Partying Like A Rockstar

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Partying Like A Rockstar


The party was in full swing, it was good fun and my head was swimming from the sheer amount of beer I had managed to consume since arriving.
It was a typically wild party of Tokens and Stan was already soaked with alcopop because Kenny had been pouring it through a funnel into Stans mouth and Stan had moved and gotten covered.
At the moment though we were in the front room where the DJ booth was set up and everyone was dancing to some song by a band I think must have been Nightcore, it was something odd and electrotechno-y. Perfect music to dance like a ‘tard too but not the sort of thing I would listen to normally.
I was pretty much ignoring the screams and giggles coming from the kitchen until Tweek and Kenny all but fell drunken and giggling into the room. Both of them appeared to be soaking wet and covered in what looked like a mix of cream, custard, Jelly and spaghetti. They were followed by a soaking wet Token who was emploring them to “Keep it in the kitchen,” Then I realised what was going on, they had been having a food fight.
“One thing first!” Kenny said and the next thing I was aware of was having jelly smeared on my face.
“You bastard!” I cried as Stan laughed at me. Now all three of us had some kind of stuff smeared on us though Kenny with a clump of noodles hanging from his shoulder looked by far the worst.

Kenny turned laughing and ran back to the kitchen. Fuck it I thought, screw dancing I was going to get involved in the food fight, so was Stan it seemed because he joined me in persueing the giggling blonde back to the kitchen.
It was mayhem in there. Food was flying everywhere, covering everything, sticking to the walls. I looked down to see Christophe sat on Gregory smearing the boys face with trifle. Tweek and been grabbed by Clyde and was being drenched in punch by Token but Craig soon came to the rescue and dumped an entire bag of flour over Clyde.
Next thing I knew Stan and I were hit by a load of noodles by Kenny. I grabbed the first thing I could grab and threw it at him. The flurry of rainbow sprinkles actually looked quite pretty until it hit whatever the mess all down Kennys hoodie was.
Kenny responded by throwing more noodles then I got hit in the back of the head with a mini-sausage roll too, tried to duck from the next thing and slipped landing on the floor on my back laughing.
Then I was bombarded with various things until I was covered from head to toe in what I could make out included trifle, jelly, ice cream, sprinkles, flour and what I suspected was egg.
Once I had recovered enough to move I scooped a big pile of the stuff off the floor and threw the whole lot at Token.

“We should really go for a shower,” Stan commented about ten minutes after the food fight ended.
“What all of us?” I asked looking around the room at the ten or so other people covered in food.
“No I meant like me, you and Kenny,” Stan replied rolling his eyes.
“What all of us in a shower together?” Kenny asked wiggling his eyebrows, “Sexy,” he added with a grin.
“So us three are going to go and shower fully dressed?” I asked laughing at how silly it sounded.
“Yes!” Kenny said brightly.

Craig and Tweek must have taken the other staircase because they reached the bathroom at the same time as we did. “Oh shit,” Tweek said looking at the three of us.
“Coming to have a fully dressed shower with us?” Kenny asks snickering.
Tweek looks back at Craig for an answer and Craig merely shrugs so the five of us go into the bathroom and Kenny proceeds to set up the shower.
The shower itself is huge, definitely big enough for five if not more people. Craig offers me his bottle of neat Jack Daniels so I take it and take a swig. I don’t normally drink things like that and this reminds me just why as I begin to choke.
Stan and Craig both laugh but Tweek looks horrified and shoves a bottle of blue alcopop at me which I drink gratefully trying to alleviate the burning in my throat.
“Come on then!” Kenny says and we all climb into the shower. We definitely have room for more and I vaguely wonder what it would be like to fill the shower with people until it’s full but then the JD hits my brain like a ton of bricks and I have to close my eyes and lean on the wall.
“You okay man?” a voice asks, I think it’s Craig but I’m not entirely sure.
“He’s not used to drinking spirits it probably went to his head right away,” Stan, I think, assures whoever it was.
“NGH! He won’t be sick will he?” Tweek cries. I know it’s Tweek because no one else talks like Tweek does.
“Nah, he’ll be fine, pass the soap,” That one was Kennys voice, or at least must have been Kenny, only Kenny could have such a nonchalant attitude.
I open my eyes and find Stan stood in front of me all wet. I have never wanted to kiss somebody so much in my entire life. So I do. And he kisses me back.
By the time we break apart the other three have all taken their tops of and various articles of clothing are lying in piles in the bottom of the shower, and they’re all covered in soap, in fact Kenny is soaping Tweeks back whilst Craig soaps his chest.
“Yum,” Stan mutters grabbing the bottle of Jack from the soap shelf and taking a swig. I don’t know how he does it so I reach for the alcopop instead, which is also up there on the shelf.
“Yeah that’s pretty hot,” I comment watching them all.

“Eet seems we are interrupting something,” Christophe says from the bathroom door. He has his arm slung around an inebriated Gregorys shoulders.
“Oh no, come on in,” I tell him, Stan is rubbing shampoo into my unruly curls and Kenny and Tweek are lathering Craig with soap. And his jeans seem to have gone missing.
I locate them on the shower floor by Kennys feet. Typical.
“Yes lets!” Gregory says pulling the more reluctant Christophe towards the shower.
The squash into the shower too and somehow my earlier question about how many the shower would comfortably fit is answered. The answer is seven.

During our shower somehow the bottle of Jack Daniels Craig had gets drunk, both bottles of Tweeks blue alcopop get drunk, mostly by me and Tweek and God I’m so fucking drunk, and it doesn’t take very long until Christophe has offered his vodka around, which I nearly die drinking, and by the time we get to the bottom of the bottle everybody is utterly trashed. So trashed in fact the Christophe tries to light a cigarette under the running shower.
And I’m squashed. The bathtub is actually looking rather appealing right now. “I want a bubble bath!” I declare stumbling out of the shower in my boxers with somebodys jeans tangled around my foot.
“Sounds like a good idea,” Kenny says once he’s done making out with Tweek. Yes, Tweek. I didn’t expect it at all but then again I liplocked with Stan earlier and I hadn’t expected that either.
“Ugh, I’m gonna puke,” Stan says suddenly. When I look around he looks green and he kind of half stumbles out of the shower and runs to the other room, the one that has the toilet in it.
“I’ll go make sure he’s alright,” Gregory says making his way after Stan. I think that should have been my job but I’m too busy pouring an entire bottle of expensive bubblebath in to the running water. I look around to see what the others are doing and notice that somehow, I’m guessing when Gregory or Stan left, Craig has ended up pushed up against Christophe. Neither seems to mind much I note.
I sit on the side of the bath and watch what’s going on in the shower. Kenny had Tweek pinned against the wall and is kissing him and Christophe and Craig still haven’t moved a muscle.
Gregory lets out a small cough as he and Stan re-enter the bathroom and it startles me so much I fall backwards into the bath with a large splash.
Next thing I know strong arms are grabbing mine and pulling me up and out of the water. I choke bubbles for a few minutes and look up at my rescuer, which is of course Christophe because yeah I may be light but not even Stan can pick me up like I’m feather light.
“Are you okay?” he asks in that husky French voice.
All I can do is choke out water and then start to laugh. “Yeah,” I splutter, “Just a… bit of… a moron…” I can’t stop giggling. I love alcohol so much. It makes everything funny.
I look around at the others, Craig and Kenny have sandwiched a freaked out looking Tweek and Stan looks relieved. Gregory looks a little bit pissed off though. I half wonder why but then I look back at Christophe and all I can see is his lips…
“You looked like one too,” Gregory says tartly which makes me giggle even more because at least someone agrees with me.
“Don’t be ‘orrid,” Christophe sighs at Gregory but doesn’t take his eyes off me.
“Don’t worry… is ’kay,” I say glancing at Stan because I realise how close I am to the man and I kissed Stan earlier so…
He’s not even looking, my gaze shifts to where Stans is focused. Craig is sat on the towel basket with Tweek in his lap and as he devours the blondes neck Kenny is kissing Tweeks stomach. Tweeks eyes are shut, head leant back on Craigs shoulder. Tweek must be very drunk, I think to myself, because otherwise he would be freaking out.
I feel the grip on my arm loosen as the brunette above me turns to see what I’m looking at. I look back at Christophe and free my arm which means I almost fall into the bath again which causes him to look at me again. My green eyes connect with his momentarily before I use the freed arm to pull him towards me so I can plant my lips firmly on his.
He responds to the kiss with an intensity that surprises me and if it weren’t for my arm around his neck and his grip on my other arm I would have very deffinately gone toppling back into the bath again.
I only break the kiss when I realise that the water is touching my bum and that the bath will overflow and floor the room if I don’t turn the taps off.
“You coming in?” I ask ‘Toph as I turn the taps off.
“Ve all should, ze bath is big enough,” He replies as I climb in to the bubbly water.
This seems like a pleasing suggestion as everyone piles into the bath and I try to ignore the fact that Kenny blatantly has a hard-on.
Somehow, and I really don’t know how, I end up practically sat in Christophes lap with Tweek all but sitting on me.
I kind of have to wonder if Gregory and Craig are okay with their boys sandwiching me but when I look up they’re making out so I guess everything must be just dandy.

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