The Eager Surrogate

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“This is stupid, Phoebe,” Helga growled before dropping face-down on her bed and hugging the pillow around her face, nearly crying. “There’s no way I can do it!”

Phoebe simply sat down on the bed and sighed quietly. There was only the pitter-patter of the rain outside for nearly a minute until the small girl spoke up. “It’s okay, Helga. We have all night and most of tomorrow until my parents pick me up.”

The blonde girl turned to face the window, staring into the early darkness that the clouds had brought that Friday evening. The storm had ruined her plans to play baseball with the one who is both her eternal torture and her glorious salvation.

“I have an idea!” Phoebe suddenly hopped off the bed and went into Helga’s closet, rummaging around loudly enough to make Helga peek with concern. A few moments later, Phoebe emerged with a scarf around her head, broom bristles sticking out on both sides. The tails of a plaid shirt were sticking out from underneath her long sweater, and a small blue plastic cup took the place of Arnold’s small cap. “Okay, now you can pretend that I’m Arnold. You can tell him whatever you want without fear of being embarrassed.”

“Oh, yeah, there’s no way this could make me feel stupid.”

“Come on, Helga, just try it,” the Asian girl pleaded while sitting down on the bed again. Then she tried speaking a little lower and deeper, barely emulating the boy himself while resting her dainty hand on Helga’s knee. “It’s not such a bad idea, Helga. Just say whatever comes to mind.”

Helga brushed her hand away and cast a deep scowl at her best friend. “Get your hands off of me, football-head! And who said you could just come in here and sit down on my bed, like we’re friends or something?”

Phoebe cringed so much that she fell off the bed, desperately clawing at the bedcovers before her tiny bottom hit the floor. Helga got up on all fours and peeked over the edge of the bed. “I’m okay,” the brunette squeaked while pulling herself back up.

“Wow, that actually worked! I’m impressed, Phoebe.”

“Not exactly what I was hoping for, but it’s a start.” Phoebe then reached out and timidly offered her hand to Helga. The blonde looked at it suspiciously before reluctantly taking hold. “Now, Helga, try saying the things you tell yourself after you’ve snapped at Arnold – the nice things.”

“I can’t! He’d think I’m weird or soft or something. Criminny! Arnold probably hates me but he’s just so freakin’ nice he’d never say so. He certainly doesn’t want to hear that mushy stuff coming from me.”

Phoebe tried imitating Arnold again, “Sure I do, Helga. Deep down, I know that you’re really a nice person, and I’m sure you have lots of really great thoughts and ideas. I’d love to hear them.”

Despite the bad imitation, Helga’s heart fluttered for a moment. But then she suddenly pushed Phoebe back with a disgusted look. “Yeah, right.”

Phoebe knew she’d broken through, so she pressed forward with a slightly more assertive imitation of the blond boy. “There’s no need to be so nasty, Helga. I’m just trying to help, you know.”

“Well maybe I don’t need your help! I’ve always been just fine all by myself and I don’t need anybody!”

The faux boy turned her head down and looked sadly at her feet. “But, I thought maybe you’d want a little help sometimes.”

“No way, loser.” Helga turned her head and closed her eyes, crossing her arms defiantly. “That kind of stuff just makes you weak, and I can’t...”

Phoebe looked at her friend and gave her best calm imitation. “Can’t what, Helga?”

“Nothing!” The blonde trembled slightly and quickly wiped her eyes.

Phoebe took a deliberate step forward and sat on the bed, resting her hand on Helga’s back. “You can tell me.”

“I can’t. I can’t be weak. Never! Not even for a moment.”

“You’re not being weak just because you’re being human, Helga. I want you to stop hurting, so let it out... Even just a little.”

“No...” she sniffled. “Not even a little.”

“Why not?”

“’Cause if I did, if I ever let down my guard even just a little, I might say or do something stupid and totally humiliate myself.”

“You couldn’t do that, Helga. Not with me. I like you too much to make fun of you.”

Helga swung her head back and faced her oddly attired best friend. “What if I told you that I write poetry? What if you knew that underneath this tough exterior there was a scared and lonely little girl who really did need someone to love, and someone to love her back? What if I told you that I love you, Arnold, with all my heart, all my soul, ever since we met in kindergarten? And that I don’t think I could make it through a day, no, an hour without thinking about you, the brilliant sun that shines on me every day and the stars that lovingly watch over me every night. How my girlhood shakes with pain and anger, wishing desperately that we could be together, now and forever!”

Helga buried her hands in her face, crying softly.

Phoebe leaned forward and put her arms around Helga, resting her head between Helga’s face and chest. Again, she strained to do her best subdued Arnold voice, “Actually, Helga, I think that would make me really really happy.”

“You’re just saying that to be nice,” Helga said through her sniffles.

Phoebe looked up and slid her hand between Helga’s hand and chin, turning the larger girl’s face down until their eyes met. Her Arnold voice was more assertive than before, “Don’t tell me I don’t mean what I mean, Helga Pataki. That’s so like you.” Helga was too stunned to answer, but Phoebe softened her tone and continued, “Now, please tell me more about how you really feel about me.”

Phoebe made herself comfortable in Helga’s arms; she thought it would have been better to hold Helga instead, playing the more dominant Arnold that seemed to really get Helga worked up whenever the boy let it show, but for the moment she figured Helga would probably appreciate if she were a bit vulnerable as well.

After remembering to breathe, Helga continued, “For the longest time, I’ve only ever wanted to be by your side, to be near you and hear your happy voice. But I was always too scared that people would tease me or laugh. Worse, I thought you would too, so I stuffed all those feelings down inside of me — so far that it hurt. And then every time I think I might actually get close to you... think that I might actually say something with the slightest hint of how I really feel, all of those foul and wicked demons of my girlish insecurity boil over, spewing out like shards of molten glass that tear out my own throat as I only manage to hurt you once again.”

“I’m sorry I make you feel that way,” Phoebe offered. “But instead of saying anything, why don’t you just try being close to me instead? Then no one’s feeling get hurt and we might even have some fun together.”

“If only I could!” Helga let go of her friend and hung her head. Phoebe sat up on her own and stroked Helga’s shoulder as the blonde continued. “Every time I see Arno... you, I get lightheaded and the whole world spins around me, and my insides tremble with fear and excitement like a Chihuahua on crack!” Helga suddenly turned and gripped Phoebe’s shoulder’s tightly, staring into the small scared girl’s face. “Only by some small miracle, using every ounce of the part of myself I despise, can I keep from throwing myself at your mercy, baring my soul, my body, my very sanity! All that for even something as simple as the most-tender little...”

Helga closed her eyes and inhaled sharply through her nose. Still a little shocked, Phoebe was taking short fast breaths as her impassioned friend suddenly leaned in and pressed their lips together. It took a second or two for Phoebe to regain her senses, and then the tiny girl gave Helga a gentle little smack on the lips, like a family kiss, thinking it was just the reassuring note Helga would like to end this experiment with.

However, instead of pulling away, the movement of Phoebe’s lips against hers only stoked the fires of Helga’s long-repressed passion. She opened her mouth and began mouthing and sucking at her friend’s slight lips gently. The Asian girl tried to pull her head back slowly, but the blonde wrapped her arms tightly around the smaller girl, one hand on the small of her back and the other holding her broom-adorned head, pressing their faces closer together. Phoebe was helpless: her arms were trapped in Helga’s embrace and she barely had any leverage on her knees.

But just as she was convinced panic would set in, Phoebe heard Helga whimpering and felt the excitable girls’ hot tears dripping onto her cheeks. Despite having so much control, Helga was pleading with the faux Arnold, begging him to return her affections. Feeling like she had no choice, and perhaps a bit of guilt for pushing Helga over the edge, Phoebe closed her eyes and started working her lips back against her friend’s; also, she gripped Helga’s hips, the only place she could easily reach.

A sigh of pleasure escaped through Helga’s nose as Phoebe matched her lip play and repeatedly squeezed Helga’s hips and waist. Then, remembering something Gerald had awkwardly tried with her once, she parted her lips more and pressed her tongue forward into Helga’s hungry mouth. The other girl instantly responded in kind, running her tongue over and under Phoebe’s while grunting happily. With great effort, Phoebe jabbed her tongue into Helga’s mouth while forcing her arms free enough to wrap them around Helga tightly as possible. Without warning, Helga threw herself back onto her bed, bringing Phoebe down on top of her, and then took hold of the Asian girl’s hips.

Helga pulled her mouth away, kissing and licking Phoebe’s cheek while hotly whispering, “Yessssyessss! Have your way with me!” Though still uncomfortable with how things were turning out, Phoebe decided to keep playing along. She planted several kisses on the side of Helga’s face and worked her way down to the crook of her neck, eliciting gasps of joy from the blonde girl. Pheebs found herself at Helga’s ear and hesitated, but she knew that many of the geeks ate ear wax... but that probably wasn’t the reason why they were the way they were, so she decided to give it a stab – literally. She darted her tongue into the taller girl’s firm swirling folds like a butterfly might feed from a flower.

Helga sucked in a huge gasp. “Oh Arnold, yes! Like that!”

The heat rising off of her friend combined with the growing warmth from her own flushed, trembling body overrode the concerns and confusion flooding Phoebe’s mind. Her tongue took another wet, sticky jab at Helga’s ear and then gave it a few friendly licks, sucking in the gooey saliva she’d left behind. Then she took the top of it into her mouth and ran her tongue over and under, slowing to deliberately run it along the inside fold. Helga started writhing beneath her, sending fresh waves of pleasure through the brunette’s tingling little body. The blonde’s hot ragged breaths threatened to burn Phoebe’s delicate neck, but the small girl was willing to plunge herself into the fire. She gripped Helga’s head in both hands and opened her mouth over the entire ear, taking it into her mouth for a slow and very wet tongue scrubbing. Then Phoebe backed away and planted several loud sucking kisses on the burning flesh to pick up most of her spit once again. Afterwards, she took it in her mouth again and slowly dragged her face down, running her upper lip over the sensitive organ and, just before breaking free, ever so gently pressed her teeth into the earlobe.

Helga furiously kissed Phoebe’s neck and chin, taking her by surprise, and Pheebs was even more surprised to find herself bending her neck and head back as far as possible, making her whole throat completely vulnerable to her lust-enraged friend. The urge was so strong that she even tried to push herself up a bit, raising her hands onto Helga’s chest without realizing that she was pressing right into the girl’s small yet round and firm breasts. However, Phoebe had nearly pushed herself out of Helga’s easy reach, so she let herself down and turned her head sideways, giving the blonde easy access once again. The smaller girl took slow deep breaths and, without realizing it, continued kneading the pushy girl’s chest apples.

Soon, Phoebe felt one of Helga’s hands slide up under her sweater and across the satin panties that covered her tiny rounded bum, but the hand continued gliding up, pulling her long sweater about halfway up her back before it got stuck. A few yanks managed to pull it up to just about Phoebe’s chest, then Helga slipped her hand from underneath it and moved onto playing with the faux Arnold hair. The bristles and cup fell away in an instant, and with surprising dexterity Helga managed to untie the scarf and toss that aside too.

Phoebe took off her glasses and dropped them on the bed before moving her face back to Helga’s, kissing her mouth again in earnest. Helga’s free hand trembled with fear and delight as it crawled up to Phoebe’s bottom, and she began rubbing it slowly and softly, almost timidly. However, once she was sure Phoebe wasn’t complaining, she gave one cheek a firm squeeze and then gripped it loosely before starting to buck her hips up into the small girl ever so subtly.

Helga bent her head back into the bed, letting Phoebe give her neck the same treatment she’d just given her. She was also arching her back, pressing her breasts more boldly towards her surrogate football-headed boy. “Oh, Arnold, I’ve dreamt of this day for so long.” she gasped.

Several slurping kisses, some guttural mmmmmms and a few frustratingly-timid play bites were the only answer at first. Then Phoebe stopped for a moment and caught her breath before doing her Arnold voice again, “Oh, Helga, me too. I love you, Helga. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Arnold!” Helga practically cried out. Then she closed her eyes and turned her head to the side. “Oh, Arnold, you’ve made me the happiest girl in the world, but dare I ask? Can I be so selfish as to request... no, beg of you to express the ultimate proof of our love?” Phoebe resumed her kisses and even pulled the collar of Helga’s dress down, but it didn’t give her much more skin to work with. However, with her back still arched, it was easy for Phoebe to reach behind the blonde and, being careful not to catch her hair in the zipper, undo Helga’s pink dress. Then she pulled it down past Helga’s shoulders. Now that she had access to areas not usually seen by anyone else, Phoebe began biting and sucking eagerly, leaving Helga too breathless to speak for over a minute.

When Helga did manage to start mussing Phoebe’s hair and squeezing her bottom again, Phoebe slid her thumbs below the top of Helga’s dress and pressed her fingertips into the top of her young mounds; her thumbs drifted slightly lower and began tickling, barely caressing Helga’s tender, dark-pink nipples.

Helga’s legs parted beneath Phoebe and her hips started rubbing up and down against the brunette’s waist with more urgency. “Oh, Arnold! Your magical kisses burn all the way into the fiber of my being, and your fingers tease me with pleasures unimaginable. I can’t take it anymore! Please, Arnold, I’m begging you! Make me a woman!”

Phoebe stopped cold. Her own small, thoughtful voice came out this time. “Uh, Helga, I’m not really equipped for that.”

“No, don’t stop now!” Tears began flowing out of the corners of Helga’s eyes. “I’m so close, please!”

Pheebs thought and quickly resumed her Arnold persona. “Oh, Helga! I want us to become man and woman together! I really do! I want to make love to you so badly it hurts, but I respect you too much to do it before we’re married.”

Helga let out a fluttering sigh but the tears didn’t slow down. “Oh, Arnold, you stupid baboon! How could you bring me to the edge like this and deny me, you no good teasing a....!”

Phoebe quickly pressed her finger up against Helga’s lips. “Don’t fret, for I can’t bear to see you so tormented! Helga, my love, I will still pleasure you fully and completely, surely as the sun will rise tomorrow.” She fell forward on the blonde and started kissing her furiously again, running her fingers through Helga’s long blonde hair as she wiped away the tears. She accidentally yanked the pink ribbon out of Helga’s hair, but the blonde barely responded. However, soon she was sucking and kissing little friend back. Phoebe suddenly broke off the kiss and pressed her lips into Helga’s dry ear, hotly whispering, “I promise, my love!”

With that, the tiny girl sat up and straddled Helga’s waist. She grabbed her friend’s pink dress and started pulling it down. Then she got up on her feet and squatted over the blonde for a moment, giving the dress a hard tug before falling onto her bottom on the bed. Her bare feet came to rest between Helga’s legs as Phoebe finished pulling the dress off. One of her toes accidentally brushed against Helga’s soaking cotton panties, forcing the blonde girl to let out a long high-pitched squeal. Without responding, Phoebe got up on all fours and crawled over her friend until they were face-to-face once again. Then, she gave Helga a quick deep kiss before moving her lips to the girl’s chin, neck, and then briskly working her way down to the feverish girl’s chest.

Pheebs cupped Helga’s left breast in her hand and began kneading it roughly while taking the blonde’s right nipple into her mouth, immediately sucking it hard. Her free hand stroked up and down Helga’s side for a while, often threatening to tickle her hairless underarm, but Helga only moved her arm to the side, finding it more exciting to make herself more vulnerable to her friend-and-surrogate-lover. Phoebe couldn’t help herself from pressing her teeth into the tender nub, even raking her cute teeth across the swelling flesh. Helga resigned herself to sigh and moan in pleasure since Phoebe was just barely out of reach for her to rub her pelvis against now. When Pheebs moved her mouth over to Helga’s left breast the blonde moved her right arm up to the headboard, expecting the same tickling on her other side. However, she was surprised, quite thrilled even, when Phoebe’s left hand instead slid down and, after briefly tickling her tummy, came to rest just under the waistband of her moist panties.

The brunette sucked and bit even harder, as if trying to distract Helga as her fingertips gingerly ran across the elastic band, sometimes slipping inside and brushing more than a little against the very top of Helga’s mound. Soon Phoebe’s right hand was gripping at the waistband, her fingertips squeezing the thinnest part into her palm as she ever so slowly tried to pull them down. But even with Helga’s legs spread, Phoebe just wasn’t at the right angle to get them off, so instead the band just grazed the blonde’s most-sensitive skin while letting the cold air meet just a little of her hot, sticky flesh with each passing second.

With a loud slurp, Phoebe pulled her mouth away from Helga’s breast, making it stretch up and then fall back into place. The sudden jolt made Helga’s deepest nether regions ripple with electricity. Pheebs immediately sat back on her knees, smiling wickedly as she pulled Helga’s panties down her hips, giggling when the sticky wet crotch piece finally pulled away to expose her puffy reddened lower lips. Helga instinctively bent her knees and lifted her legs, letting Phoebe take the underwear completely off. The little girl smiled wickedly, and Helga couldn’t help but feel a strange new thrill, perhaps even some fear, looking into her friend’s devilishly burning eyes, which seemed so much bigger and more intense without her glasses.

Never taking her eyes off of Helga, Phoebe quickly tossed the panties over her shoulder and immediately dove in between Helga’s legs, digging her fingertips into the insides of the blonde’s thighs and pressing her lips right up against her dripping entrance. The brunette began slurping and sucking hungrily while her nose rubbed across and through the upper part of Helga’s soaking slit. Helga gripped the bedspread so hard that it hurt her hands, and she had to bite her lower lip to keep from letting out a yelp of pain. Her chest started heaving and her body was instantly glazed with light perspiration. Phoebe began kneading, pressing and urging Helga’s thighs even farther apart, and the lanky girl was helpless to do anything but comply with whatever Arnold wanted... or Phoebe wanted – it didn’t matter anymore!

Phoebe moved her mouth upwards, teasingly slow, flicking her tongue across Helga’s smooth labia several times and then pressing the very tip against Helga’s pee hole. However, she quickly moved on and started making hard and fast circles around the taller girl’s tingling, swollen clit. Phoebe didn’t even realize that she’d lifted Helga’s left thigh in her right hand, cupping and squeezing it so hard from underneath; her other hand began playing with the entrance to Helga’s love tunnel, scraping up and spreading the girls’ copious love juices around just inside her virgin opening, sometimes pressing inside just far enough to stretch that sensitive bit of skin that “Arnold” had insisted they save for their wedding night. Just when Helga started to get used to the rough teasing, Phoebe’s sopping wet fingernails scraped across the rarely-touched flesh between her vulva and butthole; then she found the brunette’s wet and sticky digits knocking eagerly against her backdoor. Meanwhile, the previously-dry knuckles of Phoebe’s other hand were now almost drilling into Helga’s pleasure cavern.

When Pheeb’s teeth scraped across the blonde’s now-exposed clitoris it made Helga’s butt cheeks tense up, and her back arched so hard that Phoebe lost her place. Undaunted, the brunette hooked her hands over the outsides of Helga’s hips, pressing her nimble fingertips into the fold where her legs met her pelvis and cunny, and then pulled her down so she could finish what she’d started. The small girl began alternately jabbing her tongue against Helga’s flushed girl lips, her needy and dripping baby hole, and the buzzing love button that seemed like it was about to pop.

Helga’s back suddenly arched again and she pressed her feet into the bed, raising her pelvis high above the mattress, but with her tight grip Phoebe’s upper body was easily lifted along with it. Helga grabbed her own breasts, squeezing and gripping them so hard she left red marks. She bucked her hips against Phoebe’s hot, powerful mouth while letting out a high-pitch scream, “Oh, Arnold! I’m cumming! I’M CUMMING!” Phoebe opened her whole mouth over Helga’s inflamed womanhood, sucking and licking with all her might while nuzzling the girl’s inner thighs with her entire face. Helga’s head swam with a thousand pleasured thoughts at once and her entire body tightened up so hard that it threatened to squeeze out her very soul. Everything went red and she could only feel the terrible yet heavenly sensations dancing across her nether regions, going all the way deep inside of her.

“YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTH!” A tidal wave of boiling girl juice flooded out across Phoebe’s face as Helga’s insides tensed and relaxed in powerful bursts. Helga’s mind went completely blank and she could only feel an unknown peaceful pleasure filling her entire being. She felt complete and perfect, just as she imagined being in love with Arnold would feel. Everything started to get blurry and she could feel her chest pounding, reminding her that she needed to breathe again. She wasn’t at all afraid even as she was gasping for air because it was all still so wonderful, but soon she collapsed back on the bed and everything went black. She couldn’t move, couldn’t think, couldn’t even wonder anymore.

Only after a little while did she sense someone moving over her, putting a pillow under her head, moving her arms and legs into a comfortable position, and then pulling a blanket over her panting and spent young body. She felt a gentle kiss on her forehead, which no one in her family ever did for her, so she knew it had to be Phoebe. Or Arnold. She wasn’t sure anymore, and she even wondered if it really mattered since both of them meant so much to her. Though her eyes were closed, she could tell when the lights went out, and then she felt a small warm body lie down next to her, stroking her hair and face until she drifted off into a glorious sleep.

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