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Chapter 1: Camp Counselors


Arnold looked around the small summer camp thoughtfully and set his duffle bag and suitcase down on the cobbled walk. The summer camp itself was perfect. The skies were blue with big fluffy white clouds blocking out potential heat-stroke causing sun, the grass was well watered and a bright green, the newly built cabins were wooden with wrap around porches and a swing on each porch, and the forest surrounding the camp gave off the wonderful scent of pine and delicious sap. Arnold knew the surrounding area pretty well, considering he had been one of the first people to sign up for junior counselors three weeks before summer had even started, and he knew that a little ways away, about less than a mile's hike, actually, there was a beautiful lake and waterfall. He knew where he would be spending his free hour, at least. He turned away from the teenage cabins and looked toward the ocean, where the canoes and sailboats were waiting on the beach, almost impatiently. The pool with the super curly slide had ice cold, crystal clear blue water lapping at the tiles gently. The archery pitch, where Arnold would be working in the mornings was well kept and the bows and arrows were locked away in the small cabin that countered it. The karate hall, where Arnold would spend his afternoons, was perfect in every way, with the exception of a couple of spiders working their way into the rafters above the cabin's lip. He would enjoy being a camp councelor here.

"Well, hey there, Arnoldo," a familiar voice called. Arnold spun around and stared straight into a set of cornflower blue eyes. He knew who it was before he had even turned around, yet the sight of Helga G. Pataki seemed to break him of his nerves and he stumbled backward, nearly tripping over his duffel bag. "I guess you're a counselor too? Or am I mistaken, and you're just one of the campers?"

Arnold half-smiled at the girl that he knew for the majority of his life and closed his eyes softly. "You know perfectly well that I'm a counselor, Helga," he added to her and looked down at her bright pink suitcase and matching pink backpack, and his smile widened at one side. "So, are you going to be in charge of the kids or teenagers?"

"Teenagers," Helga said politely. Arnold nodded and looked back toward the path that he had come down and slipped his hands into his pockets. "And what about you, Arnold? Are you going to be in charge of the teenage boys?" Arnold nodded and blinked in surprise as Helga walked up to him and leaned against his shoulder. "In less than twenty four hours, we're going to be in charge of fifteen kids." She looked up at Arnold and slipped him a small smile.

Arnold grinned down at her and then turned back to the road. Inconspicuously, he looked down at her from the corner of his eye. "Should be an interesting summer, to say the least." He cleared his throat cautiously and looked toward the boys cabin. "Are you planning anything special for your girls?"

Helga looked up at him and shrugged. "Maybe a raid of the cafeteria once every two weeks or something. Just to keep them happy and not have to worry about any kind of mutiny. I might plan a camping trip for the third or fourth week."

Arnold chuckled. "We should have a flour war," he said, knowing all too well that Helga could not turn down a chance to publicly humiliate him. "Boys against the girls."

Helga nodded and smiled at him. "Sounds good," she said and kicked the ground with the toe of her sneaker. "At least it will get them up and out of the cabin." She turned her gaze down to the pebbles on the road and bit her lip. "Arnold, I'm glad that you're here."

He blinked in shock at what she said and looked at her. "Why's that?" He asked patiently.

She looked up at him and grinned. "Because if I was the only one from Hillwood here, I think that I would get pretty homesick and wouldn't be able to make it for the whole summer."

Arnold chuckled and draped his arm around Helga's shoulders. "Just promise me one thing, Helga." He waited for her response and smiled when he was granted a look of confusion. "Promise me you won't call me Football Head in front of the campers." She laughed softly and nodded.



Arnold sat on the swing on the porch and smiled to himself as the first car came pulling up the driveway and dropped off a timid, brunette boy with deep brown eyes. He pushed himself away from the swing and went to greet the parents. He held out his hand as the parents hauled a heavy looking trunk from out of the back of the car. "Hi there. Welcome to Camp Paradise. I'm Arnold, the counselor of the teenage boy's cabin."

The father, who looked like he was a car salesman, extended his hand and grasped Arnold's. Arnold winced in near pain, yet forced a smile. "Pleasure to meet you there, Mr. Arnold. I'm Lewis Tripper, and this is my son, Benjamin, but he likes people to call him Benny." Mr. Tripper brought his free hand down hard on his son's shoulder and grinned broadly. Arnold looked down at the boy and could tell that he obviously hated the name 'Benny'. He made a quick mental note to ask Benjamin what he'd rather be called. Arnold's eyes met with the wife and she smiled warmly. "And this lovely vision is my darling wife, Adele."

"Pleasure," Arnold said, and reached out to shake her hand. "Well, now that we're all acquainted, how about you head inside and pick out a bed?" He asked Benjamin. The boy smiled and rushed inside the cabin, leaving his parents and his things out in the road. Arnold chuckled and watched as more cars began to pull into the parking lot. "Well, if you'd like, feel free to help Ben get set up, and later this afternoon we're having a small luncheon, if you'd like to stay. Right now, they're serving doughnuts and coffee in the dining hall."

"Thank you, Arnold," Adele said happily as Benjamin ran out of the cabin.

"Mom, it's so cool in there! You and dad have to come and see it!" Arnold chuckled as the parents helped Benjamin move his trunk from out on the road to a new place inside the cabin.

Arnold smiled as Helga came running out of her cabin and onto his porch. "Hey, Arnold!" She cried happily and grabbed him around the arm. "The big day has finally come!" She beamed, which was something that Arnold had never seen her do before. "I noticed that you got your first camper. Who is he?"

Arnold chuckled and spun Helga around so that she was facing the steps of the porch. "Tell you what, Helga," he began, "We'll get together tonight with our cabins and have a session where we introduce ourselves. How does that sound?"

Helga blinked in annoyance and looked back at the boy. "I...guess?"

"Okay, now go. You have some new campers." Arnold was right. In the short time that Helga had spent in Arnold's prescense, three new girls had arrived and were looking lost on the porch of the cabin. She looked back at the boy and smiled. "Go," he muttered and pushed her down the steps gently.


Helga looked around the girls' cabin and smiled exhaustedly to herself. "Okay, girls," she called out, getting the cabin's attention. "Seeing as we're going to be spending the entire summer together, I'd like to set a few ground rules right now." More than three-fourths of the girls groaned and Helga held up her hands defensively. "I know, I know. Rules are meant to put a drain on your lives, but they are there for your safety. First off, girls are not allowed in the boys' cabin, nor are they allowed in ours." Again, groans from all around filled Helga's ears, but this time, she pretended to ignore them. "Second, curfew is eleven in the evening. No one is allowed outside after eleven, unless you have strict permission to do so. Lights out are at eleven thirty, but that does not mean you may not have your flashlights on. Just be sure not to keep anyone awake. Third, food and drinks are not allowed to leave the common room. Fourth, while you are here, every week, you will be assigned to do one small task. Each week, we will rotate, so that you won't have to work on the same task for too long. And finally, you must stay at your required activity until the instructor lets you go." She paused for any signs of confusion on her groups' faces. "Any questions?" She asked. She smiled when they all shook their heads.


Arnold kicked out his feet from underneath him and leaned back into the cool dew covered grass. He jumped when a pair of white tennis shoes appeared suddenly by his hip. "Hey, Arnold," Helga said and slumped down next to him. "The girls are getting ready."

Arnold nodded and closed his eyes. "So are the boys." He yawned softly and cast his companion a sideways glance. He quickly sat up and forced his jaw together to keep from falling open at the sight of Helga in a short skirt and a revealing, tight tanktop. Her curves were revealing themselves before his eyes and he had to force himself to look away. Unfortunately, the blush that had crept onto his cheeks was more than visible.

"Are you okay, Football Head?" Helga asked, noticing the deep pink hue that had appeared on his face. She didn't know why he was blushing exactly, but he was.

"Fine," he muttered quickly and turned away from her, "it's just a bit hot out here is all." Quickly he changed the subject. "So, after we all get introduced, do you want to head over to the mess hall for dinner?" At the sudden mention of dinner, Helga's eyes widened and she nodded enthuastically. They hadn't eaten all day, after all.

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