Homer's Revenge

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Homer's Revenge.

“D’oh” mumbled Homer Simpson. The phone was ringing. When the phone rang in his work station, it was never good. With trepidation Homer picked up the receiver.

“Homer Simpson here” he mumbled into the mouth piece.

“Hommie?, it’s me”.

Hearing the sound of his wife’s voice immediately made Homer feel better. Thank goodness it’s her and not Mr.Smithers calling to tell him he had to work overtime or that Mr. Burns wanted him in his office.

“Hommie, we have a problem.” Homer sighed and sat back in his chair, resigned to listen to the latest bad news that has plagued him his entire life. The only thing that made the news bearable was the sweet voice of his beloved wife.

“What?..but…why me?...ok, ok. Fine. I’ll see him after work”.

With a heavy sigh Homer replaced the handset of the phone back into its cradle. He sat back in his chair replaying in his mind the story his wife just told him. Her sisters, the twins Patty and Selma were in deep shit. Both being single and working at the DMV had left them with plenty of disposable income. That is until the Monty Burns Casino opened. At first their losses were small and neither thought much of it. Then they started winning. Not much, just a couple of hundred here and there. But like all amateur gamblers, their losses were more than their winnings. Convinced they could win big and be set for life, they started making bigger and bigger bets trying to recoup their losses. Soon they ran through their savings and started embezzling money from the DMV. Swearing they would pay it back before the Auditors came, or when they hit their big pay off. The big pay off never came. They kept taking a little more, then a little more from the DMV. Soon they had taken over ten thousand dollars from the State. The Auditors were due soon and they knew if they didn’t get the cash back into the safe at the office, they would both end up in jail. So they turned to the only hope they had left. Fat Tony, the mobster. Fat Tony had given them the money they needed, and now he wanted his money back, with interest.

Marge had cried on the phone as she told Homer her story. That is the one weakness she knew Homer had and she used to her full advantage. Well, other than beer of course. When she cried, Homer would do anything, agree to anything just to get her to stop. She had asked Homer to intervene with Fat Tony on behalf of her sisters.

Homer once did a favor for Fat Tony and he owed him big time. Thanks to Homer, Fat Tony is still free and walking the streets instead of rotting in a prison cell.

Homer agreed to talk to the mobster. He said he couldn’t make any promises, but he would try.

Homer left work early, knowing someone would cover for him. After driving for twenty minutes, he pulled up to a non descript building on the edge of Downtown. Stepping into the ally he spotted the stairs going down to the lower level. He knocked on the door marked ‘Gentleman’s Club’ and waited to be let in.

“Homer, my friend. For no ones else would I do this for. But I owes you, and now this debt is paid.” Fat Tony leaned closer across the table, “but what I am giving you is a very valuable thing. And if yous were a smart man, you would use it to yours advantage. Dat I.O.U. from your sisters-in-law represents a big bundle. So longs as you hold dat, you owns them. Use it wisely.”

Walking Homer to the door, Fat Tony pauses, “Homer, one last ting, if yous have any more trouble from those two Hos, you can bring back dat I.O.U. “. Tony smiled evilly.

Sitting in his car, Homer thought long and hard about what Tony said, about how Patty and Selma had treated him like shit ever since High School when him and Marge first got together. His whole adult life those two cunts treated him like crap. Well it’s payback time.

Clutching a large brown paper bag, an evil smile crept across Homers face as he walked out of the Springfield Adult Book and Novelty Store. Starting the car he began the drive to the Lonely Spinster Apartments where the sisters lived. He called Marge on his cell phone to tell her that Fat Tony agreed to his request and was on his way over to Patty and Selma’s place. Marge was so happy she started weeping again.

“Sweetie, you’re not the only one who’s going to be crying today.” Sneered Homer as he ended the call.

“What do you want Fat Boy, lose your way to the donut shop?” grumbled Selma standing in the doorway. She was dressed in a dowdy house dress, her ever present cigarette dangling from the edge of her bitter, thin lipped mouth.

“Stand aside wicked bitch of the west before someone drops a house on you”.

Taken back by Homers aggressive attitude she stepped aside allowing him to walk in. Homer sat down on the sofa, placing his paper bag on the floor next to his feet.

At that moment, Patty walked into the room. “What are YOU doing here?”

“I came to tell you I just saved your sorry, saggy asses.” Said Homer, pulling the I.O.U from his shirt pocket. “So you better watch your smart mouth”.

Both girls gasped in disbelief. “Wha… how.. how did you get that?”

“Let’s just say Fat Tony owed me…. And now I own you. Now sit down.”

They both took a seat on a couch opposite Homer. The look on their faces went from anger, to astonishment, to fear as Homer explained without much detail, how Fat Tony owed him and if it wasn’t for Marge, he’d as soon let Tony sell them to a Mexican Whore House than lift a finger to help.

“As of now, I OWN you… You will do what I tell you, ..when I tell you, ..how I tell you. Or I give this small piece of paper back to Fat Tony.” Reaching into his paper bag, Homer pulled out two large red rubber balls with straps attached to each side. “Put these on..NOW!”

With trembling hands Selma reached out taking the ball gags, then passing one to her sister.

“You can’t be serious.” Said Patty, turning the ball gag over in her hand.

“As serious as death.” Said Homer, “Now do it, or I walk out that door and straight back to Fat Tony.”

The girls looked at each other, then slowly put the ball gags into their mouths and tightened the straps.

“Now, both of you, stand up, turn around and kneel on the couch.”

The sisters did as they were told, clutching the top of the back rest.

“Good. Now Selma, lift your dress up over your hips. Patty, pull down your pants.”

With trembling hands, the twins bared their panty clad asses. They looked back over their shoulders at Homer. Fear flashed in their eyes, heads shaking no, no, no as Homer pulled a small multi tailed whip from his bag.

“You cunts have been a pain in my ass since day one. Now I’m gonna be a pain ON your ass.”

Homer smiled as he walked up behind the twins. He could see Selma’s body shaking, causing her large round ass to wobble slightly. Patty just stared at Homer, pure hatred in her eyes.

“I’m going to start with Selma on her left butt cheek, then Patty’s left cheek, then Selma’s right cheek then… well you get the idea.” Homer raised his arm and brought the whip down harshly on Selma.


Turning his attention to Patty, Homer brought the whip down on her left cheek.


Back to Selma, her butt trembling, knowing what was to come.


Again, back to Patty’s right cheek.


Homer continued to whip each girl, he would hit one cheek, then the same cheek on the other girl. Each of the twins received ten lashes. Looking at the sisters, kneeling on the couch, legs trembling, faces wet with tears of pain and humiliation made Homer smile. But he wasn’t satisfied yet. These girls need to know who was in charge, and it WASN’T them.

“Well… that’s a good start. Now pull down your panties. I want to see those big fat asses…NOW!”

With shaking hands each sister reached back, pulling down her panties, exposing the red stripes and welts covering their butts, fat puffy pussy lips peeking out from between their thighs.

Homer laid into the large trembling asses before him with another ten strokes each. He enjoyed seeing how the butt cheeks would wobble and shake with each stinging kiss of the whip. The girls, crying out with each cruel stroke , their screams and moans muffled by the gags.

Satisfied, Homer put the whip back into his bag, “Ok you two. Here’s the deal. From now on you’re going to be nice to me and treat me with respect or your both going to learn how to say ‘sucky,fucky’ in Spanish real quick.”

The girls, tears streaming down their faces looked at Homer, sobbing violently nodded their agreement.

Homer took a small piece of paper from the brown paper bag and began writing on it, occasionally looking up at the two sisters. When he finished his task, he placed it on the coffee table.

“You two will show up at my house this Saturday, at eight o’clock. On this note are your instructions. I expect you to follow them.” Leaving the paper bag and the note, Homer walked out the door.

As Homer walked in the door of his home, Marge rushed to her husband, her arms embracing him, smothering his face with kisses.

“Oh Hommie, thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re such a wonderful man. I know you don’t like Patty or Selma, but since Mom died, they are the only family I have left.”

“Yeah, er,.. Marge, I invited them over Saturday night and.. well I don’t want the kids home. In fact, you might not want to be here that night either.”

“Why not?”

“Well… I sort of punished them… a little… you know.. for how they were always so mean to me. And I was planning on doing it some more this weekend.”

“Oh Hommie…No…please no.”

Homer sighed, “Fine. I’ll call them after Dinner and tell them not to come over.”

Bart and Lisa ran outside immediately after they finished eating, Homer sat on the couch watching the News and sipping a beer. Maggie sat on the floor, playing with her blocks and had inadvertently spelled out the words SPANK, RED, and was working on the word ASS when Marge came in.

“Hommie, I was thinking. I want you to go ahead and have Patty and Selma come over Saturday. I’ll have Bart spend the night with Millhouse and Lisa can stay with Janie. I’ll ask Ned Flanders to watch Maggie.”

“Why the change of heart, honey?” said Homer looking up at his wife.

“Well…. I got to remembering my childhood. How Patty and Selma always ganged up on me. Treating me like I was their slave, making me do their chores, dressing me up in silly costumes then making me go outside where all the neighborhood kids could see and laugh at me…. And then they would make me do … um..nasty things. To myself, while they watched and laughed. Then they would make me do nasty things to them. They need to be punished....I want to watch you punish them,…then I want you to watch ME punish them!”

Homer saw the sparkle in his wife’s eye and fell in love all over again.


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