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Ch. 2: Escape to Bling Bling Island

Summary: In which Susan turns to "Bling Bling Boy" for help in stopping Johnny
Story Codes: Anal, Incest, m/f, Reluctance, implied Fembot

Susan braced herself as the pod crash landed on the beach, rising from her seat she faught back the urge to gag as she approached the volcanoe lair of "Bling Bling Boy".

"Ah Susan Test, finally given in to the irresistable call of my love?" Eugene said after seeing his visitor.

"I'm going to level with you Eugene. Mary and I created a supercharged bull testosterone derivative to try and permanently cure erectile dysfunction. But the test animals exhibited terrible side effects, including a complete loss of impulse control, massively enhanced strength and aggresive hypersexual behavior" Susan said.

"And?" Eugene said, raising an eyebrow.

"The problem is that Johnny got ahold of it and now he's trying to have sex with every woman in Porkbelly including me. He already got Susan, and yours is the only lab with the resources to make a counter agent.

"Tell you what Susan Test you can stay in my guest quarters, and in the morning I'll have my scientists assist you," Eugene said.

"Yeah, what's the catch?" Susan said incredulously, expecting to have to go on a date with him or something.

"No catch I just can't bear the thought of Johnny violating my beloved Susan," Eugene said, leading her towards the guest room. Said room turned out to be an opulantly furnished bedroom with a large four poster bed and it's own bathroom.

"I'll leave you to rest now sweet Susan, if you need to change there is a complete wardrobe in the closet I had tailored to your exact size," Eugene said, on his way out.

Checking the closet Susan found that it was indeed filled with replicas of her favorite outfit, ignoring how creepy that was, she descided to take a quick shower while she had the chance.


Eugene rushed back to his command console and switched on his spy cameras just in time to watch Susan undress and step underneath the water. Grinning E-viley he dropped his pants and began to stroke. Suddenly his door burst open from a hard kick from Johnny.

"What? how did you get past my guards?!" Eugene yelled, hastily pulling up his pants.

"Yeah free bit of advice, don't send hot anatomically correct cyborgs to stop a superstrong sexfiend," Johnny said grinning viciously. "Now which room is that camera spying on?"

"I uh, don't know what your talking about," Eugene said nervously as he switched off the camera, before hastily pressing another button labeled 'security'. Johnny watched amusedly as he tapped the silent alarm button like his life depended on it.

"Dude, weren't you paying attention? I was just in that room putting the wood to your security and Dukey's still down there finishing the job of sexing your cyborg guards into comas, they're not coming to help you," Johnny said laughing.

"Yes laugh away because I will never reveal the location of my dear Susan! NEVER!" Eugene yelled, defiantly. Johnny's good humor evaporated in an instant replaced by a look that was equal parts anger and utter hatred. Eugene squeeked like a trapped mouse as Johnny lifted him by the front of his shirt and brought them nose to nose.

"Tell me where she is or I'll pull off your legs and butt rape you with them," he said menacingly.

"D-D-did I say never cause I meant down the hall and to the left," Eugene said, his voice quivering. Johnny dropped him on the floor as his smile returned.

"Thanks buddy, and feel free to watch," Johnny said switching the monitor back on as he left to find Susan.

Down the hall and to the left...

Susan felt Johnny slide up behind her as she reached down to turn off the faucet, her first instinct was to run, but Johnny's inhumanly strong hands slipped around her waist, pulling her tight against his chest and allowing his erection to settle inbetween the firm cheeks of her ass.

"Hey Susan, I've been looking all over for you. After all, my harem just wouldn't be complete without you in it," Johnny said smirking.

"Hey Johnny, tell me is there any way to get out of this whole you raping me thing?" Susan said nervously as Johnny slid his cock up and down in the crack of her ass.

"You can't rape the willing sis. I know you've been wanting some big strong man to stick it in you, and I qualify as big and strong now," Johnny said punctuating these last words by halting the movement of his hips in favor of lifting susan up and down bodily, using her firm ass cheeks to stroke his cock.

"You say that like I'm some kind of slut!" Susan yelled indignantly. Johnny raised an eyebrow as he let out a rye chuckle.

"There's no point in denying it sis, Mary told me everything: How you two have been trying to invent the perfect vibrator and how you 'test' them on each other." Susan blushed crimson, unable to deny that she and Mary had been inventing and testing sex toys since they hit puberty.

"Oh by the way, she also told me how much you like it in your ass!" Johnny proclaimed snapping his brilliant sister out of her revery and thrusting his hips forward, spearing her tight anus with his monster erection. Her ass gave way to him and softly flowered open as his cockhead slipped inside.

"Mary was right, you must use some pretty huge toys back here. Otherwise you'd be screaming right now," Johnny said as he, grabbed hold of the soft flesh of her belly and forced his engorged ramrod deeper into the tight clutch of her buttocks. Susan Test could only moan in answer as her tight anus was plundered by her hormone crazed younger brother.

"Ungh, man this was worth all the trouble I went through to get it," Johnny grunted as he forced his dick in and out of his sister's bowels.

Susan whimpered slightly, as Johnny said she had had things as big and even slightly bigger than him inside her before, but the difference between a pneumatic protopenis 5000-j dildo and a real live throbbing cock was unbeleivable. Almost without being aware of it her hand dropped down to slide two fingers into her dripping slit and she began to rock her hips in time with Johnny's thrusts.

"Ha, I see you're finaly getting into it sis. I bet you never invented anything this good," Johnny boasted, gyrating his hips causing his cock to rub roughly against her insides.

Susan bit her lip to keep from moaning again. He was right none of the countless toys she and Mary had built had felt even half as good as her 'little' brothers powerful thrusts. She fingered her slot faster as she felt an orgasm approaching. Her eyes squeezed shut, as she erupted, spraying her juices onto the shower floor.


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