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"I can't believe I let you talk me into this!" Lisa said with a little laugh. She was in her bedroom, almost completely naked, standing on a step stool and slightly bent over the side of the bed. Her arms were straight down on the covers, holding her up, and her head was turned back to her left as she tried to look down at her own bottom. Besides her string of pearls she wore only her panties, stretched between her ankles since her legs were slightly parted. Her red dress was lying on the floor to her left, laid out almost neatly.

On the floor to her right, Allison Taylor was on her knees looking up at Lisa's rear end. Allison's right hand was on Lisa's right butt cheek, though it was unclear whether she was keeping Lisa still or keeping herself from falling forward. In her left hand was a red Sharpie "permanent" marker, with which she was putting the finishing touches on Lisa's left cheek:


I {heart} NM


"Do you really think Nelson will like it?" Lisa asked nervously.

"Oh, he'll be speechless," Allison responded without hesitation, "Of course, that is if you ever show it to him." Allison laughed as she capped the marker and admired her work. "The bad-boy types love tattoos, even if it won't last more than a week or two."

"Is it done?" Lisa asked, moving her left hand back to pull the cheek into view, but Allison blocked her hand.

"Don't touch. You should let it dry for a minute," the brunette instructed. "Hold on." Allison got up off the floor and grabbed a hand mirror off the dresser. "Here," she said while handing it to the blonde girl. Without moving her feet, Lisa turned to face the large mirror while aligning the small one in her hand so she could see Allison's handiwork.

It was much bigger than Lisa had expected. She turned her body back towards the bed but looked behind again, trying to get a closer look with the hand mirror. She reached across her stomach with her right arm to pull up the cheek, but Allison tapped it away firmly.

"You have to make sure it's dry first!" she reminded Lisa. "Here!" Allison said while getting on her knees behind Lisa again. Without warning, Allison began blowing long hard breaths on the ink. Lisa tensed up a bit at first, suddenly arching her back and quickly putting her right arm back on the bed to keep from falling forward. Allison giggled at Lisa's reaction but quickly resumed. It only took a moment for Lisa to realize that her friend was trying to blow the ink dry, so she stood up again, putting the hand mirror on the nightstand.

When Allison was satisfied, she stopped blowing and started to get up. Suddenly, the absurdity of the situation hit her and she paused, feeling rather silly as she fought to hold back her laughter.

"Done yet?" Lisa asked impatiently.

"Not quite!" Allison chirped as she lunged forward, sticking her pursed lips onto the lower part of Lisa's left cheek and blowing hard, like an adult would playfully do to a baby's belly. She made a light ripping noise that tickled Lisa's bottom.

Thoroughly shocked, Lisa fell forward on the bed and landed on her stomach. She tried to scramble up on all fours and escape across her bed, but her panties bound her legs such that she could only claw at the covers while laughing uncontrollably. Allison sprung up and, while resting her hands on Lisa's back, leaned forward with one knee on the bed next to the trapped blonde. Lisa stopped trying to escape and just lied there, still laughing.

"I'm sorry. I just couldn't help it," Allison apologized with a few giggles before going quiet. Lisa was just starting to contain herself and began to get up, so Allison removed her hands, sat back, and turned to sit on the bed, facing Lisa.

Lisa turned over on her left and then sat up facing Allison, one leg bent up on the bed. Since her panties had slid up on one side, her left foot was next to her right knee. She ended up sitting with her left leg bent and her right leg on the floor, leaving her thighs spread wide apart. "Man, you've definitely been practicing your sax if you can blow that hard!" Lisa noticed with a smile.

Allison stared at her smiling friend for a moment, but then her eyes wandered down between Lisa's legs. Lisa stopped laughing and just looked curiously at her. Allison suddenly looked back up at Lisa. "Have you ever, you know..." Allison asked with some embarrassment as her eyes darted back to Lisa's nether region, "touched yourself... there?"

"Uh..." was all that Lisa could respond.

There was an awkward silence for a moment until Allison continued, "I mean, it's not weird, is it?" She started to blush.

Lisa recovered a bit. "Well, I think it's kind'a normal... uhm, from what I've read and stuff," she offered, unsure of where this was leading.

"Yeah, I thought so," Allison said with a little relief. "I get curious about stuff down there, but I can't really get a good look at myself. So, I was wondering..." She was too embarrassed to continue.

Lisa didn't want to leave her friend out on a limb. "Well, I must admit that I've been curious, too. Hmm, maybe we should..."

"Experiment!" Allison blurted out before Lisa could finish. Her eyes wide, she immediately brought her fingertips over her mouth, only partially covering her embarrassed smile.

Lisa didn't quite know how to respond. She thought quietly for a moment, just staring at Allison, but then she suddenly gasped and looked shocked. Without a word, Lisa got up, pulling her panties up as she did. Allison was frozen with fear, and her heart sank into her stomach as Lisa quietly went towards the door. Then Lisa reached the doorknob, but instead of the door opening, Allison heard a little "click!"

"I can't believe I forgot to lock the door before," Lisa said with an embarrassed smile. "And we definitely don't want Bart barging in now." She practically tiptoed back to the bed and then stood there, facing Allison and still looking a bit embarrassed. She hesitated for a moment before continuing shyly. "Well, I've read a few books at the library about..." Lisa stopped and whispered, "sex.." Then she continued normally, "But I think they left a lot out."

Allison looked down. "I don't know," she answered. "Actually, I wasn't sure you knew about this kind of stuff yet." She paused and looked up at Lisa, seeming almost apologetic, "But I guess you know lot."

"Heheh," Lisa laughed nervously. "Maybe not a lot. There's still a lot of stuff I haven't asked my mom about yet."

"Still, talking about it doesn't bother you as much," Allison said. "There's so much I don't understand, but I can't talk to my parents about it 'cause I don't know what they'd think." Allison looked at Lisa hopefully. "But you always know what to do."

Lisa found Allison's vulnerability so touching that she nearly forgot what they were talking about. "Well, I'll do anything to help," she offered with a smile.

"Really?" Allison bit her lower lip for a moment and then continued, "Because I was thinking that, maybe, if we got a good look around each other's... I mean, only if you want to. I'm just really curious, and I can trust you, so..."

With Allison's words stroking her ego, Lisa was feeling more determined than ever. She felt like taking charge and helping her friend. She smiled and asked, "Okay, you or me first?"

Allison was shocked at Lisa's sudden boldness, and she had to think a moment before she could answer. "Well, you've got goose bumps all over," she said while gently running her right hand down Lisa's left arm, feeling the bumps on her skin. Lisa shivered a little at her warm touch. "You must be cold, uh, there... and I'm actually feeling kind'a flushed, so..."

Before Allison could finish, Lisa said, "Okay," and grabbed her friend's hands. She started to help Allison stand up but then surprised her by pushing her back, hard. "On the bed!" Lisa playfully commanded. The brunette barely missed the headboard and was just able to sit up when Lisa grabbed her feet, pushing them sideways and spinning Allison so she was lying straight. Leaning over, Lisa quickly ran her hands up Allison's legs and under her skirt, flipping it over on her stomach. Lisa then deftly wrapped her fingers under the waistband of her friend's panties and started pulling them down. While raising her skirt even more, Allison arched her back and raised her legs so Lisa had no problem slipping her underwear down until it reached her feet. However, the panties got caught on Allison's shoes, frustrating Lisa for a few seconds until she simply left them tangled around her friend's ankles.

"Now, let's get started," Lisa said while hopping on the end of the bed, just to Allison's left. Lisa got up and kneeled forward while gently putting her hands on Allison's knees. Slowly and gently, she began to glide her hands up Allison's thighs. "I do this to myself sometimes and it feels nice. How about you?"

Allison spread her legs enough to accommodate Lisa's hands and watched with fascination. "Mmmm, yeah."

"Wow, you really are warm here!" Lisa noticed out loud as her hands rubbed up against her friend's private area. Lisa drew her hands back to mid-thigh and gently parted Allison's smooth legs even more. She then leaned forward and moved in between them, her face very close to Allison's hairless folds, and studied everything closely.

"Oh, you get wet there, too?" Lisa said in surprise. Without any hesitation, she ran her finger along the outside of the fold, getting some of the glistening juice on it. She brought it up to her face, looked at it carefully for a moment, and then sniffed it. "It smells about the same as mine, I think, but it's very subtle," she observed. Wanting to be thorough, she then leaned in, gently parted Allison's lower lips with one hand, and sniffed slowly a few times. Between sniffs, her warm breath made the brunette's insides tingle.

Remembering how sensitive she herself could be there, Lisa used both hands to gently stretch Allison's vagina open, just a little bit. Her friend sighed and spread her legs farther, opening them up a little more to invite further exploration. "Wow, it looks a lot different than in the health books," Lisa observed.

Allison repressed a giggle and teased, "You can't rely on books for everything." Lisa tentatively probed a finger into the warm, moist mound, and then felt up and down. "Ahhhh," Allison sighed. "It feels more exciting when you do it to me."

Without warning, Lisa suddenly felt compelled to get revenge for Allison's earlier trick. She quickly pursed her lips, as if about to blow into her saxophone, pressed them into the warmth of Allison's mound, and blew hard. Allison immediately burst out laughing, her legs shooting up in the air. Lisa stopped quickly, scared that someone in the house might hear them.

Allison stopped herself, too, and tried to catch her breath. "That actually felt really good at first," she admitted.

"It felt good to me, too. It was so warm and soft on my lips... It reminded me of kissing Nelson," Lisa said.

"Can you show me how you kiss him?" Allison asked.

Lisa started to pull herself up, but Allison put a hand on her shoulder to stop her. "No, I mean... Down there, too."

"Oh," Lisa hesitated. Then, after thinking for a moment, she decided to go for it. She inhaled a bit, closed her eyes, and again pressed her lips into Allison's warm, wet opening. Lisa made the kiss last about five or six seconds, rubbing her lips back up and down the inside of the girl's exposed slit. Allison let out a loud gasp, distracting Lisa -- even scaring her a little.

After listening for a minute to make sure no one was coming to see what was going on, Lisa wondered what to do next. "You know, there's one place on me that always feels really weird, but I can't always find it... I don't know how to explain it."

"Oh, I know what you mean," Allison said excitedly while raising her head again. "I think mine is 'there' now, if you can find it."

With renewed interest, Lisa started probing around with her finger, running it up and down between the two openings and along the creases and folds around them. Allison let out a sharp breath as Lisa concentrated in the middle again, but Lisa decided not to stop this time. After a minute, she moved in for a closer look. Again, she was inadvertently breathing on Allison's love zone.

"Ah! I think you touched it when you were kissing..." Allison gasped.

"Okay..." Lisa said while trying to remember if she felt anything unusual with her lips, despite all of this being brand new to her.

Allison got up her courage and meekly suggested, "Maybe you should do that again... I mean, if you want."

Lisa started feeling a bit flushed, as the thought of Allison performing the same kind of 'examination' on her made her excited. So, she decided to go for it. She leaned in for another kiss, but this time she let her tongue out and probed for that little nub she enjoyed so much in herself.

Allison instinctively put her hands on Lisa's head, petting and stroking the blonde as she started writhing under Lisa's special attention. Her gasps became sharper, almost pained, as Lisa dug in more with her tongue and lips, as if she were playing Allison like her musical instrument. "Oh, Lisa, you're so good at this," Allison cooed.

Lisa went on, relishing the compliment. After a minute with no obvious change in Allison's reaction, Lisa stopped and looked up. Allison continued to breathe heavily, her eyes still closed. She looked so exposed, so helpless in a way, that Lisa was in awe of the power she had over her friend.

"Don't stop," Allison seemed to beg. "I think you almost made me... you know..."

"Orgasm?" Lisa answered, unsure if she was pronouncing it properly.

Allison blushed and pulled her legs a bit together, but they were pretty much blocked by Lisa's body. "Yeah, I've never been able to by myself, but you...." she admitted.

Lisa felt a little pride rushing through her. Without another word, she put her face down on Allison's pelvis, opening her mouth and giving a warm slippery kiss as she worked her way back to "the target." Again, she tried to imagine someone doing the same for her. She knew that rubbing in the same place too long would make it numb, so she moved her tongue around Allison's box a bit more, making sure to leave saliva and juices around to heighten the feeling all over her friend's hidden places. Then, Lisa rested her left hand on Allison's hip and used her right one to open her friend up a bit more, giving her deeper access.

Allison gasped, trying not to be too loud, "Oh, there! Yes!"

Lisa swished her tongue over the two openings, back and forth for a few seconds, before she could feel the swollen bit above the lower place. She gently tapped it with her tongue a couple of times before making slow lazy circles around it. For the most part, she made sure each stroke would pass over Allison's clitoris, but sometimes she intentionally went off to one side, heightening the anticipation. The added effort paid off. Allison started moaning more and rubbing Lisa's head with greater urgency whenever she returned to the sweet spot.

To mix it up a little, Lisa made sure to massage Allison's outer lips with her hand and then occasionally run her mouth up and down them. She pulled Allison's box open a little wider and then opened her mouth to match, enveloping as much of her friends exposed pussy as possible.

Allison let out several short gasps and her fingers went rigid. She pulled her hands away from Lisa's head in fear of pushing or poking her involuntarily, possibly interrupting her own pleasure. "Oh, you know so much about this stuff!" she moaned.

Lisa began to realize that she was rubbing her own thighs together: It seemed that her own fantasies, which she was using to please Allison, were catching up with her as well. She paused to lift herself briefly, moving her knees forward and raising her rear end up. She quickly resumed working her mouth and tongue on the panting, shaking girl while fumbling to pull her own panties down with her right hand. It was difficult for Lisa to keep her balance with just her left hand on Allison's hip, so she drew her forearm against her friend's torso, palming the top of her pelvis, and started to massage Allison's mons with her fingers. This position also caused her face to press harder into its destination. Lisa worried briefly that she wouldn't be as effective like that, but she just couldn't resist her own needs any longer.

Despite her efforts, she was only able to take down the right side of her own panties, leaving the band stuck near the bottom of her butt cheek. She reached in and started rubbing her own slit. Finding it already wet, Lisa excitedly "caught up" by doing to herself with her fingers what she was doing to Allison with her tongue. The excitement of it made her a little shaky, and every move was almost a spasm unto itself. She almost didn't care how it affected Allison, but the increased breathing and moans from her friend told her she was too close to give up now. She felt a renewed need to achieve her goal of giving Allison her first orgasm. After all, she knew that she wouldn't have any problem getting herself off.

Allison suddenly struggled to open her legs even more, easily raising her knees into the air. Her feet were still bound by her panties, but fortunately they slid up easily under Lisa's raised position. Though concerned about messing up Lisa's efforts, Allison couldn't help but fondle Lisa's head again -- she had to do something. She wasn't sure whether it was simply to show her appreciation or some urgent need to be actively involved with what Lisa was doing to her. "Oh, Lisa, you're making me feel all crazy inside!"

Lisa was so engrossed in what she was doing, both to Allison and herself, that she barely remembered to breathe. However, those words of encouragement, plus Allison's renewed stroking of her hair and cheeks, sent Lisa into a frenzy. She sucked and licked at Allison, almost trying to devour her insides. She even forgot about rubbing herself, leaving her fingers in the waistband of her panties while sticking her mouth, nose, and even her chin deep into the girl. She flicked her tongue and thrashed it around in response to Allison's bucking. Finally, Lisa pulled her hand from her panties and wrapped her newly-freed arm under and around Allison's left leg, which helped to hold herself in place on the writhing brunette.

Tears were forming in Allison's eyes and she spread her legs even farther apart, overcompensating for the compulsion to clamp her thighs over this angel of pleasure's head. She started moving her butt up and down, as if responding to unseen thrusts, and Lisa adjusted her timing to match hers. Suddenly, Allison grabbed her own knees and pulled them sideways, as if to expose her most-private area for the entire world to see and love. She struggled to stay still, barely able to control herself as Lisa rolled her head and darted her tongue all around the little girl's tingling pussy. Lisa suddenly wrapped her left arm under Allison's right leg, making separation all but impossible as she fought to finish the job.

"Aiiiihhh....!" Allison caught her scream as her insides started pulsing, squeezing and contracting on their own. Lisa felt the change and dove straight for the clitoris, tickling it with her lips and tongue, sucking it gently with her puckered lips, and then licking her slit up and down between the holes. Allison relished the involuntary dance going on inside herself. After several seconds, she remembered to breathe again, inhaling deeply and then letting it out slowly. Her legs relaxed and she opened her hands, letting her knees fall back down, so she could resume stroking Lisa's hair.

Sensing that she'd accomplished her mission, Lisa's heart swelled with pride. She looked at her friend with satisfaction but was interrupted when Allison leaned forward and took hold of her upper arms. "Come here," Allison said dreamily while guiding Lisa up on top of her. Allison slid her hands around Lisa's back and kissed her deeply, much to the blonde's surprise. "I couldn't have done it without you," Allison whispered. "You can 'experiment' on me anytime." Allison used her left hand to gently wipe away the excess juices and saliva from Lisa's face. Then she briefly rubbed the mixture off on the blanket before putting her hand on the back of Lisa's.

"I learned a lot, too," was all Lisa could think to respond. She immediately regretted not saying something smarter, but then she was afraid to spoil her little victory by babbling on and sounding stupid.

Sensing Lisa's awkwardness, Allison simply smiled and said, "Well, I don't know... I think you'd understand better if you actually experienced it from my point of view as well." Allison lifted her left knee and turned to her right, rolling Lisa over on her back and then landing on top of her. Lisa gasped in surprise but quickly felt at ease when Allison put her face right over hers and whispered heavily. "Don't worry, I was paying close attention." Allison slid down, kissing Lisa's neck, stomach, and torso before starting to pull off her panties.

Lisa closed her eyes and sighed, "Ahh, I love learning new things."

As she gently slid Lisa's panties down with both hands, Allison looked into Lisa's eyes and smiled devilishly. "Now pay attention: there will be a test on this later."


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