Peak of Obsession

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Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with this cartoon series. Created by Craig Bartlett and broadcast on Nikelodeon. This is just a parody. I do not own Hey Arnold or any of the characters, and do not profit from writing this story.

Hey Arnold: Peak of obsession.
Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with this cartoon series. Created by Craig Bartlett and broadcast on Nikelodeon. This is just a parody.

The night was coming fast Arnold made his way home as quickly as he could. He felt he knew the city well but even He didn’t trust it after dark. A lot of weirdo’s lived here.

He passed an alleyway. Something moved out of the corner of his eye and he moved quicker toward home, just in case. The person moved out of the alleyway and he could hear their footsteps behind him. They were walked fast and getting closer. Arnold picked up the pace too late. Something large and heavy whacked him on the back of the head and he fell to the ground unconscious.


His eyes flickered open. He woke with a start and looked at his surroundings. It looked like he was in someone’s basement. There were stacks of boxes around him. The place was cold and the air felt damp. There was a musty smell invading his nostrils. But the décor didn’t interest him. His wrists were handcuffed, and attached to chains that were attached to the wall. He was naked. There was no sign of his clothes anywhere. A large number of candles were scattered around him in a large ring.

He shivered violently and looked around. He pulled on the chains but to no avail. They were strong. Too strong. Without the key to the cuffs he wouldn’t be getting out anytime soon. Now he was afraid. Where was he? Who had brought him here? What was their purpose? He was naked and chained to the wall. Whatever this person wanted, it was nothing good.

The basement door opened. A figure started waking down the wooden stairs. They were in the shadows. Illuminated by the candlelight. All Arnold could really tell was that his kidnapper was a girl. She was young. Not much older than he was, possibly a little older. She was blonde and had long hair tied back. She had a mask over her face only her eyes and mouth was in sight, the rest covered my a black latex mask. She was thin and practically naked. She wore black lace panties and a black peephole bra. Her breasts were tiny, not even a B-cup. Large enough for a bra. Her pink nipples were hard , begging to be touched. There was a large wet stain on her panties that was slowly spreading. Whoever she was, she was horny as hell.

Despite being consumed with fear Arnold couldn’t help himself. In the sight of a nearly naked woman, his cock began to harden. She watched it with hungry eyes and a slowly spreading smile on her face.

She moved slowly closer to him. Her bare feet padding across the floor silently. She twirled a riding crop in her hands. It was black leather and she looked like she was more than eager to use it. “Well.” She said in a sultry voice. “I have you now. Finally, you’re mine.”
“Who are you?” He begged as she drew closer. She reached out with the riding crop, rubbing its cold leather over his hard cock. For a boy his age it was a magnificent gift of six and a half rigid inches.
“Someone who had adored you for too long.” She said mysteriously. “And cannot contain her desire anymore.” She reached up with one hand and squeezed her breast gently. She moaned softly as she knelt down by his side. She rubbed down his chest toward his cock. She was teasing herself more than she was teasing him. She was actually getting turned on by the frightened look in his eyes. He really had no clue what was going on. The fact that she could do this to him anonymously was making her wetter. She cupped his balls in her palm, and rubbed them gently. They felt so heavy in her hands.
“hmmmmm…” She purred as she started to nip at his neck. She could not help but smile at his reaction, each nip causing him to catch his breath. She was being careful not to bite too hard. She wanted to excite him, not hurt him. She slowly moved down his chest, pulling a sharp gasp from him as she lightly rubbed his nipples between her teeth.
“Please. Let me go. What are you doing?” Arnold begged. He was surprised at the lack of fear in his voice. He was also surprised at the reaction of his own body at this unexpected attack.
“Struggle all you like, I’m not letting you go until I’ve finished what I started,” She said firmly. “And you are going to cooperate.”
“Like hell!” Arnold snapped, he let loose a stream of obscenities that surprised his captor. She never would have guessed he even knew such words. She liked it. His dirty language was actually just serving as a bigger turn on. She gripped his cock gently in her hands and rubbed along his hard shaft. His hardness betrayed him. Despite his attitude, he was enjoying tis treatment.
“Go ahead and fight, if it makes you happy. You can’t fool me.” She said seductively. She squeezed the head of his cock between her fingers, making him gasp with both pleasure and pain. She could feel a drop of warm and sticky liquid come out. Precum.
Arnold wasn’t sure how to respond to this. The more he fought, the more aroused he and this stranger became, which was not what he wanted at all. He had been kidnapped and now she was going to rape him. ‘So why is this turning me on?’ He thought to himself. ‘What the hell is wrong with me?’
The woman slowly slid her hands up his thighs and Arnold drew a sharp breath, his body going rigid as she started to knead his testicles and rub along the hard shaft of his cock. He was trying desperately to concentrate his thoughts on something else. Anything that would make his arousal go away. He shouldn’t be enjoying this. Then she put his penis in her mouth and he could no longer think straight, his body reacted as everything went spiralling beyond his control. To his shock, he heard a moan a pure pleasure rising in his own throat. ‘This should not be so good.’
The woman’s tongue danced around the head of his cock. Her teeth gently scraped, sending sparks of pleasure up through him. She continued liking his cock and kneading his balls in her hand.

Her other hand reached down between her legs and she rubbed at her soaking pussy through her panties. She moaned with her mouth full of cock. Helga had dreamed about Arnold for so long and now it was coming true. it was better than her dream. So much better. She would act out every fantasy, fulfil every desire. And with the mask on her face she would never have to suffer the embarrassment of him knowing the truth of her obsession.
Just as Arnold thought he couldn’t take anymore, Helga stopped and sat up, pulling a whine of frustration from him. She grinned, loving just how much she was effecting him.
“Do you still want me to stop?” She asked in an innocent tone.
Arnold gave a growl and pulled at his handcuffs. His cock was so hard it was hurting. His balls were so tight he felt they were going to explode. “Please.” He begged. “Please.”

Helga smiled and almost laughed. She ran her hands over Arnold’s hips, moving them up and down the inside of his thighs, causing him to shiver. Then she reached back to squeeze his firm buttocks. Arnold gave a surprised gasp and an annoyed growl.
Helga slid her panties down and threw them away. The material was so wet they landed very heavily. Helga climbed on top of him. She griped his cock and guided it to her virginal slit. Without a second of hesitation she drove his cock into herself. She felt it stretch and tear at her pussy. It was so huge. She felt like she was being split in two with the massive meat inside her.
He drew a sharp breath as she took the full length of his erection inside herself. She was so slick he slid in almost effortlessly. She was so tight he could feel all the folds in her delicate pink walls hugging his dick.

He found himself moving his hips automatically as he penetrated the warm, inviting folds of her body. Suddenly she was attacking his neck again, moving around his throat, pulling at the folds of skin with her teeth. He found himself wanting her to stop and go on at the same time, arching his back and groaning as she moved down to his chest to run her tongue around his nipples and then nipped them with her teeth. Making Arnold gasp. A shiver of pleasure mixed with pain shook his body as she racked her nails down of his chest.
Damn the woman for chaining him! He wanted to feel her body. Touch those breasts. Squeeze that tight ass. He was surprised to hear a whine of frustration escape himself as he squirmed beneath the crazy woman who was currently attacking his chest with the tip of her tongue.

Helga purred seductively. She started moving her hips rhythmically over his engorged cock slowly at first and then faster and faster feeling the waves of ecstasy building in fury inside of her until she was panting with the effort and moaning with pleasure at the same time. To her delight, she heard Arnold’s growls change to moans of pleasure as his breathing quickened to match hers.
She pinched her nipples so hard she thought they would bleed. She yelped out in pleasure as her orgasm neared. She could feel his dick twitching inside her. With every thrust her cunt felt more and more sensitive. His cock felt ten times bigger. She felt like she was going to explode. Arnold moaned and writhed beneath her. He was pulling at his cuffs so hard his wrists were red and sore. His eyes were closed and he had thrown his football shaped head back. And was moaning deeply. His own orgasm was so very close
Helga climaxed powerfully, she arched her back, throwing her head back, the low moan in her throat turning into a loud cry that startled the lover beneath her. She felt Arnold thrust up, busying his whole six and a half inches into her a moment before he came himself. She heard a groan of pure pleasure rise in his throat as he came. Her own body stiffened as she felt his hot cum spreading through her insides. Such a massive load. It fel like buckets of cum were filling her. So hot, it was boiling her pussy. Helga allowed herself to be overwhelmed by the experience, a moan of ecstasy escaping her. She shuddered violently on the end of Arnold fleshy staff. Finally, she collapsed on top of him and the pair lay gasping for breath. She felt the burning heat between their shared bodies and the sweat that covered them bringing a chill in the air. Neither one could move. Helga could barely find the strength to do more than breath. She had been completely wiped out by the powerful climax.
Helga hadn’t expected to enjoy this power play quite so much. Controlling Arnold and using him like her own personal toy for her desires had driven every inch of her body wild and had made everything feel more intense. She had not expected Arnold to be quite so aroused by it.

She was exhausted now and clearly so was he, but she doubted it would be very long before she came back for a repeated performance. She still had a lot more lustful thoughts she wanted to try out. Helga gave him a kiss on the cheek. She could feel his cock inside her, still hard, but slowly softening. “That was great,” she said with a sigh.
Arnold merely grunted, the ability for coherent speech had yet to return to him. He looked up at her with very tired eyes. The afterglow of his climax was still burning on his body. Helga brushed her fingers over his chest. He was bleeding in a couple of places were her nails had cut him. She felt only moderately sorry that she had done that to him.
Helga slowly slid off his cock. It came out of her with a quiet pop noise. She tried to move but only succeeded in falling to the floor at his side. Her knees were very weak. She lay at his side, feeling sleep beginning to come down on her. Arnold saw her as her eyes started to close. It didn’t look like his mysterious naked captor was going to her him go any time soon. But looking at her sleeping naked body and after what she had done to him, he wasn’t sure he would want to be let go any time soon.


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