaring above them. Heated Emerald eyes stared back at her as he panted and moaned. She moan along with him fighting to keep her eyes open when all she wanted to do was close them but he was right, this was a good idea, it felt more romantic; watching each other's passion and reaction.

It was indeed hard to keep his eyes open, considering the knee-jerk actions and reactions made him want to instinctively shut his eyes, but no, as upon his suggestion, he kept them open, looking at her, just her. Into her penetrating blue eyes, her soaked face, whisps her wet blonde hair clinging to her cheeks and forehead, the rest of fanned across the soaked blanket like a messy halo. She seemed so much more beautiful, her reactions and seeing them happen made this all the more romantic and exciting. For sure he would look back on their first time and remember seeing her face the whole time. His thrusting accelerated, his body shuddered from a bit of the cold and rain, but also from the immense pleasure.

She finally decided to wrap her legs around his waist giving him better access and making him go a bit deeper, the pain had left but now she only felt pure pleasure. ranking her nails lightly up his back. "Arnold...!" She moaned, arching her back as she climax but she knew women had multiple orgasm.

"H-Helga..." Arnold responded, feeling her inner muscles clamp down on his member, and felt himself nearing climax, but he held it back for now. He thrusted faster, harder, now deeper given her assistance. His eyes never left her, and though he blinked a few times to keep the pressure to close his eyes off, not once did he stop looking into her hazed but still penetrating azure eyes that seemed to burn into his soul.

Moving her hips against his, she felt herself get back into that wonderful world they created a moment ago. She finally decided to take back her power, rolling them over and smirking while looking at her confused football headed god.

She was taking over, he had a feeling she would, and frankly, didn't care. If she wanted to take control, that was fine by him. Exhaling a long-winded breath amidst his heavy panting, he managed a smile. "All yours, Helga..."

"I better be" she lean down, now nose to nose she whisper "your mine and only mine, I don't ever want to share you"

"And you're mine too, I won't share you either."

Putting her hands on his chest for support, she then began to move but this time the pleasure had double since she was hitting on her spots, for a moment she saw dots and colors but kept moving. she began to work a good pace while staring at her beloved.

His hands went to her hips to help support her and for leverage as he assisted her thrusting upward. It was becoming harder to hold back, and yet he managed to somehow miraculously control himself. He stared back up at her, the way her wet hair fell in her face, the dark storm clouds in the background, the lightning that flashed periodically and illuminated her as if she were some kind of a rain goddess.

Her legs trembled, she felt herself coming near that cliff. "A-A-Arnold" she warned while going faster and driving him more deeper into her.

"H-Helga....!" Arnold gripped her hips harder, fighting off the urge to shut his eyes.

She finally gave up and closed her eyes as she climaxed again, lifting her head up and feeling her body shiver, she no longer felt the rain down her face, all she felt was the man below and what her heart and body felt.

Time itself seemed to have stopped, and if it didn't before, it sure did now. The sight of her in such intense and pleasure as she climaxed and seemed to fall into oblivion, a world of their own, it was intoxicating, beautiful, as if he were seeing the sun for the first time. It was all it took for him to let go, and to release along with her, falling back limply against the blanket and squeezing his eyes shut as he groaned out a jumbled version of her name, his seed spilling into her.

As if struck dead, Helga fell onto him feeling so weak and yet so refresh and new. trying to regain her breath. she briefy wonder if they were going to be sick in the next couple of days from being in the rain like this.

Regaining some strength, Arnold opened his eyes again, and brought his arms arould Helga, holding her closer and stroking her hair. He wondered also, if they were going to get sick from this rain. If they did, it'd be worth it. A drag, but worth it. What had happened was beyond what he could have imagined, not only getting together with her, but also taking a big step. Maybe it was fast, maybe it was soon, but he didn't care in the least. He didn't regret it, and never would. He'd walk down the road and never look back. Maybe the break up had been hard, but in the end, it only just proved to make their love stronger, didn't it? "Helga...?"
She cracked open one eye while tracing his chest with one finger. "Hmm?"

"I..." For a moment he decided to pull a Helga. "We're going to get sick by tomorrow morning, aren't we?"

She slapped him on the chest playfully, "don't try to be like me because you suck, there is only one me. rude, not even going to be all romantic and say 'I love you, your my only, your the most beautiful woman in the world and no girl can measure up to your beauty and grace?"

"I had to." He stuck his tongue out at her and smiled. "I love you, and I always will." Their rings connected and clanged a bit.

"I love you too" she lean down to kiss him when they pulled away they notice that it had stop raining.

Amazing how it had stopped raining by then, what a coincidence indeed. Releasing the breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding, he looked up at the sky for a moment before sitting them up. "We should get dried off with the towels, we'll be here for a while, since our clothes are soaked and we can't very well drive back like this."

"Yes we can. we use to do it all the time as kids, I remember your grandpa got mad at his for tracking the kitchen with mud because of that football game with Wolf gang."

"Oh, I remember that." He snickered at the memory. "Abner must've been proud of us."

“He was because after your grandpa yelled at us, Abner took a smelly on your grandpa's shoe....your grandma told me the next day." She giggled when she remember his pig, always wanting her attention whenever she came in the house. At first she didn't like him much but it took a couple of months before she started to think of him like her own.

"He sure did all right." Arnold recalled, shaking his head. "Grandpa was furious, but even later he started to laugh about it."

"Let's go inside the car, I'm kinda cold." as they both stood up Arnold decided to pick up their clothes, however he was shock to find Helga slapping him on the behind, turning around to face her. She stood there just wearing a smirk,

He looked at her, baffled at her action, even though it wasn't the first time she'd done that, and gave a shaky smile. "Thanks." He said lamely.

Feeling a bit more playful and even a bit lustful, as he turned back around she embrace him from behind, sliding her hands down his chest, she then stood on her tippy toes to lick his ear and whisper, "Anytime babe, anytime."

Arnold chuckled, glancing at her partly over his shoulder as he felt his insides seem to melt from her electric touch, and exhaled. "Helga," He murmured breathlessly.

They parted and got into the car, wrapping themselves in the towels, with their clothes in the backseat.

After they dried up, Helga was up for more...crawling onto his lap just has she did when this whole thing first started.

Both panted and moan as they race into completion. Once they had finished, Helga laid on him in the drivers seat, Arnold was sitting up stroking her hair that was now becoming more dry.

Maybe things tonight didn't go as planned. Maybe his date with Rhonda hadn't been something he'd ever planned on. Maybe getting back together with Helga wasn't what he'd planned tonight either.

But just because something wasn't planned doesn't make it bad.

In fact, he felt better than he'd ever felt in a long time.


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