Masturbation Session

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Kenny laid his crutch aside as he looked himself over in the bathroom mirror; he counted himself lucky his parents weren't going to be here to see what was going to happen. The nine-year-old boy blushed as he thought of finally being able to put his sexual desires into action. His cheeks reddened further as he slipped off the head of his parka, ruffling the medium length blond hair matted underneath into a sloppy mess. Next, he took his time with pulling down the zipper on his top, lustfully eyeing his healthy peach-colored flesh as it gradually came into view. He slowly slipped off each orange sleeve, noting the erect and sensitive state his nipples were in with a gentle rub from his fingers as they worked on getting the top off. When his coat fell onto the tiles of the bathroom floor, his anticipation became harder to conceal.

He looked over his chest one last time. It was smooth, free of both developed muscle and unwanted fat, displaying simple lines when looked upon instead of fat curves and toned angles. Kenny became more restless and nervous about the coming events, wiggling his toes around in his bare sock. The boy turned his attention to his orange pants, unbuttoning and unzipping what was needed to get them off entirely, eager to get a good look at his penis.

Extending out from the left pant hole of his white underwear was Kenny's massive penis. Although his left leg was lost at the pelvis a few years ago, Kenny found his cock large enough to be a decent, if not sometimes cumbersome, cosmetic replacement. Kenny's only complaint of it was that it was only half the thickness of his other leg, despite it being as long. However, no longer content to waste anymore time in his endeavor, he shambled his way to sit on the nearby toilet seat while his cock began its slow expansion.

His cock flopped and bobbed about in the air as Kenny attempted to steady himself on the plastic seat, unused to having his appendage move about so freely while sitting. As Kenny used one hand to cradle his only slightly above average testicles, he stretched his other to grasp at the sock that covered his penis head and pull the whole thing towards his body. Kenny moved his right hand from his balls to support holding the middle of his warm shaft against him as he quickly pulled the straining fabric of the sock off, able to look at eye level at the foreskin and tip of his cock. Normally, Kenny would content himself from this point with merely running his tongue along his head and under the foreskin, licking the rest of the shaft when he grew too big to lick the top until he climaxed, but he had far more arousing plans in mind.

Kenny's face began to pale as his blood went into his growing erection. While not thickening greatly, the change in length began to become apparent as the lad's cock grew taller than his upper body, his head only able to look up at his foreskin. He panted, gasped for breath, and had one final pang of doubt before taking action. Steeling himself as his shaft began to finally thicken, he wrapped it around his neck twice over to sufficiently limit his breathing.

Kenny laid back against the tank of the toilet, relishing the warmth emanating from his large cock, the same warmth that caused his body to breakout in sweat from the head down. He rubbed all around the organ with his young hands, fingers dragging about the smooth and slick skin, making his excitement grow more and more. As it did, his cock's all ready tight grip became strong enough to completely seal off his ability to breathe. The boy began to feel woozy, seeing stars fill his vision as he felt pleasure he hadn't anticipated, but cherished as well he could. The ever-increasing lack of needed oxygen gave him the thrill of death he longed for so deeply. He pressed and stroked at his shaft with greater vigor as he felt the onset of climax amidst the haze of his dulling senses.

The vice like grip Kenny's penis had around his esophagus reached its full potential in the seconds before Kenny would come, becoming strong enough to break the bones in his neck area, strain the spinal column, and cause internal bleeding. Despite the registered sense of pain, Kenny began to shoot his load of sexual fluids all over himself as his cock-head wobbled in all directions without his hands to guide it. As he opened his mouth wide in vain to try and gasp, his sperm splattered over his bare chest, shaft, pale blue face, and generally giving Kenny a sticky white coating in many places to mingle with the sweat all ready there. With the experience of breaking bones, deprivation of air, warmth of his erect penis surrounding him, and coming all over his dying body in the span of two minutes, Kenny had his deepest and most costly wish fulfilled in spades.

Unable to maintain consciousness any longer, Kenny McCormick slumped to his left side, soon to die naked and strangled from the blood filling his lungs at a steady pace.

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