Backyard Camping

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Author’s Comments:

Pairings include: Bart/Sherry, Bart/Terry, a little Bart/Milhouse, implied Sherry/Terry.

This is the first part of a trilogy, which I expect will make a lot of Simpson fans very happy. I’ve tried to not go towards typical groupings, which explains why the twins are there. Some of you may be uninterested in the gay content I include but, well, it’s something you’ll have to live with. Incidentally, you’ll probably prevent part two when we meet with Lisa, Alison and Nelson. I’m guessing that when this is done and written, there will be something for everyone.

I’m a programmer, doubled as a writer. And I’m interested in making games. If anyone is interested, please contact me. Right now, I don’t have much time to give this, but eventually I will and when that happens, perhaps we could build something together. Something with the Simpsons. Nothing to lose just to talk about it, that’s for sure.

To contact me, very easy. Simply e-mail at, ICQ: 11722319, Y!: bahamutdragons, MSN: (don’t use as e-mail) or AIM: BahamutSDragons. You may also join my yahoo group at I’ll be waiting.

Backyard Camping: Bart’s Tent

The sun was radiant on Springfield that day, the perfect weather for what the Bart and Lisa Simpson had been preparing for quite some time. They had invited a bunch of friends over to spend the day at their pool, which would later culminate in some backyard camping.

Bart sat on a deck chair, wet from the swim he had just come from and observing through sunglasses the other children they had invited. Milhouse was in the pool, getting teased by the twins Sherry and Terry, Alison was off to the side talking with Lisa and Nelson was preparing to jump in the water and try to wet everyone. The afternoon had gone by without a hitch, everyone getting along surprisingly well with one another. Then again, they knew better than to fight amongst themselves as each of them understood that they might be sent away if they did. Besides, all of the afternoon together was only a cover-up for what was going to happen once night fell. Even Nelson had been persuaded to remain polite and respectful, though it should not be expected of him to remain such afterwards.

The sun had almost completely set, turning the sky increasingly dark until the stars would show. In the distance, Bart saw his mother bringing refreshments and snacks for everyone as she had all along the day. Marge was happy that the summer party was going so well and that everyone was getting along. It wasn’t often that Bart and Lisa would get along, even if she had seen a lot of improvement this past few months. She was completely unaware of how they had ended up bonding so well and more importantly, of what was going to happen once the household went to bed.

“Who wants brownies?” she asked, her treats being met with cheers all around. The kids got out of the water to eat. The temperature was still warm and no one even bothered to dry themselves with towels, save for Milhouse who was naturally chilly.

The treats eaten, the children decided to play various games to fill in the time remaining, some choosing Monopoly while others threw a ball around.

“Your father and I are going to bed,” Marge eventually told them. “Don’t stay up too late,” she added, knowing full well that they would only be going to sleep at the wee hours of the night. She had done slumber parties when she was young as well.

“We won’t,” the kids all promised, fingers crossed behind their backs, confirming her thoughts. Still, she couldn’t know that the night would be filled with more than the whispers of the children.

Bart and Lisa were in complete control of the operation. Between her brains and his cunningness, keeping hidden from the adults would be a piece of cake. Just to make sure nothing went awry, they decided to wait for an hour to make sure the parents were sound asleep. The kids were already getting antsy, trying to take their minds off of what was to come, but nothing would keep their attention for long. They did throw the ball around to vent some of that pent-up energy, but no one was really in the mood and they eventually just gave up. Instead they just sat, quietly waiting for the hosts to give the all clear. Every few minutes, someone would be asking what time it was, as if it mattered.

And then, just as they felt they were going crazy, midnight struck, bringing with it the end of the wait.
The Simpsons had set up two large tents in preparation for the night, each able to hold all the kids, as long as they stayed close together, which wasn’t likely to be a problem. Mattresses had been carefully laid out by Marge with sleeping bags as covers.

“It’s time,” Lisa said as she opened the doors to one of the tents. The Simpson kids had decided to keep apart for the beginning of the festivities and so each had their own tent to frolic in. They had planned to meet later on. Neither was in a hurry, they had gotten to know each other well enough and now wanted to explore new venues.

The children had all waited this moment for so long, their minds filled with perverse thoughts. And yet as Lisa invited them, excitement turned to nervousness and they all froze as they realised that this was really going to happen.
Milhouse had already participated in debacles with the two Simpsons but now things were different, he had never seen any of them naked. None of them had and they were all apprehensive. After all, for some of them, this would be their first time.

Lisa knew exactly what she wanted out of the experience and once she realised that she would have to get the party started, she approached Alison and took her hands into hers, looking into her eyes. Alison did not really know what to do, how to act, but she trusted her friend and her eyes were inviting Lisa to choose for the both of them.
And choose Lisa did, suddenly pressing her lips slowly against the brunette’s and locking into a delicate kiss. Surprised at first, Alison quickly closed her eyes and lost herself in the moment. Slowly, Lisa stepped back, dragging Alison with her and they both disappeared within the tent.

Bart smiled, knowing that this was what his sister wanted all along. The other onlookers however were baffled to see them kissing. Nelson in particular felt like he was in heaven. He had never seen two girls kissing and it brought courage to him.

“I don’t want to miss that!” he announced excitedly before dashing into the tent as well. The others simply looked, still shocked at the turn of events despite it being exactly why they had come here in the first place. Their daze was soon broken by the familiar voice of their other hose.

“What about you? Are you going to just stand there or will you join me?” he asked. The remaining kids turned to find his silhouette showing through the other tent. He stood defiantly, legs stretched and arms wrapped, waiting for his friends to join him. The twins looked at each other and giggled knowingly. They had never been with a boy, only with each other, but Bart Simpson was a good choice for their first time. They quickly entered the tent, leaving Milhouse alone outside, looking between one tent and the other, still unsure of which to choose.

“How about you come and give daddy some sugar,” Bart asked the girls with a wink as they came in. He was now laying on his back, completely naked, legs parted to display his erection to all. The pale skinned beauties blushed a little and then simply shrugged before removing their own clothes, revealing their small but perfect breasts and hairless pussy.

Sherry was the first approach the boy, cautiously, as if she didn’t want to scare him away. But Bart couldn’t be scared and he lay completely still, smiling, letting her get closer and closer at her own pace. She kneeled before him, looking at his face, her eyes running down his naked body and back to his eyes, unsure of what to do, almost hoping that Bart would give her some indications. But he would not and instead let Sherry lead the way. She finally decided to place her mouth on the boy’s, closing her eyes as she did to better feel the moment.

Bart knew enough about girls to know how much their first kiss mattered. He already had a lot of experience with his sister and was determined to make Sherry’s first time nothing less than memorable. He started by simply exchanging breath, tasting her lips. ‘Peach lip balm,’ he thought as they embraced. The rebellious boy’s hands moved of their own accord, running along her body and feeling her arms and hips. It was sensual, but always restricted as he tried to avoid her more private parts, afraid to make her shy away.

Sherry suddenly broke the kiss and for a brief moment, Bart thought that he had done something wrong. It was only when he saw her eyes that he understood that she was more than alright. Once more they locked lips but this time, caution was thrown to the winds, replaced by a fiery passion. The kids felt each other, running their hands all over their bodies, their breathing heavy like animals in heat. They were beasts, their bodies almost acting of their own accord.

‘This is hot,’ Bart thought, unable to really wrap his head around what was happening. Still, he continued to kiss the girl, pulling her naked body close to him, letting his hands roam her chest, his circling her still undeveloped breasts and nipples, feeling them ever so harder, before letting his hands fall down to her hips. He could feel Sherry’s leg rubbing against his shaft though purposely or not, he could not say. She was teasing him yet offered no true satisfaction. He tried to rub a little, but Sherry simply backed off her leg a little and through their embrace, he thought he felt her smile. It wasn’t surprising, the twins had always been good at manipulating their men and this was no different.

Once more, she broke the kiss though this time not as abruptly. They looked into each others eyes for a moment and Bart could see the mischievousness in her gaze. Then, pushing him to his back, Sherry simply kneeled on Bart’s face, her legs on each side of his head and her sex directly on his mouth.

“Lick it,” she ordered and Bart was only too happy to oblige. His hands pinned to each side of his body, he simply let his tongue slip between the lips of her pussy, inside the moist crevice of her lust. The effect was immediate, her high pitched cries confirming the pleasure that he already knew he was giving. He took pride in hearing her squirm for every kiss and tongue lash he could provide, her head shaking above her and purple hair flowing through the air.

The boy knew exactly how to make a girl feel right and before long, Sherry’s whole body started trembling, desperate for release. He felt her hips sway back and forth on his face, using his features for pleasure, trying to bring about sweet release. He had no intention of leaving her hanging and doubled his tongue efforts, unafraid to use it to the extent of his young skills.

Her hips involuntarily shook more and more. It was only a few moments more before Sherry clenched her legs on his mate’s head and threw her head back, her hair flowing around her, an air of bliss on her face. Bart felt her spasm and her juices flow freely, which the boy lapped at avidly, making her squirm just a little more.

If Lisa was any indication, Bart knew exactly how to make the girl’s orgasm last. His tongue infiltrated her most profound reaches, leaving nothing untouched. His hands found their way to her legs, her thighs and her hips, always moving, trying to her mind in too many senses. And if her cries of passion were any indication, the spiky haired boy was doing his job wonderfully.

But nothing can last and after a moment, Sherry’s cries ended, leaving the girl panting for a moment, motionless on her lover’s face but for her chest which moved with every breath she drew. The twin savored the moment, the moment after the orgasm, when one is still under the shock, her body at rest. She looked down to look at Bart’s eyes and felt a tongue lash more from him, followed by a wink. She winked back and at once, this solemn moment turned back to festivities as Sherry rose happily to her feet. Bart didn’t have time to think at what to do next however as he saw the other twin sister him. ‘Déjà vu,’ he thought with a smile.

“Now it’s my turn,” Terry said, pressing against the boy’s chest with her foot, perhaps to prevent him from leaving. Bart had no intention of committing such a travesty however and was perfectly content to stay put as the foot moved up and down his chest, down to his hard penis for a tease before removing it entirely and getting over his head as her twin had done before her.

“You’re mine now, “she added and Bart nodded with a smile. She too placed her pussy directly over the lover’s mouth and immediately felt him kiss her sex lovingly, feeling his tongue run at the edge of the lips yet never poking inside, not yet.

A whole new round began, the boy teasing the girl, trying to keep his movements similar to what he had already done with Sherry. Bart appreciated the difference in taste between the twins, Terry being slightly sweeter than her sibling. He couldn’t quite grasp why they wouldn’t have the same taste, but then again he didn’t intend to dwell on the issue for long. He wanted to know what other differences he might find between the two, how they might differ when he licked in suck a way or moved his hands along their beautiful naked bodies.

His concentration faltered him however when he felt a new touch upon his thighs. Puzzled, Bart managed to briefly escape Terry’s legs to find her sister now working towards his own pleasure, running her hands and mouth on his body and tasting his smooth boyish flesh before settling on his rock hard cock. A loud moan erupted from his lips as the twin ran her tongue along the length of the shaft, a sound soon covered by pussy as Terry took charge of Bart’s head once more.

Until then, the Simpson had been in complete control, using his own talents to satisfy the damsels. Now however, with the favour being returned, Bart was no longer the same, turning from a sweet sexual angel to a lustful demon. His gentleness turned to fiery passion, his simple lapping to all out eating the pussy; he didn’t bite, but Bart wasn’t afraid to let his lewd mind free, his mouth becoming the tool through his he expressed himself, unafraid to let the sexual energy provided by Sherry’s talented mouth overcome him and in turn, make Terry wild. And yet through his wandering mind, Bart knew where to turn his attention, where to touch, what made the girl twitch and moan and cry out in ecstasy and used them abundantly.

Hanging on to the boyish meat, Sherry felt a little jealous to see how her sister was getting treated even though she couldn’t deny her own time with Bart had been magical. But the night was still young and there was no doubt that among the three boys present, she would be completely satisfied. For now however, Sherry resolved to please the same way she had been pleased and with renewed energy, she doubled her efforts, licking and sucking with new resolve.

This wasn’t the first time she tasted cock and every time was different. She wasn’t experienced but what she lacked in skill, Sherry made up for with the desire to please. It was one aspect where she and Terry differed. Sherry wanted to give a bit more of what she got. In a way, she was proud that she could pleasure a man in a way her sister couldn’t.

The girl’s passion did not go unfelt and Bart could hardly keep his mind on his own pleasure giving. In fact, his body no longer felt like his, instead moving on its own, instinctually and perhaps a little clumsily, his body thrashing about and his face and mouth lapping and sucking like crazy. And Terry, on the receiving end of such chaotic gesture, rubbed herself even more, feeling the intense pressure of her orgasm ready to explode.

It wasn’t long before the pale skinned girl’s face turned to a mask of blind bliss as she let her juices run freely in Bart’s mouth and face, as her sister had before her. The boy, on the receiving end of those juices, never even realised that he had brought his mate to a powerful orgasm. He simply kept sucking the pussy, drinking its fluids, his mind lost within his own indulgence gratefully provided by the young goddess whose lips had brought him to the extreme of what his body could handle. The boy felt tormented by his own body, kept at the edge of release yet unable to take that step beyond.

And then, before he could even reach satisfaction, the warm mouth deserted him, although only for a brief instant before returning to him. Once the tongue started twirling and the head bobbing however, Bart immediately knew it was not the same. This new person knew exactly what to do to bring out the best of him and away from any conscious thought. In fact, the boy knew of only one person in all of Springfield who would be so talented. Even if he could not see beyond the young girl he pleasured with his own mouth, the spiky haired boy knew that sucking his cock was his best friend Milhouse.

Cast aside early on, the blue haired boy had observed the sexual relation growing before him with a lot of interest. He had felt great jealousy seeing the two girls use Bart like a toy for their own satisfaction and Bart giving in to their every demand. The truth was that he didn’t care to use Bart or anyone else for that matter. He aimed to please, whatever the method and right now, he realised that although the twins had done a great deal to Bart, they could not pleasure him and offer him satisfaction the same way Milhouse could.

And so he had taken matters into his own hands, casting aside the twin to take place before the boy-meat he had tasted so many times before, plunging it in his mouth and giving it a first strong suck. Immediately he felt the twitch of his best friend under him, a reaction he knew all too well as he knew what to do to provide maximum pleasure to his mate.

Milhouse loved both Simpson siblings, even though it wasn’t always easy showing it. He was shy, but would do anything for them and as he got closer to Bart as a friend, eventually he was included in some sexual games, sometimes gay, sometimes heterosexual. He had even been invited to some threesomes with Bart and Lisa and not once had he declined. Whether he plunged his cock in pussy or received one himself, Milhouse was always thankful to be a part of such a relationship, and he prided himself in it.

Bart had never regretted bringing the shy but resolute boy into their games and now was no different. Sherry was good, but she lacked the conviction and raw energy Milhouse provided. His technique was unmistakable and once he started, Bart knew he’d be trapped in overbearing pleasure until he finally reached released. Until then, all he could do was to give in to it body and soul, something he was happy to do.

Sherry might have had started the process, but it had became something entirely different once Milhouse took over. The boy, vigorous and passionate, knew every one of Bart’s spot, knew what to touch and kiss, how to suck. His hands ran along Bart’s chubby tummy, feeling the soft flesh, its heat, his fingers turning around his boyish nipples. Every movement was subtle, almost like a tickle, and it was always exactly what was needed. Milhouse was the perfect mate, in every sense of the word, and he knew it.

By now, Terry had removed herself from the boy, leaving Bart alone with Milhouse and hardly able to restrain himself. After a long ordeal at the mouth of Sherry, mixing pleasure with the frustration of not being able to cum, he finally felt the end near. Unwittingly, the boy wrapped his legs around his lover’s head, arching his back with powerful thrusts, using that moist, tight mouth for his own designs. He could feel himself nearing the end of the line, his seed ready to flow freely.

It was a single touch of Milhouse’ which sent Bart over the edge, a touch not unlike any other but the final blow before he finally ejaculated streams of white lust. Ever the greedy one, the blue haired boy was all too happy to devour all that his lover was willing to offer. Again and again, he felt tremors shake his body, his breathing coming in with difficulty as the orgasm overcame him him. Sweet release, you had made yourself desired for so long.

And then it was over and Bart laid panting, arms and legs outstretched, a large smile garnishing his face. As for Milhouse, he kneeled and observed his best friend, happy to have contributed once again, his own erection and arousal far from his mind. Not even the two twins, locked in a passionate and incestuous kiss, captured the attention of the two boys.

But the evening was young and not twenty feet from them, inside the other tent, the other kids were also engaged in lustful acts.

To be continued…

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