Cruel Explorations

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Lisa Simpon's tears streamed down her cheeks, mingling with the warm water of the shower. She couldn't believe what had happened, didn't want to believe it, but it did. Despite the lather that soothed her soft skin she felt filthy, and no amount of soap would ever clean the stain of the horrid memories that would forever be in her mind.

That morning started off like any normal Saturday in the Simpon household, her mother Marge was busying herself with the seemingly endless chores with her usual smile, her father was seated in his usual spot on the couch complaining about some sports team that wasn't performing while her baby sister played with her blocks at his feet. Lisa had contemplated playing her saxaphone to whittle away the day, but fearing that her dad would be roused she chose to head into the kitchen to see what her mother was currently doing. She was rather surprised to find she wasn't there, with the breakfast dishes still piled in the sink. A quick glance past the corner confirmed that Marge wasn't in the living room, just Homer and Maggie. A twinge of worry began to gnaw at Lisa, foolish as it seemed, that something had happened to her mother. She tried to dismiss the feeling, thinking herself foolish for such thoughts. After all, her mother was a former police officer and had won a fight in an ultimate fighting scenario, surely she's fine wherever she was. But the nagging feeling continued to ebb away at the young girls mind, until finally she decided to check upstairs. Passing through the living room, she was quick to pass the tv as to not disturb her father's fixation upon the program. Maggie, however, took notice of Lisa and cooed happily, and Lisa stopped to ruffle her hair a bit before trotting upstairs in search of her mother.

Once she reached the second floor, Lisa quickly noticed something was a bit different. Her parent's bedroom door, normally left wide open by her father, was closed. Walking up to it, she discovered that it wasn't closed fully, but closed more than normal. Taking a breath, Lisa pushed it open and began to speak, but never got the first word out. She had only opened it a slight bit, but it was more than enough for her to see her mother, nude, with what appeared to her as a plastic tube inserted in her neither regions. Shocked, Lisa knew she should turn away and leave Marge to her time, but her eyes couldn't stop staring at her mother as she plunged it deeper and deeper into her body. Seconds ticked by, and each one brought a new and strange feeling to the child as she watched her mother pleasure herself. The sight filled her with both disgust and excitement, now able to hear Marge moaning softly with each thrust. Lisa made a final attempt to pull herself away, but the sight was too alluring to the child, and she only managed to pull the door back to better hide herself from possibly being seen by her mother. Soon, the child felt unable to stand, and took a knee as the show continued for her. So enthralled by her mother, she never noticed someone creeping up behind her.

"Enjoying the show Lees?" Came the voice of her brother, Bart, in a seductively accusing whisper into Lisa's ear. The sudden shock almost made her scream, but fear of Marge hearing her kept Lisa quiet, though it did manage to tear her from the doorway and break whatever hold her mother had on her.

"B-Bart What are you doing here, I thought you were at Milhouse's!" She exclaimed, trying her best to compose herself, though she felt like the deer in the headlights, and Bart knew it. He reached to the door to their parents room, quietly closing the door before turning back to his sister.

"You are going to be in so much trouble when Mom finds out you were spying on her." He remarked, his voice holding a gleeful anticipation. Bart always enjoyed watching Lisa get punished, just as she often times did the same to him. But Lisa knew that what she did was far worse than anything Bart had done, she had willingly invaded her mother's privacy, and the consequences of that could bring a punishment worse than she could even imagine, nor did she want to try.

"Bart, I'm sorry, listen....she doesn't have to find out." She pleaded, keeping her voice down low so that no one would overhear. "I'll do anything you want, just please don't tell!" She continued, her mind racing as to what she could do to appease her older brother. "I'll do your homework for the next two school years.....I'll let you have my dessert for the entire year, just don't tell!"

Bart pondered her offers, obviously taking his time to watch Lisa sweat out his response. Lisa, who was on the verge of literally sweating, got down to her knees and pleaded. "Please, I'll do anything!" was all she could say.

"Anything?" He repeated, his interest piqued, offering Lisa a glimmer of hope, and she too repeated it. "Anything Bart, just don't tell."

Bart glanced to both sides, seeing that they were still alone in the hallway, and nodded. "Ok Lees,there is one thing, go to my room and wait for me there. Do what I ask, without question, and no one else will know that you like peeking in on mom's private time." He said, and Lisa quickly nodded and almost ran to his room, relief breaking out on her face that she might be able to escape a surefire punisment for the ages.

Ten minutes, she had been waiting for Bart for ten minutes and she began to grow impatient. She had spent the time wondering what sort of thing Bart would ask for his silence. She did find it strange that he would have her wait here, normally when he caught her he just took a bribe like the ones she had mentioned, but this time seemed different. Perhaps he wanted her to go befriend someone to set them up for a prank, something she had done to avoid grounding for accidentally ruining one of her dad's wires to the television. However, before she could contemplate whatever prank he would have in mind the door opened and Bart slipped inside carrying a curious Maggie in his arms. He quickly shut and locked the door before placing the baby on the bed and turned to Lisa, a grin on his face that quite frankly sent shivers up Lisa's spine.

"Ok Lisa, since you seem to like looking at girls, I'm giving you the chance to explore them." He said, slipping Maggie's blue dress off with ease, leaving the toddler in nothing but a diaper. For her part Maggie seemed unconcerned about her state of undress, giggling a bit as the cooler air washed over her now exposed skin. Lisa, on the other hand, froze in shock at what Bart said, not wanting to believe what she had just heard. Opening her mouth to speak, Bart quickly cut her off. "You said anything Lisa, and without question or I go straight to Mom. She's in the kitchen now doing dishes, make your choice." Stunned, Lisa stood there in disbelief, her gaze shifting from her devilish brother to the innocent child on the bed, who was steadily crawling in her direction with a smile. She had no options, either play this sick game or be confined to her room until her mid-thirties. Biting her bottom lip, Lisa slowly joined her baby sister on the bed and pulled her close. Bart also joined the two, motioning for them to move closer to the center, where there was more room.

Laying Maggie down on her back, Lisa began to undo her diaper straps with a trembling hand. A nervous lump in her stomach quaked as the final strap was undone and Maggie was displayed in all her young glory to the two. She didn't mind of course, not knowing anything about being naked or what it entailed. She smiled up at her sister, and Lisa tried to smile back, a single tear falling from her eye and splashing down upon Maggie's knee. Not sure of what to do next, she looked to Bart, holding on to hope that it was a sick joke and he would put a stop to it. Instead however, he grabbed Lisa's hand and before she could react placed it firmly upon Maggie's smooth mound, and held it there.

"Rub it." He commanded, before releasing his grip on her. Fighting back more tears, Lisa complied and let her fingers trace the outlines of Maggie's soft flesh. She cooed in response, her hips instinctively pushing back against Lisa's hand, happy as could be. "See, she likes it." Bart said, his gaze focused upon Lisa's hand against the baby's undeveloped sex. "Slip your fingertip between her lips, rub it gently and see what happens." He continued, his own arousal now quite evident by the buldge that tented his trademark blue shorts. Lisa complied, and dove slightly deeper into Maggie's folds, her fingernail brushing against the small nub of flesh that was Maggie's clit. This caused Maggie to moan, still very much happy, and she again thrusted her hips against Lisa's hand. She obviously liked that, and with Bart's continued encouragement Lisa continued.

"Now, stick your finger into her, just like Mom did with her toy." Bart commanded, but Lisa stopped suddenly, fear quickly taking over her features. "Bart, I can't do that!" She exclaimed, "I can't take her virginity like that!" Bart sighed, shaking his head. "Then I guess I gotta tell Mom." He replied, sliding towards the door, but Lisa quickly grabbed his shoulder. "No...I mean......if I do that, Mom might find out when she changes her." She reasoned, her mind racing to come up with an excuse to not penetrate the toddler, and that seemed like a good one. Bart again pondered Lisa, his gaze shifting between her and Maggie.

"Ok, but since you won't explore her like that, I'll explore you. You don't wear diapers, so no one will know." He replied, a sadistic grin on his face that shocked Lisa. At that point, she debated on letting Bart squeal, but thoughts of what Marge would do to her if she found out terrified her, and Lisa nodded silently, a fresh batch of tears welling up in her eyes as she did so. Bart's expression didn't change, and he quickly slid back up on the bed.

"Take off the dress." He ordered, and Lisa had no other recourse but to obey. Sliding the garment from her chest, she began to notice a strange tingling that had steadily been growing since this whole encounter began, between her legs. She had tried to deny it, but with the inevitability of what was to come she could no longer ignore it. She was getting turned on, turned on by touching her baby sister's intimate parts and by the mere thought of her brother touching hers. Part of her wanted to throw up, disgusted at herself as well as Bart, but as her dress fell to the wayside revealing her in her favorite "Malibu Stacy" underwear a growing part of her almost yearned for it. She had been curious about sex ever since she learned about it, and being such a smart girl she had manage to learn about it a while ago, but never had she considered practicing it, much less with her siblings. Her thoughts were suddenly interupted as Bart took hold of her by the shoulders and gently, though forcefully, laid Lisa down next to Maggie. Desperate for someone to rely one, she took the baby's hand in her own and swallowed as Bart grasped her underwear and slid them from her body. Bart took notice of this, and placed Lisa's hand with Maggie's upon the baby's sex once more, grinning almost evilly at the two girls. "You don't have to go inside her, but she still wants to have fun." He remarked, and as if on cue Maggie thrust her hips again at Lisa's hand, making Lisa cringe inwardly. But, under her brother's glare, she released Maggie's hand and continued to fondle the baby's lower lips again bringing forth another pleasured moan from her.

Bart went straight for Lisa's somewhat plump yet smooth mound, poking and prodding at various points, his inexperience obvious as Lisa first found his attempts to be boring at best. But it didn't take him long to find her more sensitive area, bringing forth a strangely thrilling sensation to her still undeveloped sex. Lisa found herself bucking against his probing fingers before long, despite her desire to lie still. Turning her gaze to Maggie, Lisa saw that Maggie had moved her own hand to join Lisa's in touching her folds, her cooing and giggling being fast replaced with moans eerily similar to those Marge had been making. Lisa wanted to stop her, to distract her with a toy or cookie, or anything that would make her lose the newfound interest Maggie had in her own body. Lisa's attention was turned back to Bart as she felt him spread her legs apart, and what she saw almost made her scream. While Lisa's eyes were on Maggie, he had slipped his pants off, and was aiming his now rock hard shaft directly at Lisa's exposed sex.

"Bart, please don't!" She whispered, fear etched in her voice. Though she knew that if he wanted to, she couldn't stop him. His body, still smooth and hairless like hers, was surprisingly not that bad to look at she discovered. Despite her fears, a small voice inside her was actually wanting him to plunge into her, to finally experince the thing that up till now had only been deemed "grown up stuff", or "not for children". Bart, surprisingly, did stop when she whispered. For a moment, Lisa dared to believe that he would respect her plea. But as she gazed deep into his eyes, putting on the most sad and pleading face she could muster, his eyes told a different story.

"Roll over." He said, and just as Lisa's heart sank Bart grasped her by the waist and rolled her over. Reacting quickly, Lisa slipped to her knees to avoid crushing Maggie against the bed, letting Lisa look into the innocent child's eyes as she tried to fondle herself now with both hands. Noticing this, Bart grinned and slipped beside the pair and slid Maggie up towards the headboard until her lower lips were even with Lisa's face. Lisa looked to Bart, fearful, and Bart smiled and nodded his head, gesturing to Maggie before dissapearing from her view once more. Now she knew what Bart wanted, and that thought turned her stomach. For a brief moment she wondered if she could play dumb, but Bart's hand suddenly pressed against the back of her head forcing her closer to Maggie. Lisa no longer tried to hold back her tears, instead she gave up and lowered her face down and let her tongue slide across Maggie's slit.

Lisa was thankful that Maggie had a clean diaper when this all began, silently wondering if Bart had changed her during the wait or not. Either way Maggie's flesh was clean as it was smooth, the taste wasn't nearly as gross as one would imagine, and she soon found herself contently lapping at both the outer and inner folds of her baby sister's sex, which Maggie seemed to love. Her unbridled moans of happy pleasure echoed across the room despite Lisa's inexperience in oral sex. She felt Bart's hands upon her hips, kneading the flesh with a surprisingly gentle touch. She could hear his words of approval of her, though the exact words didn't register, partially drowned out by Maggie's moans. It was then that Lisa felt the hot piece of flesh pressed against her virgin hole, and she knew without seeing what Bart was doing. Her mind flashed back to her buddist manuals, the latest one in her room regarding relaxation. Reciting the words as a mantra in her head, she felt her body lose some of it's tension just as Bart's rod plunged into her folds. The pain was sudden, and for a brief moment intense. Lisa cried out into Maggie's flesh, muffling her scream and eliciting a very strong pitched moan from the baby, who quickly tensed up and began to spasm beneath Lisa's tongue. *Maggie's orgasming!* she realized, the fabled state of pure bliss that comes from true sexual satisfaction, all before the age of two. She wanted to cry, not just because of the pain from her brother's erection buried deep in her womb, but for the innocence that both of them lost at Bart's hand. As Maggie's climaxe subsided, Lisa began feeling her own begin to build, the slow yet intense burn that mingled with the remnents of pain from her lost virginity caused her to involuntarily thrust back to meet with Bart, who after the first plunge had begun a steady rythm of pumping in and out of the now slick hole within his sister. Lisa lifted her head slightly, getting a fresh breath of air and daring to look at her sister's face. What she saw was a tired, yet strangely content smile etched on her sister's features. Maggie's pacifier had fallen out at some point, and lay beside her head, and for once the child made no move to return it to her mouth.

"Almost...." Bart managed to say, snapping Lisa back to the now fiery burning passion deep within her, moans now escaping her throat, uncontrolled, as Bart's pace quickened substantially. With a final, forceful thrust Bart orgasmed, his immature seed splashing hotly into Lisa's womb, filling her in a way she never even fathomed. That, and Bart's spasms forced her first climax in her young life, a feeling so intense she very nearly blacked out.

"Lisa, hurry up in the shower!" Came Bart's voice, startling her from her memories. It was Monday morning, two weeks later, and they were getting ready for school. Bart had been true to his word, and Marge never found out that Lisa had been spying on her. After they had all gotten dressed they left Barts room without a word, Bart handing Maggie to Homer, who put her back down on the floor with her blocks, and life seemed to return to normal. Bart never mentioned the incident since, nor did he show the slightest interest in Lisa or Maggie in that way. To him, nothing had happened in that room it seemed. And Maggie, being so young, was just happy being herself. Lisa tried to go on as if nothing had happened, and Homer of course didn't notice a thing. Once or twice Lisa thought her mother suspected something was amiss, but Lisa knew that Marge had no idea what truly went on, and Lisa couldn't tell her without exposing herself as a peeping sally. Getting out of the tub, Lisa wrapped a towel around herself and slipped out towards her room where her clothes lay. Bart greeted her halfway between, and for the briefest of moments, she caught that wicked glimmer in his eyes, but he quickly passed her for the bathroom. Lisa shuddered, but continued on to live her life, and pray Bart never caught her doing anything bad ever again.

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