Teaching Him the Ropes

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The principal and the teacher embraced inside the dimly lit janitor's closet, kissing passionately. He ran his fingers through her hair, mussing it up, as she thrust her tongue into his mouth, hers wrestling with his. At last, they were together.

That whole nasty ordeal was at an end now. It was finished. They'd confessed their love to the town (and enjoyed the most enchanted of evenings in the process), retained their jobs, and managed to fool the Simpson kid into thinking it was over between them. (Then again, as Seymour Skinner had said, elementary students would buy anything they told them.)

Ha! Edna Krabappel thought, tilting her head back so she could receive another series of passionate kisses on the neck. (For such a repressed man, Seymour was a great kisser- it made her wonder who he might have practiced on.) Over?! It's hardly beginning!

She sighed in pleasure at Seymour's attentions. This was perfect timing. Everyone had gone home. They probably thought they'd retired to their respective abodes as well, rather than retreat back here. After all, they didn't care to risk their jobs any further, right?

Hardly so. And tonight...she had a debt to pay, what with what Skinner had declared, out there, on the roof.


He pulled away, almost backing into the janitor's cart in the process. Under the light of the single bulb hanging in the closet, she could see that he looked a bit perplexed. Worried even. "Did...did you want to stop? Already?"

She laughed, shaking her head. "You think I'd let an opportunity like this pass me?" She took a few minutes to catch her breath before continuing. "Seymour, as much as you embarrassed yourself out there-"

"Embarrassed? Edna, I simply stated the truth-"

"Seymour, be honest. Is this where you saw yourself when you were younger? A forty year old virgin?"

"Well, no, but..." He sighed. "Edna, Mother grounded me for a month because she caught me masturbating." Might as well be frank, now that she knew he'd never had a woman. Besides, if they still went on together, Edna would surely have to be tangling with Agnes somewhere down the line. "She doesn't let me lock the door- says I can't be trusted- she just barged right in! She looked like she was having a heart attack when she saw me." The principal of Springfield Elementary laughed bitterly. "If I did anything with a woman, it'd probably kill her."

Edna only smiled and leaned in, planting another kiss on his lips. "Who says she has to know, Seymour?" she asked him as they parted. "Who says anyone has to know?"

He was blushing a little, she noted. "Edna? Are you suggesting we-"

A shake of the head. "No, I'm saying it." She removed her green sweater, letting it fall to the floor with a whisper. "If any woman has to teach you the ropes, Seymour, I want it to be me." In a heartbeat, she divested herself of her blouse as well and flung that aside. She was down to her bra now. She turned her back, offering him the clasp.

"You can do the honors."

"Edna, I..." It was getting a little hot in here, wasn't it? That decided, Seymour loosened his tie...hesitated, and then rid himself of it completely, then removed his blazer. He nodded. Better late than never. "Just give me a moment."

His hands are shaking as he undoes the clasp, she notes. God, he really never has done this before! Eh, no matter. She could consider it a first time for the both of them- his first time with any woman, her first time with a man she actually cared about, not some one night stand or the long absent Mr. Krabappel.

Skinner had finally succeeds in undoing her bra, which he tossed over his shoulder. It ended up hanging on top of one of the brooms. Edna turned around, cupping her now-bare breasts under her hands.

"Go ahead, Seymour. Feel free- they won't bite."

For a moment, Seymour Skinner has painful memories of another day, just five years ago in fact, when he'd snuck a filthy magazine home, futilely hoping to conceal it under the mattress. (In hindsight, he should've known that was been the first place Mother would've looked.) There'd been a woman on the front page doing the exact same thing, he recalled. Maybe she'd been younger than the woman before him, but the gesture had been the same. Offering her breasts to any man who wanted them.

But this wasn't some woman in a magazine. This was Edna Krabappel. His woman.

He does what his gut tells him to (and what he thought of doing to that woman in the magazine back then.) He reaches out and caresses her breasts with his hands, moving them up and down, marveling at how soft her skin was, how her nipples were already hardening at his touch. Was that really all it took?

She purred as he ceases exploring her chest's contours and begins to massage her breasts, kneading them in a circular motion.

"Seymour...keep doing that" she murmured.

He obliged her for a while longer. She was so warm under his touch, so responsive. He could feel her skin prickling with goose bumps, tingling under his hands. He could feel himself becoming overwhelmed with pleasure as well...maybe in a moment, eh? Now was Edna's time.

Hmm...first came touching, then came fondling...what now? the principal wondered. Ah, that was it! He leaned forwards and kissed one breast on the now rock-hard nipple, repeating the exercise several times. He'd heard somewhere that women enjoyed that. Edna delivered on his expectations, sighing happily as he lavished attention on her.

She laughed as he kissed her again. "Oh, Seymour, you're stiff as a board!"

Skinner's lips parted from her nipple and he let go of her breast, however reluctantly. "Ah...indeed I am." he said, noting the growing bulge. He bit his lip, mentally reminding himself that he was a man, at least to her, and it was only natural.

"Alright, enough about those." She nodded towards her breasts. "Let me handle this part." Edna reached out and undid the top button of his shirt, then another, and another, until his bare chest was exposed. She was genuflecting before him now, and moved in, showering his chest with kisses. He shuddered in pleasure under the onslaught. She moved down, sinking to her knees, even as she continued to kiss him, until she was eye-level with his belt.

Edna didn't wait for permission- she was more of a teacher where this was concerned than he was anyway. She undid the buckle and went for the pants' zipper, pulling that open and his pants down.

There it was, standing up in anticipation. She rested one cheek against the covered bulge and he moaned a little, albeit involuntarily. Her tongue flickered from between her lips, stroking his erect manhood. All that separated the two was a layer of white cotton.

Skinner breathed deeply, savoring the euphoria that that simple gesture was producing. "Edna..." He licked his lips. Was it dry in her or what? "Edna, you are amazing."

"I haven't started yet." the teacher responded. She seized the waistband of his briefs and pulled them down as well. Now his cock was in full view, and she was free to take it. And take it she did.

She leaned forwards, oblivious to how her back was pressing against the tools in the closet, and ran her tongue along the soft, leathery flesh, first one side, and then the underside, taking some time to taste the forming precum there, working her way down to the base. As she explored his manhood his her tongue, she reached up and stroked his balls lovingly, knowing how much pleasure that could give a man.

Seymour had given up on words, but she could hear him breathing deeply in the background. She grinned and licked his sac as well, noting how he jumped at that one.

She went to work on the head next, wrapping her lips around it and sucking- not too hard; she didn't want to scare him off, after all. Instead, she continued sucking lightly for a moment or two, savoring its salty tang, before going at it with more gusto, and going for more. Several more inches of his cock disappeared into her mouth.

Skinner bucked a little at this sensation, attempting to find his voice again. "I...oh...that...keep doing that." was all he managed to choke out.

Edna continued, feeding it into her mouth, letting it slip out, catching it again. The teacher set up a rhythmic motion, her head bobbing up and down as she serviced his cock. After a moment, the principal joined in with a rhythm of his own, thrusting his hips back and forth.

Moments passed. Who could say how long it really was? It really was getting hot in here. That, or something else. Something was building inside of him, Skinner noted, moaning a bit louder as Edna worked on him. Something...big. He supposed this was the moment where-

He came, shooting a jet of come down Edna's throat. She broke away, and swallowed it, licking her lips. She gazed up at him lovingly. "Don't worry about it, Seymour. You taste wonderful."

He was beet red now. "If you say so, Edna..."

"I do say so, Seymour. Go ahead, try it." She got to her feet and kissed him, causing Skinner to taste his own juices. It wasn't the best of flavors (he was betting that Edna tasted much better), but then again, this was the fruit of her efforts, and his...oh, GM Chrysler, Mother wasn't here...his orgasm.

They broke apart, the acrid taste of salt semen hanging between them. And then...


Edna turned away and crouched down, hunting for her discarded blouse and sweater. "Seymour, do you know where my bra went?

Guess this was quits for now, the principal thought forlornly, before responding to her request. "I threw it behind me somewhere- here it is!" He handed it to her before pulling his underwear over his now flaccid cock and pulling up his pants.

They dressed in silence, the memories of the passion they'd shared still hovering above them.

"Why the hurry, Edna?" Seymour inquired as he retrieved his blazer from the floor, almost bumping into the janitor's cart again.

"I have papers to grade tonight." she remarked forlornly, donning her sweater once again. "And if those don't turn up, you know the school will suspect something."

They left the confines of the janitor's closet. The school was still as empty and dead silent as they'd left it.

"Edna, you know, we ought to do this more often." Skinner remarked, adjusting his tie to where it was perfectly straight. "It goes against every bone in my body to say that, but-"

She laughed. "Seymour, you need to loosen up once in a while. And yes, we will do this more often."

"You really are an effective teacher, you know." he told her as they strode out of the school and into the night air.

"What can I say? It's my job?"

He returned with laughter of his own. "Indeed so. Goodnight, Edna."

"Goodnight, Seymour."

He made his way to his car, thinking of ways he could excuse his absence once he faced Mother again. Oddly enough, it wasn't bothering him as much as usual. In fact, he had to remind himself to keep on track as he drove home. He was too busy thinking of Edna Krabappel and what other things she might teach him.

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