Marge's Correction

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Marge’s Correction.

I moved to Springfield about five years ago. Thanks to a hefty inheritance I didn’t really have any money problems, but I wasn’t rich either. I supplemented my income by doing some Systems Consulting work.

 I live next door to a family named Simpson. Homer, Marge and their kids. Next to the Simpsons lived Ned Flanders. Nice guy, but I never talked to him much.

 I’ve gotten to know the Simpson family over the years. Homer wasn’t too bright and had an alcohol problem. I felt sorry for Marge and the kids. A number of times Marge had asked me to keep an eye on Lisa and Maggie the baby while she went to a bar called Moes or the local jail to get Homer.

It was during these times I’d gotten to know Lisa. She was a marvel. She was eight, blond and cute as a button. But it was her intelligence that attracted me to her the most. It was during one of these impromptu baby sitting times that Lisa noticed that I had multiple Computers around the house. She asked if she could use one to do her homework . I told her she was welcome to it as I keep Maggie entertained.

That’s how it began. Soon, Lisa was over at my house every couple of days to use one of the systems I had around the house. I offered to loan her one, but she said she’d rather use it here where it was quieter and she wouldn’t be bugged by her brother Bart.

 I was sitting in my office working on a proposal for a client when I heard a strange noise. I cracked the door open and peered out. Lisa was sitting at a small desk I had setup in the Dining room, her back toward me. The noise I had heard came from whatever video she was watching on the screen.

 I couldn’t see what she was watching, but I could see her left hand in her lap, her arm moving up and down . I quietly stepped back into my office. All of the computers in my home were networked together. Setting back down at my desk I clicked a few icons. What appeared on my monitor is what was on Lisa’s screen.

 It was a video of a young woman draped across the knees of an older man receiving an open hand, bare bottom spanking. Clicking another icon, I activated the camera mounted above Lisa’s screen.

 I could see Lisa in a smaller window to the bottom right of my screen. Her skirt was raised up, and her hand was in her panties, rubbing vigorously. I could hear Lisa’s heavy breathing. Then she muttered, “ Yeah, take it you smart mouth little bitch…. You deserve it……You want it, You know you do.”

 Fascinated, I watched Lisa rub her little pussy, muttering obscene things as the video played on. I clicked a couple of keys which started recording what was displayed on my screen. Both the spanking video and the camera view insert of Lisa masturbating and the audio of what she was saying.

 This went on for over an half hour. Lisa watched clip after clip of spanking videos, the whole time masturbating and muttering obscenities. I watched as she brought herself to climax, again and again.

My God, I thought, hasn’t she had enough? Her poor little cunt must be red and rubbed raw by now. I, of course had taken my own hard cock out and had been rubbing myself. After cuming twice, I thought “This had gone on long enough”.

 I called out “It’s getting late Lisa, your Mom will start to wonder where you are”.

“OK!” she responded. I watched her on my screen as she pulled her hand out of her panties and straightened her dress. She killed the video and all of the windows she had opened on the computer and turned it off.

She came into my office, her face slightly flushed.

“May I come back tomorrow? I still have some research to do for my paper”

 She smiled that sweet shy smile that could melt stone and looked at me hopefully.

 “Sure, no problem. Just be sure your Mom knows where you’re at”.

The next day she was back. I sat in my office watching and recording her. Again she was watching spanking videos, her hand frantically rubbing her pussy and muttering obscenities.

“Ohh yeah, smack that bitch!...Look at that red ass....You love it, don’t ya cunt. Yeah, you know you do.”

This time Lisa wasn’t wearing any panties. The sight of her little pre-teen pussy, her fingers rubbing up and down her slit, back and forth against her clit.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled my cock out of my pants and began stroking as hard and fast as Lisa rubbed her pussy. Again I allowed this to go on for some time, recording the entire show. After my cock was rubbed sore and I couldn’t cum again if someone held a gun to my nuts, I called out.

“Lisa, ….Sorry dear, but I have to go out soon so you’ll have to wrap it up out there.”

Again I watched the monitor as she killed the video and started closing down the computer.

“Ok Sir. I’m leaving now. Thanks again for letting me use your computer.”

I left a few minutes later to get some dinner. I had some serious thinking to do. If I let this continue I could get into serious trouble. Jail time, probably. By the time I had finished eating , I had reached a decision.

The next day, I woke up to a clear, warm beautiful late spring day. After my morning ‘Shit, shower and shave’ ritual I called the Simpson house.

 “Marge? I was wondering if you’d like to come over for coffee. I have something I need to talk to you about.”

 Marge sat at my desk. Her mouth open, face red. I didn’t know if it was from embarrassment or rage. Rage at Lisa or rage at me.

 I showed her an edited version of the recordings I made. I told her I only had the one recording and it was only a few minutes long. All Marge saw was the spanking clips Lisa was watching and a view of her from the chest up and the obscenities she was muttering. Marge couldn’t see Lisa frigging herself, but from her arm movement it was obvious what she was doing.

Marge watched as I deleted the modified video and swore to her that it was the only copy. She left soon after that. I spent the rest of the morning waiting for the knock on the door and the authorities coming to take me away.

 Spending the entire day in trepidation of what was to come, it was almost a relief when I heard a knock on the door. I was surprised when I opened it to see Marge and Lisa standing there.

 “We have to talk.” Marge said sternly as she walked through the door, pulling Lisa by the hand. She headed straight to the kitchen. I could see the fear in Lisa's eyes as she looked back at me. When I reached the kitchen, Marge had taken her usual seat at the small table by the window. I silently went about the process of making a pot of coffee.

The coffee done, I poured a cup for Marge, one for myself and placed a can of soda in front of Lisa. Silently I sat down and waited for the barrage of angry yelling, the accusations of being a pervert, a child molester and corrupting her child. How she was going to call the police and would see me put away for a thousand years. The yelling...The cursing....The angry accusations...never came.

 After taking a few sips from her cup, Marge sighed. “Something very wrong happed here. A trust was given, then violated and abused. Lisa, I want you to take that chair into the living room and wait for us.”

 Lisa got up from her seat, taking the straight back chair in both hands she walked into the other room.

“Please come with me.”

Marge stood , picked up her coffee and preceded me into the living room. Lisa had placed the chair in the center of the room and was standing beside it.

“Please have a seat .”

I sat down on the chair, curious what would happen next.

Marge stood before me.

“Lisa told you she was using your computer to do her homework. She lied to you. She lied to me. Instead of doing her homework, she was watching porn. She lied to us, and she abused our trust. Lisa, take off your dress and panties then get across his lap.”

 I looked over at Lisa as she was pulling her panties off. She stood there for a moment, allowing me to look over her small frame, her smooth hairless pussy, the hard little nubs that someday would be full round breast like her mothers.

She walked over to me and crawled up upon my lap, face down, her beautiful round butt squarely centered. I couldn’t help myself. I reached down to touch, caress her. My hand covered her entire ass.

A light moan escaped Lisa’s lips when she felt me lightly fondle her.

“Since Lisa is so fond of watching spankings, I think she should know what it feels like. I want you to spank her. And don’t be gentle about it.”

 I looked up at Marge, “What?”

 “You heard me. Lisa lied to us, and she abused our trust, she must be punished. Now raise your hand and smack that ass!”

 I looked down at the perfect, round little mounds across my lap.

“please.” Lisa whispered softly, looking back at me over her shoulder.

 I raised my hand and quickly brought it back down. *smack* *smack* *smack*.

“You call that a spanking? I want her punished. SMACK THAT ASS!!”

 Encouraged by Marge, and fearful of what she might do if I don’t, I started putting more effort into Lisa’s punishment .

 *SMACK* ooh *SMACK* aaaw *SMACK* ughh *SMACK* nooo *SMACK* ohh… no more ….please *SMACK SMACK SMACK*.

I continued abusing Lisa’s poor little butt. By now it had turned a deep shade of red.

Lisa was squirming around on my lap, trying to escape the hand that was raining pain down upon her. I continued my abuse of her poor tender ass until she stopped wiggling and laid there, quietly sobbing.

“I think that’s enough.” Marge sighed, “Ok Lisa, you can get up now.”

Slipping off my lap, Lisa stood to the side rubbing her poor, reddened ass, whimpering softly.

Marge stood before me. “I have a confession to make. It’s not entirely Lisa’s fault.”

 She moved to stand at the side of my chair. “Homer and I have been into spanking for most of our married life. But I didn’t know that Lisa was listening to us through the wall. I guess we got a little loud at times. Homer yelling at me... calling me his fat butt little bitch... me begging him to hit me harder,... how I was his slut and I deserved his spanking.”

 She looked back at Lisa, “I didn’t know Lisa was listening and masturbating while we were doing it.”

She then edged a bit closer, “But now Homer seems more interested in beer than me”.

She started to raise her skirt. “I’m such a bad mother. I subjected my little girl to such perversity, before she was ready to understand how two people could get enjoyment from some of the more.....interesting ways of snuggling.”

 Her skirt was now up above her hips, her conservative white panties exposed. She laid down across my lap. “Please, I’ve been so naughty, I need to be corrected.”

 My cock was soooo hard. It got really hard when Lisa was laying across my lap. Now it was so hard it was painful. And I’m sure Marge could feel it pressed against her hip.

*SMACK* *SMACK* ummmm *SMACK* .

 I gave Marge’s ass about ten good swats, mesmerized by the sight of her firm, round butt cheeks wobbling and shaking with each smack of my hand.

“Ooohhh yesss,” she moaned. “This feels sooo good. But I’ve been really really bad, I think you should pull down my panties and give me a bare butt spanking.”

 Always willing to accommodate a lady, I grasped the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. Marge didn’t raise her hips or help in anyway. This forced me to be a little rougher getting them down. Judging by the moan that escaped her lips, a little rough was just how she wanted it.

 Marge now laid across my lap, her white panties around her thighs just above her knees. Her perfect, tight, round and pink butt cheeks on full display.


I didn’t bother to count the number of times I swatted her perfect behind. She wiggled and swayed her hips on my lap, grinding her pussy onto my thighs, rubbing her hip against my raging hard on.

 Then I heard a familiar sound. Looking over I saw Lisa. She was standing there, still nude. One hand feverishly rubbing her clit, a finger of her other hand pumping in and out of her fuck hole.

 “Yeah, that’s right. Give it to that cunt...That SLUT.....Oooh ...She deserves it and she’s loving every minute of it.....OOOHHH GOOODDD!!!!.”

She screamed as a torrent of pussy juice flowed down her leg.

Lisa had cum, and cum hard. But this didn’t stop her, she continued rubbing her clit and fingering her tight little pussy as she watched me spanking her mother as Marge flowed from one orgasm into another.

After another ten minutes or so Marge slid off my lap and onto the floor. She knelt there between my legs, breathing heavily.

“Oooh I needed that, and now I must thank you for correcting me.”

 She reached up and unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my pants and pulled down the zipper. I raised my hips for her as she slid my pants and underwear down to my ankles. Grasping my cock she slid her hands up and down the shaft a few times then reached out with her tongue to lick the drops of pre-cum that oozed out of the tip. She took my cock into her mouth, held it there as her tongue twirled around it.

Then she began to suck on it in earnest. I watched Lisa finger her clit even harder as she watched her mom’s head bob up and down, her other hand between her legs fingering her hole.

 “Suck it....Suck it you cunt, you filthy whore....Eat that cock!!...AHHHHH SHIIIIT!”

 Lisa screamed as her orgasm caused her legs to buckle and she collapsed on the floor. At the same time as Lisa was cuming I felt the tingling in my balls. Marge could tell I was about to blow my load and she started jerking my shaft and sucked even harder.

When I started to cum, Marge took my whole cock into her mouth and my seed shot down the back of her throat . After sucking me dry, Marge continued licking up and down my shaft and around the head of my cock, mewling like a kitten who wanted more cream.

After another cup of coffee, Marge took hers standing up, they both dressed and left.

A couple of days later, I’m back sitting at my desk. Lisa is sitting on my lap, her dress rolled up above her waist and no panties on.

My hard cock was between her thighs. Lisa held it there, pressed against her pussy as she shifted her hips up and down, rubbing her clit against my dick. Her right hand was on the mouse clicking on her beloved spanking videos.

“ Oooh, look at that girls big fat ass. The guy with the belt is really doing a number on her.

Heh. Listen to her scream. She’s faking it, she’s loving every second of it. The fat ugly cunt, she needs her ass whipped and she knows it.”

Lisa started rubbing herself even harder against my cock, now slick with her juices.

“By the way.... ugh…yes… yessss… mmmmm,...Mom said she’d be over later after she gets Maggie down for her nap. She said to tell you she was naughty and missed the PTA meeting last night and she needs to be corrected.”


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