A Gray Christmas

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A Gray Christmas

As the snow fluttered down all around City, you could barely tell you were looking at the infamous Amity Park. Even with the rampant ghost attacks and doomsday scenarios that seem to raise up from there, at this time of the year the city was just like every other, bustling in the streets with shoppers frantically trying to get gifts for their loved ones. Yes, it was Christmas again! The magical time where declarations of peace on earth and goodwill towards men are announced over the sounds of bells being rung by Santa’s on nearly every street corner. And standing at one particular corner was Valerie Gray, along with her father Damon, the latter wearing a business suit under a trench coat as he awaited his Taxi.

“Dad, do you really have to go now?” Valerie asked.

“I’m sorry honey, but this is a big opportunity for me.” Her father replied. “Ever since the DALV Corporation declared bankruptcy, they’ve been searching for a new Head of Research for their Labs. If I can get this job, I’ll be making even more than I did at Axiom.”

“I know.” Valerie uttered. “But…this close to Christmas?”

“I won’t be gone long.” He reassured her. “Just a few days. I’ll be home in time for us to celebrate the New Year, hopefully with a new job.” As he finished that sentence, a yellow & black checkered Cab rolled up right in front of the two. “Now, you know the rules…”

“No wild parties, no staying out late, and leave the Ghost Fighting to Danny Phantom.” Valerie stated for him.

Damon leaned forward and kissed his daughter on the cheek before climbing into the back seat of his checkered chariot. “And you don’t have to spend Christmas alone, honey. I’ve talked with some of the parents and they’d be glad to have you over, especially Paulina’s father.”

Valerie turned her head away and rolled her eyes. She hadn’t been on good terms with Paulina since she was ousted from the popular group; days after her father lost her job. “That’s OK Dad, I’ll be fine here.”

“Alright, Valerie.” He said. “I’ll give you a call as soon as I touch down in Dimmsdale. I’m supposed to be meeting up with a…Mr. Turn—WHOA!!!”

Their conversation was brought to an abrupt end as the cabbie pulled off down the street, marking the beginning of her father’s trip. Valerie simply smiled as she saw him off, before turning back to her apartment building, ready to head back upstairs. But she paused; tonight was too good of a night to spend in an apartment alone, and it was the day before the big Eve; why not take in the splendor of the holiday while she can? Better to walk around with strangers than to sit lonely in your own home.

And so she went, walking down the street towards Downtown Amity Park as she enjoyed the evening air. She marveled at all the decorations strewn along the street lamps and traffic lights. Amity Park was a sight to behold during the holiday season. The city budget didn’t hold back when it came to spreading the Christmas spirit; Mayor Foley could be thanked for that. As she continued on her walk, she found herself passing City Hall, and the large statue of the City’s savior, Danny Phantom. Thanks to him, she didn’t even have the need to put on her Ghost Hunting Gear. In fact, she hadn’t worn it for months. Not that she was complaining, as it left her able to not only catch up, but excel in her senior year at Casper High.

She continued on her walk, and eventually she made it to Downtown Amity Park, or to be more specific, the Retail District; a two-block area with nothing but stores. Predictably, it was packed with rushing shoppers carrying loaded bags, but Valerie didn’t mind them. What she did mind was seeing 3 familiar figures across the street; Danny Fenton, Sam Manson & Tucker Foley. Shading her hand to her face, she picked up her walking pace in hopes they wouldn’t notice her; especially Tucker.

But little did she know that the three were too busy with their own shopping to notice her. “Alright, I got ‘The Friendly Ghost’s Christmas Special’ for my Dad, a pair of Nunchuks for Mom, and matching jumpsuits for them both.” Danny said. “Now I have to get something for Jazz…”

“What do you get someone who’s away at college?” Tucker mused.

“Incentive to stay there?” Sam quipped with a grin, drawing slight ire from Danny.

“Come on, Sam.” He replied. “Jazz may’ve been annoying during our ghost hunts…”

“That wasn’t the only time she was annoying.” Sam interrupted.

“Have I ever told you how much I love to hear your bedroom stories?” Tucker said with slight sarcasm.

”Let’s change the subject.” Danny offered. “Wait that reminds me, I thought you already got your family Christmas shopping in, Tuck.”

“I did.” Tucker responded. “This is my shopping time for the ladies. Now who should I buy for first? Paulina, Star or…hey, is that Valerie?” He pointed across the street to the object of his crush some time ago, but she disappeared into a crowd of shoppers just as Danny & Sam turned. “Huh, guess she was in a hurry.”

“I guess she was.” Sam repeated. “Come on, I need to get my Grandmother’s present.”

“What’re you getting her?” Danny asked.

“Just that video game about the Roadie who goes to the Land of Metal and kills everything in sight.” Sam answered.

“Did I ever tell you how cool your grandmother is?” Tucker responded.

Back across the street, Valerie emerged from the crowd of shoppers and glanced across the way to see Danny & his friends walking in the other direction. “Good, they didn’t see me.” She said to herself. “I don’t know why I’m so worked up about it, though. I mean, we all know each other, and Dad said I could spend…” She quickly pushed that thought from her mind, recalling her past with them. “No, no, can’t happen. I mean I dated Danny, and Sam’s dating him now, plus Tucker had a crush on me…”

She sighed to herself as she continued on her way. “To be honest, I don’t really have anyone to spend Christmas with other than my Dad…face it Val, looks like you’re going solo for this holiday. Hell, even that Chuck kid had someone to spend Christmas with.”

As she continued her stroll through Downtown, she passed a Techno-Town store with almost a dozen HDTV’s in the display window. Ironically, they were all playing a scene from a Christmas Special, one that resonated with Valerie as she stopped for a moment to watch. The scene showed an icy island full of “misfit toys” which were flawed and thought to be unwanted by children. Valerie recalled this special and watching it back when she was little. She always laughed at the Ostrich-riding cowboy, and this evening was no exception. As the scene came to an end though, she found herself feeling depressed again.

“I know just how you guys feel.” She said solemnly as she started to walk away.

“Oh do you?”

She stopped cold in her tracks. Did someone just talk back to her…from the TV’s? Turning back around to the display, she found that the screens were showing her favorite holiday special, but instead the image of a plump old man with a long white beard, wearing a long, red hat.


“Well, why is that?” The man asked.

This was getting too freaky, Valerie thought. How could someone contact her through a TV at this store? “Uh, am I being prank’d?”

The old man on the screen chuckled. “Maybe we should have this conversation inside the store. I know you have to be freezing out there.”

He was right. Though she enjoyed the walk, the temperature was dropping, and an electronics store was sure to hold heat. As the front door swung open, she walked in to see the store bustling with shoppers searching for the latest new phone and/or video game to give as a gift. She passed them all as she walked through the store, looking for the man who was on the screen. She had no idea why she was looking for him, but she didn’t pick up any bad vibes from him. If anything, she felt he was the ‘Jolly’ type. As she walked through the HDTV section, she was halted by the image of the man on a wall of TVs to her left & right.

“Now, isn’t that better?” He asked.

“Who…who are you?” Valerie responded. “How are you doing this?”

“I’d think it would be obvious to a smart girl like you.” The man answered. “The red hat, the beard, who else could I be?”

“You mean…you’re—!”

“Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, Jolly Ol’ St. Nick!” He announced. “But you can just call me Santa.”

Valerie took a moment to let it soak in, before turning away and shaking her head. “Aw girl, you’re tripping!” She said to herself. “Dad told you not to try that eggnog in the fridge but did you listen? No-o-o-o!”

The old man just smiled. “No matter how many times I see it, I never get tired of the reactions.”

“This can’t be…I mean, you’re not…he’s not real!” Valerie countered. “If you’re really the big red man, prove it!”

Taking a deep breath, Santa exhaled and began. “The Christmas Special you watched outside is your favorite of all-time, when you were 10 you wanted a karaoke set but got socks instead, and in your freshman year of high school you snuck into the Boys Locker Room to—!”

“OK, OK, I believe you!” Valerie interrupted with her face red from embarrassment. “A-And…that last one, I only did it because Paulina dared me.”

“Of course you did.” Santa replied with a grin.

“But…why are you talking to me?” She asked. “I’m not on like some super naughty list, am I?”

“OHO-HO-HO-HO-HO!!!” That bellowed laughter only confirmed to Valerie she was talking to the genuine article. “Oh, quite the opposite, young lady. See, I got what you would call a Situation Grinch at the North Pole now, and I’m in need of your help.”

“My help?” Valerie repeated.

“A couple of days ago, my Naughty or Nice database was hacked into.” Santa explained. “I blame myself for not running virus scan, but the point is that this was no ordinary hack. I’m afraid Nicolai is aiming for a permanent spot on my Naughty list.”


“You may know him better as…Technus.”

That name instantly rang familiar with her. “Oh yeah, I know all about Technus.”

“Well while hacking my database, he also stole GPS Transmitter I use for my Sleigh.” Santa continued. “It’s something I need desperately. Last time I went without it, I went through the Bermuda Triangle and ended up lost in Switzerland for 3 hours. Nice place, but they’re lousy with directions.”

“And you want me to stop him?” Valerie inquired. “Why not just ask Danny Phantom?”

“Too high profile.” Santa replied. “You have no idea how hard it is getting in contact with him. Besides, he’s a hero and a protector. I need a Hunter for this mission, I need you.”

This was all so sudden for the former Ghost Hunter. She just wanted to enjoy a night out before Christmas, and now she’s being offered a mission by Santa himself, which she just found out existed mere minutes ago. “Don’t worry Valerie; you’ll be well compensated for this mission.” Santa added.

“Compensated?” Valerie repeated.

“For taking this mission, I shall make your greatest Christmas wishes will come true.” He told her.

After hearing that, Valerie grew a sense of depression again. “Sorry Santa, but with what I want, not even you can—!”

“Make it happen?” Santa interrupted. “Trust me when I say, St. Nick delivers better than your local Post Office.”

Those words didn’t do much to comfort her, as all Valerie wanted was to not spend Christmas alone. But with the task Santa had in front of her, refusal may mean no Christmas at all, for anyone. She knew what had to be done. “I’m in.”

“Excellent!” Santa cheered.

“But it’s not gonna be easy.” She continued. “I mean, I gotta go home and get my Ghost Tracker, then suit up so I can—!”

“Already taken care of.” And with a snap of his fingers, Valerie found her hands suddenly full. In her left hand, an updated version of her original Ghost Tracker, that could be mistaken for a smartphone. And in her right, what looked to be a specialized backpack.

“Just some ‘equipment’ for when you run into that Grinch.” He told her. “When you get the transmitter back, just return here and I’ll transport it back to me. And, not to put more pressure on your Valerie, but Christmas Morning may depend on you.”

And just as mysteriously as he appeared, he was gone. The TVs were now showing commercials for portable fax machines & and T-shirt cannons, and Valerie was left with her mission. “Great Val…” She said to herself. “Go out for one simple walk, and you end up Santa’s Mercenary. He can’t even come through on that wish. And I don’t even know where to start with look—!”

The sound of rhythmic beeping cut her off and caused her to look down at the new device Santa equipped her with. On the screen was a map of the very store she was in, along with two flashing dots. The green dot placed her location, while the red one was placed just two stores over, with the words ‘Spectral Activity Detected’ over it.

Putting the device in her pocket, a smirk came across her face. Deep down, she did want the opportunity to hunt ghosts again. And she wanted payback on Technus for the NASA incident. “Well, looks like it’s on…”

Meanwhile, two stores over, Valerie’s device was about to be proven right; for high above the department store hovered the high-tech specter, Technus; Invisible to all inside.

“Blast that newfangled internet connection!” He announced to himself. “My data stream became corrupted, and now I am stuck here in some sort of low-tech marketplace. I must find a way to…Oh-HO!!!” Near the middle of the store, Technus spotted what could be the very means of his escape…a robotic Santa Claus greeter.

Rendering himself invisible, he floated down to get face-to-face with it. “This automaton is just the tool I need. I can overshadow it, use it to liberate myself, and once I am freed, I can work to complete my plan!”

He used his ghostly powers and phased into the machine, almost immediately corrupting its programming. A moment later, Technus’ programming took over, and the mechanical Santa began to force itself off the stand, and slowly walk towards the exit. But the entire ordeal did not go unnoticed obviously, as dozens of shoppers turned to the now-walking Santa. Some pointed while others tried to get their children to pose with it for photos.

Technus saw this, and decided to use his cover better to help him escape. “Uh…Ho-Ho…Ho? Ho…Ho-Ho! Yes, Ho, Ho-HO!!!!”

Though his Santa impersonation was awful, the shoppers did not suspect a thing. And as Technus neared the revolving door exit, he felt his plan was completely flawless. However, one shopper, dressed in a technically-advanced red, green & black suit with a hoverboard strapped to her back, and holding a plasma cannon, wasn’t about to let him leave just yet.

“Nice try, Technus.” Valerie said. “What happened, couldn’t find a Grinch robot?”

Not wanting to expose himself, Technus kept in character of his possessed machine. “Uh, Ho-Ho…Uh-oh.”


And with one pull of the trigger, the automaton Santa was rendered to scrap metal, and Technus was revealed in his ghostly form for all eyes to see. Shoppers began to panic as Valerie stood her ground. “Aw, sorry. I broke your toy.”

“Foolish child!” Technus barked back as shoppers scrambled to the exit. “Your weapons are no match for my updated form! For I am now Technus 2.1, and I can—WAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!”

Another blast of plasma effectively silenced him. “New upgrade, same old lameness.”

As the tech ghost and the huntress engaged their battle, across the store they were being watched by three pairs of eyes; one of them belonging to Amity Park’s protector. “Technus is in the store…and Valerie’s fighting him?”

“Didn’t she give up ghost hunting?” Sam asked.

“I’m glad she didn’t!” Tucker commented. “Cause that skin-tight suit looks good on her!”

“Looks like she needs help.” Danny assessed. “Guys, I need cover!”

“Uh, Danny? Everyone knows your identity.” Sam reminded the young hero.

“Oh…Heh. Sorry, still getting use to it.” Danny responded. “I’M GOING GHOST!!!!!!”

A bright flash of light engulfed Danny Fenton, and two rings of light transformed him into his super alter-ego, Danny Phantom. Fully powered, he rushed off towards the fray, as he saw Valerie trapped, wrapped up in wires and at Technus’ mercy.

“You made a foolish mistake fighting me here in this store!” He boasted. “This is my world, and are about to be deleted!”

“Then it’s a good thing she’s got a Backup!”


The impact of Danny’s foot hitting Technus’ chin was enough to break his technopathic hold on the wires, freeing Valerie as he was sent flying across the store.

“YOU!?!?” Valerie said. “What’re you doing here!?”

Before Danny could answer, Technus made his return to the battle. “Curses! Can I never be rid of you, ghost child!?”

“OK dude, seriously, I’m 17 years old!” Danny said, annoyed. “You could at least call me ‘Ghost Teen’ or ‘Ghost Young Adult’ or something.”

Technus didn’t oblige though, instead he rushed the Ghost-Boy and fired off an ecto-blast which sent Danny careening to the back of the store. He came to a stop as he landed in Santa’s Workshop on his chair. A moment later, he would get the North Pole treatment as almost several dozen pounds of fake snow falls from above, blanketing him in an avalanche.

In response, Valerie opened fire on Technus, sending him fleeing for his life. Staying high, he flew near the ceiling of the department store, barely staying out of range of her plasma blasts. Eventually, he made it to the front of the store, and was ready to make his leave.

“You share the same trait as the Ghost Child, and as all humans!” Technus boasted. “You can’t control your emotions. And like it or not, they are you’re greatest weakness!”

Though she wouldn’t willingly admit it, he was right. She was wrecking the entire store more than she was getting close to hitting him. With that knowledge, she calmed herself down, exhaled, and shot one plasma blast from her cannon. The blast went underneath Technus, missing him completely.

“I think you need to upgrade your targeting system!” The Tech Ghost mocked. What he failed to notice though was that he was not her initial target. The blast ricocheted off the revolving doors of the store and came back at an angle, hitting Technus square in the back and flooring him.

“Nope, it’s perfectly fine.” Valerie replied as she approached her fallen prey. Technus tried to rise again, but Valerie’s cannon coming mere inches from his face halted him. “It’s over, ghost! Now hand over the Transmitter!”

“No…I…cannot!” Technus struggled out. “I must have it for my plan!”

“Give it up, Technus!” She told him. “You’re not gonna ruin Christmas this year.”

Technus looked puzzled. “Ruin Christmas? I…”

“Have said enough!”

Looking past Valerie, the High Tech Specter spotted his nemesis flying low to the floor, speeding towards him with both fists aglow. As Valerie turned around to see Danny, it was all the distraction Technus needed. Using his Technopathic powers, he hacked into several nearby computer monitors and upped their power output, causing their screens to glow blindingly white. Instinctively, both Danny & Valerie shielded their eyes, allowing Technus to transform into a data stream and upload himself into the nearest electronic device. A moment later, the light from the monitors faded, and their foe was nowhere to be seen.

Valerie was visibly upset. “Dammit…he got away.”

“Don’t worry, I know his usual hangouts.” Danny said. “We can split up, and—!”

“What do you mean ‘we’?” Valerie asked, surprising the Half-Ghost Hero. “All you did was step into a fight which wasn’t yours in the first place! Technically, you helped him escape!”

“Still as pleasant as ever, I see.” Sam commented sarcastically.

“I’m sorry, I thought all I was doing was helping stop Technus from mopping the floor with you!” Danny barked back.

“Well no one ASKED for your help!” Valerie shouted. “Just…Stay out of my way! I got a ghost to hunt down.”

And with that, she activated her hoverboard and floated over towards an open store window to depart, leaving the three to themselves. “Even at Christmas she still has the attitude.” Sam said.

“She’s not that hot-tempered.” Danny debated. “Something must really be bothering her. We got more important matters though, like finding Technus.”

As Danny and Sam make their way towards the exit, Tucker stood there for a moment, gazing out at the window Valerie used as her exit. He was concerned about her, but also helpless, since he felt there was nothing he could do to help her feel better. So he went on his way and joined his friends, not knowing that Valerie hadn’t really left at all. She floated above the mega mall-sized shopping district, solemn adorned on her face again.

“I can’t work with Danny; I can’t even let him know about this.” She said to herself. “I mean, an hour ago I didn’t believe there was a Santa Claus, how’s HE gonna react if I tell him? He’s gonna think I’m crazy.” She took a deep breath, and then exhaled, before checking her device. “Come on Val, focus. All you gotta do is locate Technus and—!”

“Spectral Entity located.”

“Wait, for real!?” She responded. “Where!?”

“Spectral Entity located within electronic device.”

Quickly, she made a sharp descent with her hoverboard back into the store. But as she entered, she saw nothing but broken electronics, nothing suitable enough for Technus to use as a hiding place. “There’s nobody here. I thought you said that—!”

“Spectral Entity located within electronic device.”

“What electronic device!?” Valerie argued with her own device. “The only thing I see working here…is…”

She spotted it, from far across the store at the other exit, outside the display windows. She spotted it as Danny soared off into the night sky outside, leaving his friends.

“Spectral Entity located within Personal Digital Assistance device.”

“Tucker’s PDA.” Valerie surmised. “That’s where Technus went. But I can’t go after him now, especially not with that blowup I had with Danny. We’d be at each other’s throats…” She took a moment to think, to ponder over the situation. “Wait, tomorrow. Tucker will be at City Hall, without Danny. OK Technus, you’re little plan comes to a crashing end.”

The Eve had arrived. There was a blanket of snow covering Amity Park and the sky was covered with clouds. The snowfall had ceased, but the cold air hadn’t. It could be felt everywhere, even at City Hall as Tucker sat at his desk, signing the last few ordinances the city needed to pay for the decorations.

“Man, who knew celebrating the holiday could put such a dent in your wallet?” He muttered. It was the city’s wallet that was paying, but the constant signing wasn’t enjoyable. He was alone save for security placed at the office door and scattered around the building. Any forceful intrusion would garner top priority, and they would be all over the trespasser. Valerie knew that well. She also knew Tucker, and that he would never say no to a lovely woman who walked in just to talk.

And that was the approach she took as she stepped through the office door, wearing a red sleeveless blouse, a green mini-skirt and maroon fuzzy boots. She was twirling a candy cane as she walked up to Tucker, who immediately dropped everything.

“Valerie? You’re here?” He was shocked to see her, but quickly composed himself and reverted to his gentleman personality. “I mean…of course you’re here. Now, what brings you to my place of business?”

Valerie fought hard not to roll her eyes at that comment. She knew Tucker was laying it on thick, but she had to play along to get to his PDA. “I just came to wish Amity Park’s mayor a Merry Christmas.” She sat down in on his desk, and smiled seductively. “You know, I never noticed how handsome you were, with the beret & the glasses.”

“Well, it’s a one-of-a-kind look.” Tucker schmoozed back with a grin.

“And a man with power…that just gets me so-o-o-o-o hot!” Valerie showed exactly how hot by playfully hooking her candy cane onto the plunging neckline of her blouse, and lowering it even further and exposing more of her bosom.

Tucker’s eyes nearly vacated his head before he turned to security in the room. “Uh, how about you give us some alone time, fellas…”

The two guards turned to each other, shrugged, and left out of the room, closing the door behind them. It was exactly what Valerie wanted as she proceeded to crawl onto the desk. “You know I never thanked you for how you helped me, taking the blame for me when my Dad’s workplace was wrecked.”

“Well, it was nothing…” Tucker nonchalantly said.

“And you deserve a gift for all the good you’ve done.” She continued. “Now, what should I give you?”

As those words left her lips, she wrapped them around the candy cane she was holding, sliding it in & out of her mouth seductively for several moments, before pushing it in deep, leaving only the hook to be seen. After nearly a minute, she slid it back out, to show the stripes completely gone from the formerly submerged cane.

Tucker’s jaw level, which was near the floor, said it all. “I…can think of a few things!”

She had him right where she wanted him as she pounced forward and landed in his chair, straddling him. “Tucker, I don’t think I can wait any longer!”

“Me either!” He excitedly agreed.

“Oh Tucker, I want you!” She moaned. “I…I want you…to Keep your head down!”

Suddenly, with a shift of her weight, she spun the chair they were in so that she faced her desk. As she raised her left arm, a flash of light shined over her shoulder, and a moment later her Plasma Cannon appeared. She then aimed it at Tucker’s PDA. “Alright Technus, game over!”

“Uh, are we role-playing now?” Tucker asked, confused.

Valerie didn’t acknowledge him. “Don’t think I won’t destroy that PDA just to take care of you!”

After a moment, she received a response as the PDA began to jump & vibrate on its on. Sparks flew from the device as its screen flickered with green-tinted coding, before her prey finally made his appearance. Technus exited the PDA, and hovered above the huntress and the Mayor with his hands aglow.

“You have made a grave mistake, child.” He told her. “My plan must be completed, regardless of who I have to delete in order to make it so!”

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