Springfield Shenanigans

BY : XtremePlaga
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Springfield Shenanigans

By: XtremePlaga

Disclaimer: The characters don't belong to me. Can you dig it, sucka?

Second Disclaimer: You have to be an adult to read this. Can you dig it, sucka?

Alarms sounded and lazy fat guys slammed the snooze button on their alarm clocks as a new day dawned on Springfield. Lisa was first in the bathroom, an early riser as always. The door was closed but not locked. She'd see what a mistake that was...

The spiky haired girl grabbed her toothbrush as her brother sneaked in silently. “Surprise,” he whispered as he approached her from behind and lifted up the dress she used as a pajama. Lisa gasped in shock as she felt Bart's penis rub up against her butt.

“What are you doing?” Placing her hands on the sink to steady herself, Lisa held back a slight moan as Bart teased the crack of her ass with the tip of his penis. “Stop that.”

“You don't want me to stop,” Bart declared as he placed his hands around Lisa and fingered her pussy. Bart let go of Lisa and put his penis back in his pants as someone else entered. “Good morning, Homer,” Bart greeted as the old man grumbled something.

The fat guy started pulling his pants down as he pointed to the open door. The two kids left quickly, Bart giving Lisa a knowing smirk while they waited outside. Lisa blushed slightly, wondering what had gotten into Bart.

As they waited for their father to get out, their mother emerged from the parent's bedroom. Her hair was sticking straight up into the air like a cactus as always. She was also completely nude. Bart developed a boner and Lisa's eyes went wide as they saw the blue pubic hairs of their mother.

“Where's your father?” Lisa pointed to the bathroom as Bart couldn't say anything, still transfixed by his mom's nudity. “Let's go to the bedroom.” Bart skipped off to his room as Marge dragged Lisa along with her.

When the two girls entered, they saw Bart standing there. He had pulled his pants down and had his penis in his hands, jerking it off. Lisa looked back at her mother and noticed a grin on the older woman's face.

Marge lifted up her daughter's dress, giving Bart a good look at his sister's privates. He jerked off faster as the blue haired woman caressed her daughter's body. Lisa didn't understand why her mother and brother had suddenly started to do these perverted things, but she didn't like it.

As fast as it had started, it stopped. Everyone got through with their normal morning schedule, as if nothing was wrong. “What's going on here?” Lisa asked herself as she scratched the back of her head confused.

Bart didn't bother her the rest of the morning, except on the bus where he would make lewd gestures whenever no one else was watching. He'd fondle his groin, giving her a good look at his bulge. Next he'd lick his lips, biting on them exaggeratedly.

It was the same deal during the classes they took together, either because Bart had been left back or because Lisa had been moved up. Even up to lunch, Bart's behavior didn't stop. It just got worse. “Milhouse,” Lisa said as she grabbed the boy in question by the arm. “Do you know what's wrong with Bart today?”

“I can help you find out,” he responded as he fondled her ass. Lisa gasped and smacked Milhouse, attracting the attention of everyone present. “What's your problem?” Lisa ran out, not wanting to face whatever this new conundrum was.

Back home, Lisa watched television, perplexed as to what was going on. Not that she was naive about sex or anything, just that children their age weren't supposed to think about things like that yet. Bart walked in, a frown marring his features.

“You should apologize to Milhouse for slapping him.” Lisa stuttered, appalled by Bart's gall. She was about to tell him off when he surged forward and hugged her. “I swear I'll make it worth your while.” Lisa didn't know what to say. It felt like a trap, but something told her to trust her brother.

“Okay,” she finally relented after a minute of silence. Unnoticed by the young girl, Bart had lifted the back of her skirt up and was transfixed on her panties as they hugged tightly to her curves. “I'll apologize, even though I did nothing wrong.”

Bart shook his head to clear his thoughts. He let the embrace go and smiled at Lisa warmly. “Meet us in the backyard in a few minutes, at the base of the treehouse next to the bushes.” Lisa agreed and flopped down on the couch again as Bart went to call Milhouse.

After a short while, Lisa went out where Bart had said to come out. Milhouse was standing there next to Bart, a huge goofy grin adorned both of their faces. “I'm sorry I slapped you, but you had it coming.”

“Why?” Milhouse exchanged a knowing look with Bart. Lisa caught this and wondered if Bart had told Milhouse what had happened that morning.

Lisa stared vehemently at the ground as a slight blush enveloped her cheeks. She held her shoulder and played with the hem of her skirt nervously as she was circled by the two boys. “You know why,” she responded. The spiky haired girl saw the look of desire on the faces of Milhouse and her brother and knew what they were thinking.

“Grab her arms,” Bart ordered. Milhouse grasped Lisa by her arms, holding her firmly in place. She struggled to break free but found herself unable to overpower the boy. “You're going to enjoy this, Lisa.” Snaking his hands up his sister's dress, Bart grabbed the top of her panties and pulled them down.

“No!” She cried out in fear as Bart and Milhouse licked their lips expectantly. Bart sat down on the ground as his accomplice pushed Lisa down so she was bending over her brother. The young girl gritted her teeth as she fought to keep back the tears; Bart's hands were way up her skirt playing with her young undeveloped breasts while Milhouse pulled down his pants.

Bart whispered into her ear, “Just let go. You're going to enjoy this a lot. I guarantee it.”

“Stop this!” Lisa hoped that if her brother had at least a shred of decency in his body, he'd realize that what he was doing was wrong. Bart laughed mirthfully at Lisa's request as the blue haired boy leered at the ass of the girl he had fantasized about for countless nights before.

Bart sat up and kissed Lisa, exploring her mouth wildly with his tongue. As the two siblings kissed, Milhouse was spitting on Lisa's butt to prepare it for later. The young girl was frozen with shock, unable to do anything as Bart's tongue wiggled around inside her mouth.

When they finally broke their kiss there was a thin stream of saliva that connected one's tongue to the other's. Lisa and Bart both gasped for air as Milhouse inserted a finger into her ass. “Not there,” Lisa moaned as Bart grinned like an idiot.

The young girl developed a goofy grin and her eyes grew narrow as a wave of pleasure cascaded down her body. Milhouse drew back and, slamming his hips forward, inserted himself into Lisa anally. The youngest Simpson screamed in pain as she was violated by her brother's best friend.

Bart yelled, “Shut up! We don't want anyone to hear us!” Lisa gritted her teeth against the pain as Milhouse thrust in and out of her. The boy with the glasses ruffled the girl's hair as he got into a steady rhythm.

Milhouse pulled on Lisa's hair roughly as Bart pulled his pants down. The spiky haired boy licked his lips as he maneuvered his cock to his sister's cunt. One thrust upward and Bart was inside of her.

“How do you like your brother's cock?” Lisa sniffled sadly as Milhouse pulled out and jerked himself to orgasm, shooting off all over Lisa's ass. “Move your hips around,” Bart ordered. Lisa complied obediently and moved her hips around.

Before long, the two Simpson children moved faster and sloppier. “I'm coming!” The young girl moaned loudly as her cunt closed up like a vice around her brother's dick.

“Me too!” He yelled as he released his seed, shooting it off into his sister's womb. Bart and Milhouse got dressed as Lisa was left on the ground as a bit of cum leaked out of her body. “This is our little secret,” Bart said as he and Milhouse left.

Lisa held back her tears as she got dressed. She ran straight to her room, locking the door behind her, and jumped on the bed. She cried silently, ashamed of herself for allowing Bart to put her in a position like that.


Later that night, approximately ten minutes before it was time to go to bed, Bart entered Lisa's room. She was sitting in front of her desk, an empty sheet of paper before her, twirling a pencil in her hand. “What do you want?” She asked darkly as she glared at him.

“Tonight, tell mom you're having trouble sleeping and that you want me to sleep over here tonight. If you don't, me and Milhouse will rape you tomorrow at school.” Lisa dropped her pencil as Bart talked about raping her as if it was as normal as rain.

“Fine,” Lisa responded. Later that night, when Marge came in to tuck her into bed, Lisa took a deep breath as she debated whether she should do this or not. Realizing that doing what Bart told her to was better than being double-teamed by him and Milhouse again, Lisa blushed slightly and asked her mom if Bart could sleep over.

Marge left for a moment and returned with the boy in tow. Bart got into bed and hugged Lisa from behind. Under the covers, where Marge couldn't see them, Bart played with her breasts as he pulled down his pajama pants and lifted Lisa's skirt up.

“Is that better honey? You look flushed.” Lisa laughed nervously as Bart fucked her as if their mother wasn't standing right there.

“She's fine, Mom,” Bart answered for Lisa. “Now, why don't you go check on Maggie?” Marge left, but not before giving Bart a wink and a smile. Lisa noticed this, and wondered if everyone's libido had been erased as some part of some asinine alien plot.

Off in orbit, hiding inside their spaceship as always, were Krung and Krang. “Why exactly did we get rid off the human's libido? What purpose does that even have?”

“Brother. The more the humans mate, the higher their population. The higher their population, the more discontent grows. The higher the discontent, the easier the earthlings will be to conquer.” The two aliens laughed fiendishly as back on Earth, Bart gave one last thrust and came inside his sister once more.

Bart stayed right where he was, with his now limp cock still inside Lisa's snatch. “Go to sleep,” he told her as he kissed her on the neck. Lisa sobbed silently, feeling like the last sane person in an insane world.


That Sunday, as the family came back from church, Bart made Lisa drape a leg over his lap. This position gave the boy easy access inside the girl's Sunday dress. He rubbed her panties right around where he knew her pussy was. Lisa closed her eyes and enjoyed Bart's touch as he used his other arm to fondle her chest.


A few days later, Bart made Lisa get into the tub with him. As far as the parents where concerned, they were taking a bath together. In actuality, Bart masturbated Lisa to orgasm inside the soapy water. As each new day brought forth a new situation, Lisa found herself increasingly willing to follow her brother's orders.


The next day, Lisa was about to come into the kitchen when she heard some familiar noises. Peering inside, she saw Bart fucking their mother. The older woman had her hands on top of a rag. Apparently, she had been cleaning when Bart had sneaked up on her.

“Take it all, you slut!” He yelled as he plowed into her with delight. To Lisa's surprise, she found her hand up her dress and down her panties, rubbing her pussy. She was actually getting off on watching her brother have sex with her mother!

Marge screamed, “Give it to me hard! Oh, that feels so good!” Lisa couldn't take it anymore. She went up to her room and masturbated, thinking of Bart all the while.


The next morning, Bart dragged Lisa downstairs. He pulled down his pants and sat down on the couch, nodding at Lisa. She nodded back and sat down on his member, impaling herself on his rod willingly.

After a few minutes, Bart shot his seed into Lisa's womb once more. When they came down from their high, they went back upstairs and went with the previously normal routine of getting ready for school. Nothing was normal for Lisa anymore.


Back at school, right in the hallway where everyone could see them, Nelson forced Lisa to ride his stick. Everybody saw, and everyone smiled vacantly. The smart young girl felt Nelson shoot off inside her just like her brother. She was starting to enjoy this constant feeding.


Bart ordered Lisa to come up to the treehouse. Up there was he and Milhouse. Milhouse went straight for her ass as Bart inserted his dick into her mouth. “Suck it well, sis!” Lisa sucked on Bart's cock hungrily. There were no second thoughts.


Even Homer got into the action. One day, he just grabbed Lisa and positioned himself at her entrance. One swift stroke and he was inside her. Her screams were muffled by Bart, who once more made her suck him off.

When her father blew his load inside of her, Lisa wondered if she would end up pregnant from all the infusions of semen. She relaxed, knowing it wasn't possible for a girl her age to end up knocked up. She had to reach puberty first, which she hadn't done.


On yet another morning, Lisa was ordered to commit lewd acts by a member of her family. This time, it was Marge the one who wanted to do things. She rubbed her daughter's pussy with her breast, inserting the nipple inside, as she sucked on the small girl's breasts.

-The End-

Author's Notes:

There we go. It's over. Done. No more. You probably feel cheated or something. Well... so do I. I expected more from this story. Ah well... Blame my muse for half-assing it today.

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