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Disclaimer: Butch Hartman owns all that is Danny Phantom. I receive nothing for this story.

Disclaimer: Butch Hartman owns all rights to the series Danny Phantom. I receive nothing for the use of his characters, locations or situations.

Author’s notes: This tale is set in the Senior year of high school for our two main characters and makes reference to a lot of the episodes, maybe sometimes out of sequence, but totally ignores the events of the series finale, Phantom Planet. In this story, that final episode simply never occur. I'll explain how the pairings in this tale came to be in the first few chapters.
I now present to you the sordid happenings that occur during Danny Fenton and Samantha Manson’s eighteenth birthdays.

"Hey Little Brother," the always cheery redheaded college student chimed as she entered through the front door, "are you all ready for tomorrow? It's not every day you turn eighteen and become a full-fledged, legal adult."

"Hey Jazz," the raven-haired lad casually smiled and briefly looked up from his homework spread out on the living room floor to greet his sister. Daniel ‘Danny’ Fenton quickly returned his attention to the uninteresting, but never-the-less necessary for his education and high school degree, schoolbook he was reading at the time.

"What are you doing home from college, Jazz?" the dark haired Goth-girl asked while sitting on the floor of the living room and actually cuddling against her boyfriend’s side while reading out of the same book. "Did you come home for Danny's birthday party tomorrow?" Samantha 'Sam' Manson stood up to talk while Danny continued with his studies.

"Hi Sam," Jasmine 'Jazz' Fenton sang as she set down her college books and pillowcase loaded full of dirty laundry on the living room coffee table. "Yes, I just came home for the weekend and his birthday. I want to give Danny a special present for getting through the last four years as his special other self, if you know what I mean.” She shot a furtive glance to the doorway leading to the basement lab then turned to smile wickedly at the Goth girl. “I also have a little something for you too, Sam, for putting up with Danny all these years and also because it's your eighteenth birthday next Saturday."

"Something for me?" Sam asked in astonishment. "You didn't have to get me anything special for my birthday, or for standing by Danny for that matter. We've been friends for so long it was inevitable for us to finally hook up as boyfriend and girlfriend, even though Danny was a little dense about the whole situation for quite a while."

The two girls laughed at the discomfort Danny was showing with his slightly red face as he continued to try and focus on his homework, angrily fidgeted on the floor and shot a quick sour glance their way. He finally gave in to his frustration with the two laughing girls as he slammed the book shut. "Hey, it's not like had I planned on living so close to Sam and had to start walking her to school in the first grade," Danny Fenton huffed to both his sister and girlfriend in slight mock protest as he finally stood up to talk with them. "It's Sam's parents fault for demanding that we walk to school together to keep her safe from traffic and any potential bullies."

"That was very gallant of you,” Sam ceded, along with a quick peck to his cheek for his early years heroics. “But you never acknowledged that you like, liked me until Tucker fell asleep and we finally had some alone time looking up at the stars while we were at Camp Skull And Cross Bones on the shore of beautiful Lake Eerie," Sam shot back with a wicked grin. "That's when you finally decided to take our friendship to the next level and asked me to be your girlfriend. But I had strong feelings for you for quite a while longer. Remember when we went up against Ember Mac-Lame the first time?" Danny nodded in remembrance of the first time he, Tucker and Sam went toe-to-toe with that particular Ghost who has a magical guitar and a strong need for recognition. "While you were flying us to Bucky's Mega Music Store I suddenly realized you were the only guy for me. You just looked so..." she struggled with herself as to whether she should say the word or not before finally giving in, ", as your Danny Phantom persona."

"Keep it down Sam," Jazz hissed between clenched teeth. The redhead shot another quick glance at the stairs leading to the basement laboratory and then looked at the doorway to the kitchen. "Mom and dad might hear you!"

"Don't worry," Danny chuckled and casually waved off her concerns, "they're out driving around in the Fenton RV trying out some new ghost hunting gadget dad installed this morning. They also told us they were gonna stop at the grocery store on the way home to pick up a coupla things for the party tomorrow. Mom and dad won't be back for at least another hour or so."

"And they left you two alone in the house without supervision?" Jazz playfully begged her younger brother with a sporty shot to the arm. "Aren't mom and dad worried you two might get it on and give them a grandkid?” She shot up straight as a thought crossed her intelligent, highly trained mind. “Whoa, hold on! That would also give me a little niece or nephew!?!" That thought threw Jazz for a loop.

The two dark haired teens blushed furiously and linked hands before Sam’s disposition soured and she spoke up. "Listen Auntie Jazz, that won’t be happening anytime soon. One, I’m on the pill and two, Danny and I promised both our parents we wouldn't do anything more than kiss and maybe get in a little groping until after I turn eighteen years old next weekend."

"And only with our clothes still on," Danny added as his blush amped up a couple of notches. "We're saving the main event for when we get married after college."

Jazz folded her arms across her chest and smugly queried, "Has that precluded the possibility of using your ghostly powers to bypass Sam's shirt and skirt?"

"Jazz!" Sam's cheeks and chest blushed a shade of reddish pink similar to that of a slice of smoked salmon ready to be put on a cream cheese smeared bagel.

"I still don't have that much control over my powers yet," Danny protested loudly. "You know I can turn my hand intangible and make other things the same to pick them up. I can also phase my arm through simple things like a locker door or a wall and make my hand solid on the other side but it takes too much concentration to materialize just my fingers in the right spot to be felt. I'm afraid I'll end up with a finger or two welded into Sam's flesh or her skirt would slice my arm in two." As a demonstration, his right arm became invisible for a few seconds before only his hand materialized, seemingly hanging in mid air. He wiggled his fingers and the rest of his arm swiftly came back into view. "See!" He tried it again and as soon as he moved his fingers the rest of his arm rematerialized.

"Well I can understand that, I guess," Jazzed laughed lightly as she picked up her sack of dirty clothes. "I'll let you get back to your homework, Danny.” She turned her attention to the raven-haired girl. “Sam, could you help me with my laundry?"

The Goth-girl peered warily at the redhead then at her boyfriend before she shrugged. "Sure Jazz." She gave her beau a peck on the cheek. "I'll be right back. Just continue reading the chapter we were assigned."

"Sure thing Sam," Danny enthused, returned the small buss and sat down on the couch to read the textbook they had been sharing before the welcome interruption and small chit-chat break.

The two girls walked through the kitchen and into the tiny room off to the side that housed the clothes washer and dryer. As they started to sort the laundry Sam let out a huffy quick breath. "I know you can do your own laundry, Jazz. Danny still might have a little trouble separating his white tee shirts from his blue jeans but you've been doing your own laundry since you were ten years old. So, what do you want to talk about?"

"Was I that obvious?" Jazz blushed slightly less red than her hair color as her hands slowed in their work of sorting her clothes.

"Well, Danny might have missed it but it was plain as day to me," Sam stated as she tossed the whites into the washer. Silence permeated the small room for a full minute before she pushed on. "So?"

"I came home to see if I could help you with your plans for next weekend, on your birthday," Jazz said quietly as she busied herself by measuring out some detergent, dumped it in the machine and closed the lid. She paused before turning on the washer. "You are planning on making Danny a very happy man on your birthday, aren't you?"

"If you're asking if Danny and I will finally make love on my birthday," Sam blushed as she absentmindedly folded and unfolded a dirty pair of Jazz' turquoise-colored slacks while staring intently at the material, "the answer is… yes." The last word was almost lost in a dreamy thought that brought an immensely broad smile to her face. Sam snapped out of her revelry and stared at her boyfriend's older sister. "Did you just say you'd like to help me set it up? I'm not sure where we're going to do it and I haven't even told Danny my intentions yet. He still thinks we won't consummate our relationship until our wedding night!"

"I think it'd be better to keep it a secret from everybody, including Danny, but I just thought you might like someone to run interference with mom and dad," Jazz stated and looked Sam in the eye. "I also thought you might have a few questions for someone whose been through it herself."

"You've had sex before?" Sam squealed in anticipation of the juicy details. Luckily, the washer hit its cycle at that exact second and drown out Sam's over-loud question so Danny didn't hear her. The smug, self-satisfied grin from the red-headed woman spoke volumes. "Tell all!"

"Not here," Jazz harshed softly to the raven-haired Goth. She took a swift peek out the door to make sure a certain brother of hers was still in the living room and not eavesdropping in a ghostly manner. "You don't want Danny to get wind of what we're talking about. Can you tear yourself away from your sexy boyfriend for, say, an hour of girl time at your place?"

"Danny!" Sam called out loud as she smiled evilly, stepped from the laundry room and back through the kitchen into the living room, "Jazz is going to walk with me to pick up your birthday present. We shouldn't be gone for more than an hour."

"You two are going to pick up my birthday gift and it'll take you a whole hour?" Danny begged, totally at sea as he looked up from his book while sitting on the sofa.

"I'm having something special done to the gift that might take a little longer than they promised," Sam lied through her teeth. "They told me it should be done by this time but they weren't sure if it would take an hour or so longer."

"We'll be back as soon as we can," Jazzed promised as she and Sam went to the front door and Danny followed.

"Well... alright, if you say so," Danny shrugged and gave his girlfriend a brief kiss on the lips. "I'll try to get all of my homework done by the time you get back. Even though it's Friday, I know what'll happen if I don't get it done before dinner time."

The two girls exited the house and walked towards Sam's house a few blocks away. Curious as always, Jazz had to ask. "What did Danny mean by 'what will happen if he doesn't get his homework done before dinner‘?"

Sam let out with a huge laugh. "If he doesn't get all his homework finished by the time you guys sit down to eat Friday evening, we don't make out for the rest of the weekend; Not a single hug and he can‘t even hold my hand! He simply can’t touch me at all. It's my little trick to make him become a better student and he's virtually forgotten about on-line video games in the process, much to Tucker's dismay."

Jazz laughed along with the raven-haired girl. "I think that would be a great motivator for Danny or any guy for that matter."

"And his grades have greatly improved," Sam continued to laugh, "even with all the usual distractions of ghost catching." Her eyes went wide as she latched on to Jazz' arm and rapid fired, "So tell me who was the guy what was it like when was your first time where did you do it and how much did it hurt?"

"I didn't know you were such a gossip whore," Jazz laughed at Sam's blatant curiosity.

"I'm not," the raven-haired beauty puffed up straight up but pouted all the same, "but I am a girl and it's just that I want to be prepared for next week. Danny gets excited whenever we make out and... well... his thing is a little..." Her voice trailed off as her eyes glazed over and the wicked anticipatory smile returned. A slaver of drool crept from the corner of her mouth.

"A little what?” Jazz jabbed Sam's ribs with a finger teasingly. “Small?"

"WHAT? NO! I..." Sam bellowed, blushed furiously and wiped the drool from the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand.

"I know it's not," Jazz giggled like a young school girl with a big secret. "Whenever the family goes on a camping trip Danny always tosses and turns so much in his sleeping bag he throws off his covers and his pajamas in the process."

"You've seen Danny's thing? In the FLESH!?!"

"Yeah," Jazz nonchalantly waved. "As a college friend of mine from Middleton Colorado always says, 'It's no big.'" Jazz laughed as Sam's face scrunched up in disbelief. "But it's definitely not small either."

The ladies arrived at Sam's house and entered. They ascended the magnificent marble staircase to her room and Sam closed the door as she flipped a switch next to it. "We can talk openly in here. My room is soundproofed and I just activated the ghost shield for the room; Just in case Danny finishes his homework and decides to fly over for a visit. No one should be home except for my Grandma and she’s usually down at the bowling alleys in the basement at this time." Sam took off her boots, plopped onto the bed and braced her head up on bent elbows as she idly swim-kicked her feet on the bed. "So, tell me evvvvverything."

"Well," Jazz sat on the bed near Sam's head and dreamily revealed, "my first time was on my eighteenth birthday. I paid Danny ten dollars to distract our parents by letting them chase after Danny Phantom for an hour or two. It doesn't really matter who I was with but... He was kind and gentle and he took his time. It did hurt a little at first when he broke through my hymen but it quickly became the most exhilarating, electric, erotic time of my life. The times after that with other guys were great, but nothing compared to the first time. Maybe it wasn't as good the other times because of who I was with but I'll always treasure the first time."

"Wow!" Sam enthused.

"Mom showed me what sex is all about just before that birthday and I want to pass along the same information to you," Jazz purred and stroked the raven locks of the girl lying on the bed. "That’s my gift to you for your birthday. I want to teach you what will happen on your special night." She leaned in, gently kiss Sam on the lips and giggled, "That way you won't mess up too much and simply enjoy it. So first, take off all your clothes!"

Only one syllable escaped Sam's violet colored lips as she shot up off the bed and her face lit up in shock. The monosyllabic exhale was soft, disbelieving and came out slightly falsetto.


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