Strangest Things

BY : Rin Flowers
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Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom or any characters involved within this story and no money is made from this fic

It had just been an ordinary invitation to a popular party at some popular kid’s house whose name Danny hadn’t been familiar with. He wasn’t really affiliated with anyone outside the football and cheerleader group, but apparently the popular crowd consisted of many other sports players, and even some members of the drama club. Big shocker, to him anyway, Sam and Tucker had just given him this big stupid look before walking away, obviously pissed over yet another invitation.

Yeah, somewhere along the way invitations to popular parties stopped being such a big surprise. Dash and Paulina, the apparent leaders of the group obvious enough, often openly associated themselves with him during his “rare cool periods” as they like to say, so looser or no he wasn’t completely invisible to these people, and that rose him up in ranks, like those fish who keep other fish parasite free, he was tolerable. Of course the fact that he hardly ever actually showed up at these events made many who weren’t privy to his extra curricular activities wonder if he thought little of them, like they weren’t worth his time. So naturally they invited him to more, because apparently acting aloof to the awesomeness that was the popular crowd was the key to getting them to like you. Go figure.

So yesterday when he was invited, he actually decided to go. If only to see what would happen, because turning down a seat at their table each day wasn’t as enjoyable as it was two months ago.

The problem was what he would do about the ghost attacks? Surly he couldn’t just leave at any given time to ward off some wicked specter assaulting a cubic cardboard structure, though the Box Ghost provided endless amusement he wasn’t worth bailing on a party for.

So he had spent the majority of the day, and much of the evening, thinking of ways he could protect the town, and all its marvelous square containers, har, and still enjoy the party. In the end he found himself seriously eyeing the Fenton Ghost Catcher. Sure, not the best idea, but the only one he could really see working.

As his heroic ghostly self waved his laid back human self off into the party he felt in some vague joined brainwave that maybe this wasn’t such a hot idea. But split into two as he was, and two very different personalities at the controls, his ordinary thoughts remained just some distant mind link between them.


Just small little POVs will be each update. But this is my D/D/D fiction. A gift to a VERY dear friend of mine. A threesome, get that! I have never read a threesome with Danny/Dash/Danny before, but I certainly enjoy writing it.

Very short fic, very short chapters. Just enjoy. One update per day thank you. Little things I’m writing in my free time before class.

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