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“Oh, thank you, Lisa,” Marge said as she handed Maggie to her eldest daughter. “I’d like your father to be on-time for work at least one day this month,” she added while going back to the stove.

“No problem,” Lisa said cheerfully before taking her baby sister upstairs and into the nursery. She paused inside the door, wondering if she should close it for a bit more privacy, but she figured that might only arouse suspicion. The staircase was between Maggie’s room and the boys’, and her father and brother would probably go straight downstairs for breakfast. She went to the changing table and laid Maggie on her back.

“So, what do we have?” Lisa asked while undoing the snaps on her sister’s outfit. “Oh, only number one, huh?” Lisa pulled the wet diaper aside before grabbing a wet wipe and cleaning Maggie’s pudgy little mound and behind. Working front to back, she quickly cleaned Maggie and then wrapped the wipe in the diaper before putting it all in the pail. Lisa then looked at her exposed little sister and smiled for a moment before picking up the baby powder.

She twisted the cap open and said in her baby-talk voice, “Does Maggie want some powder?” She gently poked Maggie’s bellybutton with her finger, eliciting a happy squeal out of her baby sister before shaking the bottle over her pelvis a few times. Then she smoothed it into Maggie’s skin with her free hand, doing her front and crotch, but letting her fingers linger over the bottoms of the baby’s cheeks. Maggie cooed in approval of the soothing touch. Putting down the bottle momentarily, Lisa suddenly tickled under Maggie’s arms, making her laugh and curl up a bit before Lisa rolled her over onto her stomach.

“Now for the other side!” she said mischievously. She paused to stare at her sister’s exposed bare bottom and then slowly shook the powder on it. With her free hand, she started gently rubbing it over Maggie’s cheeks, smoothing them with her palms and then lower fingers. Lisa put down the bottle and used her right fingertips to draw small circles around Maggie’s right cheek. Then, she began massaging in earnest, gently spreading the cheeks apart, pushing some of the powder in between, right to her taint, then working her way up above her butt hole and down again to her labia and mons.

Maggie looked sideways back at her older sister, half in confusion and half in ecstasy. Lisa petted her two bum mounds like they were cute little kittens, or perhaps like a teenage boy fondling the first pair of breasts he ever got his hands on.

Lisa’s breathing slowed and she eased her touch, now gently stroking Maggie’s bottom with her fingers, dreamily indulging in their plushy warmth. Occasionally, she gave one a gentle squeeze with her fingers or a cupped hand.

“Lisa! You’re breakfast is getting cold and the bus will be here soon!” Marge’s voice echoed from downstairs. Lisa was shocked for a moment and then gave one last firm rub before looking down. Maggie had her eyes closed and was almost asleep. Lisa deftly put a clean diaper on her little sister and put her baby clothes back on before placing Maggie in her crib. She ran to the bathroom and quickly washed her hands before running back downstairs.

In the kitchen, Bart and Homer were chowing down while Marge was already washing the pans. “Where’s Maggie?” Marge asked as Lisa sat at the table and started wolfing down her scrambled eggs.

“She fell asleep,” Lisa said before taking a bite of her English muffin. With her mouth full she added, “So I put her in her crib.” Lisa took a gulp of orange juice.

Marge looked concerned. “She’s been doing that a lot lately, and she hasn’t even been up for two hours.”

Bart interrupted, “Maggie probably just got bored because Lisa takes so long to change her diaper.”

Lisa appeared embarrassed, “Well, maybe I’m just not as good as Mom yet. I just need more practice.”

Marge glanced in Bart’s direction with a barely-audible huff. “Maybe you’d like to be in charge of changing your sister’s diapers, Bart.” Bart’s eyes went wide and he stopped chewing until Marge continued speaking. “You’re doing just fine, Lisa, and I certainly appreciate how helpful you’ve always been. From now on though, just bring her back down when you’re done. If she sleeps too much in the morning she’ll have trouble taking her afternoon nap. But really, you’re doing terrific!”

“Okay, Mom,” Lisa said with a devilish smile as she finished off her orange juice. Lisa then looked up at the clock. “Ooh, we gotta run!” she said while jumping from her chair and starting to pile her plates. Bart scrunched his face a little but did likewise.

“Don’t worry about those, sweetie, you’ve done enough already,” Marge told her, so Lisa simply turned to grab her backpack. Bart turned to leave. “Bart will clear your dishes along with his. Right, Bart?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Bart sighed as he turned back to clear both places as Lisa scampered out. Bart hurriedly dropped the plates and flatware in the sink before running after her.

“Sorry about that, Bart,” Lisa quietly said as Bart sat on the bus seat next to her. “I wasn’t trying to get you in trouble.”

“Heh!” Bart snorted. “Like I need you for that.”

“Well,” Lisa said while looking out the window so he couldn’t see her smile, “Sometimes if you don’t say anything at all then no one gets in trouble. I mean, if someone does something and it isn’t hurting anybody, then there’s no need to bring it up, right?”

“Hey, wait a minute!” Bart said suspiciously. Lisa’s smile disappeared and she looked back at him. “You didn’t do anything and now you’re being nice to me. What are you up to?”

“Heh heh heh,” Lisa laughed nervously. “I’m not up to anything. No. Not at all.” After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence Lisa looked straight ahead. “But, for instance, if you do something that doesn’t bother me then I don’t have to be a tattletale, right?”

“Of course, but I don’t have any plans for today… yet.” Bart’s eyes went wide and he leaned forward to stare at her face. “What are you getting at, Lis?” Bart demanded.

Lisa chose her words carefully. “Hypothetically, if either one of us is doing something that might be, uh, wrong, or even bad, then the other one doesn’t have to say anything, and maybe even cover for the other if it won’t get us in trouble too.” Lisa turned to him and held out her right hand, “Deal?” she said timidly.

“Hmm, fair enough, sister,” Bart said while taking her hand. As they shook he stopped, still holding her hand, and said in a low voice, “This better not be a trick,” he warned.

“Ha ha!” Nelson suddenly cried out at Bart and Lisa. “They’re holding hands!” A few other kids giggled.

Bart and Lisa quickly took their hands back, each wiping them on their clothes and looking straight ahead.

“Ohhhhhh,” Bart grumbled in embarrassment.


At recess, Bart, Milhouse, and a few other boys were playing on the monkey bars when Milhouse suddenly pointed at the building. “Hey, Bart, what’s Lisa doing with him?”

While hanging upside down by his knees, Bart looked over to see Nelson leaning with his back against the wall, smoking a cigarette, and Lisa was walking towards him. “Oh, man!” he groaned as he pulled himself up and then slid down, landing on the ground with a hard thud that brought him to his knees. He stood up and brushed himself off before turning around to see what was going on.

Nelson was still facing straight on, but now he was hunched forward, listening to Lisa who was standing to his left, almost right up against him. Her face was looking up at his and she was talking when his eyes suddenly bulged out. She said something else to him, winked, and ran back to the other girls. Meanwhile, he gave her a strange look before simply shaking his head and leaning back again.

Bart ran over and intercepted her. “What was that all about?” he asked angrily.

“Oh, I was just telling him off. After all, he actually kissed me before, so he shouldn’t...” She seemed a little too happy, almost giddy, to Bart.

“Man, Lisa, why did you have to bring it up?” he interrupted. “That was like so this morning. It wasn’t even anything, and he wouldn’t have brought it up again anyway.” Bart thought for a moment. “Hey, you’re not dating him again or anything, right? Man, I never should have trusted you,” he complained.

“Oh, no no no,” she protested. Then she went on the offensive, “Hey! Didn’t we agree to mind our own business? Well, I suppose you could forget about it and just tell Mom and Dad that I, gasp, talked to Nelson. Who knows? Mom might even be upset with me for talking to the underprivileged boy whom she wanted to live with us. Of course, then I’d have to tell her about what you did today.”

“What?” Bart asked.

Suddenly, the horrified scream of Ms. Krabapple emanated from the open window of Principal Skinner’s office, followed by his astonished cry of, “Oh my lord!”

Lisa just smiled at him and pulled a small Ziploc back out of her pocket. Inside was an empty tube of capsaicin ointment. “I’m not sure about Mom and Dad, but I’d love to know how you got the safety seal back on that tube of KY jelly.”

Bart laughed uncontrollably. “Oh, they’ll never eat peanut butter & jelly sandwiches again! I mean, what the heck is a ‘KY’ anyway? Sure, it makes the peanut butter go down smooth, but the taste...” Lisa’s insistent stare stopped him. “Argh, okay, you’re right,” he said, defeated, as Lisa handed him the bag. “But I think I’m gonna end up getting screwed.”

Oh yes, Jessica Lovejoy thought as she watched from behind a tree, where she was sitting on its large roots. She was too far away to hear what they were saying, but Lisa’s behavior had piqued her interest enough to put down her trashy novel and take one last drag of her cigarette. After getting up and reflexively brushing some dirt off her pants, Jessica dropped the half-finished smoke on the ground and thoroughly crushed it under the ball of her dark purple shoe. This could be very interesting indeed.

She slipped a piece of gum in her mouth as she wandered back over to the playground, sitting on the steps near where Lisa and several other girls were playing hopscotch. She re-opened her book, holding it in one hand that was resting on her knee so she could easily glance between the story and the subject of her new investigation. After a few minutes she started thinking that she had wasted her time, and a perfectly good smoke, as nothing else seemed out of the ordinary. Eventually, the minister’s daughter just kept reading.

However, Jessica’s concentration was broken by a sudden yelp, followed by crying. She looked up and saw that the redhead Celeste had tripped and fallen on her side. Lisa was kneeling next to her friend, who was trying to hold back the tears, as Lisa leaned in close to ask the usual questions and other girls crowded around.

Disinterested, Jessica’s eyes started moving back to her book when she saw it: Lisa’s right hand, which was resting on Celeste’s behind, had slowly started to clench so that Lisa’s fingers were almost claw-like before slowly relaxing again, all while smoothing the fabric of the fallen girl’s skirt again and then slowly stroking her bottom ever so subtly. Why would she do that? Jessica wondered as Lisa raised her hand and helped Celeste up. Then she watched as Lisa helpfully brushed the dirt and gravel off of Celeste’s side, taking several attentive wipes of her right butt cheek before the girls resumed their game. Jessica looked down at the book in her hand, full of details about buttocks-grabbing and the like, and then back at Lisa. Hmm, I could have some fun with this, but how do I find out if it’s true?

A moment later, the recess whistle blew and the kids made their way back inside.

Later that afternoon, Lisa was in the girls’ room washing her hands and mumbling happily to herself. “Lucky day, lucky day. Even if Bart doesn’t learn to keep his nose out of it it’s still a lucky day...” She stopped singing when the door opened and Jessica entered, going straight to the sink closest to the door.

Lisa didn’t say anything, as there had always been something of an unspoken truce between them. Sure, Lisa had turned her in for stealing the church’s collection money, but Jessica knew that was only to help Bart, not hurt her. Besides, she had wanted to get caught, so Lisa’s revelation had actually helped her. Meanwhile, Jessica may have used Bart and then dated the aloof older boy at the library whom Lisa liked, but deep in her heart Lisa knew she’d never had a chance with library boy to begin with.

As Lisa turned to go towards the paper towels she got a double surprise. “Darn these slacks!” Jessica half-whispered, annoyed, while pulling them about halfway down her developing tush. With her eyes never leaving the mirror, the raven-haired girl turned partway to her left and then hooked both index fingers into the waistband of her lacy panties and pulled them down about two inches. “They always make my underwear ride up,” she muttered while watching Lisa’s reaction in the mirror. With her wet hands held out in front of her, as if she were wearing handcuffs, Lisa just stared at the older girl’s bottom for a moment and then took a step towards the paper towel dispenser.

“Argh!” Jessica grunted a little louder, re-gaining Lisa’s attention while pretending not to notice. She then hooked a few fingers of each hand under the leg holes, just at her butt cheeks, and pulled the panties outward, slowly running her fingers down towards her crotch to free the trapped fabric. As her fingers approached her thighs, she spread her legs slightly to make it easier, but this made her slacks drop to her mid thighs, revealing her ass cheeks in all their glory. “Oops,” Jessica let out but didn’t move to catch them. Instead, she stole a glance of the blonde girl’s reaction in the mirror.

Lisa was frozen like a deer staring into a nuclear explosion.

“Little help, please?” Jessica almost giggled. Lisa quickly snapped out of her trance but wasn’t sure what Jessica meant. “I don’t want to bend down and mess them up again, so could you…?” Jessica asked nonchalantly. Forgetting herself, Lisa quickly wiped her hands on the front of her dress and leaned down, taking in a nice close look at Jessica’s magnificent moons and the lacy panties that adorned them. She tried to reach for the pants without looking and it took three tries to get just one side, so she finally glanced down and quickly raised them to Jessica’s waiting hands.

“Thanks, Lisa,” Jessica said while Lisa stood up again. The older girl turned around and started tucking in her blouse and fastening her pants. “You’ve been so helpful, like earlier when Celeste had fallen down.”

“Well, yeah,” Lisa said with an embarrassed smile. “It’s what I do.”

Jessica looked down at herself, adjusting her blouse and slacks so that everything was straight while choosing her next words carefully. “What impressed me was how you were so quick to help clean her up. One might even say you were very...” Jessica paused while looking straight into Lisa’s eyes with a big smile. “Ass-idious.”

Lisa was stunned, but she quickly recovered. “Well, I do try to be thorough, heh heh heh. Uhm, I really need to get back to class now.” She tried to walk by the older girl, but Jessica spun around, grabbing one of Lisa’s wrists and placing her other hand on Lisa’s shoulder. Now standing face-to-face, she moved her head in close and almost whispered in Lisa’s right ear.

“Oh, don’t be scared, Lisa,” she said in a tone that only frightened the blonde even more. “Sure, I could tell everyone about your strange f-ass-iniation,” The little blonde went immediately tense in Jessica’s grip, leaving no doubt that Lisa’s secret fetish had been discovered. She laughed and then continued, “But what would I possibly get out of that? No, you’re a smart girl, if a bit careless, and I think I might even be able to help you.” She leaned back and looked into Lisa’s eyes. “Of course, there’s a lot you can help me with too.”

“But, why?” Lisa stuttered.

Jessica stood up straight and looked down at her. “Come on, Lisa, isn’t it obvious? You like to touch asses… and I like people kissing mine.”

Lisa knew that Jessica didn’t mean the last part literally, but the fleeting thought gave her a sudden longing that almost made her shudder.

“Besides, it won’t be so bad.” Jessica slid her left hand down, pressing it on the back of Lisa’s hand and then guiding it to her own behind. After holding it there for a moment, Lisa nervously looked down at it as the older girl added, “I promise.” She let go of the small blonde girl’s hand. “For now, play it cool and don’t worry; I’ll let you know what I want in a few days. And be careful! This is our secret now.”

Lisa nodded. After standing there for a moment, Jessica frowned at the younger girl who was taking too long to realize that her hand was still on the older girl’s rump. Lisa sheepishly pulled it away and then Jessica smiled at her again. “Now, you really should get back to class,” she said while stepping aside and gently nudging Lisa towards the door.

Still a little shocked, Lisa went out the door and headed back to class. She didn’t want to think about what had just happened, but she couldn’t help it. She had played with fire and then Jessica had played her. Now, it was only a question of how much she’d get burned.

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